Chapter 16…..Pink Palaces

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-Pink Palace-

Phillip Blake kept his head down as he walked through the gay district of Atlanta. Since he took off here three weeks ago, he'd gotten a job at a massage parlor and found a little shit hole apartment to call home. He'd dyed his hair and cut it, trying to make himself look different. He had to keep looking over his shoulder, but the one bright spot was here he didn't have to hide who he was inside. He spent all his nights off at the bars, picking up different men and just embracing who he was. He felt bad for almost killing Carol; honestly it wasn't her he wanted to burn down. He wanted to burn the gay out of himself. But that didn't happen. He was gay there was no denying it now.

He whistled as he walked into the bar, waving to a few of the guys who he'd already met up with before. Tonight was going to be a great night. He walked toward the bar and smiled as he sat down.

Martinez and Milton looked at each other when they saw him come in. Merle and Daryl had asked them to keep an eye out for the man and now he was there, laughing and carefree, while Carol, sweet Carol was laid up.

Martinez pulled out his phone and dialed Merle, "Yo, I think we found what you've been looking for."

Three hours since he walked into the bar, Phillip stumbled out into the alley for a smoke. He really couldn't figure out why he never let himself just live like this. God created all creatures, so he must have created him to be this way, so why was it bad? He smiled as he took a drag on his cigarette; he heard a voice behind him and turned.

Daryl couldn't believe they had found him, did what the cops couldn't and found the son of a bitch. We advanced on him, his crossbow drawn, "HEY PECKER HEAD!"

Phillip turned around and he brought the crossbow down into his face, shattering his nose. Merle whistled, "Shit that looks like it hurt real bad."

Daryl huffed, picking up Phillip's legs and dragging him down the alley to Milton's van, "Ain't half as much as what he's done to Carol. Damn fucker is lucky."

Merle smiled, helping him put the body into the van, "Not for long."

Daryl smiled back, "Not for long."

-Pink Palace-

Phillip Blake came around slowly, he could feel the cool air on his face and he opened his eyes and saw that he was sitting in the middle of the woods. He stood up and almost fell, his head hurt something awful. He heard a soft chuckle and looked over to see Merle and Daryl Dixon sitting on the hood of their truck, his car was pulled up next to it. Daryl hopped off, "We're gentleman, we don't try to kill innocent people in their businesses or make so damn much trouble for them that they almost lose everything. So we're gonna give ya to the count of ten to run and then we're gonna hunt ya."

Phillip shook his head, raising his hands, "NO, I didn't' mean for her to get hurt. I just wanted the temptation gone! I wanted to go in there so bad, you don't understand!"

Merle snickered, "O'course we do! You like dick, ain't nothin' wrong with that. That problem is in your head. Best get movin'." Merle fire a shot into the air and Phillip ran for his life.

Merle and Daryl smirked to each other, if this played out right, Phillip's car would be found and then his body. They kept up with him as he stumbled through the woods. Crying and begging for his life, but it fell on deaf ears as he was lead toward a cave. He crawled in closing his eyes, hoping the Dixons would walk right by him. Then he heard a growl from deep in the cave. The last thought he had before the black bear bit into him, was why was it such a bad thing being gay?

Merle and Daryl stood outside and listened to the bear enjoy his snack. Merle smirked, "See little brother we didn't even have to do nothin', Yogi Bear did it for us. Come on, let's get home to our women."

Daryl nodded, walking back toward the truck; he hadn't felt this good in a long ass time.

-Pink Palace-

Daryl walked into the house and heard the television on in the living room. He stopped and flicked on the lights to see Sophia and Carl jump apart. He growled at the boy, "What time your daddy coming to get ya?"

Carl looked as white as a ghost, "In about five minutes."

Daryl nodded, chewing on the inside of his cheek, "Well I suggest ya keep your mouth off my daughter till then and I'll let ya live."

Carl nodded, while Sophia crossed her arms, "DARYL!"

Daryl chuckled, "Love you peaches." He walked into the kitchen to find Merle eating from the fridge, "Jesus use a fuckin' plate!"

Merle shrugged, "So kick me out."

Daryl knew that wasn't going to happen. He and Merle had started work at the local lumber mill, it paid good and they were able to keep up with the bills from the house and take care of the medical bills for both Beth and Carol, but it was tight. None of them were going to be drinking champagne or eating steak any time soon. Beth was getting close to her due date and Carol had gotten the soft cast off. In the morning he would carry her down the stairs and set her up on the couch and then take Sophia to school. Beth rearranged her school schedule so she was home during the day until Sophia got home so that Carol wasn't alone to do anything stupid.

Daryl sighed sitting down hard in one of the kitchen chairs, "Overtime tomorrow."

Merle nodded, eating a chicken leg, "Yup, Beth has an appointment, but Andrea said she'd take her so I don't miss work."

Daryl nodded, "Yeah I need the overtime because Carol has that first visit to the baby doc on Friday and I want to go with her. Jimmy down at the mill already cleared it, but said that we should stop fucking women so we don't miss any more work."

Merle huffed, "It's the Dixon genes, we can't help we fuck like rabbits and breed for life."

Daryl smirked, "I'm going up, will ya make sure lover boy gets out the door when Rick gets here?"

Merle smiled, "It's my pleasure, might just go in there and sit between them, practice for little Annabelle."

Daryl shook his head, a week before Merle and Beth had found out that they were having a little girl. Merle was upset at first, went down to the bar and started drinking. Beth had cried, so Daryl had been sent to go get his big brother and talk some sense into him. Here he was only upset because he knew what boys wanted from girls. Daryl had laughed and slapped him on the back, it really did seem fitting that Merle had a little girl to pay him back for all the daughters he'd spoiled over the years.

Daryl poked his head into the living room and smiled when he saw Merle sitting between Sophia and Carl, chicken leg hanging out of his mouth. Both teenagers looked mortified, Uncle Merle was really the best birth control there was.

Daryl walked up the stairs slowly, picking up things as he went. When he opened the door to their bedroom, he smiled at her. She was sitting there with her leg up on pillows; her glasses were on, with a book in her hands. She was wearing that little silk pj set he liked so well. He closed the door and smiled at her, "What'cha doin'?"

Carol took off her glasses and set them on the nightstand, "I was waiting up for you. How did it go with the bike you went to look at?"

They had told both women they were going to look at a bike in Atlanta, Merle wanted to start fixing up old bikes and sell them, "Well it wasn't much good. Not a lot to save. We passed."

Carol nodded as he walked over and kissed her softly, "I need a shower woman."

Carol chuckled, "Ok, I guess I can read till you get back."

He smirked at her, running his thumb over her hardened nipple the silk pj top, giving her friction that she craved and she arched her back, breathing out a moany sigh, "Will you go get your shower, so we can mess around?"

Daryl chuckled, kissing her again, "Be right back."

-Pink Palace-

When Daryl came back out, she was already naked and laying there ready for him. She smirked up at him, "Well, are you going to come over here? You know I only have one good leg."

Daryl chuckled, throwing the towel he was drying off with down he stalked over to her, crawling up her body, mindful of the big cast, "We have gotten creative."

Carol cooed in his ear, "Yes we have. We are very creative."

Daryl sat down putting his legs under hers, he pulled her into his lap, being careful to keep her leg on the pillows. She groaned as she slipped down his length, he kissed her lips, using his hands on her hips, he moved her up and down, rocking his hips. Carol moaned into his shoulder, "Yes, please more."

Daryl grunted, biting at her neck, damn he loved her neck; he loved everything about this woman. This woman that was in his arms, she was his, entire he would never know what life would've been like without her in it. He smiled at her as she came hard around him. He came spilling his seed up into her already full womb, they both panted, hanging onto each other. Carol smirked at him, "I love you Mr. Dixon."

Daryl nodded, leaning his forehead against hers, "I love ya too woman."

-Pink Palace- (six years later)

Daryl pushed the door to the club open and sighed, when he saw the toys all over the floor. He looked around for the one responsible and chuckled when he found Grace. He picked up her up kissing her belly, "What are you doin' little one? Where's your momma?"

Maggie came running from the kitchen, "SORRY! I got held up with the delivery guy! Glenn was supposed to take her today, but he got called in a big trauma."

Daryl chuckled, kissing his step daughter's cheek, "Ain't no big deal, just looks like little tykes blew up in here."

Maggie smiled, taking her eight month year old daughter, "I know, I know! I'm working on teaching her to clean up."

Daryl shook his head, "Good luck with that. Where's ya momma?"

Maggie smirked looking toward the stage, "Cleaning up back stage."

Daryl nodded, kissing his granddaughter on the cheek as he walked away. Maggie had turned out real good, her and Glenn had been married for two years now and little Grace was the mini version of her daddy with all the fire of her momma.

Now Beth and Merle got married and moved to Carterville, Beth was teaching school while Merle ran his own custom bike shop and watched little Annabelle after school. Daryl never thought he would see his brother turn out to be a good daddy, a good husband, and a respected businessman.

Sophia was in school, at Glenn's urging she was studying medicine at Georgia State, which worked out just fine for her and Carl, because he took a job as a beat cop in Atlanta, so they could be together. That past Christmas she had come home with a diamond engagement ring. The Grimes and the Dixons were going to be family.

Daryl smiled as he came into the dressing room; his son was standing there holding up a towel while his wife sprayed down a full length mirror. He chuckled, "Cyrus, what are ya doin'?"

Cyrus Dixon was born screaming into the world two weeks overdue, his momma had never been happier to see him. That stubborn streak was wild and free in him now; the boy had little patience for much unless it had to do with his momma.

Cyrus looked up at his daddy, "Daddy, why do I have to help with this stuff. I'm a big boy now. I'm a first grader!"

Daryl chuckled, walking over he scooped up his son, "Well your momma asked ya to right?"

Cyrus nodded his head, "Yup, I guess, but I hate to clean."

Daryl shrugged, "Son get used to it, in life you do things to please the princesses in your life, that ya wouldn't normally do."

Carol stood up and walked toward them, "Are you saying I'm a princess Dixon?"

Daryl pulled her into him with his free arm, "Damn straight you're my princess, look around ya woman, ya even got yourself a damn pink palace."

It hadn't been easy over the years, trying to make things work, melting the family like they did. There was the investigation into Pastor Blake's death. Where the two men had to come clean with Carol and Beth to get themselves an alibi, that almost destroyed their families. But they had figured it out and now Daryl was foreman at the Lumber mill. He loved working there, good hard work, sweat on his brow, that left his evenings for his son when his wife had to be at the club.

It might not have been pretty, it might have been damn right bloody sometimes, but he had found his home, his place, with her, in a pink palace.

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