Unnatural Imprint

Chapter 1

Bella sighed staring morosely, at the door in front of her. she knew she was different...actually a lot different. she was a true child of the moon. A werewolf completely, and fully. What's even worse she was not bitten no she was born this way. N either of her parents were supernatural of any kind her mother Renee being a bit more observant then the average person which explained her being in Forks Washington in the first place. Renee could not handle having a werewolf in her house after she found out a few months ago despite Bella's best efforts. Bella knew they were other supernatural here, she could smell them before she even got off the plane. Shifters who thought they were werewolves, Bella scoffed they were nothing but weak knockoffs from her kind. hopefully they would leave her alone if they knew what was good for them. But Bella had also smelled something else, something she'd only ran into once and she had the scars to prove . And more then one, heck more then three which was the usual coven size no Bella had scented at least seven of them. what the hell were seven vampires doing in one place? maybe they would kill each other off so she wouldn't have to deal with them. She hated vampires, hated them so much she would rip one to shreds if she much as glanced at one. If the vampires knew what was good for them they would stay away from her as well. Squaring her shoulders Bella lifted her hand and knocked, three times on the door. Bella heard shuffling then heavy footsteps approaching the door. A second later the door swung open and Bella came face to face with her father Charlie swan Chief police of forks. He stared down at her silently his chocolate brown eyes so much like her's held no affection, but reluctant acceptance. Renee must have told him. Bella held his gaze without flinching waiting to be let in. Finally Charlie moved aside, no longer barring the entry way. Bella took that as permission and slid past him into the house.

"Upstairs." Charlie grunted, finally speaking but already halfway into the living room obviously not interested in helping her up to her room. Bella huffed, and stomped upstairs. She was angry and slightly hurt at the less then warm welcome from her father but she brushed it off. It was her fault. she was a freak. When Bella got inside her room she stopped. Nothing had changed, literally her room looked exactly the same from ten years ago when she was living here with both her parents. Shaking her head she quickly unpacked, it was pitch black and she wanted to shower.

When Bella exited the shower drying her long chestnut hair she found a note on her dresser, obviously from Charlie. " Registered you for school. starts at eight. drive yourself. the truck in the driveway is yours. don't wait up for me." huh. Straightforward and to the point. She liked it. She picked up the keys to her new truck and examined them. Simple silver key nothing else. Charlie wasn't warming up to her anytime soon. Bella felt sad for a brief moment before she pushed it away her hand balling into a tight fist. Vampires, this was all their fault! Angry and annoyed Bella called it a night crawling into her small bed her body was to big for.