Hi guys, so, this is another one of those Dick, Roy and Wally brotherly fics. I read so many of them that I wanted to do one too, so I hope you'll like it!

Chapter 1: Going to The Meat Lover's Heaven

Dick and Roy were lounging around in the latter's apartment at half past twelve. Suddenly, there were a series of noisy, rapid knocks, causing Dick to jolt forwards from his comfortable position on the couch. Roy just sighed. "The door isn't locked, Walls," he called from the spot in front of the television.

Wally burst into the apartment, face absolutely beaming with pure joy. "GUYSGUYSGUYSGUYSGUYSGUYS- "We get it, Wally," Dick interrupted in annoyance.

"Sorry. But GUESS WHAT?"


"They opened a Meat Lover's Heaven on Westfall Avenue! That's like, five minutes from here!"

Dick made a face. "And you want us to go with you?"

Wally gave his best puppy eyes. "Pleeeeeaaaaaase?"

Roy played with the feathers on his arrow. "Dick?"

Dick sighed. "Whatevs."

Five minutes later, the three boys were sitting in an elegant, classy restaurant.

"Wow," Roy breathed. "I was not expecting this."

Dick snorted. "You'd figure, with a restaurant like this, they'd call it something other than just Meat Lover's Heaven."

A waiter in a tuxedo strode towards their table. "Hello, my name is Larry. May I help you, young sirs?"

Roy smiled pleasantly. "What do you recommend?"

Larry glanced at his clipboard. "Well, the customers at table three have ordered grilled robin."

"W-what now?" Dick managed to choke out.

"Yes, they pluck the robins, put them on the grill, stuff them with steaming hot, fragrant rice and dip them in a sweet honey sauce," Larry briskly replied. With every word he said, Dick's face got paler and paler. "Many customers have ordered it, and they tell me the robin meat is splendid." By the end of this sentence, Dick looked like a ghost.

"Is something the matter, young sir?"

"Ah, nothing," Roy quickly replied. "But I, um, I just realized that I uh, have somewhere to go. C'mon, guys," and he dragged the two younger boys out.

One week later...


The two boys stood meekly in front of Gotham's Dark Knight. "Y-yes?"

"Can you boys EXPLAIN THIS?!" A livid Bruce thrust his finger towards the direction of the TV screen.

"And in other news, Robin, sidekick of Batman has attacked a certain restaurant called," the lady glanced down at her papers, "Meat Lover's Heaven. Sources say that the young vigilante burst into the restaurant Friday night, demanding that they stop grilling robins and threatening the manager. What's ironic is that a security guard accidentally pushed Robin onto the grill. More on that story later, I'm Jessica Smith, and this is-

"It was all Wally's fault," Roy interrupted. The fifteen-year old gasped in betrayal. "ROY!"

"WALLY!" Bruce roared.



"BRUCE!" Bruce and Wally stared at Roy. "What? Since Bruce was yelling at you and you were yelling at me, I thought that I should...nevermind."

In the doorway, Alfred shook his head and sighed.

So...how was it? I know, not that good :p