I'm back for one final chapter. Just one.

Yes, this is a real chapter. Just sort of a goodbye chapter, with our three protagonists. Answering some questions: this story will be up forever, as my little contribution to our future members of the fandom :) New site I'm on? Asianfanfics. Derp.

"So, do I just…"

"No, Wally, you have to press the record button."

"Well, I already did that."

"Then come over here and sit with us, genius!"

Roy emits a sort of grunt of laughter, tipping a soda can up and pouring the sickly sweet contents into his mouth. Dick's guessing that it's cream soda, but he can't be sure. In his sleepy haze, he vaguely remembers Wally drinking the last of the cream soda the other day.

"Are we starting?"

"I guess." Shrugging, Wally walks over to the other two and plops down next to them, the couch creaking with the effort.

"Okay." Dick looks down at his notes, biting his lip. "Well, hi, team.

"I'm here to tell you about our trip. I don't know if you already know about it. I'll blame that on Clark. But the point is, we're going away. We don't know for how long, or if we…" He tastes blood. "Never mind."

To his relief, Wally butts in. "Anyways, alternate universe problem, only we can fix it, no, you can't come, blah blah blah."

Roy roars in laughter. He seems to be laughing a lot today. Maybe it's a nervous tick.

"We're gonna…" Wally's voice is wavering, and not like what it usually does when he's vibrating through walls or something; this is fear. Frustration. Grief. "We're gonna be saying our goodbyes in this video."

Roy raises his soda can, as if he's cheering with someone invisible. "I'll go first. Bye, Jade."

"Jade's not on the team, Roy," Wally reminds their friend quietly. "We've gotta say goodbye to the team."

"You know she's gonna see it," Roy retorts, lowering his soda can. "Bye, Artie. Take care of everyone for me. Whatever. Oh, yeah, bye, everyone else."

"Okay." Wally shakes his head. "My turn. Take care, guys. Especially you, Bart. Don't eat the Team out of house and home, lil' buddy."

"Gahh." Dick taps anxiously on the side of the couch. "Okay, I can't…" What was it Roy had said? Oh, yes, the shorter, the better. The more personal things could be told later.

He rubs his hands together, feeling the spandex whine between them. "Bye, Team. It was fun leading you all; it was fun spending time with you. It was just fun, okay? Senior members- M'gann; Connor; Artie, Kaldur- you guys take care of the new guys. Treat 'em well and teach 'em well."

At a look from the other two, Dick stops himself, cutting his speech short. "You guys take care, okay?"

They all look at each other, an unspoken agreement passing between them, and smile at the camera.

"We'll be back."