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Summary: The Jubi still existed with great power, though sealed into the Moon, and she wished to leave behind as legacy as her soul started to fade away. Using her power, she sealed all of it into the newborn Jinchuriki Naruto. Her power, all the bloodlines in the world along with their secrets, and a piece of her soul that would guide him into using it all before it too faded.

Warnings: Powerful!Feminine-ish!Naruto. (Eventual)MadaNaru

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Chapter Four

Naruto watched as Sakura and Sasuke continued to attempt to go up the tree, failing each time. Though Sasuke was showing obvious improvement, Sakura seemed to be picking up quicker. It wasn't because of the best chakra control, they both are at the same level, Sasuke just has much more chakra than Sakura has thus making it harder for him to control it.

'Get to a secluded area, Naruto. Time for your own training.', Jubi said.

Naruto nodded, not even responding, before he moved off to another area of the forest. Far away from where his teammates were.


'Pushing just the right amount of chakra into your fist can not only add onto the damage it creates, but also keep it protected from getting any damage from punching. You can do this to anywhere in your body, actually. You can enhance your senses, enhance your strength, and even learn to direct your chakra places to heal your body. Though that last one is thanks to you being the next Jubi, no one else unless they are a Bijuu should be able to do that.', Jubi instructed.

'Remember, only push in a small amount...', Jubi said.

'I know, I know.', Naruto returned.

He concentrated, before slowly pushing chakra into his fist. He raised it, and hit the bark of a tree.

Only a dent was formed.

'Not enough. Try again.', Jubi said.

Naruto groaned. This was going to take awhile.

Two days passed, and Naruto grew better at channeling his chakra.

He could now punch and kick a tree in half. Jubi was now teaching him to enhance his sight, hearing, and smell. She wanted to teach him to channel chakra into his feet, and spread his chakra out in a thin layer across the ground thus giving him information on everything inside of the radius he would form. Jubi said learning to enhance his senses would go quickly, seeing as already his chakra control is getting better and better.

"OW!", Naruto hissed, holding his ears in pain.

'Too much chakra.', Jubi laughed.

Five more days had passed, and Naruto got the enhancing senses part down. Took a bit longer as Jubi wanted him to learn how to send different waves through his ears, eyes, and nose. She wanted him to learn how to control them, so that it would be harder for people to surprise him. Now, Jubi was just teaching him how to push his chakra through the ground in a thin layer to spot everything.

"OWWW!", Naruto screamed in pain, holding his feet, glaring at the ground where small needles of crystal poked out.

'Too much chakra, you compacted it actually, and formed that crystal that will no only wear you out but cause you obvious pain. Don't mess with your crystal until you kill someone, 'kay?', Jubi said.

'Got it...', Naruto returned, still rubbing his foot.

More time passed, and Naruto eventually was able to spread his chakra out in a mile radius. So far, he had spent almost a month on training. He wondered when Zabuza would come back, and when his accomplice would return as well.

Jubi had Naruto now keeping his radius up constantly, only allowed to take it down when he was asleep. Not only his chakra control coming to its best, but he was able to thin and thicken his chakra. He was able to tell what to do exactly, and it was obvious that everything was working. He could tell when Kakashi, Sakura, or Sasuke were coming. He learned to recognize their chakra and their levels, even their affinity due to how their chakra acted naturally (Jubi helped him learn the difference between them).

Sasuke and Sakura had long since finished their small set of training, and returned to helping Kakashi guard Tazuna at the bridge while Naruto finished his own training.

Naruto, humming his himself, he walked across the nearly-built bridge that was coming to an end. His radius alerted him of the moving builders, Tazuna, and his teammates. He also sensed two chakra signatures coming up, one was water and rather large, and the other was smaller though with the affinity's of water and wind. He frowned.

"Kakashi.", Naruto said, looking at his Jounin teacher.

"What is it Naruto?", Kakashi asked.

"They're watching us.", Naruto whispered.

Kakashi's revealed eye widened, before he nodded. "Don't tell Sakura or Sasuke, they need to notice themselves.", he stated.

"Got it.", Naruto returned, twisting around to glare at the completed of the bridge. Behind him was the construction of the rest of the bridge.

He eyed the smooth greens at the end, and frowned. He didn't see any rustles, but he senses the chakra. He pulling out a kunai that had a paper bomb attached the end, and slowly came off the bridge.

Finally, he noticed a small rustle and shot the kunai off at it.

"HOLY SHIT!", cursed one of the bridge builders, the explosion shocking them all just as Zabuza came running at Naruto.

"You'll pay for that you brat!", Zabuza snarled, swiping his sword.

Naruto merely jumped up to dodge it, and threw more kunai at him.

'Land on his sword and connect to it, then punch him in the chest.', Jubi said.

Naruto nodded, jumping up to dodge another swipe - this time landing on the sword, using his chakra to attach himself to the blade.

Channeling chakra through his arms, he punched Zabuza straight in the chest. He heard a small crack, but Zabuza continued to thrash the sword until Naruto went flying.

Tumbling, Naruto caught his balance just before he was about to fall into the water.

'His chakra helps regenerate his body, though the affect will come crashing onto him later. I see that your ninja wire cut into him rather well, no wonder it took a month for him to return. Punch him more, push as much chakra as your can. Aim for his chest, head, and throat.', Jubi advised.

'Got it.', Naruto returned, running at the 'Demon of the Mist' again.

"Naruto! Watch out!", Kakashi screamed, running over.

The blade swung down, about to hit Naruto - expect unlike last time, Naruto caught the blade with his hand. Pushing more and more chakra in, Naruto formed a nice crack through the sword.

"Shit!", Zabuza snarled, pulling back his sword. He swiped at Naruto again and again, the movements a bit frantic and worried.

'He needs blood to fix the sword.', Jubi stated.

'No wonder he's pissed. He wants the sword to be fixed by cutting me in half.', Naruto snorted, dodging another swipe. Each time it got a bit more frantic, before it finally calmed down.

Naruto jumped over a swipe of the sword, and punched Zabuza once more in the chest. He repeated the action a few times before multiple needles got launched into his back.

Zabuza pushed the blade into Naruto's shoulder, before pulling it out and running at Kakashi.

"Sakura! Watch Tazuna! Sasuke, go check on Naruto!", Kakashi ordered, meeting the blade with a kunai.

The two Genin followed the orders.

Naruto hissed in pain, thankfully feeling Kyuubi's chakra coming to heal it.

'This time around it won't tire you out as much, but it will after. Now fight.', Kyuubi stated.

Naruto grinned, feeling Kyuubi's chakra flow through him like a frenzy.

Claws grew, pupils narrowed, whisker marks became darker and wider. Naruto felt energized, the power rotating in him smoothly.

Standing up, he twisted around to see the 'hunter-nin' from before.

"Bring it.", Naruto cooed, before running at the nin.

Said nin dodged each swipe, before Sasuke came running towards Naruto.

"Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystal!", the nin called out, keeping Sasuke or Naruto from escaping as mirrors seemed to form around them in a dome-like form.

"Shit...", Naruto growled.

"You moron! You're hurt!", Sasuke hissed, smacking Naruto upside the head.

"Hey! I'm fine!", Naruto glared.

Sasuke froze, "Naruto, what's wrong with your eyes-", he started.

"Nothing.", Naruto snapped.

"For you to know, my name is Haku. You are going to die anyway.", the nin stated. Reflections of him appeared everywhere, the mirrors acting just like that - mirrors.

"Tch! I doubt it.", Naruto sneered, pulling out his radius.

Chakra layerd the whole area, however... one mirror had more chakra than the rest.

Naruto pulled out a kunai that had a paper bomb attached and threw it at said mirror. It exploded, but reformed. Haku jumped out of the broke mirror only to vanish into another.

"Dammit.", Naruto muttered.

"Thousand Flying Needles of Death!", Haku called.

Needles came at Naruto and Sasuke from every direction, and by instinct Naruto jumped up - the needles not hitting him.

'You got the weakness.', Jubi smirked.

'Damn straight I got the weakness! Now what about Sasuke..?', Naruto landed, turning to see Sasuke on the ground - covered in needles.

And he wasn't moving, or breathing for that matter.

Anger burned Naruto.

No one hurt his team. No one. He may not like either of them the most, but they were still his team. And the only ones allowed to kill them would be Naruto himself.

"I don't fucking think so.", Naruto growled.

His chakra came pounding out of him, the dark blue exploding out of him - red mixing in, along with black. Pure anger and bloodlust overtook him, and Naruto wanted nothing more to rip of Haku's throat.

He ran at the mirror, and punched it away. He ripped through all of the ice mirrors, before finally finding Haku.

Gripping his throat, he threw him out of the dome - sending him tumbling through the ground.

Naruto growled and walked down.

He continued to feel the chakra pouring out of him. He heard a panicked voice - Kakashi's? - but he continued forward.

He bent down, about to push a hand right through Haku's throat when a blade cut through his shoulder before pulling out.

The wound was already healing, when Naruto turned around and jumped at Zabuza.

He swiped his claws left and right, attempting to strike the Jounin as much as he could.

The blade deflected him quite a few times, before Naruto landed a deep slash right across the man's chest. Using that as a distraction, he pushed his hand right through Zabuza's chest.

His chakra piled over his arm, and latched on Zabuza. Before Naruto pulled away, his chakra had devoured Zabuza's own.

'Na-to! St-p! Yo-e gett-g c-trol!', Jubi's voice barely made it to Naruto, before he jumped back. He watched as Zabuza fell to the ground, dead.

Naruto smoothly created a choppy crystal blade, before going over to Haku and pushing it to his throat. It easily went right through, and blood started to pool.

'NARUTO! CALM DOWN!', Kyuubi's voice screamed at him, knocking him right back in reality.

That was when Naruto realized his hands were covered in blood, as well as his arms and his clothes. Let it be his own or Zabuza and/or Haku's.

"Naruto...", he heard Sakura whisper in fear and shock.

Naruto turned around, and saw Kakashi with his Sharingan-eye and his normal eye wide, along with Sakura's own to match.

Naruto frowned, before reality finally went crashing down on him.

"I...killed.", he whispered, before dropping to the ground on his hands and knees.

"I actually...killed someone.", he said, tears welling over.

'Naruto...calm down.', Jubi soothed him.

'You would have to kill someone eventually. It isn't your fault. Your anger got the best of you, and you took in as much chakra as you could-', Kyuubi stated.

'I devoured Zabuza's chakra. How?', Naruto choked out, tears pooling over.

'You got that ability from me. You can devour others chakra and make it your own.', Jubi stated, 'Calm down.', she cooed.

Some three minutes passed, before Naruto finally calmed down. He still felt the guilt racking his body.

'Don't you dare feel guilty. They attacked you and you had every right to kill them. When someone attacks you, it gives YOU the right to kill THEM.', Kyuubi stated.

'Doesn't make me feel any better.', Naruto returned.

"Thank you for killing that fool and his apprentice! Now I don't have to pay him! Now I just need to get rid of you!", laughed a voice.

"Gato.", Tazuna growled.

"Don't you dare!", he shouted.

"Ha! This stupid bridge won't stop me! In fact, I'll stop you from finishing it!", Gato said, "All of you, kill them all!", he ordered.

The mob behind him laughed and grinned.

"If you fucking dare you mess with me right now, I will rip out your fucking throat.", Naruto snarled, standing up.

"Y-You don't scare me!", Gato laughed, "Kill him!", he ordered.

The mob ran at Naruto, and he wasted no time in creating two crystal blades in each hand and stabbing it through as many bodies as he could, creating more and more just to leave them in others.

He dodged swipes and jabs, he felt a stinging pain here and there in his body but he paid no heed. He wanted to get rid of the bloodlust that remained in him, and he wanted to shove away the anger than still boiled.

He killed, and killed, and killed. Blood coating his entire body, most of it being from the mob. More and more of his chakra came out, and as he stabbed his final 'prey' he was exhausted. However, he still came to Gato, and stabbed him with a crystal blade.

Finally, Naruto fell to the ground and passed out. Unconsciousness slowly taking him over.

Bits and pieces came over him, before he felt himself being picked up. He eventually found himself being laid on something soft, and any wounds he got were healed by the Kyuubi and Jubi. Finally, blackness fully took him over and he greeted it happily.

Eventually, Naruto's eyes opened and he saw the room he had woken up in before.

"You're awake.", Kakashi stated, "You've been out for over a week.", he said.

"No shit. I feel terrible.", Naruto groaned.

"I bet you would. You had major and minor wounds all over your body. Broken bones here and there, and tons of bruises that are still healing. I'm amazed no scars have formed yet.", Kakashi said, standing up.

"I'm hungry.", Naruto said.

"I'll go get you something to eat then.", Kakashi returned, leaving the room.

'Naruto, we have to teach you to control our chakra.', Jubi said.

'No shit.', Naruto snorted.

'We're going to begin with mine, then with Jubi's. The moment you're fully healed we will begin.', Kyuubi said.

'Got it.', Naruto returned, stretching his arms out.

His whole body was sore like there was no tomorrow (For him at least). He noticed bandages covered his chest, stomach, legs, and arms. He also guessed there was bandages wrapped around his throat as well. He noticed that his clothes were neatly folded and clean on top of a stool, and that he was only wearing a pair of boxers and a baggy white shirt that fell over his shoulders.

Some minutes passed, before Kakashi returned. He set a tray of food on Naruto's lap, before taking a seat.

"I sent your parents information on what happened. They're worried.", Kakashi said.

"What about Sasuke? And Sakura?", Naruto asked.

"Sasuke was put into a coma, but he woke up not even an hour after the attack. He also awakened the Sharingan from the attack. Sakura helped care for you for some time, and she's uninjured. They both want to know what happened.", Kakashi said.

"Did you tell them about the Kyuubi?", Naruto asked.

"No. That's for you to tell.", Kakashi stated, "Your parents, however, said that you are no longer allowed on any missions away from Konohagakure until you're a Chunin.", Kakashi said.

"Wonderful!", Naruto groaned.

"There will be a Chunin Exams held in Konohagakure four months from now. You will be able to get in, as I'm considering to let you and your team in.", Kakashi added.

Naruto grinned, "Thanks.", he said.

"It isn't anything. The three of you are ready to be Genin, or at least Sasuke and you.", Kakashi shrugged, "Eat before it gets cold.", he added.

"Got it.", Naruto laughed.

Another week passed before Naruto was fully healed, and one more week until he was able to actually walk. When that happened, he met his team in the forest for him to tell them what happened during the fight.

"I wanted to tell you what happened, and why I went so ballistic.", Naruto said.

Sasuke raised a brow, and for once Sakura was silent. Kakashi nodded for him to continue.

"As you know, twelve years ago the Kyuubi attacked Konoha. My father, the Fourth Hokage, couldn't kill him so he did the next best thing. He sealed the fox into a baby boy, who would become a Jinchuriki. A Jinchuriki is basically a 'human sacrifice' to hold one of the nine Bijuu. The baby was me.", Naruto said, "I've been training with the Kyuubi to control his chakra, but that day I lost control. I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be sorry.", Sakura declared, "It obviously isn't your fault you became a Jinchuriki, or that you lost control!"

"I have to agree with her. At least now I don't have to guard myself in my sleep anymore.", Sasuke said.

"Seriously? What did I do?", Naruto frowned.

"You killed an entire mob, an ex-Jounin, and another powerful nin. Not only that, you looked like something out of a horror.", Sasuke stated.

"Oh...", Naruto frowned, looking down.

"They were bad guys, so...as long as you don't kill anyone good, I'm fine with you.", Sakura said.

"Agreed.", Sauske returned.

Naruto tackled them both in a hug.

"For once I don't think of you as a crazy fangirl.", Naruto laughed, "And you not as a brooding jackass!"

"Nice to hear an insult.", Sasuke muttered.

The rest of the month passed, and the bridge was completed. The team were going to stay another two days just to make sure, thus Naruto found himself watching the celebrating villagers name the bridge.

"The Awesome Tazuna Bridge!", Tazuna posed.

"NO!", the whole village called.

"How about 'Demon Bridge', you know for the demon kid who had protected us and killed Gato and his mob who wanted it to stop from being built!", said one.

"No way! That adds in an insult to him! How about 'The Blood Bridge' for all those killed?"

"Nah! Lets go with 'The Great Naruto Bridge'. After all, the one who had protected this bridge was named Naruto!", Tazuna said.

The whole cheered in agreement.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock. A village had named a bridge after him?

'You helped them, even though you killed a lot of people. You helped a good village - the Land of Waves will grow and become better, all thanks to you killing the mob and Gato.', Jubi stated.

'I-I guess you're right...', Naruto said, giving a small smile.

The way back to Konohagakure, to Naruto, took forever and slowly killed him.

He knew once he saw his parents, they would yell at him. He hated how everyone thought of him to be so delicate. Just because he looked a girl, too! It made no sense! It not only pissed him off, it only confused him. Ninja preached about being equal to both genders, but girls are seen as weaker and more delicate. And more feminine boys, like Naruto, are seen as weaker and delicate! To him, it was no fair. But then again, life isn't fair to no one but those holding all the power.

Bastards, they all are.

Kakashi led his team into the Hokage Tower, and the moment they stepped into the office Naruto was met with a hug.

"Brother! Okaa-chan said that you were almost killed!", Saya cried, her red hair spraying across his stomach.

"I didn't almost die. I just got into a fight with a bad guy, that's all.", Naruto told her.

Sakura glanced at Sasuke, who was frowning as the Hokage and his wife who were by the desk.

"I'm sorry to say Team Seven is no longer allowed on missions outside of the village until all of you are Chunin level. I can't have Naruto being hurt.", Minato stated.

"I find than unfair. They didn't do anything.", Naruto frowned.

"They are your team, so they can wait for you to become a Chunin.", Minato stated.

"Otou-san! It's unfair! Why are you so snappish?! I defended myself, and killed the bastard who attacked me and the Land of Waves! Why does it seem you're punishing me?!", Naruto hissed.

"Naruto! You need to learn how to control it!", Kushina said, glaring at her son.

"Stop referring Ku-Kyuubi as an 'it'! He isn't, okay?! Just because he's a Bijuu and a demon, doesn't mean he's an 'it'! I can control him, I just can't handle the chakra!", Naruto returned, glaring.

"Naruto! Stop fighting with your mother this instant.", Minato ordered, standing up to scowl at his son.

"You can't restrict me, and you know it! What happened when you told me I can't enter the Forest of Death? I entered it and came out with a fucking pelt! What happened when you told me I would never you in a race? I beat you AND Okaa-chan!", Naruto hissed.

"Kakashi, take Sakura and Sasuke back to their home.". Minato growled.

Kakashi nodded, and pulled the two out of the office and closed the door.

Saya frowned, "Okaa-chan, why is Naruto being punished?", she asked.

"Naruto, you killed an entire mob and one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. You got marked down in the Bingo Book for it!", Kushina hissed, shoving said book into his hands.

Naruto frowned, and opened it to the folded page.

Name: Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki

Maternal: Kushina Uzumaki, ex-Jinchuriki

Paternal: Minato Namikaze, Fourth Hokage

Nickname: None

Village Rank: Genin

Age: Twelve years old

Birth date: October 16th - Day of the Kyuubi's attack on Konohagakure.

Status: Loyal

Abilities: Unknown.

Rank: B-Rank

Kills: Zabuza Momochi - One of the Seven Swordmen of the Mist. Large mob consisting of twenty-one C-Rank ninja. Unknown B-Rank ninja.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Bright blonde, spikey.

Skin: Tan

Trademarks: Three whisker marks on each cheek.

Extra: Jinchuriki to the Kyuubi No Yoko.

Bounty: 500,000 ryo - alive.

Naruto gaped at the page.

"How did they find out?", he asked.

"Kakashi's report got to the council and they put it into the Bingo Book. Until you're a Chunin, you are not allowed out of the village and even then ANBU will be on-guard with you. Now not only people are out to kidnap you for ransom, people want you for a bounty.", Kushina stated, "Luckily they all want you alive.", she said.

"I'm worth a lot.", Naruto commented.

"Naruto! That isn't the point.", Kushina sighed.

"I know, I know. I don't like it, but I know.", Naruto said, giving them back the book.

Saya frowned, "Brother will be okay, right?", she asked.

"Of course.", Naruto laughed, kissing her forehead.

"How about we go get some ramen?", he said.

"Yay! Ramen! Ramen!", Saya cheered, dragging her brother out of the room.

"He defeated an entire mob, along with Zabuza and his apprentice."

"Hm? Sounds like our suspicions may be correct. What happened?"

"Our spies tell us that red, dark blue, and black chakra exploded from him. It also seems he can hardly remember anything."

"The Jubi must rest in him for sure then. No genin would be able to do that after all. Continue to watch him. I think we'll contact him around the Chunin Exams."

"Orochimaru will be going there in an attempt to get the Uchiha child."

"I don't care. Even if I have to break his neck. I ignore him for now, but if he dares to get in the way of my plans I will happily show him just who 'Tobi' is."

"Of course, Madara-sama."

~ Authors Note ~

Not much to say here, I guess.

Naruto's bounty is a lot because anyone can get even more for him, as not only is he a Jinchuriki but because of the fact you can get a lot of money from a ransom.

Fighting scenes get me in the end, and I'm sorry if it seems rushed. I do my best here... I wanted it to get across on how powerful Naruto is in just raw energy, by skill level he is still going up there - maybe around the ranks of a low chunin. I hope got the point across - Naruto killed a lot, got the full ability of the Crystal Release, and then he revealed the Kyuubi to his teammates.

The anger to Sasuke's supposed death was because, either Naruto wants to admit or not, he cares for his team already. Much like a wolf would care for his pack.

The reason why the crystal didn't come up is becasue Sasuke and Sakura didn't notice...though it got back to his parents who are just trying to figure it out themselves without angering Naruto any more.

I hope I didn't make it too rushed...

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