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Prompt from Saku:
Zuko/Sokka- After being burned so many times (with so many harsh words and actions) Zuko was amazed that Sokka still came back to him time after time; even when he was certain he did not deserve such devotion.
"It's true what they say, love must be blind
That's why Your still standing by the sinner's side.
Your still by my side when all the things I've done have left You bleedin'." ~Come Undone by FFH

Avatar The Last Airbender Chocolate Box Drabble Series
Drabble 1: Zuko 1
By Yo; Written 4.9.13; Posted to ffdotnet 8.9.13

"You still came back..." Zuko whispered into Sokka's dark locks, the strands blowing a little bit from the disturbance of the Fire Lord's breath near the Water Tribe man's ear.

"Well duh," Sokka muttered and hugged Zuko's naked chest tighter, burgundy sheets spilling around their twined forms. "I love you. It doesn't matter what you do or say to drive me away. You're stuck with me, stupid. Get used to it."

Zuko blushed and buried his face deeper into Sokka's hair.

"But I kissed Mai right in front of you and then turned around to smirk at you. And I told you—"

Sokka quieted the Fire Lord with a brutal, but brief kiss before speaking up, "You told me, 'I never want to see your ugly face again! Water Tribe doesn't belong in the Fire Nation! Get out!' I remember every single word and how each one was a punch straight through my gut. And then you really did punch me in the stomach to make your point. You don't have to remind me of that. Or any of the other times. Just hold me now, and forget about the past and how dumb you are…and even the future."

Zuko could only hold Sokka tighter in the darkness of his chambers and think to himself, He's too good for me and I don't deserve him. But I'm so glad this man is mine…


Notes about this drabble series: I've been producing too many drabbles from drabble wars lately that are for ATLA characters/pairings, and so I will now have a drabble chocolate box series dedicated to this fandom as well. It's as simple as that, and like my other chocolate box series, anything goes. And no I will not be adding previously written ATLA drabbles too this collection—those will remain stand alones for you to enjoy. Even though the drabbles produced here are usually not interrelated and stand alone as well.