Bridge to Terabithia 2

The return of leslie Burke:

Ten years later, after the death of Leslie Burke

Jess already graduated from high school, and May belle already graduated from high school too. May belle already had a Boyfriend , so Jess and May belle cant go

To Terabithia again, because Jess, don't want to go to terabithia by himself. And when the time comes that Jess really missed to visit their old house , he planned to visit on Friday. So, when he arrives at their old house someone already lived there. So he knock at the door and someone open, so Jess think maybe this is the one who buy their house. And the owner ask who are you, "Jess said", I am the son of the old owner of this house"

The owner replied", oh I see, "Jess ask " can I go inside mam' i'll just find my old book , if it's is okay to you to let me in? The owner replied" sure, no problem" Jess replied Thank you very much for letting me in, Jess go directly to his old room and as he expected he found his old book that full of memories about the Terabithia and Leslie his beloved Best Friend, after he found his old book he was in a hurry to go to Terabithia. When he arrives at the bridge to Terabithia the people of His Kingdom acknowledge his arrival. The Kingdom decided to have a celebration for the return of their King Jess. But while having their celebration. The, darkmaster heard that jess already returned to his kingdom. So the darkmaster planned for an attack and to capture Jess as he Captured Leslie. After the celebration Jess directly go to sleep, and he dream about Leslie again, in his dream "Leslie told him that the " Terabithia is in danger , you have to save it Jess". Jess awake and directly said the Commander of His Kingdom "We have to prepared for an attack. And the kingdom had preparing their weapons for a Battle. The darkmaster already approaching to the Kingdom of Terabithia ,when the battle already began , the darkmaster and Jess had fighting , but Jess almost died, but when Jess think about what leslie said, that keep your mind wide and open and nothing is impossible, So Jess was keep fighting until his last breath. Jess and his Kingdom never thought that they won the battle against the darkmaster and captured him, and Jess tried to ask the Darkmaster about Leslie, Jess said" Hey, darkmaster where is Leslie, can you please let her go because I've missed her so much and the darkmaster still stay quietly and Jess ask him again With anger now" where is Leslie I know you are the one who took her, just still if not I kill and I will cut your head off, the darkmaster seem's afraid of Jess , so he free Leslie, but Leslie seems too weak she don't even move she's out of strength so Jess had give Leslie so many food. Tomorrow after the battle, The kingdom had a celebration for a victory for their Kingdom.