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There are no more faces and heels in the WWE. Roxanne Collins and Vince McMahon agreed on that. There was just people they cheered for and people that they booed. The WWE Superstars and Divas still played their roles, but the terms 'face' and 'heel' were not in the WWE dictionary. When 2014 arrived, Roxy took her place as one of the principal owner of the WWE. She promised a change and to this very day, she has kept her word. Stephanie McMahon hasn't haunted her since the agreement four months ago. Finally, she had some piece within herself. When in this position, she fired Tom Cassielo as the assistant to the head creative writer. Tom, then took his talents to another wrestling promotion. Since Roxy was not the head creative writer for the WWE, she hired creative writers that can take her place. People that had the brains to give a kickass show. Roxy ran things from backstage, people knew who she was now and she liked that. She wanted her focus on great wrestling and telling a story.

Roxy's number one ally, April was known as the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. At WrestleMania, she dropped the belt to Brie Bella in a fantastic match that lasted fifteen minutes. Brie was enjoying her second reign as Divas Champion, and AJ was a fantastic sport about it. She and Brie had stayed in touch when the rebellion ended. She, Roxy and Brie have girls' night every Friday. April felt like she finally had a good friend in Roxy, even though she owned part of the WWE now. April remained at Roxy's side—Roxy considered April one of her best friends now and April found herself being around her, when Celeste left the company. April was heartbroken about Celeste leaving the company, but with Roxy's decent advice, she was able to keep herself together. Most of all, she needed her boyfriend, Phil Brooks by her side and Roxanne has been talking about a storyline happening with Phil and Jon and April being somewhat of the person in the middle of it. She still needs to convince management though.

Roxy's number two ally, Brie finally made it on top of the mountain. This title reign felt good to her. It was way different than the first one. Perhaps, she learned how important it was to be a leader for a division for not just the Total Divas, but the rising and future Divas. Holding that butterfly championship awakened the eyes of The Bella Twin—it was a shiny as the engagement ring that Bryan had given to her, but she earned this. Bryan didn't do anything or she didn't kiss up to Roxy, this was all on her own. Her hard work paid off. She felt like she accomplished something in her life and its thanks to the changes that Roxy has promised the whole WWE roster. Her wrestling ability had begun to get better, Bryan had been teaching her some submission moves and she has made up some moves that she can use in the ring. Even Jon said that he could watch an entire match with her in it now!

Phil took time off after the Royal Rumble match. He claimed that it was nothing about the new way that things were running because he loved it, but he needed to heal his injuries, explaining to Roxy that this could be his last year in the WWE. That retirement has crossed his mind in more than one occasion. Roxy understood, but she wondered what if Phil was taking time off because he was frustrated by how things were running around here. What if Roxy turned that into a storyline about his frustrations with the WWE and not being the face of the WWE? Hunter and Vince that it was crazy and that it would look bad for the WWE Network—but Roxy said that these are the types of things people go nuts for. Phil used some of his time to spend with April, whenever she showed up at Chicago, he would take her on these simple dates. He said that it was the best part of his week.

Bryan finally became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania. In the main event, he beat Dave Batista and Randy Orton and the whole arena was doing the 'Yes!' Chant. The satisfaction of Bryan winning the championship after being screwed multiple times was a rewarding feeling that he was very humbled about. He and Brie were finally that power couple they were originally intended to be. It was thanks to Roxy for getting every division back on track, especially the tag and midcard divisions. Bryan was happy that the WWE Universe got their champion. Hunter was concerned that if Bryan won the title that all of his cheers and huge pops would vanish, but the Yes! Movement was stronger than ever. Bryan continued to gain fans every single day. He was probably one of the most popular Superstars in the longest time.

Roxy's beau Jon? He lost the title at WrestleMania to Colby in a triple threat match that also involved Joe. It seemed like the most logical move to go by. Still, she has plans to push these three guys to the moon. Hunter and Vince consulted Roxanne about Joe and how he will take John Cena's place as the face of the company, but she wanted those two to be patient. She was not going to give Joe the United States Championship because she didn't want to hold this guy down, but she wanted his push along with Jon and Colby's pushes to be something special. After the New Years, Colby and Joe apologized to Roxy, claiming that their shitty actions were because they were thinking of themselves and not The Shield—which was no more. The next month, she humbled those two by booking them to lose a few matches. Their reward was WrestleMania; Colby and Joe were now the good people that the fans cheered for, but Roxy smiled, when Jon got pop or heat from the crowd. Jon's relationship with Roxy continued to be stronger than ever, these two continued to learn something about each other every single day. One day, Roxanne told Jon the story about her father and how she was almost named 'Moxie' because her dad liked the name. Jon liked the name and perhaps if the relationship went far between the two of them, that can be an option for a name.

Total Divas wasn't shoved down our throats anymore. It was still on the air, but it became the last priority for the WWE. JoJo was sent to NXT to improve her wrestling and Emma was brought up and Roxy had big plans for her. She believed that the dancing gimmick and her wonderful ability to wrestle will get her over with the fans. Stephanie still lurked around NXT to hand advice and make sure that things were running the way that they were supposed to. Eva Marie had her modeling career to fall back on, but she was barely hired because of her ugly personality. Nikki Bella stirred up the drama by confronting Eva's boyfriend and telling him all the horrible things she has done. After that, Eva had no boyfriend and not much of a career.

She slipped on a white gorgeous, mermaid dress that was sparkled on the bust area. The white veil was placed on her dark hair as she looked to a mirror. She couldn't believe it. She was marrying her best friend. Her true love. The man that she will spend the rest of her life with. She never imagined taking his name. She never imagined being in this position, but she looked beautiful. The more that she thought about it, the more she teared up. This was the best day of her life. She could not wait to be his wife and have his children. This was all she wanted to be. A mother, a wife. This was all coming true. She looked down from the tiny desk that she was looking at, facing the mirror once again.

"I'm ready to be your wife." she whispered, looking at herself in the mirror.

He put on his black tie. He didn't remember the last time that he wore a suit and tie. It wasn't his style to get dressed up, but anything for her. This girl was it for him, he didn't think that he could do any better than her. This girl was amazing, she was sweet—this girl truly cared about him. It didn't matter how he looked or where his past was or the things he had to do to survive. She still cared about him enough to marry him. He couldn't wait to be her husband, the father to her children. He looked into the mirror, staring at his reflection. He was getting married, still he couldn't wrap that thought around in his mind. What would a wonderful girl like her want him for? He didn't consider himself good looking, but she saw something in him and that was all that mattered. All he wanted to do was be with her.

"I'm ready to be your husband." he whispered, looking at himself in the mirror.

"Ladies and Gentleman, please give a loud welcome to Mr. and Miss Bryan Danielson!" Mike Mizanin exclaimed through the microphone as the room full of WWE Superstars, Divas and families of Brie and Bryan. Mike took Bryan's hand and raised it up in the air as if he won a match. Brie looked at Bryan, entwining her fingers with his and on the other hand, she held a bouquet of pink and purple flowers. Brie scouted around the room, this was all for her and Bryan. She was finally Brie Danielson and the more that she thought about it, the more that she couldn't believe it. She looked at a direction of the ballroom where he mother, father, Nikki and brother, J.J., clapped for her. On the other side, she looked at Roxy, Jon, Phil and April whistling and cheering for her.

Mike handed her a microphone. This would be the moment, where she thanked everyone for coming and all of that good stuff. "I want to thank all of you for coming. I am so happy that all of you came because six months ago, I would have never imagined all of you being here because I have things that I regret. It's the month of April and I am amazed that I get to call myself a married woman. Along the way, I have made friends and those friends have made me seeing the reality of my life. It was not all about the beauty and the glamour, but the hard work and dedication. It wasn't until being in The Rebellion that I realized that I am worth more than I am letting on. I love wrestling, I couldn't care less about the cameras. However, I love my Bry Bry too!" Brie looked deep into Bryan's eyes as he connected his lips onto hers, the whole room going to awes and giggling. Roxy's camera flashing to keep the memories with her.

After getting settled in their own seats, Roxy sat next to Jon, feeling very exhausted about the heels that she is wearing. Jon pulled the black pumps that she wore with three inch heels and placed them on the floor. Jon didn't think that Roxy should stress herself after all that she has been through the past few months. Phil and April sat on the other side of the table that was reserved for them and Jon and Roxanne—shockingly, April wore a dress for the event, and it was a tight blue dress with light blue flats. Roxy claimed that it was the first time that she had ever saw April dress up—she was shocked about it.

"Roxy, are you sure that you don't want to head back to the hotel? You look very tired. Do you need water, are you in appetite for something?" Jon asked like the concerned boyfriend that he learned to be. Jon looked at Roxy, who let out a yawn. She wasn't tired, she just wanted to rest her feet because wearing the pumps that she decided to wear for the event were killing her. Roxy rested her head on Jon's shoulder as he smiled. "Listen, you don't need to think of me. I'm not going to drink tonight. I probably would have, but now that you're in my life and I'm expecting bigger things to come, I know that I have to control some of my old habits."

"Jon, don't worry. I am fine. I am really. I just really want to congratulate Brie and Bryan on getting married. I never expected myself to be friends with the girl and going to her wedding? Man, things have really changed in six months huh? Can't you believe how things are going to change six months later? Wow! I don't know, if I will be able to handle all of this change!" Roxy exclaimed, believing that she had handled enough change for a lifetime. Everything has been happening too fast to her. Roxy is so fortunate about everything and she couldn't believe how things were going to change even more, but will she be able to handle it?

"Rox, things change. You just need to get used to it. New things are going to be added into our lives," Jon wrapped his arms around her waist, Roxy smiled as Jon smiled right back at her. "Just think about it. You thought you were never going to see me again and fast forward six, seven months later and we're in a serious relationship. Only great things can come out of this. We just need to be prepared for anything that life gets thrown at us." Jon provided his girlfriend with the best wisdom possible. He believed that he was stronger with her than he was away from her. The same thing went with Roxy, she was stronger with Jon than she was without him. She doesn't want this man away from her. She wants to be with him for as long as she breaths.

"Bryan, congratulations!" Phil stood up to greet the groom of the event. Bryan accepted Phil's hug as Brie stood there talking to April, looking down on her dress, which Roxanne assumed was that April complimented Brie's wedding dress. She had to admit it, it was a beautiful dress and a beautiful woman is wearing it. Roxy smiled at how everyone was socializing. She knew that she didn't relate to these party people anymore. She's got more than herself to think about now. Never imagined being that type of working woman, but she's experiencing that now. It excited her, but it also scared her knowing that it could all blow up right at her face.

"So, what are the chances of seeing Brie Mode tonight?" Roxy asked curiously with a smirk on her face. If she couldn't get drunk, she might as well watch other people get drunk. Everyone knew that the new husband and wife would be having tons of fun tonight. Why not watch them have fun right now, since Roxy can't be behind close doors to watch Brie and Bryan—not that she wanted to because Roxy does not roll that way. Brie turned to the principal owner of the WWE, and gave her a scuff.

"You see Roxanne, you might have to take a seat and watch the show," Brie said, as she paid attention to the waiters bringing the table a bunch of champagnes, handing one to each other people around the table. "I just want to give a mini cheers to Roxanne Collins for changing the direction of the WWE. Also, I want to give a cheers to friends, family, love and trees! Cheers!" everyone in the table clanked their glasses against one another and then proceeded to drink out of it. When Brie was done with her champagne, she noticed that Roxy hadn't drink out of her champagne. She didn't even drink out of it. "Roxy, drink up girlie!" Brie instructed as she, Bryan, Phil, April and Jon looked at her. Roxy looked at her champagne and then looked at everyone that was staring at her.

"I can't drink champagne." Roxy finally responded.

Brie raised a brow at her closest friend. Why couldn't Roxy drink? "Why can't you drink?"

Roxy smiled, looking at Jon and tilting her head, getting Jon's approval to tell the reason why she couldn't drink. Jon looked anxious about the news because he was the only person, besides Roxy that knew why she couldn't drink. Roxanne was hesitant, she didn't want to take Brie's thunder, but Brie looked like she wanted to know and wouldn't leave until she found out. Roxy bit her lip nervously, the suspense was killing her.

"Jon and I are expecting our first child."

An exclamation of cheers and jeers erupted. Brie and April walked over to Roxy, side hugging her, not so tightly that she can pop, but enough for her to know that they were thrilled of the child. With the cat out of the bag, she held her stomach and her tiny bump finally became obvious to everyone around them. Bryan and Phil went to bro hug Jon, with a huge pat on the back congratulating him one the amazing news. Phil was the most shocked out of the group, knowing that Roxy miscarried and that there was a new child on the way, this could be the most amazing thing ever for Jon.

The beast within Jon has been tamed.

"Are you expecting a boy or girl?" April asked, getting excited over the news that was just presented to her. Roxy then looked at Jon, for approval again. Jon with no hesitation, nodded his head, "Please inform them about the child." he told Roxy, granting her permission.

"It's a girl."

"Have you thought of names?" Bryan asked the parents-to-be.

"My father that passed away when I was little wanted to name me 'Moxie'. Instead, I was named 'Roxanne'; I was thinking that we name this child 'Moxie'. I ran the idea through Jon, who seemed to like it. He wants to call the baby 'Mox', but I feel like that can be a nickname for her." Roxanne smiled at her friends. Jon entwining his fingers next to hers.

"I love the name." Jon confirmed.

After talking with their friends, Roxy and Jon decided to stand back with Phil as he watched April try to catch the bouquet that Brie was going to throw behind her back. Roxy would have loved to join all the other females in the game, but since she is expecting her first child, she can't do anything like that and risk the child from being gone from her life. She already had one child disappear from her life, she even had a father disappear from her life. Roxanne vowed that this child that she knows she is carrying inside of her will never go away. Jon saw this as a blessing to be the father that he was never able to have. Sure, he will not be a perfect father, he will have flaws and make mistakes, but that won't discourage him for providing that this family that he is building with his girlfriend.

"So, how long have you been pregnant?" Phil asked, trying to strike up a conversation with his boss. It felt strange to him because he is never friends with his bosses. He and his bosses have never seen eye to eye and with Roxanne, he is able to pitch up ideas that she will love. Whenever Phil and Roxanne have talked, it has been about the script and the changes that he would love done to them.

Roxy looked away from the crowd of women and at Phil. She gave a lovely smile that anyone guy would love. "I am three months into the pregnancy. It has been a pretty good pregnancy, but there are those days, where I just want this baby out of me, so I can hold her in my arms, but I enjoy being pregnant. I love see the development that my child goes through," Roxy felt huge arms being wrapped around her waist softly, looking up to find Jon with a smirk on his face. Roxy gave him an upside down kiss. "I am also happy to see the development that Jon and I are going through."

"Alright, in the count of three, I will throw the flowers," Brie instructed to the crowd of rowdy women. "One…two…three!" she threw the flowers and the women were scattering to the floor to find them. After a few moments realizing that the flowers were not on the floor, Brie looked around confused as she could hear Phil howling out loud. Phil pointed at Roxy, who unexpectedly got the flowers. Brie grinned, placing her hands on her hips. "Roxy, it's your turn to get married."

All the women started giggling at Roxy, who was holding the flowers. Jon laughed, he knew that Roxy wanted to stay away from this cat like environment with the women trying to get the flowers in their possession.

"So much for keeping it real and keeping it professional." Roxy retorted.

The End.

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