Groggily opening his eyes, Reever slowly sat up in his bed. It took him a few minutes to adjust to being awake, but soon he was luxuriously stretching his arms above his head, arching his lean back. He rolled his shoulders around a few times, then turned to face the other occupant of the bed. His contented smile turned into a confused frown when he saw that Komui was missing. Or, rather, was not where Reever expected him to be. In fact, Komui's side of the bed was still as wrinkle-free as it had been the morning before when Reever made it. His frown deepening, Reever picked up his unnecessary alarm clock from his nightstand. 4:30...There's no way Komui would be up already this early. Despite his growing uneasiness, Reever got up, straightening his sheets as he did so. He fluffed his pillow mechanically for added measure.

Somehow, Reever managed to dress himself while looking at the door to his and Komui's room every two seconds. He could just imagine Komui bursting through the door, greeting Reever with a can of chilled lemon soda. Or Komui, stumbling into the room, impossibly tired from pulling an all-nighter. But Komui didn't appear, not even thirty minutes later when Reever was checking himself over in the floor length mirror one last time before he left for work. Reever examined himself scrutinously. His white button-down shirt was partially hidden beneath a navy blue vest, its polished brass buttons gleaming in the sunlight beginning to slip through the curtains. He buckled his belt on his dark brown trousers, slipping his feet into shiny brown dress shoes. Finally, he slipped his two bracelets on, one on each wrist. Reever took a small pride in his appearance, at least at the start of the day. After hours of paperwork and nagging Komui and experiments and paperwork, his clothes were the last thing on his mind. But now, in the quiet early morning hours, Reever carefully rolled up the sleeves of his lab coat. Nodding briskly to himself in the mirror, Reever stepped outside and locked the door with a satisfying click!

A terrifying tower of paper balanced in his arms, Reever used his foot to open the door to Komui's office. "Good morning Supervisor. I hope you're ready to work, because I just found a backlog of paperwork you mistakenly put in the trashcan outside your office! Isn't that just the strangest thing?" Preparing himself for an onslaught of excuses, Reever dropped the papers on Komui's desk, a stern look already on his face. For the second time that morning, Reever frowned in confusion. Wha...what?! Komui's chair was undeniably, unmistakably empty. As was the rest of his messy work room. Reever's eyebrows furrowed as he stormed out of the room. If he's not in our room, and he's not in his office...where is he? In his blinding rage, Reever bumped into a figure hurrying down the hallway. "Ouch...hey watch it!" Reever was not in the mood to be messed with, but when he saw Johnny's frightened face looking up at him from where he had fallen to the ground, his anger instantly dissipated. "Oh, Johnny! Hey! Sorry, I didn't see you there." Johnny gulped nervously, accepting Reever's outstretched hand with his own. "Don't worry about it Reever." Brushing himself off, Johnny began to walk as quickly as could down the stone hall. "Johnny, what's wrong?" Reever called after him. "All I can say is, don't go to the research lab if you want to live!" Johnny called over his shoulder as he practically ran away. Scratching the back of his head, Reever shrugged. Can't be that much worse than anything I've seen before.