Reever strode through the glass and metal double doors of the main Research Lab, which to all the other scientists was also known as Komui's Lair. As Reever looked around the cavernous room, he could certainly see why. Huge piles of machinery lay everywhere, remnants of past projects gone bad. Coffee makers, at least a dozen, were placed on every available surface, along with bags of Komui's favorite coffee blend, Blue Mountain. And, of course, a few posters of Komui's weird pink rabbit were hung about on the white-washed concrete walls. How does he even get those to stay up there? Reever wondered to himself as he walked along a short gated passage to the central room of the lab. Komui was sure to be there. He had to be.

Komui did not disappoint. He was definitely there, in a gigantic bed in the middle of the room. He was there, in his soft white undershirt that he wore to sleep in, the one Reever liked especially because of how it framed Komui's firm and slender arms. A few other scientists were scattered about the room, all with the exact same bewildered expression as Reever on their faces. But it was not the sight of their Supervisor in a t-shirt and boxers sleeping in the lab that brought about their perplexed reactions. In fact, that happened far more often than it really should. No, it was the eight-foot tall robot laying next to Komui in the bed that really did it. The robot was massive, with clunky arms and legs, and weird spiky protrusions on the top of its head. Its single eye, a golden brown orb in the middle of its rectangular head, was making soft whirring sounds. Reever watched in disbelief as Komui snuggled up next to the robot, rubbing his head against the hard metal of its chest. "Oh Reeverin..." Komui mumbled in his sleep.

Later, Tup and Number 65 would swear that Reever had not run over to Komui's bedside, but had instead flown, like some kind of angry, wrathful bird seeking its prey. No matter how Reever got to his lover, the events that followed next were beyond questioning. Reever stood before the bed, hands on his hips, his face burning with indignation. "Komui" he said, a slight quiver barely discernible in his voice. Komui scrunched his face up, turning away from Reever to bury his face in his pillow. "Komui. It's time to wake up." Reever gently shook Komui by his shoulders. "Maaaaaaah," Komui replied, swatting away Reever's hands with flailing arms. "Komui! Lavi and Lenalee are getting married!" With a heartbreaking cry, Komui jerked up from his pillow, resting his weight on his outstretched arms. "No! My sweet Lenalee!" Reever rolled his eyes and lightly chopped Komui on the back of his head.

"No one's getting married Komui, don't worry. But I do have a few questions for you." Reever said, in as stern a voice as he could muster, what with Komui's disheveled hair and the imprints of his pillowcase on his face. Collecting himself immediately, Komui sat upright, quickly putting on his beret and glasses. "Of course, Reever. How may I help you?" Reever smiled despite himself, and sat down on the bed next to Komui. "Well...Komui. Why are you here?" The tall Asian man stared at him quizzically. "I was sleeping? In my bed? Are you okay, Reever?" "I should be the one asking you that. This isn't your bedroom. This is the Research Lab. And this is not your bed, I assure you." Komui, eyes narrowed, glanced around the room. Slowly, he pulled the covers up to his chin. "It seems you're right Mr. Wenhamm. If you would be so kind as to tell me what the hell I'm doing in here?" Komui whispered. Reever looked pointedly over to the robot still making whirring sounds, and Komui's gaze followed.

Suddenly, Komui started squealing like a teenage girl. "Ooooh Reeverin! I almost forgot about you, my lovely! It won't ever happen again!" The robot made a chirruping noise in return. "Wait. What did you just say?" Komui turned awkwardly to make contact with Reever's emotionless eyes. "Uh..."he adjusted his glasses, obviously stalling. "Um, well. I was just saying hello to my Reeverin. I mean Reeverin. Just Reeverin. He's a robot. I made him. Ah ha ha..." Komui's laughter trailed off as Reever's dead eyes bored straight through his skull. "That robot...his name is Reeverin? Like, me Reever?" Komui's face lit up in a delighted smile. "So you noticed! Yes, this is my Reeverin! I've been working on him for weeks! Isn't he just the cutest?" Komui made kissing motions with his mouth at the robot, who blushed a metallic red. "Reeverin. This a a robot version of me. And you're sleeping with it." Komui nodded eagerly. "Yes! He does everything you do, only more efficiently! He'll make life so much easier around here!" "You still haven't explained what you're doing in bed with him." Komui's grin widened. "Well, I finished him last night, and I was just so excited I had to build a bed for us to spend his first night together in."

Reever wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Komui had built a Reever robot. Reeverin was better than him, Komui had said. Reeverin would make his life easier. Reeverin was replacing the inefficient human Reever. Holding back a veritable onslaught of emotions, Reever laughed weakly and wished Komui farewell before he stumbled out of the lab. It was only when he was safely back in his room that the hot tears of frustration began to roll down his stubbled cheeks.