Sandy worked on a a really fucked up looking machine that looked like a dick. "Uuhhh, why does that look like a giant dick?" Pewdie asked. "It's an ICBM." Sandy replied. "Oh. Okay. It's a nuke that looks like a giant dick." Pewdiepie said. "Oh will you jest fack off?" Asked Sandy. "I'm starting to think of you as a (Wait for it. Wait for it.) BARREL!" Yelled pewdie. "What's with you and barrels?" Asked Sandy. "I hate them, they were talking with the bros A.K.A Penis monster." Replied pewdie. "Oh" said Sandy.

A/N: Hello. sorry I haven't uploaded chapters for this story for awhile, I've been working on Skydoesminecraft adventures in the nether. Eight grade is really fun, for now. I've published a killing fic, got one review. Well, Bye!