Okay! So, this is my very first fanfic for LPS, so...please don't be harsh... and here's the whole plot thingy:

The pets have grown up and had kids of their own (btw, this story contains Mpreg) and since the pets are grown, this means Blythe has also grown up too. YOOU KNOW WHAT NEVER MIND THIS CHAPTER WILL BE AN EPILOGUE THINGY!

Epilogue: *P.S. The epilogue takes place in the future as well* :

A 23 year old Blythe stepped into the store with a smile, she breathed in the familiar scent of pet kibble and squeaky toys.

"Hi Mrs.T!"Blythe said with a wave, then she noticed that looked exceptionally nervous and she had a bag trailing behind her.

"Hi Blythe.."she said softly.

"Where ya going Mrs.T? To get an antique doorknob from Africa or something?"Blythe asked.

"Well..no..." took Blythe's hand and sat her down on a nearby couch, that they had brought in.

"What's wrong?"Blythe asked, nervous herself.

"Well, you see, Blythe, I have been running this place since I was about your age, and now...I think...It's my time to retire," said with a small smile.


"Blythe..calm down...actually, I was hoping...that YOU would take over the shop for me?" asked.

"WHAT!? A-Are you serious?"Blythe asked.

"As serious as a doorknob," shook her head up and down.

"I-I don't kn-know if I'm ready for this Mrs. T..."Blythe said dropping her head.

"You'll be fine dearie, you already know the nooks and crannies of this place pretty well, I'm sure you'll do a great job," then stood and gave her a pat on the head,"Here's the keys, and don't worry...you'll do great..I know you will.."the older woman took a deep breath and walked out the door and down the sidewalk.

Blythe couldn't tear her eyes away from the door,"What the what?"

"What's wrong with you Blythe?"Russel asked poking the girl in the leg.

"M-Mrs.T...sh-she.."Blythe pointed.

"SHE'S GOONNNNEEEE!"Penny blubbered as she hugged onto Buttercreme, who just happened to be standing beside her.

"WHAT?!"The rest of the animals said in shock.

"She gave the shop to me...and retired,"Blythe stammered out.

"Oh, well Blythe, darling! You've pretty much owned the shop since you fell down that dumbwaitor! I'm sure you'll do a great job!"Zoey said and everybody expressed their agrees with nods and yeah's.

"You-you guys really think so?"Blythe asked.

"Of course,"Sunil said with a smile.

Blythe then hugged all of them at once,"Thanks you guys."

"No problem Blythe,"Russel said with a small smile.

"So...how are all you guys doing?"Blythe asked.

"Great, in fact me, Russell, Sunil and Vinnie have plans, sooooo...if you'll exccuuuusseee us..."Pepper said, grabbing Russel's hand, she pulled him away. Sunil and Vinnie glanced at each other and shrugged, then held hands and followed the other two.

Blythe chuckled,"Those two are too cute."

"Yep! They're cuter then two puppies in a hug factory!"Buttercreme shouted and Minka giggled.

"What?"Penny and Blythe asked.

"What?"Buttercreme asked before freaking out like she normally does,"Annywhoooo...yeah! They are really cute! Now who wants to go play some Butterscotch!?"

"OOOHHH! Me Me ME!"Minka shouted following the bunny's steps.

Everyone, minus Bluthe followed behind her as well. Blythe just stood by and laughed,"Maybe running the shop won't be as bad as I think."

So that's it for right now, although I'll probably have the next chapter up VERY soon... oh and if you didn't know, these are the pairings:

VinnieXSunil - MY OTP



PennyXSuger Sprinkles


and BlytheXJosh

Yep...okay...that's it...

Love you guys and love Vinnie and Sunil too!+!