Hey ya'll! (i just felt like saying "ya'll" right now hehe) Time for that other hetalia fanfic i promised! so here it is! hope ya'll ;) like it

"Hush Kiku, hush my little one..." Says his mother, Sayu Honda, a very gentle, kind, and quiet person. That's where kiku takes after, his mother. While his father Lord Honda, a very stern, commanding, but yet kind person. Kiku Honda, being the only son on these two, tries his best to plese his parents every day by being the best in anything he can get his hands on. Karate, cooking, studying, fencing, soccer, you name it and he did it. But with his frail, tiny, delicate body, there is only so much he could do.

Even with his heart issues, he did his best to be the son his father deserved. But with a failing heart, kiku sooned was banned from doing anything sport related, anything that made his heart raced up.

But it wasn't so bad. Banned from many things, by the age he could start school, he studyed to be at the top of his class all the time, knowing that would make his father and mother proud. And it did. And at age 6 as he is now, he's still at the top. But it didn't gain kiku many friends, actually, he didn't have any. But he was happy. He had his mother and father after all.

"Hush my little one, hush..."

"Mama...i'm scared, please don't leave me." Although during the day kiku acted older for his age, when the sun went down and there's no light, little kiku is scared. The darkness his fear.

"It's all well my son, it's all well."

Feeling reassured, little kiku falls asleep in his mothers arms, not knowing what awaits him tommorrow.

"Ohayogozaimasu my darling, it's time to get up."

The sound of his mothers voice, waking kiku up.

Sleepily, kiku replys, "Hai Okaa-san."

As soon as kiku sits up and opens his eyes, remembering what today is.

"Tanjobiomedeto my boy!"

Smiling, kiku jumps up into his mothers arms. Yes, today way February 11th, kiku's birthday. His parents promised to take him to Greece to see the ruins there. Greeks history always fascinated him along with the ruins.

Sliding out of his mothers grip, he runs to his closet, dressing in his school's uniform for the day, ready to get school started and over with so he could spend this day with his mother and father.

Grabbing his bag, he runs down the hall and straight for his fathers office, stopping just short of the door and knocking on the door quietly. Hearing no reply, kiku peeks his head inside the door, seeing his father talking urgently on the phone.

Seeing that he's busy, kiku just runs down to the kitchen, seeing that his mother had prepared his favorite breakfeast, Miso Soup, Tamagoyaki, Broiled Fish, Tsukemono, Nori and Natto. Or i guess you could say, just an ordinary typical japanese breakfeast.

Placing his bag on the ground, kiku sits down. Clapping his hands together, he says "Itadakimasu" and begins eating.

As soon as kiku's half way done eating, Lord Honda enters the kitchen, sitting gruffly down across from kiku, the same breakfeat displayed before him.

"Otousan, Okaasan." Kiku says quietly.

"hmm." He replys.

Wondering if he forgot what today was, kiku's mouth opens up, about to ask him when his father beats him to it.

"Son...about today..."

Kiku looks at him, happiness and hope shinesing in his eyes.

"We're gonna have to rain check about that trip to greece...i know it's your birthday and all, but...we can always do it next year.."

... "W-why?! That's not fair!"

Shock clearly shows on his fathers face. Kiku's never yelled or talked back at his father. Never. But this greece trip was very important to kiku. And he was very excited to go, but..."there's always next year"...right?

Pushing away from the table so hard that his chair falls back, kiku picks up his bag and storms from the kitchen towards the door.

"Kiku!" His father and mother chorus together.

"We'll do something else, something more fun, ok? Kiku?" His mother says.

"I hate you! I hate you both!" He screams, running all the way from home to school, not knowing that those words would be the last he'll ever be able to say to them.

The bell rings, signaling that the school day has ended, painfully.

As slowly as he can, kiku packs his stuff, ready for this day to be over with. Glancing out the window, he notices it's started rainging, pouring harder and harder as the minutes go by.

'I didn't bring an umbrella...' He thinks. 'I guess that means ma and pa will be picking me up'... Walking slowly out the classroom doors, and down the hall...taking his sweet time. Then down the stairs and out the school, waiting in a canopy of tree's where he always waits on days his parents pick him up.

Sitting down, he takes out his homework, thinking it's the perfect thing to do to pass the time while he waits, knowing he won't have the enthusiasm to do it later.

Seconds pass by...that turn into minutes...that turns into an hour.

Sighing, kiku looks up from his work, noting that rain doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.

Putting his work away, kiku stands up, ready to just risk getting sick in his condition, and walking the couple blocks to his house in the rain.

As soon as kiku was about to step out from underneath the tree's, his homeroom teacher, Mr. Wang (wang-sensei), spots him, running to him with a look of relief and worry.

"Wang-Sensei..."Kiku bows respectivly, "i was about to head home..."

Mr. Wang stops in his tracks right in front of kiku, tears, or is it rain?, spilling out of his eyes.

"Kiku dear...i'm sorry to have to be the one to say this to you, aru...your parents...they're no comming for you, aru..they died in a car accident on they're way here...im so sorry, aru.."

Mr. Wang steps towards me, about to give me a hug, but the words keep ringing in my ears.. 'car . ."

"NO!" i scream, running from him, straight off the school campus and down the road towards home.

Not even 3 blocks down, red and blue lights are seen flashing, caution tape taped around the area, warding people away, but only succeeding in bringing more crowds of people around it, watching as they pull the bodies of his mother and father out of the black honda his father drives.

Kiku stares, unable to beleive that those are his parents. But just looking at the womans face, her dark brown eyes, almost black, staring straight at him. His mothers eyes...his mothers dead cold eyes.

His legs, unable to hold himself up anymore, collapse underneath him, kiku falling into a tight ball of a heap, curling into a ball, and finally letting his cool exterior break and fall, crying like he's never done before, knowing, that his mother and father wont be there to calm him anymore.

Laying in the rain, crying, he screams in his mind "Kami-sama! if you're there, i take back everyhing i said, everyhing! just...please give my mother and father back...please...Kami-sama!"


Knowing his words fell on deaf ears, kiku vowed, from that day forward...that no person, would have to hear his words again. It was his words that killed his parents...and not wanting death for anybody...his voice will be locked inside him forever. Because he is never talking to nobody...never again.

His heart racing, pounding loudly in his ears, kiku stands up slowly, walking ever so slowly toawrds the scene...reaching his hands out to his parents bodies.


Heart pounding painfully in his chest, kiku falls into another heap on the wet ground, voices all around him asking 'What's wrong?' 'You alright kid?'

Curling into a ball, clinging to his chest, his heart, his mind answers, 'No...i'm not alright'...but knowing he can't voice those words, he says nothing.

Gasping for air, kiku cries out in pain and loss...

Kiku struggles as two men haul kiku in a abulence, wishing that they'd just leave kiku to die, knowing he's just having another attack, his heart beating sickly and faintly.

But unable to voice any words, the door to the ambulence closes, kiku knowing that this is gonna be the longest ride of his life.