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"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love."

~Max Muller


Despite the cumbersome sunlight edging its way through the small window, Jane managed to remain half-asleep. Though not in her bed, she was safe and tucked away into Loki's arms. He held onto her not quite so protectively; instead, he simply needed her to be—to exist—with him.

For over an at least an hour she was lulled back into a state of siesta by the low rumble in his chest. Sometimes he'd murmur her name absently: as if she were with him in even his dreams. Normally, she rose with the rising of the sun in the early morning, but today she couldn't quite pull away from him. He needed her to be with him by his side.

At least that was how he made her feel. And it was entirely glorious.

A drowsy smile lazily moved her mouth as she fought desperately to keep her eyes sealed; however, a rough fumbling at the door forced her to pry her eyes wide open. Not only did she fight with a morning sluggishness, but she also felt a warmth invade her senses.

Lifting herself up, he peeked through her thick amber-highlighted chestnut hair down at him. Jane swallowed a thick realization as she softly lowered her lashes, eyes closed. Her entire body was set ablaze with the acknowledgement that this man, god, or Jotun was here with her, and she celebrated the new sensations tingling her nerves.

Quietly shifting her body over his, she moved so that she straddled his hips. To the best of her ability, she devastatingly fought back the giggle rising in her throat unsuccessfully. With the small disturbance against the silence, he moved his arm slightly.

Jane smiled, eyeing a zipper trailing across his armor. Truly, she hadn't remembered him dressing himself whatsoever. Perhaps he hadn't had such a good night's rest as she had?

She sank back at the possibility, casually biting her lip. Her eyes narrowed and she sighed. She really should allow him to rest, but she desired nothing more than to uncover the mysteries of his suit. Truly, there were so many elements to the attire.

Astrophysics came natural, easy for her; however, she imagined it would take a lifetime for her to crack the code of his full suit. Jane could not help her wary fingers from moving over his chest, following the patterns and designs etched into the fabrics. She admired the elegant green spread over in various places.

Deciding to throw caution to the wind, she reached for a zipper and began to pull it toward her quickly.

Loki's chest shook, "My dear, what is it that you wish to do?"

"Shh, you're asleep," she informed intently. Jane quickly glanced up at him, catching him gaze up at her through his right eye. The scientist smiled.

Closing his eye, as if to fit into character of someone sleeping contently, he chuckled lowly, "Am I now?"

"Oh, yes. You have no idea that I wish to strip you of your every garment and study how you so expertly put it back on. I must understand this," she added.

Loki sighed, "Jane, if you indeed strip me of my armor, I will desire nothing more than to take you and love you. Your foolish and idle entertainment of dressing me will seem far less superior to what I would make you feel."

"You have no idea how determined I get when I don't understand something. How else would I have achieved all of my degrees?"

"I admit to knowing half of what you spoke, but I can only assume a 'degree' is a form or level attained through rigorous activity?"

Jane appeared surprised, "Exactly." She continued busying herself with various buckles and bits. Jane eventually groaned, "This is madness. Clothes should not be this difficult to put on or take off."

Loki reached up to cup her cheek, snagging most of her attention. Without warning, his lips were against hers, a quick joining. As he pulled away, he noticed her eyes were still closed. His chest grew warm, which stretched to his features. When she finally opened her eyes, she sighed. "Hello, Jane," Loki uttered.

The mortal simply laughed, her shoulders raising as her chest shook, "Hi."

Pausing, he pulled her head down against his, his pale eyes studying the curve of her nose and the frame for her smile, "How can you be so exquisite, Jane Foster?"

Instead of replying, she answered with a kiss. At first, the act was innocent and lovely; however, he encouraged the embers within her to burn, to flare wildly, as he pushed against her. He'd pull back and immediately replace the last kiss with another, leaving her wanting more. After about the fifteenth peck, she moaned, "Loki, please."

Against her lips, he sealed his again. This time, he pressed his tongue against her lower lip, which she immediately lowered. As his heated tongue brushed against the tip of hers, she shifted so that she was on her knees, instead of resting over his abdomen. Her left hand moved to cup his right cheek, and her left hand moved to the armrest of the couch to support them both.

Deviously, he slipped his tongue further inside of her mouth, and, playfully, she nipped at it. He pulled away, and Jane giggled quietly as she closed the distance between them once again. He was either preparing for her, or had something to say; either way, his mouth fell slightly open. She boldly slid her tongue against his, provoking an endless, deep moan from his throat.

Jane sealed her chest together with his, and she felt his hand cover her left breast. Passionately, she pulled away and settled in the curve of his neck, whispering only his name repeatedly.

She felt his mouth against her collar bone as his hand snuck under her shirt. Quickly, strained, Loki moved his hand over bare breast, and Jane inhaled sharply, the sensation foreign to her. "Jane, may I?"

She responded by lifting her mouth to his cheek. Barely, she shook her head, "Not here; not like this."

"I understand," he sighed. He closed his eyes and lied back. He retracted his hand from under her shirt and moved the piece of clothing down to her lower waist. She kept her head in the curve of his neck, her breath hot against his cool skin. He closed his eyes and began to stroke her back lightly.

Worry lines spread across the man of mischief's forehead, "I'm going to find you a way into my eternity. I'll move any opposing force that tries to prevent my life with you, Jane."

"What if you can't?" she hesitantly asked.

His pale eyes offered no barriers to the depth of his intentions. "I would use any means necessary to give you it. You must understand that I cannot see you die so quickly."

"No more armies or killing, Loki," Jane absently replied, eyes claiming his.

"I can only hold that promise in my heart as long as you live and so long as no one tries to harm you. Nothing in this life matters to me anymore. You, Jane Foster, are my beginning and my end."

"You must promise me," Jane insisted. The emotion evaded her resolve as she stared at him.

The door handle shook roughly.

Jane sprang up and gasped.

Loki sat up on the couch and crossed his legs. "They will not know I am here, Jane."

"Okay," she whispered as she moved to the door to unlock it. Immediately, she backed away from the door, seeing Tony Stark. "What?"

"Speechless, like all of the ladies. You might know me: Tony Stark. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. It's good to meet you. I've been sent by Ol' Captain to drag you out of bed, but then you weren't there, so I assumed a scientist of your calibre may be here...just reading. Not sure why you'd sleep in here, though. Anyway, come to the living room, kay?"


"What's the meaning of this, Thor?" Jane shouted in front of most of the Avengers and Nick Fury. Her arms were folded over her chest.

Thor moved toward her and gently reached for her arm, which she instantly pulled away, "I sought the help of my fellow Midgardian Avengers because I have no other answer. We need their help."

"Like always, you didn't think this one through! You know we have the very person that cause the Avengers to band together in the first place in this very house, right?"

"Do not speak to me in that tone! I have not yet until this moment raised my voice to you, Jane," Thor retorted. "Bruce has agreed to control himself for the duration of this operation."

"Oh, there we have it, Asgard! Since when do you say the word, 'operation'?" You sound silly."

"Call it whatever you desire, Jane. But don't think for an instant that you can patronize me for trying to help," Thor countered passionately. He grabbed her by the shoulders and gazed down at her through an unfamiliar lens.

Arms still crossed, Jane glanced at the individuals in the small living room. "I never thought that you'd do this to me. He," Jane shouted as she pointed dramatically at Fury, "locked me away while you played hero."

"Loki would have used you for the Tesseract, Jane. And not only because of your expertise, but to seek revenge against me. He was dangerous, and Nick Fury did what he thought was best."

Suddenly, a soft interjection countered the level of noise shared between the two bickering, "I think it is great that we have such variation of talents gathered." The voice belonged to Sif.

Jane's intensity softened, "I don't. There's too many people here, now."

"This house is pretty huge, Jane," Darcy commented."

The scientist impatiently raised her hand toward her intern, "Darcy, please, just hush." Glancing around the room, she sighed, "Listen, thing are getting bad. I can't control whatever's inside of me, and I can sort of move Thor's hammer. Let's face it, that not a good thing. To make things worse, I wasn't totally conscious while doing so. The less people here for me to potentially kill, the better. The only one here that could possibly stay alive is Bruce Banner, but he's totally not normal. I'm not normal anymore.

"On top of this mess, Erik is somewhere and needs our help. I won't just abandon him. I'm incredibly talented at figuring things out, and had I not been in captivity, I would have found him when Loki took his mind over and found a way to save him. Can I be incredibly stupid for my level of genius: yes. But one should not discredit my knack for paying attention to detail," Jane explained. Eventually, she sighed heavily. "Any questions?"

As Thor began to speak, Jane shoved her hand in his direction, "Shh. I've seriously had enough of you for at least one hour"

"How did this happen to you? What happened in Asgard that got you these gifts?" Romanov interjected.

"Have I mentioned how incredibly nosey I am? It gets me into trouble constantly."

Bruce stood, "What were you working on previously before things went south? I'm incredibly curious."

"In a nutshell, the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. A wormhole, rather. Wormholes are hypothetical topological features of spacetime that would fundamentally be a 'shortcut' through spacetime. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends each in separate points in spacetime. That's the dumbed down definition. I came close to finding one, but then I ran Thor over with my truck followed by a series of unfortunate events where his brother tried to kill me. I've considered quitting my research, but why stop at near death?"

An awkward silence settled over the group, so Jane simply cleared her throat, "So, Thanos and the Chitauri. I totally get what all the fuss was about. They're back, and they attacked Asgard. That happened...followed by me getting into even more trouble. How're we going to get Erik back? We have three problems. And a shit load of people. How will we go about taking care of business?"

"To be honest, I had hoped you would give us an idea," Nick blurted out hopelessly.

"To be honest, I'm really good at getting into trouble, but excruciatingly bad at getting out of it," Jane sadly admitted.


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