I'll Protect


Summary: After Fiyero sacrifices himself, Elphaba breaks down in the safety of Kiamo Ko. Broken through and through, she journeys back to the City of Emeralds, where she surrenders to the Wizard. Thrown in Southstairs, she's tortured daily, until one day, a realization dawns upon her. Now, having something to fight for, Elphaba struggles to free herself from the wretched confines of Southstairs. But Morrible's magick senses a shift and discovers Elphaba's secret. Now Elphaba must escape, before Morrible steals the last fragment of Fiyero that she has left. Fiyeraba!

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Elphaba furiously paged through the Grimmerie, desperation running rapid in her brain, making her fumble and tear a couple of the pages. She didn't care, all she wanted, all she desired, was to find a spell which would protect her beloved from the vile, wretched hands of the Gale Force.

Everything but a few hours prior, shattered before her eyes. Her moment with Fiyero, when two finally confessed the love that both had kept locked up tight within their hearts. When two became one beneath the moonlight, when Fiyero's arms wound tight around her naked body, holding her close, and kissing away her fears.

She could still smell his scent upon her flesh, dancing across the plain of emerald skin; a phantom's caress that was slowly fading away beneath the crashing waves of her sanity and despair.

"Fiyerooooo!" screams Elphaba, her voice cracks, and her legs give beneath her.

Enraged, she grabs the book and hurls it against the wall. A satisfying smile, crests along the edge of her lips, hearing the ancient binding crack and split, though that satisfaction slowly dwindled away as the heartbreak set in, cracking and shattering her heart all the more.

Weakly, she crumples to the ground, her head lowers and her fevered head lightly presses against the floor. Her hands lower, the palms press against the sea of broken glass, cutting into her skin and making it bleed. The pain was there, and yet she could barely feel it, for everything within her went completely numb.

Her ragged breathing filled the air, and blood pounded behind her ears. A hard shiver, rippled down her back. She could feel it, Fiyero's life force, slowly dwindling away, as his immortal soul passed from this world and entered into the Ether.

Her Yero was gone, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. For once, the most powerful witch in all of Oz was limited, and that truth alone, crushed her all the more.

Suddenly, a sickening nausea crept up on her. Throwing her head back, her dark, chocolate eyes desperately searched for a pail, anything to which she could vomit into. Finding nothing, she turned and retched violently upon the floor. Her arms trembled, as they weakly wound around her abdomen, and red hot tears pricked at the edges of her eyes.

Having emptied her stomach of its contents, Elphaba gingerly tried to rise back onto her hunches, but a wave of nausea sends her crashing to the ground.

Her arms remained loosely wound around her abdomen, her breathing was ragged and a light sheen of sweat, sparkled across her forehead. A few loose strands of raven hair clung to her skin, and she shivered violently on the ground.

She was lost and broken, for the Wizard had finally won. He had succeeded in doing what Elphaba had sworn, she would never allow. He had broken her, destroyed her, and shattered her through and through.

Her loved ones, all whom she had loved and swore to protect were dead, and the fault, fell squarely on her shoulders, breaking her heart all the more.

For Nessa, the Animals, Doctor Dillamond, and Fiyero dead, all dead and because of her foolishness, perhaps, the old saying her mother once spoke was true; no good deed goes unpunished.

Never before, had Elphaba dared believe those words to be true. But as she lied there, trembling in her own vomit, and broken beyond repair, were those words so true.

There was nothing left for her, nothing. The fight was gone her love for the Animals and their plight had faded. She simply just didn't care anymore. For no matter how hard she tried, how hard she fought, none of it mattered. No good deed goes unpunished, and now she fully understood why.

A flap of wings, and Chistery landed by her side, the half destroyed book, clutched within his clubbed fingers.

"Mmm…Mistress" mumbled Chistery.

Weakly, Elphaba lifted her head, her long raven hair glided across the floorboards around her, and her empty eyes, stared empty back at the Monkey, breaking his heart all the more.

He could see it, the life, the will to live, slowly fading from her majestic eyes, and it was killing him all the more. He knew she was hurting, and yet, there was nothing within his power that he could do, to take back that pain, and make her whole once again.

Whimpering, Chistery brought the book closer to Elphaba, the binding hanging by a few loose threads bumped against Elphaba's pale knuckles.

"Mmm…Mistress Elphaba" whimpers the Monkey, as he swung the book back towards Elphaba's limp fingers.

She knew what Chistery was trying to do, and she loved him all the more for it. But it was fruitless. She was done. The fight was gone, the passion had burned out.

"I'm sorry Chistery" whispers Elphaba brokenly. Weakly, her trembling fingers rose and cupped the little Monkey's furry face.

Chistery smiled, and nuzzled his cheek further against his Mistress's soft, silken hand. He owed a great debt to this woman, for not only had she saved him from the vile clutches of the Wizard, but she had given him something he had long for, since his capture; his freedom.

"I'm so…so sorry" whispered Elphaba brokenly.

Chistery's head snapped up and his dark, hazel eyes stared wide back into broken chocolate. He could see it, the brokenness, the emptiness, shimmering within.

"N..no" whimpers Chistery.

"I'm sorry" whispers Elphaba again.

Before Chistery can respond, Elphaba lifts herself off the ground. Chistery watches, worry etched within his eyes, as his Mistress wobbled as she turned, her gaze was hazy, and cloudy, and the color of her skin was pale and ashen.

Gaining her balance, she scooped up her discarded hat from off the floor, and brushing off the dust, plopped it once more on the top of her head. Then, grabbing up her cloak, twirled it around her shoulders, before snatching up her broom from the corner where she had thrown it moments before.

Slowly, Chistery hobbled over to his Mistress's side. His head jerked up, and sadness shimmered in his eyes. Elphaba was staring absently out the window, her mind, far away.

Whimpering, and chattering, Chistery's hand rose and grabbed onto the ends of her tattered skirt. Gently, he tugged hoping to gain her attention.

"Mmm…Mistress Elphaba" whimpers Chistery.

"Chistery…look after the others for me…guard them and protect them well" replies Elphaba her voice was monotone, and empty.

"No" whimpers Chistery.

"Take your brothers and sisters far from this land Chistery…take them beyond Oz…to where you and your kind can be safe" continues Elphaba.

"No M…Miss Elphaba…C..Chistery…stay with you"

"No Chistery" replies Elphaba coldly.


Her face softens. Slowly, she turns her dark chocolate eyes stare down at the Monkey. He could see the tears in her eyes, and his heart skipped a beat. She was giving up.

"Cause where I'm going…you cannot follow" and with that, Elphaba throws her broom out the window.

Chistery watches stunned as Elphaba ran full speed toward the window, and once she reached the sill, she leaped.

Chistery ran up to the window and watched as Elphaba's skirts danced and twirled around her, her long, raven hair billowed wildly within the breeze.

Her slender fingers reached out and grasped the broom, floating but a few feet away. Once she landed on the broom, it took off, a green speck slowly disappearing into the horizon.

"Elphie" whispers Chistery.

Elphaba flew wildly on the forward wind, pitching and skipping across the silvery river of currents of air. She was blinded by her tears as she soared towards her destination, her final flight, before all her pain would end.

One question haunts and hurts…too much too much to mention…was I really seeking good? Or just seeking the attention I had never been given as a child? Is that truly what all good deeds are…when looked at with an ice-cold eye? Perhaps…if that's what all good deeds are…maybe that's truly the reason why?

A hard gust of wind and Elphaba's broken from her thoughts, and pulling up on the broom, Elphaba steers herself over the ocean of violent currents.

"So be it!" roars Elphaba in rage. Angrily her fist slams against the handle of the broom. "Then let all of Oz be agreed! The Wicked Witch is done!"

A flash and a crash of thunder rumbled across the sky, ceiling her fate.

Cackling, Elphaba urged the broom onward towards her destination: The City of Emeralds.

Morrible and the Wizard stood outside the courtyard of the Emerald palace, their eyes cast skyward, watching the rolling clouds of thunder, rumble across the sky. A powerful storm was coming.

"Perhaps we should venture back indoors your Ozness…before the rains fall" asks Morrible.

He didn't answer her, for he was too lost in thought. His mind kept replaying the night when Elphaba had first come out of hiding, storming his palace and freeing the Winged Monkey's from their cage.

He knew she would be back. She wouldn't stay in hiding forever, not when there were defenseless Animals being tormented within the walls of the Palace. Yes he the Wizard had allowed that little bit of information to leak out amongst the Gale Force. But only in hopes that Elphaba may catch wind, and come flying back to the palace.

He didn't know why, but there was something about Elphaba that enthralled him. The way she looked, her delicate features hidden beneath a hardness which he had forced upon her. Her long raven hair, and her eyes, for they were all familiar to him, and yet he couldn't think of why.

A cackle and the Wizard is pulled from his thoughts.

Snapping his head towards the sky, his eyes widen and bulge within their sockets, for their floating down towards them, was none other than the Witch.

Gracefully, Elphaba slid off the broom, and landing before them, rose to her full height. Her dark, chocolate eyes glared back at Morrible, and her hands rose and cupped her slender hips.

"The Witch! Guards! Guards!" screams Morrible.

Elphaba couldn't help but smirk at the Cod Fish. Sure she acted all high and mighty when in the presence of helpless college students and Animals. But when faced with the most powerful witch in all of Oz, she was nothing but a weakling, an overbearing woman who hid herself behind the façade of power and authority.

"Calm yourself Madame" snarls Elphaba darkly as she bows dramatically at Morrible. "I've not come for your head"

"Then…why are you here?" asks the Wizard.

"This" is all Elphaba says as she snaps her fingers. Magickally, the broom floating a few feet above her head shakes and trembles before clambering to the ground lifeless, returned once again, to the inanimate object it once more.

Morrible and the Wizard eye the broom, before returning their gaze back to the Witch. What greeted them left the two breathless. The hardness was gone, the confidence, vanished.

For instead of the Wicked Witch of the West standing tall before them, a lost, broken young woman, took her place. She stood there, broken and defeated. The fight long vanished within her eyes.

Weakly, her hands rose, and her broken eyes stared back at the Wizard.

"I surrender" is all Elphaba manages to say.

"Elphaba" whispers the Wizard shocked.

The pounding of feet and the Gale force arrive, surrounding the Witch and pointing their spears directly at her heart.

"Don't move Witch!" snarls one of the men.

"I surrender you dolt!" snaps Elphaba, which earned her a punch to the face.

"Careful!" cries out the Wizard.

"Seize the Witch and throw her in Southstairs!" snarls Morrible.

Metal cuffs clasp hard around Elphaba's slender wrists, cutting and sheering the skin, and making it bleed. One of the guards viciously pull on the chains, making Elphaba stumble.

"Come on Witch" snarls the new Captain of the Guard, before hitting Elphaba hard across the back with his spear, slicing her skin, and ripping her dress.

Biting her lip, Elphaba turned and trudged towards Southstairs, the contingent of guards surrounding her, all wishing to have a piece of the Witch.

"Wait!" cries out the Wizard.

Stopping, Elphaba stands rigid, refusing to turn and look at the man who had destroyed her.

"Why?" asks the Wizard softly.

"Is it not enough that I've surrendered?" asks Elphaba darkly.

"I mean…why? Why are have you given up?" asks the Wizard gently.

"When everything you've ever cared about has been taken away…what's their left to fight for" replies Elphaba softly.


The guard strikes Elphaba across the face, before roughly pushing her onward.

Tears brim within the Wizard's eyes, as he watched Elphaba being led away to Southstairs, the hellish prison where only the worst of the worst, went.

A flicker of green caught his eye.

His eyes snapped back to the ground where Elphaba had once stood, and he gasps, for lying on the ground, was a small, green bottle.