Spock had stared at the stars for hours in concentrated meditation. He had not yet been to the medical bay to see how Uhura was doing, but then she hadn't awoken to his knowledge either. He needed to process what had happened. The betrayal of his human emotions caused so much damage and nearly killed his wife. He had always been able to control his emotions and use logic as his lifeline. It had saved him before, Uhura, the entire crew too. But ever since he had married Uhura, his love for her had grown and was taking over his mind.

He looked around the quarters. He missed finding her asleep in bed even if it meant that they couldn't talk or kiss when he got off shift. It was security that she was safe, resting, and safe on the ship with others who could take care of her. With all these thoughts destroying his internal logic hard drive, he got up and left the room. He had to see her.

She was lying on her side, her back facing in the direction of the door. Tubes were coming out of many of her veins, attempting to clear the blood of copper. "How is she?" he asked when Bones had noticed him. He looked up from his electronic charts and answered, "I expected you to come a bit earlier. She woke up not too long ago, but wasn't making much sense. She asked for you though."

"You said the treatment was successful? Is she not done?"

"Every time this happens, it's going to get progressively worse. As the baby grows, so does the concentration of the copper," this was not good.

"Will she make it, Dr. McCoy?" Spock asked without any phase in his appearance. He recalled a conversation he'd overheard upon entering the bridge after the incident. Bones was fighting Jim on letting Uhura off the ship. "Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker. What if next time it's worse? What if she is injured or the fetus? What then?" Jim only replied that it wouldn't happen again as he agreed she shouldn't have been permitted off the ship. His own personal gain had gotten the better of him.

When they had noticed Spock on the bridge, they instantly silenced their conversation. "What are you doing here, Spock?" Jim asked. "Shouldn't you be with Uhura?"

"My shift, Captain, it isn't finished," Spock replied without a change in his facial expression, a common expectation from the young Vulcan.

"Spock! Get out of here and go to your wife," Jim had had security remove him.

Now, talking to the doctor, Spock understood why the Captain had wanted him to leave. He truly had wanted to see his wife. Procrastinating on his visit was his mental way of hiding his affection for his wife. It was as if he had been trying to keep their relationship a secret like when she was still his student. But now she was his wife and she was carrying his child. Shouldn't that be enough for him, enough to stop everything and see if she was alright? He hardly knew, but that was another thing entirely.

"She's doing fine now, Spock. She and the baby are fine. I have no doubt she'll be up and about tomorrow complaining about everything," Bones answered Spock's inquiry. Spock actually smirked at this; he found it amusing how accurate that thought had been. His wife's head strong and independent personality was much of what he liked about her.

"And this will happen again?" Spock clarified.

"Unfortunately; all we can do is make her more comfortable when it happens. Besides that there is nothing we can do."

"But what if it is too much for her? She is not very massive; treatment could easily kill her and therefore the fetus."

"Damn it, Spock! Are you not hearing me? We're doing all we can to help her and will continue throughout the pregnancy," but Spock knew that it wasn't at all possible to promise to save her, to keep her alive. He thought about it long and hard, had been thinking about it since the last episode. Seeing her in pain had forced an inkling of a thought be couldn't bear to rethink, but he had deceived himself by rethinking it.

"Would aborting-" but before he could finish his thought, the sound of Uhura's quick breath, waking, stopping Spock, who rushed to her side.

"No, no! No, Spock," Uhura shouted with deliria. "Don't let them take him, no!" and that was the end of that.

Spock spent the following time Nyota remained in the medical bay, by her side. It sounded longer than it was. She woke up periodically during the next day, however, Spock had hardly slept in the past two weeks with her sick and his duties on the bridge, so as a result, and he was dozing off. When she woke up in the middle of the night, she found his head's weight forcing it down to his chest. She looked at his with tired, loving eyes, but refused to wake him. It didn't matter though, because the jolt of his head woke him up. He rubbed his eyes and upon seeing her awake, a noticeable spark of happiness went through his body, yet conservatively not aware to the common eye. His wife was the exception.

"I'm sorry, Nyota," he whispered, rubbing her knuckles. The medical bay was completely empty at this particular hour. It was once in a lifetime when the Enterprise was as healthy as it was presently. The lack of ill patients was a blessing for Bones; he finally had a full night's sleep since joining the crew of the Enterprise.

"Please, don't Spock. You saved me-like you always do. Come here," she whispered, with a playful smirk. "Get some sleep." For once, Spock had no objection.

After a thorough examination later that morning, Dr. McCoy released Misses Spock from the medical bay. She had refused to be wheeled to their quarters, and instead chose to 'shamelessly' walk the corridors, nearly attached to her husband. He held her close as she was still slightly unstable due to the length of her bed riddance. "Promise me, Spock, that I won't be confined to our quarters. I won't be able to do this for much longer," Uhura sighed. Spock didn't reply, most likely out of fear of lying. Vulcans never lie.

Once in their quarters, Spock nestled Uhura on the small sofa in the middle of their small living space. She had her knees to her chest, curled up with a warm cup of artificial tea and a soft space blanket. She looked around the room, at her husband who was fixing something to eat from the food synthesizer. Her eyes told him to sit down, which he did, taking a plate along for the two of them.

"Eat," he mumbled. As a Vulcan he hardly required the same bounty of food as his wife, being brought up on a desert planet, not to mention that she was expecting and eating for two. It was noticeable now, that she was pregnant, not by her appearance, as she remained thin, but her eating habits. In the medical bay, she had consumed more food than ever. So when it came to being commanded to do so, she obliged.

Neither had spoken about the incident on Andoria, as Nyota had put the topic deep in her mind. She held no offense against Spock, though he had been assured otherwise. She saw that his intentions were loving and caring, despite the events that occurred. And so, conversation on the subject was eliminated. However, in bringing up their new passenger, Spock had to confess something of great importance.

"I was conflicted. It my mind, a mission to Andoria would not end beneficially according to their cultural history, however I overlooked this logical assurance, and it resulted in your fall," he paused, refusing to look at her. "I could not live without you, Nyota," she kissed him, passionately while he continued to look ahead. "I don't blame you, Spock. It was a mission," and that was that. "How is the old woman?"

"She is in the brig. Interrogation began yesterday."

"The brig? Surely she should be placed somewhere more comfortable? She didn't do anything wrong," Nyota, having spent the past two days in the medical bay, was naively unaware of the Andorian's part in a larger plan of destroying the ship through the inside. Spock thought to tell her, but logic told him that she would rather believe the former.

That night, while Nyota sleep peacefully in their bed, Spock returned to the bridge to pick up shifts he'd missed. He was still quite sleep deprived, but figured he could get a few hours in before he required adequate rest. He and the Captain had agreed to send the old woman back to the planet via transporter. After this had been accomplished, it gave the two young friends time to chat among themselves. Spock stood adjacent to Kirk in his Captain's chair. "How is Lieutenant Uhura?" Kirk asked.

"Resting, Captain. She will make a full recovery with time."

"Look, Spock, I'm sorry. I was stupid not to listen to your warnings. I should have put the safety of my crew before my petty power complex. Next time, we'll weigh the consequences," Kirk apologized.

"Your apology was unnecessary. There was no sound evidence that these particular culture of Andorians would act in such a way given their compliance with the Federation in the past."

"Thanks Spock. I think," Kirk rolled his eyes. "Why don't you finish your shift tomorrow? Uhura's probably lonely in that bed by herself," Kirk ordered upon noticing Spock's silent yawn. Spock sleepily agreed and staggered towards his quarters. Once there, he undressed and pulled himself in bed with his wife, who unconsciously curled up in his muscular arms as if she'd been waiting for years.