Authors Notes: First off, I am going to say that this story was inspired by FunahoMasaki's story Marvel Avenger Bloom. Now a few things worth mentioning is that while I am more of a Marvel fan, I thought it would be best to use DC comic characters in this story. So many of the characteristics of the DC characters may be off, sorry. This story is also a mild cross over with not only DC comics, but also parts of the online MMO; DC Universe Online.

Also, I know many are looking forward to my prequel to Crimson Flame, Memoirs of a Crimson Rose. However I been having sort of a writers block in how to start that story. So it will come, just need to get the creative juices flowing.

Just as a warning, this chapter is going to contain many time skips.

Dynasty of Evil

Chapter 1

Fire roared uncontrolled around the young princess as she ran through the collapsing hallway that once belonged to the castle she lived in. In her arms was tucked an infant girl, her baby sister. She had to get her out of the castle safely which was proving to be difficult as all around her the castle was crumbling down. Cutting off many of her routes. She let out a surprised scream as a pile of burning timbers fell in front of her, effectively blocking her path.

Slowly she backed up, unsure of what to do. There was no way to continue on and she knew the witches were behind her. Looking down she gave her sleeping baby sister a faint smile before she began to mutter an intricate incantation. Just in front of her a small vortex opened, with only enough power to send one fragile passenger.

"This portal will take you to Solaria." She whispered before placing the infant in the portal. "Where you'll be safe."

All of a sudden a blast of dark energy struck the portal, causing it to distort and destabilize.

"BLOOM!" Daphne called out as she watched as her baby sister disappear as the vortex collapsed upon itself.


Security alarms sounded throughout the city of Metropolis as various criminals broke into banks, stores, and anything else that held items of value. Or simply just to destroy. All was going according to plan for a red headed woman. Her glowing white eyes scanning over the area in front of her making sure the distraction was working. While she lured her accomplices in with promises of wealth and chaos, if they could succeed; she was after something far more valuable. A magical artifact housed within the cities museum.

Just as she was about to move forward a loud boom sounded nearby, causing her to snap her head in the direction of the sound. It was clear that it wasn't from her distraction team. Cautiously she moved towards where the sound had come from and came upon a small crater, with an infant in the middle of it crying.

"We need to hurry if we are going to steal the artifact before the Justice League shows up." Deathstroke stated as he approached Circe. "The distraction wont keep them busy for long."

The goddess of magic mentally shrugged as she approached the child. Gliding her hand over it, she smiled.

"Change of plans." She stated as she picked up the infant girl.

"Your going to give up a magical artifact you wanted for a mere child?"

"This child is strong with magic." Circe explained. "She is far more valuable then the artifact."

"And what of the distraction teams?"

"If they are stupid enough to stick around, they deserved to be captured. For now, let us depart. It's past her bedtime." She laughed as she teleported the three of them to the Legion of Doom headquarters.

5 Years Later

"Again, focus your energy around yourself while maintaining your levitation while I attack you." Circe instructed to the young girl before her who was floating the the air about a meter off the ground.

Bloom closed her eyes and focused once more, creating a flaming red sphere around her as she awaited her mothers attack. This would make the thirty second time she had attempted this and it showed on her body. Various bruises and cuts marred her young body.

Not giving the child any more time to prepare, the elder woman launched a flurry of weak energy attacks towards the sphere, slowly ramping up he power of her attacks as she pushed the limits of her adopted daughters shield. She could see the strain on the young girls face as she struggled to maintain both her flying and protective barrier. She was indeed satisfied with the results. Despite the onslaught of attacks, the barrier was holding, and she stayed levitated in the air.

"Very good." Circe state, ending her attacks after nearly three minutes.

Slowly Bloom lowered to the ground, visably exhausted from the intensive training. Lowering her barrier as she did so. As she did so, Circe fired off another blast towards the young girl. Bloom however was prepared for this and quickly erected another barrier to protect herself only to quickly retaliate and send off a small energy blast of her own. It was a feeble attempt, but one her mother respected.

"Exceptional." Circe smiled. "You learn quickly. It is important to remember to always be on guard. Now, wash up and heal your injuries. Luthor will be expecting you shortly at his tower for your tutoring. "

"And next week I will begin hand to hand combat training with Deathstroke." Bloom reminded her mother.

It seemed hard on a young child, but she enjoyed the challenge of it all. Circe had taught her early on that through pain comes power, and through power comes strength and respect. Watching her mother leave the room, she set to work on healing her injuries.

10 Years Later

A 15 year old Bloom casually made her way towards the quaint house that Circe and her had called home. Just before her sixth birthday her mother had decided to move to the small town of Gardenia. Mostly to stay under the radar of the Justice League. Wonder Woman had been increasingly obsesive when it came to do with anything with Circe. Even go as far as to try and get Bloom removed from her custody. Luthor's lawyers made Wonder Woman and the Justice League look like fools inside the courtroom. Not only proving that Circe had the proper legal paper work, but that there had also been no evidence of any illegal activity from the goddess of magic in years, claiming that she had been rehibilitated.

Bloom still got a smirk whenever she remembered the expression worn by the so called super heroes. Shock, anger, even disgust. Best of all, Diana was enraged that there was nothing they could do. It got even better when Bloom played the scared little care, claiming that the Justice League scared her. Prompting the judge to ask them to leave for the remainder of the hearing.

No, Bloom was not disillusioned that her mother was a good person. She knew what Circe had done countless times and of the constant conflicts between the Legion of Doom and the Justice League. She was well aware that Luthor, Circe, and Slade; otherwise known as Deathstroke were all villains and she loved it that way. It made for interesting family reunions.

Tired of walking, she kicked up off the ground and flew up into the air. Fortunately it was already well passed dark so she didn't have to worry about any wittnesses. She knew Circe wouldn't approve, but why did she have to act like a common human when she was so much more then them. As she flew over the towns main park she heard the destinctive sounds of a fight going on below her. Curious she descended to get a closer look of what was going on.

She could see a young blonde haired girl struggling against a massive brute. Something that she could only determine was an ogre of some sort based on her knowledge of myths and magical creatures. It was obvious that the girl was not from around her, perhaps not even from this planet judging by the wings on her back and the way she was dressed. It was something that the red haired girl could explain but she felt that she had to help this girl before the ogre killed her. She had a feeling that it would lead her to the answers of her past.

"ENOUGH!" Bloom shouted, making herself known to the two combatants. "What claim do you have here beast?"

"Stay out of this girly," The ogre sneered as he turned his attention to the new arrival.

"Or what?" The red headed girl taunted. She knew she could dispatch the ugly brute easily, however she didn't want to kill it. A corpse of a strange creature would attract far too much attention for this small town, and thus attract the attention of the Justice League.

"I will smash you into a bloody pulp and leave your stinking corpse to rot." The ogre threatened.

"Try me."

The blonde haired girl couldn't believe what she was seeing. This young girl who had just arrived was firmly standing her ground confidently against Knut. Not at all intimidated by his sheer size and strength. All she could do is look on in awe as the big ogre charged towards the red headed girl.

Bloom smirked as the beast charged her, calling upon a small portion of her magic she shot her hand towards the ogre, fire off a mild blast of magical energy hitting the beast square in the chest and sending it flying backwards, smashing into a tree. Effectivly knocking it out.

"That was amazing!" The blonde haired girl exclaimed as she rushed towards Bloom.

"And you are?" Bloom asked coldly as she turned her attention to the young girl.

"Sorry, my name is Stella. Of Solaria." Stella introduced herself.

'Solaria, I've heard of that place before but where?' Bloom thought to herself.

"Bloom." She gave a short reply. "I don't suppose you have anywhere to stay do you?"

"No." The blonde haired girl hung her head in shame. "I was in a rush and took the wrong portal and arrived here."

'Circe is going to kill me, but she will be curious of this girls magical abilities.' Bloom thought for a moment. "Come with me."

Bloom's Home

"Mother, this is Stella." Bloom introduced her guest. "She will be staying with us tonight."

"I see." Circe said as she eyed the young blonde girl, then turned to Bloom. "A word Bloom. Stella, make yourself comfortable."

With that the two left the room, leaving Stella alone to admire the large living room area. Once in the other room, Circe shut the door and turned to her daughter.

"What is the meaning of bringing her here?"

"She was being attacked by an ogre of some sort and something just told me to help her." Bloom explained.

"Don't tell me your turning good on me." Circe half joked.

"Oh yes, let me go get my spandex tights." Bloom chucked, before turning serious again. "No, she is from Solaria. I've heard that name before, I just don't know where."


"Yes, I believe she may be a key in helping me find out about my past and what happened the night you found me."

Circe only nodded in contemplation.

"On the way here she began talking about me going to some school with her. Some place called Alfea."

"I see." The goddess of magic was quiet for a few moments. She knew there would be very little for Bloom to learn in the way of raw magical power. However, it could be a great oppurtonity to acquire some powerful magical artifacts and without the Justice League interfereing.

"I think you should go to this school." She finally spoke.

"What!? Why?"

"Oh not to learn my dear Bloom." She grinned. "A school of magic is likely to have magical artifacts."

"And in a different realm the Justice League will have no jurisdiction or means to get there." Bloom smirked, catching on to what her mother had in mind.

"We will discuss this more later with Luthor. In the meantime, we have left our guest all alone."

Leaving the room, they rejoined Stella who was admiring some of the statues that were on the shelf near the wall. Valuable statues of ancient gods and beasts. Bloom had managed to steal a few of them when her and Circe took a vacation to Egypt, replacing them with replicas that she had also stolen from the gift shop. She did that when she was only 8 years old.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Bloom had informed me of what happened." Circe stated.

"It ok. I don't think I would of survived if she hadn't arrived." Stella commented. "I wasn't aware anyone on this planet could use magic."

"Very few of us can." Circe commented, casting a glance at Bloom who just shrugged. "There was a sort of purging a couple centuries back. Those without magic were jealous of those of us with magic, so they began to hunt our kind down. It is a very dark part of our history."

"These statues are beautiful. Where are they from?"

"Thank you." Bloom answered. "Egyptian. This one right here is Anubis, the god of the underworld." She commented as she picked up the dog headed statue.

"I have also given permission for Bloom to attend this school of yours."

"Really?" Stella excalimed.

"Yes." Circe smiled. "Though she will need time to prepare. Which we will do tomorrow. In the meantime, you two should get some rest; you have a busy day tomorrow."

"Yes mother." Bloom answered. To be honest she was a bit more disappointed then excited about going. She was supposed to be initiated into the Legion of Doom this weekend and go on her first mission with her mother who was finally going to return to the field. However, she knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she couldn't pass up.

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