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Hey everybody! I recently watched Date a Live, and just couldn't get enough of it! After a (frustrating) while I spent trying to get the original light novels in English, I suddenly had an idea of how awesome Naruto would look while fighting in this kind of situations! And so, the idea was born! I just hope that everybody that comes in here enjoys my work, although I know that inevitably some will not, but whatever the case, I would like to thank you for your time! Oh, and btw, knowledge of both series is not required but highly suggested (EDIT: To best understand this fanfic, it is best to have reached the Ten Tails arc in Naruto, and finished Season 1 of Date a Live. I do take material from beyond those places, but I introduce it as if it were new. Even if you haven't gotten there, you will likely still understand the general story). Well, without further ado, let us sink into Chapter 1!

Edit: Some people helped me find the original light novels. Thanks Strife666, Redmoon2 and Ken Lim!

Chapter 1:

My memories from before that time were hazy. I didn't know much about myself. In fact, I didn't know much about anything. I had vague memories of a different world, but the things that came to me were too far fetched. A village, with four faces sculpted on a mountain nearby. A man with a lot of white hair often came up in my head. I don't know why, but whenever I thought about his face, I became sad. I remembered facing an opponent that nobody could have ever defeated. Strangely enough, I also remembered his name.


I don't know why I keep getting these flashbacks, but it must be some sorta sick joke! Every single time I had a friggin' foggy flashback, I saw the impossible, only to forget it a few minutes after. I kept a journal of the things I saw, but I was afraid to read it. On the cover, I had seven characters in japanese. They read: Uzumaki Naruto. Yeah, that's my name, believe it!

A little girl with long, pink pigtails held tight by a white ribbon appeared at the door.
"Big brother! You'll be late for school again!" she said. Well, she didn't just say it, she jumped into an air-kick position, and prepared to deliver a meteor blow. Something inside me awoke, and single-handedly blocked her kick, her second attempt at one, and placed her in a friendly headlock. If I had come to accept one thing of this new life, was that this girl was my cute little sister.

"Hey! Kotori! You should really knock that off! Every morning is the same thing! Can't a guy get some sleep around here?"

"Sorry Big brother! I promise not to do it again." she said with a face that was incredibly cute. Damn, it was hard to be mad at her!

"Don't worry about it. Go get ready, I'll make you breakfast." I said with a sigh, although I was in fact quite eager to do it. I didn't know why, but the concept of a family excited me.

I made her some nice, warm ramen, because a meal is not a meal without ramen! As I got the broth just right, I thought about the time I had spent here. I had been here for six months already, and so much had happened since then! The weirdest part was that everyone knew me, by my name. I realized that I had friends who I had never seen before, and a sister. In the beginning, I had assumed they had been there all my life, but a month ago... well, the visions started. They made me uneasy, although I couldn't tell anyone about it.

"Cute little sister kick!" I heard behind me, and sure enough, a cute little sister's foot was almost at my face, but I reacted in time and avoided it. It was too close for comfort, though.

"What's on the menu, big brother?" Kotori asked.

"World Famous Ichiraku Ramen, piping hot!" I answered.

"Yuk, don't you have something else? And what is an Ichiraku anyways?"

"I'm not gonna keep cooking for you with that attitude, little miss! And I'll have you know, Ichiraku is the best, uh, the best..." My tone downgraded as I forgot what I was going to say.

"Anyways, what do you want, of you're not gonna eat my ramen?"

"A deluxe kid's meal!"

"And you actually expecting me to make you that?"

"Of course not big brother! I expect you to take me to a restaurant where I can get one!"

"What? Are you serious? You little..." I started, but then, she put on her cutest smile.

"No. Absolutely not! I'm not taking you to get a-"

23 minutes later.

"Deluxe kid's meal! I'm getting a Deluxe kid's meal!" Kotori screamed excitedly. Yeah, she had gotten what she wanted. On the other hand, I needed to put up an anti-cuteness shield. She was just too good at manipulating me.

"What are you even excited about? I'm sure it pales in comparison to my delicious ramen!" I said playfully.

"Yeah, yeah, your ramen. Look, we're here!"

We were at the restaurant I was supposed to take her to.

"Okay, be good!" I said. "I have school right now, but I'll come to pick you up after third period, got it?"

Okay, big brother, but you have to be here! Even if terrorists attack! Even if there's a spacequake! Promise me!"

"Of course I'll be here, believe it!" I said, as she disappeared into the restaurant.
That was another thing about this new life. There was a kind natural disaster that I had never heard about before. The spacequake. The phenomenon had started around thirty years ago, and to this day there was still no explanation behind what caused them. The only thing that we knew about them was their black-explosion-like shape and the massive amount of destruction they left behind. I really hoped I didn't have to come pick Kotori up during one.

As I pondered this, a vision came up, stopping me in my tracks. I saw a man in a black robe with red clouds. He had orange hair and completely purple eyes, and he was making a field around himself that looked a lot like a transparent spacequake, but not quite.

As the vision ended, I cursed myself. It was the fifth one this week. Then, someone else came into view. A girl dressed in my school's uniform, with silver-white hair, was looking my way. I didn't know her, or why she was staring at me like that, but I paid it no mind and kept going towards my school. Today was going to be a great day, believe it!

As I got to class, I was stopped by the same girl I had seen before. Her hair, which looked like it was made of a straight white metal, was one of her more defining features. It was far from being her only good one, though. Her face was a few levels beyond cute, and she had an amazing body. She looked like a prettier, white-haired version of... dang it, I forget who it was. Anyhow, this girl was in my way, and I had to get to my seat, so I started going around her.

"Uzumaki Naruto." she said in monotone.

Huh? Me?" I asked. "Do we know each other?"

"Ah. You do not remember?" she asked without changing her tone, and went to her seat. Talk about confusing!

"Hey man!" I heard behind me. I knew who it was. Tonomachi, a guy who was supposed to be my friend ever since I got here, but I found that hard to believe. He looked like he was after something every time we came near and I was sure as hell not giving it to him!

I also knew that Tonomachi was right about to kick me, but I intercepted his kick with one of my own. For some reason, I was good at martial arts like that.

"Bro, where do you know Tobiichi Origami from?" he asked flustered.

"Don't know but, hey! Back off a few inches, will ya!" I snapped when he invaded my comfort zone.

"Sorry, it's just that, well, she's a supergenius! She's got perfect grades, even in P.E., in fact she ties with you in top of the class in that subject, and she's so pretty! She has always been on the top three girls I want to date!"

Yeah, right. Top three girls he wanted to date my ass!

I looked at her. She was on the desk right next to mine, but if she heard anything Tonomachi said, she didn't show it. I continued staring at her like an idiot, as if that would have solved the riddle, and I almost didn't notice when our teacher showed up to begin class.

"Hello everybody! My name is Okamine Tamae! I'll be your homeroom teacher for this-" the teacher said, but she went on and on talking, so I lost interest. I got the strange feeling that I had never been a good student at school anyway, so I looked away, and found the girl called Tobiichi looking my way. She did not look happy or sad, just... looking.

"I- Is something the matter?" I asked. She was starting to creep me out just a little. Not that I had the right to say anything. I had been doing the same seconds earlier.

"No." she replied in monotone. In fact, I'm gonna stop saying "monotone", because almost everything she said after that had no distinguishable tone, save for very rare occasions.

When class was done, Tonomachi got in my way, a lot closer than I would prefer.

"You got any plans today?" He asked, which left it clear that there was a probable double meaning in that.

"Yeah, I-I'm going to pick up Kotori at a restaurant."

"Oh." he said, looking disappointed. "Hey, isn't she your sister? Well, you know, maybe after that, you and I could-"

Then, the spacequake alarm sounded. Saved by the bell! We got in line in order to go to the shelters, and I noticed Tobiichi running ahead of the class. We were almost at the shelter, when I heard a deep voice. I had never heard a voice so deep, but it sounded somehow... familiar. Besides, I know what I'm about to say is weird, but it sounded like the voice was coming from inside me.

"Do you know where the small girl is?" The voice said. Suddenly. I remembered that I had promised to pick Kotori up, even if there was a spacequake. But surely she had taken refuge. Even I wasn't so reckless as to... come think of it, maybe I was reckless enough to stay in place during a lethal event in order to keep a promise. Besides, I would be there. I had never backed on my word, and I wouldn't start now. I took out a small device from my pocket, a cell phone, and checked the gps to see where she was.

She was at the restaurant entrance.

Instantly, I ran out of the building and into the street. I was running so fast, that for a few seconds I saw red. I mean, everything literally turned red, as if I were watching from tinted glasses, and when that happenned, I swear I became several times faster. I got to the restaurant faster than expected, and started looking for my little sister.

"Kotori!" I screamed, but she was nowhere to be found. I checked the GPS locator on my phone. I was fairly knew to this technology, but I was pretty sure that it said that we were standing in the same place.

So where was she?

Then, I heard a bellowing Boom!, and a second later, I was covered in blackness. The spacequake was happening.

And it was happening around me.

Author's notes: So, what do you guys think? I know so far it's just like Date a Live, but trust me, it gets original soon. I'm keeping Tohka's name, though. It's just too cool a name! And also, I don't speak japanese, so I won't pretend I do by adding words like Onee-chan, Kami or Kawaii whose grammatical usage I'm not familiar with.