Full Summary: Kyo and Yuki begin to ignore Tohru and get new girlfriends whom despise and abuse Tohru. Not only that, but she's also dealing with bullies in school who refuse to leave her alone. In the time of need, will Tohru be saved or will she decide to end in all before anyone can help?

Chapter 1: Lost

As Tohru walks home alone from school and she hears them. They constantly harass her, pushed her down a flight of stairs a week ago, they call her mean names, and even spit on her sometimes. Tohru starts to run from the bullies, but they catch up to her and push her down into the mud. She helplessly lays there, hearing their laughter while crying, waiting for Yuki or Kyo to help her. But they never came to her rescue. Instead they stay at home, with their new girlfriends, Mai and Rika.

Tohru gets up when the bullies leave and begins to walk home, limping and crying softly. As Tohru FINALLY arrives home she sees Mai and Rika kiss Yuki and Kyo goodbye. Tohru tries to avoid their gaze, but fails in the end. Yuki and Kyo walk inside and Mai and Rika slowly walk towards Tohru and Tohru freezes in fear. 'What will they do to me now?' She thought to herself. Mai and Rika grab poor Tohru by her arm and start to beat her up. They say mean things at her and kick her. Both girls then leave after telling the abused Tohru to go die. Tohru only cries and walks into house.

As she enters the house, she sees a crying Shigure and a yelling Kyo. Tohru asks if they want anything for dinner, but they just brush her off. The poor girl walked up to her room and set her things down. Before she knew it, she was crying softly on her bed. Then she ran across an idea. Tohru then pulled out a blade she kept hidden and down at it looks at it. She took the blade between her fingers and ran it across the smooth skin on her wrist. Blood spilled out and she smiled at the pain. This was her way of releasing her bottled up emotions.

She then puts her blade away and looks at the picture of her dead mom. 'Don't worry mom, I will be with you soon...' Tohru smiled one last time before she fell into a silent sleep. Little did she know though, Kyo was listening behind the door.

The next morning soon arrived and Tohru got ready for school, making sure she cleaned the blood upon her wrist. She walked down the stairs to the living room, only to find Mai and Rika sitting at the table with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure. She hides her pain with a smile and greets them kindly like always. Torhu gets their breakfast ready and sets it down on the table, no one noticing the cut on her wrists. After breakfast, the group leaves for school, and Kyo looks at Tohru with worry on his face.

"Hey, are you okay Tohru? Is anything wrong?" Kyo asks, remembering what he over heard last night.

Torhu rubs her wrist a little and then look back to Kyo with a smile plastered on her face.

"Nope, everything is just fine!" She replies cheerfully, hiding her pain. But what she doesn't know is that Kyo can see right through her.

~Time skip to the end of the day~

Kyo and Yuki walk away with their girlfriends and leave Torhu alone again. Then, as if on time, bullies start to pick on poor Tohru and leave once they are satisfied. Tohru deep inside wants to cry, but this time she sucks it up. She puts on a strong face and heads off to work.

Tohru gets out of work late and she checks her phone to see if she had any missed calls or text messages. But like always, no calls or texts. She thinks nothing of it and begins her lonely walk back to the place she calls home...

Kyo (P.O.V)

Kyo walks up to his room after his stupid girlfriend, Rika, leaves. He looks at his scarred wrists and sighs as he pulls out a blade. Ever since that witch crawled into his life has been miserable. Kyo hates Rika, but in order for him to get Tohru a gift, he dates Rika who pays him money to date her. Sure it sounds stupid, but it's the easiest way of making cash and fast.

As he gets ready to slit his left wrist again, he hears Tohru slide open the front door. Kyo then puts the blade away, realizing that Tohru wouldn't want him to hurt himself, and heads down stairs to greet her. Tohru greets the cat with a warm smile and heads off to the kitchen to start dinner. He can only stand there and wonder what she's hiding behind her smile...

Tohru (P.O.V)

As she walks into the kitchen, she begins to think to herself. 'Why must Kyo date such a witch? What does he see in her?' She wonders. Tohru had loved him so much and yet she could never confess to him seeing he was with another girl.

The group sits down to eat, when suddenly Shigure cries out that he wishes that Mai and Rika would live with them so he could watch them while they sleep. This naturally angered Kyo and he decided to knock some sense into the perverted dog. With only one option, Kyo stands up and slaps Shigure, yelling at him while Shigure slowly crawls and cries in his corner.

Tohru smiles at the events she missed seeing so much and yet again, walks back to the kitchen to clean the dishes. Everyone goes back to regular routines, meaning that Kyo goes back up to his room, Shigure goes to the dump he calls his bedroom.

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