Haruhi Fujioka sighs sadly as she stuffs the letter in her bedside drawer along with the dozens of others and grabs her school bag. She won't think about them; not now, not ever again. Taking a deep breath, she grounds herself and leaves for school.

"Haru-chan!" Honey squeals and jumps into Haruhi's arms. "Good afternoon, Honey-sempai." Haruhi answers in a far-off voice. Understanding the girl's way of wanting to be alone and think, Mitskuni quietly slips from Haruhi's lap and returns to the table where Takashi watched the pair silently. "I bet Haru-chan is stressed out from all the letters." he murmurs to Takashi quietly. "Hm." the taller male nods, his eyes gazing at Haruhi's dazed face before turning his attention to the now happily eating Mitskuni.

Haruhi looks out at the clear, pale blue sky, not really seeing anything. 'This is ridiculous. They know I'm not coming back. And now they threaten to have Takashi and Mitskuni bring me in? Do the guys even know that they're being used as a threat? And how did they know that I had stumbled on those two? It's not my fault I accidentally picked the same school as them! And why now? Why not before or later? What's really going on?' Haruhi continues to mull over everything in her brain, her right index finger gently tapping her lips. Her solemn air attracting the infamously curious twins. "Hey Haruhi! What 'cha thinking about?" they ask in unison. Haruhi brushes them aside. "Be quiet guys. I'm thinking." she mumbles, not paying attention to her answer. Crestfallen, the twins move away while whispering a quiet, "Sorry." They turn to a silent Kyoya at his laptop and whisper, "She's been like this all day."

Tamaki chose this time to burst through the door in his normal, over-extravagant way. "Hello fellow schoolmates. I have arrived. We can begin to get ready for our butler performance for our ladies this afternoon." he announces grandly. He irks slightly at the sullen silence. "Haruhi! I have the perfect outfit for you today!" he cries happily, jumping lightly to the still out-of-it girl who watches the sakura trees rustle from the window. "Not now Tamaki-sempai. I'm thinking." she mutters absently.

"Something's up," Hikaru whispers to the small trio group of the twins and Kyoya while Tamaki grows mushrooms behind a pillar, "Haruhi hasn't been here all day. Even the teacher was chilled by her lack of attention." Kaoru finishes the explanation. The shine in the dark lord's glasses makes it impossible for them to understand what Kyoya is thinking. "Honey-sempai, Mori-sempai, could you two come here for a minute?" Kyoya asks the rather lax and quiet pair. They come over and stand there, curiosity on Honey's face while Mori's is indecipherable. "What's going on, Kyoya-chan?" Mitskuni asks in his adorable, innocent voice.

"It seems that there might be a problem with the guests if Haruhi continues like this." he looks at them steadily, the glare leaving his glasses so that you can see his hard, charcoal-grey eyes. "You two wouldn't happen to know why she's like this, would you? Considering the current situation, you're acting very calm despite the rest of the club's-" Kyoya is cut off by Tamaki's sudden reappearance. "Of course they don't know anything! How could they know why my dearest daughter is in disturbance when I, her loving father, does not? Don't be ridiculous, Kyoya!" Tamaki cries as he hugs Haruhi to him. "Keeping dreaming, Sempai. It's none of your business why I'm not listening to you ramble." Haruhi's words are like arrows piercing Tamaki in random places, almost like labels in manga's.

Tamaki resumes his mushroom growing and Haruhi turns to walk balk to her spot by the window when a ringtone goes off. And it's not just any ringtone, it's that song. The theme song for…

"I-I should take this privately." Haruhi gives them an uncomfortable smile before hurrying into the changing room and shutting the door and locking it. At that same moment, Honey and Mori's phones go off, only it's a simple ringtone.

Haruhi puts the bluetooth on and presses the green button on her phone. "What is it?" her cold, dead voice answers the call.

"It's good to hear from you too, Phoenix." a guy's voice answers her question. "It's been awhile. Are you guys on, Nebula and Shadow?" he asks casually.
"We're here." Honey's blank voice of "Dark Honey" answers simply. "Yeah." Mori answers in his usual one-syllable words.

"Good." the guy confirms in an almost happy way. "Rip, just tell us what's going on." Haruhi hisses in frustration.

"Fine. Geez, you haven't changed, Phoenix. Okay, don't be mad, but Bull, Slash, Onyx, and Charger went on a mission to gain information about the bombs being made in North Korea and they were deployed way too late and are now lost in the Russian Tundra." Rip explains to the listening three people in a voice of concentration. Haruhi's eyes go wide. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" she cries in fury, not caring if anyone hears her. "No, I'm not. We need your help, Phoenix. You and Nebula and Shadow. There are three black motorcycles started and idle outside the school gates. We're waiting on you." 'Click' The monotone of the phone buzzes in Haruhi's ear for a minute as she stands there, absorbing what she's just heard.

A knock on the door brings her out of her mental state. "Hey Haruhi, did you put on your outfit?" the twins call through the door, listening for a reply. Then suddenly, Haruhi knows what to do.

The door flies open with a loud 'bang', startling the hosts. Well, all accept Honey and Mori, who immediately move into action at the sound of their names passing Haruhi's lips, "Mitskuni! Takashi!" Instantly, Mori throws the windows open and all three leap out, moving as one as the do a triple flip and land perfectly unscathed. They hit the ground running, sprinting to the open gates. As promised, three sleek, black 2014 Honda CTX700N DCT ABS were standing idle, purring like happy kittens. With grace and efficiently, they find ourselves on the backs and burning rubber. All of this transpires within seconds and suddenly, they're tearing through the streets, weaving in and out of cars as one in fluid motions.

The Host Club stares after the now gone trio, mouths open wide in dumbfounded awe. "Did Haruhi, Mori-sempai, and Honey-sempai just jump out the window, hop onto motorcycles, and drive away?" Tamaki asks in a wooden, aged voice that made him sound entirely heartbroken and depressed. "Yup." the twins answer before turning to go get ready for the guests.
"Well, this was an astonishing turn of events." Kyoya pushes his glasses up. "I wonder why they left in a hurry." he murmurs before walking off to sit back at the table and begin his investigation. Tamaki remains by the window, staring at the spot where his precious 'daughter' disappeared.

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