[Boderline M and references of child sexual assault(true story in the Family cult).The full cover picture for this story is on the story in AO3]

"Welcome!" a blond guy in his twenties, dressed in a sackclothes and ashses greeted her. He held his hand out and when Scout shook it, she was positive he held it a few seconds longer.

"You have to go through the five months of basic indoctrination," he told Scout. Scout was able to recite the entire Scripture easily in three months because she went to church from a young age. The Study Acts only took Scout a month and then she studied how COG related to the world. After that the blond guy, Edward, led Scout to a room in a trailor. "You bound yourself and your pocessions by signing this," he held out a thick parchment.

Scout signed then handed over her purse and satchel to Edward. Then Edward came in with a satchel and ashes. "You will have to change your name and join a tribe. What's your name?"

"Belinda Scout Winston," Scout replied.

"You are a reborn as Becky and you'll belong to the Ephraim tribe of laundry," Edward told her, handing her the satchel. He spoke confidentally and calmingly, like this was right.

He explained to her about the Law of Love, if a person's actions were motivated by unselfish, sacrifical love, and didn't intentionally harm others; their acts were in accordance with the scripture and thus lawful in the eyes of God. This made Scout feel like these people were non hypocrtical Christians who were faithful and lived realistically.

Scout waited for him to turn around but he didn't. "Um can you turn around?" Scout asked. Scout already felt terrible for asking.

Edward smirked in a way that made Scout uncomfortable. But she felt uncomfortable showing that. "Scout, God created human sexuality. It is a natural, emotional, and physical need. Between two consenting adults it is a pure and natural wonder of God's creation." He walked towards her as she said it until she backed up against the desk. "It's permissible, according to scripture, don't be afraid," he stroke a strand of her hair away, "And you are so unselfish and loving, you should be proud of that. It's a good thing."

Edward took Scout's hand and it, slowly. Then he pulled her skirt up and moved his hands up her leg. But Scout didn't want to say no, she wanted his affirmation. Then without warning, he flipped over the desk until she was laying on it, looking up. Scout squealed but didn't protest as Edward climbed on the desk and leaned over her. He moved his hand up her leg then pulled her skirt down and pulled off her blouse. Edward kissed her neck as he moved his hand behind her bra.

Just as Edward unclipped her bra, a bang came from outside. Edward got up and ran outside, closing the door behind him. It fell off when Scout got up, but she wore a new one with the sackclothes she put on. Scout felt a little funny after she hit her head on the desk when Edward flipped her over.

Edward came in a minute later to pick up something. He leaned into Scout to whisper in her ear, "we can seek pleasure later. We might have a new member. You're unselfish and loving, show him the Law of Love."

The meaning didn't escape Scout and she almost threw up. She got sick for some reason. But she had no time to get sick as Edward dragged her outside the trailor.


Curly methodically searched for Scout through the The Children of God, whose community stayed in Tulsa for months. But he didn't expect it to take 3 months. The good news, she'd be indoctrinated by now. Curly finally chose a district among the nine in the archbishopric. He walked up to them and immediately a girl came up to him and was all over him. Then blond guy came up to him, pulling a girl in a sackclothes.

The guy whispered something to her and pushed her towards Curly. A perfect new prosititute, Edward thought as he pushed Scout towards the curly, dark haired guy around his age.

Before Curly could think, the girl fell on him. Curly looked down then hugged her, desperately. Scout looked up at the guy in shock, then she remembered what Edward told her. She tilted Curly's face in her direction and kissed his cheek. Then she grabbed his arm and led him to the trailer

When they were inside, she locked the door. "You're welcome here," she said.

"Scout, why did you come here?" She walked around Curly and sat on the desk, leaning on him.

Her curly hair was ruffled, unkept, and made her unrecognziable, and her brown eyes got a new hue. She looked like a cavegirl. She looked different from the girl who walways wore specific hair styles with edgy dresses.

Scout looked at him but didn't look like she recognized him. "I'm Becky and Ed welcomed me." She put her leg around his waist. What the hell?!

"No, you're Belinda, Scout Winston," Curly told her, stopping her.

"No I'm Becky," Scout said. "Who are you?"

"Charles Curly Shepard, your star crossed lover of Tulsa" Curly was freaked out now. What happened to her?!

"What?" Scout laughed. "You have a big imagination. You must like roleplay." Scout put his hand on her leg.

"Whoa!" Curly put it back down. But Scout grabbed him by his collar and kissed him deeply.

Curly tried to stop her but she was determined to seduce him. "What are you doing?"

"You are loved," Scout replied. Her sackdress rode up and Curly saw marks on her thighs.

"Did that guy tell you that?" Curly asked, frowning.

"He showed me too," Scout replied. "But he didn't get to do anything before you came."

Curly clenched his fist. But she grabbed his wrist, dropped her panties and stuck his finger up herself.

Curly spluttered and pulled out. Then Scout jumped up and ran to the bathroom, sick.

Curly followed her and held her hair up. "Are you okay?"

"I didn't eat anything," Scout replied. It was very suspicious to Curly. That Edward guy makes Scout basically a prostitute and she can't remember anything. Curly picks her up, fireman style once she's done and takes her outside.

Edward laughs when he sees them. "Like it rough?"

"What did you do to her?" Curly demanded."She's whoring herself, she can't remember anything, and she's sick."

"Whoa we don't use those kinds of words," Edward replied. "As for her memory, well she was just accepted as a member today. After she signed she was very loving but she hit her head on the table by accident."

Curly put Scout down and grabbed Edward's collar. "Did you sleep with her?!"

"Between two consenting adults it's a pure and amazing part of God's creation," Edward replied.

"How many times?" Curly demanded. "Who slept with her?!"

"She's pregnant!" one of the females exclaimed. Curly and Edward turned around. "I know this for certain!" She had just examined Scout. Curly pulled Scout away. "I learned corrupt medicine and the natural femine instincts God gave me both prove to me she is!"

"What?!" Edward exclaimed. "I didn't sleep with her yet! You came before we did anything. No one sleeps with new females before they're members either."

"Stay away from her!" Curly shoved Edward away.

"She can't sleep with anyone now, she's pregnant," the girl said. "The child can't feel it in the womb it has to experience it when it's out."

Curly turned away from these people in disgust. But he said, "It's my baby."

"What?!" Edward said. Curly explained how he knew Scout while Scout didn't react.

"Okay well we will keep the baby once it is born. She's already a member and you're about to become one," Edward replied. Truthfully he didn't believe Curly and was okay with the baby's father being a non member. The baby would write to the non member if they found him, asking for money, but Edward would censor the letters.

Curly had different ideas.

Curly suddenly woke up in a dark place, his hands bound. He looked around and saw darkness. The air was humid and hot but it was a little cooler at what Curly assumed was night. He heard jungle animals and crickets. He signed and moved curly strands off his face with his elbow.

That dream was very vivid and some of it was funny, like horny, cavegirl Scout, that is if she wasn't exploited by a disturbed, hippie, cult nerd. Curly heard of the family, but joining it would be a weird thing to do, not even Randy Adderson could be pushed into joining it.

The rest of the dream, especially pulling the Sanderson Sisters trick on the Winstons was also realisic but didn't exactly happen like that. He didn't call them the Windersons. And Scout was Scout Winston not Jenkins, her older sister was Miranda not Dahlia. She married Darry Curtis and they had a daughter: Dawn. Her other older sister was Clovenda not Zoey. Clovenda was married to Johnny. Two Two Bit and Steve's half sisters. Minnie, and Clarabel, that Two Bit named, were married to Sodapop and Ponyboy. Olivia was married to Danny.

The rest of the events didn't really happen that way but the one thing that was real was Scout. She was his star crossed girlfriend.

[Belated April Fools! I edited this CH 4/3/14. The whole story didn't really happen. I did the Curly woke up from a dream to explain it didn't happen before I rewrite the older chapters with the new story. ]