A/N - As I will not write underage characters in sexual situations, I have magically transported Beth and Carl to 18 years old. Sorry, had to be done. This story is set some time after Season 3 and they have stayed at the prison for over a year now (even though we know they will be leaving in Season 4, since it hasn't happened yet… I am keeping them there.)

Prison Love

When Glenn had brought these two recliners back to the prison everyone thought it had been a stupid waste of space in the back of the truck. Though no one would admit it, everyone liked sitting in them when they had the chance. Tonight Carl sat in the brown leathery one while his dad sat in the green one. Legs kicked out reclining back just a little. Daryl was sitting the wrong way in a straight back chair and they were all sipping on glasses of room temperature bourbon that Daryl had found on his last run with Michonne. The common space below the cells, 'rooms' as everyone had gotten used to calling them, had become the living room of the block, though no one would dare to call it that.

The cell block was quiet, everyone had either gone to bed about an hour ago or was out at the tower on watch. It was starting to get cold outside but the cell block was surprisingly warm. "Well Carl, I would say that if we had to pick a day, today is as good as any to celebrate your birthday." Rick raised his glass just a bit and Carl smiled. "Unless you want to do it tomorrow with everyone else?"

Carl shook his head, birthday's didn't matter anymore, marking time was only seasonal now. The group didn't celebrate anyone else's birthday, they were not going celebrate Carl's. Rick clinked his glass to Daryl's than to Carl's, "My boy is 18. I think I'm supposed to tell you to go and get a job and your own place now."

Carl laughed at his dad's corny joke. "Sorry dad. I'm gonna freeload off you forever. Never moving out." It was as close to a normal conversation they would ever have these days.

Daryl fidgeted in his chair playing with the arrow bolt that had been in his back pocket. "So, you gonna get some tonight? 'S your birthday and all." His eyes shifted up to the second level of the cell block to the middle of the hall where Beth's 'room' was.

Carl reached for the bottle between the two recliners and poured himself another, then passed the bottle to his dad. If the world hadn't gotten all screwed up, there was no way he would be knocking back hard liquor with his dad, maybe a beer but never bourbon. "Nah, she's out cold I'm sure." Carl and Beth had been a couple for months now. A strange couple, but maybe not strange by prison standards. More than just friends with benefits, but they were not sharing a room like all of the other couples. Beth never wanted to flaunt her relationship in front of her father or her sister. So though everyone knew they were together, they hardly acted it in public. It worked for them for now.

Daryl loved to goad Carl into inappropriate conversations, he excelled at it. "You tellin' me your gonna drink this fine-ass bourbon, on your birthday, walk right past her door n go to bed 'lone?"

"She's mean when I wake her, even for sex." He laughed, he was only half joking, she was not a morning person. "Not doing it." Carl never thought he would ever have such an open conversation about sex but with Daryl and his dad, it all seemed natural.

Rick had to interject, "Not even gonna sleep next to her? Come on, Hershel isn't going to care if you two bunk together." Hershel approved of Carl as much as he did Glenn for Maggie.

Carl took another sip of bourbon, it was really going to his head now. "She hogs the blankets. Not worth the fight." The blankets were true, but he also knew that he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off of her if he went to her bed tonight, and he had learned quickly that sex was not something that Beth did quietly. They kept their sex to very secluded places like the tower, the tombs or the showers. Only once had they actually had sex in the cell block and then everyone else was out working in the field.

Daryl finished his glass, "Man up, push her to the inside and grab the blanket. Let her know who's in charge." They all laughed. They knew the reality of things. There were more women than men here and the ladies ruled the cell block. The men were here simply to protect and provide, and most of the women could do that as well.

Carl finished his drink and kicked the recliner closed. He was close to drunk and tired and knew that this conversation was only going to get worse if he didn't leave. He said good night to Daryl and hugged his dad in an unusual show of affection. He walked quietly up the metal stairs and down the hall to his room, he paused by Beth's door, her light was out and she was sleeping, wrapped like a cocoon in her blanket. His bunk was made, they had taken all the upper bunks down months ago. He stripped down to his boxers and crashed on his mattress. The room spun a bit as he tried to focus on the moon light shining from the far side of the block, it was casting light in his cell tonight. He dozed in and out smiling back on the conversation he had just had. He was part of the men now.

Carl woke, not sure if he had ever actually been asleep. Beth was crawling into bed with him. He lifted the blanket for her. They did this sometimes, usually, when the weather was bad she like to sleep next to him. Beth snuggled into his chest and kissed his neck. "Did I hear you guys celebrating your birthday down there?"

He wrapped his arms around her as she licked at him. "Yeah. Dad poured a few drinks." He loved the way she felt against him, she snuggled close and her hair fell across his bare chest. He could lay this way for hours, he stroked his fingers though her hair as she kissed and licked at him.

Beth slid her hand to the center of his chest and drew circles with her fingers. She was wide awake and turned on by his almost naked body. She loved the way he held her tight. "Did you want a little birthday sex?" Her voice was low and he laughed at her directness. Her fingers trailed to his nipples and she flicked it with her nails. He was not immune to her advances, never was, but he also knew that sex in the cell block was not going to happen for them. Every noise was heard, every sex act, no matter how muted was amplified. Maggie had a low moan with Glenn, Rick made the springs squeak with Michonne and Daryl always grunted out a 'fuck' when he came inside Carol. Beth, she couldn't be quiet during sex if her life depended on it. She groaned out sighs and squeaked when he pounded into to her and moaned out things like 'harder' and 'more'. Not to mention that she appreciated being spanked a bit and that would echo for sure.

He kissed the top of her head and snuggled her even closer. "How bout we just sleep like this tonight for a change?" He knew dad was right, Hershel would never be mad if she slept in his bed. Normally Beth could be content with sleeping in his arms, but not tonight, she was aching for him tonight. It had been days since they had had sex, she had walked in on Daryl in the shower earlier, he had a great body going on, and Maggie had been teasing Glenn while doing dishes earlier and she knew they were having sex in the guard tower right now.

"Ah uh…" She mumble out the sound as she pulled her body from his and sat on the edge of the bed and began to get undressed. She pulled her top over her head, she didn't have a bra on and her breasts free in the cool air, her nipples hardened instantly. Carl sat up behind her, brain foggy from the liquor but he knew this was a bad idea.

"Come on baby, sleep with me, just sleep." He wrapped an arm around her and put his hand on her stomach waiting for her to come back to bed. He wanted her so bad, he was hard for her, but she was too loud. He knew better. Beth pealed his hand off her stomach and guided it down into her boxers, actually his boxers that she was wearing. He groaned has she pushed his hand down. She had shaved, some where she had found a razor and shaved, she didn't need to guide him any further, he explored on his own. She had shaved it all. Not just trimmed, like he was used to from her. Bare. Ass. Naked. "Damn." He knew he had to stop but he couldn't, he slid further down the boxer shorts until he found her clit, she spread her legs for him. His fingers slid easily into her, she was drenched for him. Carl could smell it now. He put his mouth to her shoulder and worked to keep quiet.

Beth inhaled as he began to finger her, one finger turned instantly to two and she meeped. Yes, it was a sound like a meep, from her throat. She was attempting to be quiet. He shushed her has he pushed deeper inside of her. He wrapped his other arm around her and played with her nipple. "Let's get dressed, we'll go down to the showers." He had to have her, she was this perfect present waiting to be consumed.

She shook her head 'no'. Rocking her hips forward she was fucking his fingers. "Here." She wanted him so bad, like never before. Thoughts of others having sex, of Daryl naked, soap sliding down his skin, Carl's fingers inside of her and the fact that she had been walking around all day with a bare pussy had her worked up beyond comprehension. "I promise to be quiet. Please." She reached behind and found his hard dick. She fished into his boxers and pulled him out. He had been leaking before she found him and he was slick already. "I promise I'll be good Carl." She would have batted her eyelashes if he would have seen her. He fingered her, never slowing the pace.

She felt amazing, her hand stroking him, her pussy wet for him. He had to have her. "You are always good Beth. It's quiet you can't do." He would drag her to the showers, even if they had to walk by Daryl and dad to do it. He started to withdraw his fingers and she shut her legs tight, holding him into place. "Come one Beth, let's go downstairs." He whispered in her ear but she shook her head 'no' once more.

Beth liked the idea of having him here, in this bed in the middle of the cell block. Hell, she had heard everyone else having sex over the months, who cares who heard them. She turned to face him, kissed him deep, her tongue in his mouth as dirty-girl as she could kiss him. Then she spoke, pulling out the big guns, in the sweetest farm girl voice she could muster. "You can fuck my ass."

Carl's body slumped against her as his cock stiffened till it hurt. Her ass was his favorite place on earth. From the first time they had had anal sex in the tombs he couldn't resist her. He had never once refused when she offered it, and she offered it often, and he wouldn't refuse her now. She know from his body reaction that she was about to have sex, right here, in this bed. She smiled victoriously.

He started to pull her back to lay with him and she slid out of her boxers at the same time, instantly naked for him. He pulled her on and rubbed his dick against her, she laughed as he was still in boxers. He stood up and took them off and laid her in the position he wanted. Naked, he rested his body on top of her and started to suck on her nipples. On her back her breasts flattened to almost nothing and he still loved the way she looked. A bit of moon light shown into the room, across his bed. She had pulled the privacy sheet when she came in, but not enough, it caught on something and the moon pooled, lighting up her skin. She was beautiful. He licked and bit at her and she ran her fingers through his hair.

They had learned about sex mostly together, quickly figuring out what they liked and didn't like. The like list was much longer, she let out a sigh when he sucked her hard, more like a moan. He shushed her. He kissed down her stomach licking at her belly button and then down to her newly, beautifully shaved pussy. He inhaled her scent then began to lick his way between her legs. This was a birthday present to remember, even if she hadn't planned it that way. Carl spread her wide and began to lick, he hands wrapped around her thighs using only his tongue to explore. He had nothing to compare it to, but she tasted like heaven and he couldn't remember her more wet then she was right now. When his tongue found her clit she grabbed tight in his hair and began to moan. Shushing her again would mean stopping what he was doing and he also knew it was pointless.

Beth was trying to stifle herself, biting her hand as he slid his tongue inside of her. She grabbed at the blanket and stuffed the corner into her mouth. Further down he licked at her tiny pink puckered hole and it caused her to buck and weep, dripping my liquid out of her pussy, he licked it up. She was thrashing and moaning. It was beautiful to see. Carl pulled away from her and she panted, he reached to the side of the bed into a box where he kept his handful of personal items and pulled out a tube of lubricant. Daryl had brought it back for him on a run a few months ago, it was now more than half empty. He was going to have to be man enough to get his own lube on the next run.

He wanted to take his time, savor every bit of it but he was too hard for that. He shook the bottle and opened it, Beth watched him, smiling as he did it. He put some in his hand, conscious of how much he used and worked into her flesh, he pushed one finger easily into her and her moan echoed in his inebriated head. All the way into her as he stroked his finger slowly in and out. "Fuck me…" She was wonton and breathless and he could deny her nothing. He slid his finger out and used the rest of the slick still on his hand, on his cock, stroking it as he moved her legs and knelt by her ass. She rested her calves on either shoulder as he lined himself up to her.

Their eyes locked as he slowly nudged the head of his dick against her hold, she was moaning already. Beth grabbed the blanket again and stuffed it back in her mouth. She didn't mind if people heard her, but she didn't want to be gratuitous about it. Carl smiled. They had done this plenty before, her body resisted less each time. He pushed hard once and the tip popped right in, she exhaled a scream into the blanket. Carl sank deep into her, breathing hard as she accepted him easily. Yes. This was the happiest place on earth. She nodded to him letting him know that everything was okay, that he could start to fuck her.

Carl never missed a beat, he stroked back till he was almost free then pushed back in, the bed springs began to squeak as he rocked. The blanket muffled Beth's moans but only a little bit. He loved watching her during sex, they almost always did it face to face so he could see her. The look of ecstasy that washed over her face was intoxicating and knowing that he was the cause fueled him even more.

Rick and Daryl tried to ignore the sounds emanating from the upstairs room. There was no doubt who was making it. Daryl was looking anywhere but at Rick as he tossed back the end of his drink, closed the recliner and stood up. "I get it, my kids a stud." They both laughed as they scrubbed a hand down their faces in unison. "I'm gonna risk it outside with Glenn and Maggie." He shook his head and walked out the main door.

Daryl picked up the bottle of bourbon off the floor and slowly walked up the stairs. He was going to have to walk by Carl's cell to get to his. He walked slowly up the metal steps and down the hall, he was sure no one was really sleeping with this racket going on. His space was the last one in the row next to Carl's. When he got to the edge of Carl's door he saw the privacy curtain was down, but not all the way, a corner of it was caught on a ragged bar and he could see in. He could see Carl fucking Beth, her legs both pressed into his left shoulder and her mass of blond hair all around. Her face was half covered by the blanket stuffed her mouth and Carl looked up as the moon light seemed to blackout in his room.

They looked at each other. Carl thought to stop, to pull out and cover Beth for privacy. He thought Daryl would keep walking. He never thought seeing Daryl watch him have sex would make him even harder and want to show his mentor how good of a lover he could be.

Beth was lost in the moment, she loved it when Carl took her this way and though she honestly was trying to keep quiet she knew it was a losing venture. She whispered over and over, "harder babe" and "fuck yes". Daryl had never heard her say anything more graphic than 'damn' since they had met. Carl looked away just long enough to kiss Beth, she had begun to play with herself, it meant she was getting close to an orgasm, and no matter how many times he had tried, he knew that when she came he would follow right after. He looked up and Daryl was still there, still watching. He wasn't shy either, he swigged off the bottle and Carl thrust deep and hard.

Daryl wanted to keep walking, but the look on Carl's sucked him in, it wasn't one of being caught or even embarrassed. It was a look of questioning approval, like when Daryl had taught him how to use the crossbow and he would fire then look to Daryl to see if he had done it right. It was that look. Carl held himself above Beth thrusting into her and she was moaning and thrashing, there was no doubt that he was doing it right.

She rubbed at her naked clit faster than Daryl's eyes could follow and then she came, there was no mistaking it, she screamed into the blanket that was practically chocking her as she used her free arm to pull Carl down on to her. He finally looked away from Daryl as they hugged through mutual orgasm that shook the bed and possibly part of the cell block. He had cum inside of her and he loved that more than anything. He kissed her softly, thanking her for the wonderful birthday present she gave him, they whispered cute, romantic things to each other. When Carl looked up Daryl was gone.

They cuddled in his bed till she drifted off to sleep, rolling over and steeling the blanket from him, he kissed her hair. It didn't matter to him. He was happy to have her, this moment in this place with these people. He drifted off to sleep.