A/N – I had closed the door on this story and I thought I was done with it. But then one evening as I was smiling over how much I enjoyed writing about Carl's birthday and Beth climbed into my brain and whispered… "If you thought that was good, you should have seen it the way I saw it." So, I give you Prison Love 2, the same story, told through Beth's eyes. Oh how differently they tell this tale.

Prison Love, Beth's story

It was well past dark and I was tired of reading, tired of sewing, the meal was cleaned up and everyone was already in bed. Well, everyone but my boyfriend and this two best friends. I thought about going out to the tower and visiting with Maggie and Glenn, but it was nice out, and the walker count had been low lately, so I'm sure they are making good use of their private time.

It is so nice to hear Carl laughing down there with Daryl and his dad. There isn't enough laughter in this prison and I can't keep singing the same seven songs over and over to keep moral boosted. "Well Carl," I could hear Rick talking from the space below, even whispers find a way of echoing in here. "I would say that if we had to pick a day, today is as good as any to celebrate your birthday." My gut clenched a bit. Don't tell me the guys were going to celebrate without us. Without me. "Unless you want to do it tomorrow with everyone else." YES, I wanted to scream out, but they'd know I was eavesdropping.

Carl never replied to the question but I figured he had turned down the offer to celebrate. Other than Jude's birthday, we didn't celebrate anybody's. Mainly because we didn't know the date beyond the season anymore but also, because it was sometimes too painful to do. We had lost too many since the world had gone to shit. Why celebrate the living when they were just going to be gone someday, probably too soon. I got tired of listening, though I smiled every time Carl laughed. I finally shut off my oil lamp and curled into bed. Took two mattresses to make this cell-bunk comfortable, but now that I had found the right two, and a pillow that didn't make my neck stiff, I could curl up and sleep better than anyone else around here.

By the time I woke the moon had shifted in the sky and it was bright through the windows on the far side of the cell block. I could hear a murmur of voices below, only Rick and Daryl now. I untangled myself from my blankets and slid into my favorite pair of boxers. Favorite cause I stole them from Carl last month. Even though they are too big on me, with safety pins to keep them up, I love them any ways. I snuck out of my cell and over to the railing, I could see Rick and Daryl engaged in conversation. How things had changed these past months. Rick was finally unwinding at the end of a day and Daryl was actually having conversations that lasted more than four words. Not that he did that with me, but he did that with the guys, and Carol.

I stepped back into my room and I listened. Sounded like everyone was asleep or reading. No one was talking besides those two downstairs. Carl must have gone to bed as well, damn him for not stopping in to kiss me goodnight. I wanted to go see him, I changed my t-shirt and I should change my panties after the day I've been having. I had worked in the work in the field today and it was so hot and gross and I just needed a shower. I ran down back way to the tiled showers and I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that someone had beaten me to it. Well more, because I walked in Daryl with a head full of shampoo and a body full of suds. Really, don't get me wrong. I love Carl completely. He has grown to be a great man with a beautiful body. But seeing Daryl like that. My god, my knees went weak. I had seen him plenty over the months in various stages of undressed, okay, I had IMGAGINED him undressed. I watched longer than I should have till he was almost done, then I stepped back behind the divider wall and waited for him to leave out the other door.

God I was so worked up. I grabbed the soap and the washrag off the side ledge and in the process I pulled down a package of disposable razors, I didn't even know we had these. I tossed the package back on the ledge and hit the shower. In the same spot Daryl had been naked not a ten minutes earlier, all soaped up and wet. Damn, now I was turned on. I shifted to face the water and all I could think about was that time Carl and I had sex down here. This was not helping, I slid my hand down to my pussy through my hair. Arg, I was so tired of all the wild hair down here, even if Carl said he liked it fine. I had tried to keep it trimmed with scissors and it helped, but I missed the feel of being smooth. I had never had sex till Carl and I loved when he pushed the tip of his dick through my wild patch of hair, but I wanted to feel it push along bare skin.

I jumped out of the spray and grabbed the pack of razors. I was done with this hair bullshit. I shaved, just a little to start, it took a while but I was finally bare. Completely clean. It felt amazing and I may have felt it a little too long. I loved the way it felt, even I would end up stubbly in a few days. The hell had I been thinkg? All that bare skin rubbing against my panties for the rest of the day, walking, working, sitting at dinner. Just made me go insane.

Fuck it, I'm gonna get Carl to fix this for me! Carl and I were so good in bed together, in bed, against a wall, on a dirty desk, in the guard shack, in the woods, behind the prison. I was out of my cell and down to his in record time, keeping closer to the doors then the rail so Rick wouldn't see me. Damn, the moonlight catches his bed, his hair. I really do love him so much. I snuck in the door and pulled his privacy curtain closed behind me.

He must have just fallen asleep, his breathing wasn't yet deep, I whispered his name, and he stirred awake. I waited till he lifted the corner of his blanket as I crawled in next to him, snuggling at his chest, kissing at his neck. They say that men are the ones who are constantly turned on, but I think I give them all a run for the money. "Did I hear you guys celebrating your birthday down there?"

Carl wrapped his arms around me as I licked at his collar bone, he enveloped me in his embrace and I loved that. How he completely surrounded me drawing my body close to his. "Yeah, dad poured a few drinks." I had to kiss him, had to taste the liquor on his tongue. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and savored the taste, it added to the man he had grown to be. Threading his fingers through my hair, as if I wasn't turned on enough already.

I slid my fingers along his flesh, I wanted him so much. I needed him to slide into me and fill me. I was just driving myself more and more insane. "Did you want a little birthday sex?" Please say yes, pleeeaaasseeee? It was all I could think. He chuckled under his breath. I dragged my short nails across his nipples. He loved that and it tightened up instantly. I was breaking him down.

"How about we just sleep like this tonight for a change?" He kissed the top of my head as he wrapped himself around me. What eighteen year old guy turned down sex? Especially when I was this worked up!

No. No way was I letting him just hold me all night. We hadn't had sex in days and I was dripping, again, soaking my panties. "Ah uh." I slid out of his hold, I wasn't leaving this bed without getting fucked. My body was racing with hormones I hadn't felt this out of control in ages. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled my top off, the cool air in the cell block had already had my nipples hard. Carl sat up and slid behind me, his hand on my stomach finding my belly button, "Come on baby, sleep with me, just sleep." I could tell he might have had a bit too much to drink today. He was slurring just a little when he said 'sleep'.

I drew his hand from my stomach and down into my boxers. Maybe if he found his way to my sex, unobstructed, he would give in. Good thing he couldn't see the evil grin I had going on, he would turn me down for sure. Carl didn't need much coaxing, he mouth was saying no to sex, but he body wasn't. I love the feel of his erection against me, it doesn't matter what part of me. I could feel the heat of him through my boxers and his. I think he groaned at my shaved body before his brain actually registered what it was feeling. The groan made my pussy clench, then he leaned against me, our naked flesh, hot together as he continued to slide his hand down. "Damn." He had never touched a bare vagina before, hell, no one had ever touched mine that way. I pressed back into his chest as I spread my legs for him. He makes me such a whore for him.

I was soaking wet, I'm sure he could smell my sex, I could. He was moaning into my shoulder, against my skin. I love how loud he can get during sex, when he is turned on, he has no restraint. Oh god, one finger inside me quickly turned to two. He has really long fingers and he has never been afraid to explore my body with them. "Let's get dressed, we'll go down to the showers." Carl had turned his 'no' into a 'hell yes'. But I wasn't leaving this bed. Not for the showers. Rick and Daryl were in the main room, I wasn't getting dressed and walking by them, they would know instantly what was going on. I shook my head at him. I couldn't help fucking against his fingers. I didn't want to go anywhere till I had an orgasm.

"Here." I couldn't get the feeling of walking around bare all day out of my head, the sight of Daryl all soapy and now Carl's fingers stuffed inside of me. "I promise to be quite, Please." Carl seems to think I am too loud during sex. So many times he has covered my mouth when we are fucking. He still hasn't figured out that I get loud cause it turns me on when he puts his big hand over my mouth. Even more when he does it from behind. And he has no idea how much he likes quieting me either. The look he gets in his eyes when he is controlling the noise I make. I couldn't resist, I had to feel his dick in my hand and I reached behind and pulled him out of his boxers. He was rock hard, this was going to feel so good inside me and my pussy dripped even more just thinking about it. "I promise I'll be good Carl." I barely got the words out with his fingers working inside of me.

He put his lips to my ear, "You are always good Beth. It's quiet you can't do." I would have been offended if he wasn't right. When he got pounding into me, I couldn't keep quiet. But he could grunt his way through sex with the best of him. Hell sometimes when I heard his dad and Michonne go at, never mind.

Carl's voice cracked when he tried to speak, "Come on Beth, let's go downstairs." I shook another 'no' at him. I wanted him here. It's not like everyone else didn't have sex in their bunks. I had heard my sister get it more times than I cared to think about. Rick and Michonne were getting hot and busy pretty often. I think my favorite is listening to Daryl when he finally gets off with Carol, that's sexy. Carl's fingers were still buried in my, they would smell like me for days, no amount of soap would fix that when he was so saturated in me. And I'd see him sneaking a sniff of it for the next day or so. I fucked against him just thinking of it as I stroked him even harder. He should have figured it was coming when I cleared my throat. "You can fuck my ass."

I didn't think he could have gotten any harder in my hand, but he did. I held in a giggle, but I think he felt it inside me. I couldn't get the shit eating grin off my face, when he slumped against me, a chance to be inside me without the need for a condom. He never said no to that. I whined when he slid his fingers out of me so he could lay back and he pulled me with him. I stripped on my way to straddling him. I rubbed my wet sex against his boxer-covered cock, I loved humping against him.

Carl stood and stripped, I could stare at his naked body all night. He had developed a broad chest and had a smattering of chest hair that would eventually fill in like Rick, I'm sure. He laid back on me, sucking on my nipples, we had developed our own rhythm over the months and he knew I liked to have them sucked on but not bitten, but he could bite me anywhere else. He sucked them deep and I loved the pressure, my fingers instantly to his hair.

I'm guessing the allure of a shaved pussy was as intoxicating to him as the prospect of anal sex. He kissed down my stomach to the patch of skin he had never seen naked before and he laid down gentle kisses. I watched him as he worked his way between my legs spreading me wide, almost too wide, the tendons in my left thigh stretching as he drew my leg off the bed. Sometimes it made me feel over exposed when he spread me this way, but I was too turned on tonight to feel that. I wanted him to spread me. My legs, my lower lips, my dripping slash, all of it. I wanted him to open me up and see it all. He never looked back up to me as he started to lick.

I had to pull my hand from his hair so I could bite my hand, he was using his tongue like a seasoned professional and I had to stifle my moan somehow. The biting didn't help. When he slipped lower to my asshole I was done for. Him tickling my little hole with his tongue, I couldn't help but thrash as he tried to hold me still. I was trying to catch my breath, I hadn't cum yet, but he had brought me to edge and back. He finally let me go so he could go to his bedside box. It's where he kept the lubricant we'd need. Though I was fairly sure I was dripping so much we wouldn't need much at all. He shook the half full bottle and drizzled it into his hand. He had no idea how sexy he was.

He watched my face as he worked his ring finger into me, he always started with that one. I tried not to moan. Epic fail. Not only did I moan, but I begged, "Fuck me…" He took his finger out and I wanted to cry. I needed him to fill me. I watched him stroke himself, using the rest of the lube to slick him ready for me. Normally I could watch him do that for hours, but tonight I was too greedy. He lifted by my legs to his shoulder, he pushed me around like a rag doll till I was exactly where he wanted me. I loved this position best. Even though taking me from behind would have allowed him to get deeper into me, this way we were able to look at each other, and I needed that. For as greedy and wonton as I was, I still didn't wanted to be treated like some empty vessel for him to simply fuck.

Carl didn't tease too much tonight, he wanted it too. He started to work the tip into me and I grabbed the blanket stuffing it into my mouth, it was my only chance of keeping quiet. He stroked slow, edging into me easy but I could feel my eyes getting wide, begging him to do it faster. He pushed all the way into me till it was almost painful. My favorite pain that there was. He groaned and I heard it echo through the cell block. I didn't care who heard us. He leaned down to kiss my cheek then he began to stroke in and out of me. Spitting on my ass on occasion to make sure he wasn't hurting me, I tried so hard to keep my moans quiet and stifled behind the blanket.

I wondered how long either of us would last tonight. I had been so worked up all day, almost too worked up. He had been drinking though not to the point of being drunk. I couldn't think about any of it. He felt so good inside of me. When he had first tried to have anal sex with me, I was scared, terrified really. Who did something like that? But he started easy, with his ring finger, spitting and easing it into me. He was barely halfway into me that first time when I had an orgasm that rocked up both. I was hooked from there, more fingers, his dick. I wanted it all inside of my ass. And then he when he experienced his dick inside me without a condom and he was hooked as well.

I was lost in the feeling that was consuming me, he was holding my ankles in his hand while he fucked into me, his face was beautiful and I couldn't stop staring. A shadow came across his face, blocking the moonlight. I shifted my eyes to the door when he did. Someone was standing there. I couldn't see who it was. Carl saw the person as well, his eyes had shifted there and held. I was about to turn and look, or at least try to cover myself, but something changed. The shadow stayed there and Carl kept looking at the person but his cock stiffened inside my ass. Unbelievably hard. His rhythm paused for a moment, but then returned, deeper and more sure than it had been.

The shadow at the door had an effect on Carl that I never would have expected. I knew it wasn't his father, at least I didn't think it was. I listened, the voices downstairs had stopped. This had to be Daryl, he room was just past Carl's. Daryl standing in the door had gotten Carl harder than he had been. And I realized instantly, Daryl watching had made me even wetter than I had been. I had gushed more liquid when I realized what was going on, who was standing there. Then it came out of my mouth from a place I didn't recognize. "Harder babe." and "Fuck, yes." I whispered it all but I knew Carl heard it, he smiled and pushed harder into me. He kissed me, our eyes open. We both knew.

My hand slid to my clit, Carl looked down to my fingers then back to the door way. I had never rubbed myself so fast in my life. My normally slow hard strokes were furious with speed as the thought of this lean sexy man, the one I had seen naked just hours ago was watching me get fucked in the ass. It was all too much for me, I came. Harder than I had ever cum before. Stuffing the blanket into my mouth again I screamed. I had never felt anything like it and my orgasm set Carl off, I pulled him down onto my as he pushed one last time and exploded inside of me. I moaned an animal sounding moan, well, into the blanket and Carl kissed my cheek finally taking the fabric from my mouth to kiss me.

I was panting and my ass was twitching around his cock. His face flinched with each contraction as he whispered in my ear. "I love you Beth." I kissed his neck and told him how much I loved him. We stayed that way for a minute, ignoring Daryl as Carl held me through the aftershocks of my orgasm. There was no doubt that this has been different and exciting for both of us. He looked to the door then back to me.

"He's gone." Carl whispered the words into my mouth as he kissed me. I hadn't realized how clenched and tight my body had been till that moment. When I realized Daryl was gone my body went limp in Carl's arms. He slowly pulled out of me and neither of us moved to get cleaned up. He kissed my hair and wrapped his body around me.

I pulled him close. "Happy Birthday Carl." He squeezed me tight.