Hello everyone! Here's a new story from me!

This is a side project to my "A Different Take"! It doesn't take place in the same world, though.

Not much to say, as I haven't written much for this! Hope you enjoy!

The characters featured in this story are still tied together though. Luffy still knows Ace and Shanks, Zoro knows Kuina, Nami's town is threatened by Arlong, and etc.

I do not own One Piece as that belongs to Toei and Eiichiro Oda.

Shell Town was a peaceful town, named after the many shells that had been found in the area. The sea had long since dried up though, so it was now just a peaceful town surrounded by forest.

It was just a nice pleasant day for the community. Even if their King was a bit cruel, evil, and unforgiving...

"No! Please, forgive us!"

Ririka cried as she tried to make her daughter, Rika, bow to the local King's son, Helmeppo.

They had accidentally stepped into his path as he strutted across town with his guards and pet wolf.

"Hiehiehiehie...! You think that will absolve you of your sin?! Wolfie! Eat these pests!"

The wolf gladly listened to his master's order. He approached the two helpless women.

Bystanders just watched from their kneeling positions. They all knew they couldn't do anything..!

"Hey! What's going on here?! Oh! Food!"

A dark shape pounced on the wolf, the canine whining in fear.

A metallic smack, and it quieted.

"W-W-What?! Who are you?!"

The figure looked up from his kill.

"Huh? Who am I?"

He stood up. He wore dark armor with a closed visor. His red cape billowed behind him in the wind. The man wasn't very tall, being a bit shorter than Ririka.

Helmeppo could feel the man staring at him through his metal visor. It sent chills up his spine.

"I'm Luffy! I'm going to be the King someday!"

"T-T-The King?! Do you intend on killing my father?!" He screamed a bit louder. Fear and outrage coursed through his body.

Luffy laughed at him. He still held the carcass of the wolf in one hand.

"Shishishishi! Who's your father? I don't want to kill anybody!"

Nobody believed him as he held the wolf's dead body in his hand.

"I want to be the King of Everything! Bah, it doesn't matter if I tell you..." He waved the blonde haired kid off.

"Now, I just need to start a fire and cook this guy!" His voice sounded happy. He looked around a bit and walked into the forest.

"Y-Y-You fiend! I'm going to tell my father on you!" Helmeppo ran away, his guards following.

Rika stared after the man who had walked into the forest. He had just saved their lives...

She ran after him, her mother tried to stop her, but the girl was too fast.

Luffy sat down on a stump, still wearing his armor as he roasted the wolf above the pit he had just made.

"Alright! Meat! Meat! Meat! I love it!" He danced in his seat a little, not noticing the little girl sneaking up on him.

"Hey, mister-?"

"Ah! What the hell?!" He shouted as he got up, arm cocked back.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Mr. Luffy! I didn't mean to scare you!" Rika shouted as she held her arms out, trying to pacify the armored man.

"Huh? A little girl? What do you want, young lady?" He asked as he took his seat again.

"I'm not giving you any wolf."

"Um, I don't want any." She said as she sat on the ground next to him.

Silence passed between the two for a moment. Luffy turned his wolf over.

"Thank you..." Luffy turned to look at the little girl.

"...For saving us, I mean..." She looked down.

"Shishishishi! No problem! That's what we knights are for!" He claimed as he looked back at his dinner.

"Knights?" The little girl questioned the man in armor.

"Yeah! Though, I'm not really apart of any kingdom or anything. I'm a hero!" He claimed, flexing one of his arms in the air, holding his bicep with his other gauntlet.

"...A...hero?" The little girl was a bit awed by the knight.

"Yeah! And the best part is, I can go around saving people! Isn't that cool?" He enthused.

"Oh! My meat's done! Alright! Meal time!" He shouted and lifted his visor.

"The girl peaked at his face. The man inside looked younger than she had thought him to be. He had black hair and a scar underneath his left eye.

A straw hat could be seen underneath the visor, smashed against the sides of the helmet.

"Why do you wear a straw hat, Mr. Luffy?" She asked.

"Hm?" His voice was a bit muffled by his food, "Oh! That's from one of my bestest friends! His name is Shanks! He's a pirate!" He chewed a bit before speaking again.

"I was born somewhere far away! There were many jungles and such, but my gramps brought me here! I met Shanks on the way!" He laughed a little, "My gramps doesn't like Shanks that much! He's a marine!"

"Anyway, Shanks gave me this hat in a sign of friendship!" Luffy reached into his helmet and pulled the straw hat out.

"I'm supposed to give Shanks this hat when I become much stronger!" He grinned at the girl.

"That's why I want to be the King!"

The girl stared at the man. He seemed so determined, so willful in his declaration...

"That's so cool, Mr. Luffy!" She exclaimed.

"Shishishi! I know! Right now, I'm on a journey to travel all around the land!"

"There he is, Daddy! There's the man that disgraced me!"

Luffy and Rika turned to see a massive man surrounded by many guards. He was the local lord of the land, Morgan.

"You shitty son!" He smacked his child with the axe he had for a right arm, "How dare you shame me by losing to such a punk-ass kid!"

Helmeppo held his head as he fell to the ground, bleeding. Tears spilled from his eyes.

"And you!" He pointed at Luffy, "I command you to die! Right here!"

"Sorry!" Luffy said as he got up. Rika looked back at the wolf remains in surprise.

He had eaten it all in a matter of seconds!

"I don't intend on dying anytime soon, idiot!"

Morgan looked furious.

"Guards! Cut that man into pieces!" His guards charged the knight, swords and weapons at the ready.

"Mr. Luffy! Please, run!" Rika pulled at Luffy's waist, but he stepped forward.

"Don't worry, little lady!" He pulled his visor down and stared at the approaching men.

"I won't die that easily!" His armored arm stretched backwards, freaking everyone out.

"What are-?!"

"Rubber Sword!"

He swung his arm and struck many of the soldiers. They all went flying through the air.

"You! You're a Demon, aren't you?!" Morgan shouted, fear written across his face.

"Nay! I'm a knight of justice!" He shouted back, his voice seemed gleeful.

"And you, sir! Are charged with attacking an ally of justice! I will cut you down!" He charged towards Morgan, one of his gauntlets was held back in the air.

"Fool! I am King Morgan! I won't die to some punk-!"

He swung his axe arm at the man, but Luffy dodged to the side as the axe flew by his face.


His arm shot forward at frightening speed.


Luffy's fist crashed into Morgan's stomach, sending the man skidding away.

Rika looked in amazement as she saw the Tyrannical King fall to his knees.

"And this is your punishment!" Luffy finished as he stared at the fallen man.

Rika approached Luffy, who had pulled out a weird looking Den Den Mushi.

"Hey, gramps! I got someone you need to take away!" Luffy shouted into the snail phone.

The person on the other end seemed really angry as the snail shouted back.

"Jeez, gramps! Not so loud! His name is Morgan! He's a King!"

The voice on the other end seemed angrier.

"No, gramps! He was evil! He attacked me first this time, I swear!"

The man on the other end calmed down. It spoke a few more lines before the sound of hanging up could be heard.

"Gah...gramps. You have so much faith in me..." Luffy seemed a little crestfallen.

"Oh, Rika! Expect this really big man in a jacket coming by!" Luffy stretched his arms wide, trying to describe how big this man was going to be.

"Um, Mr. Luffy? What's going to happen?"

"My gramps is going to come by here soon! He'll take this guy away and put another King in charge of the area!"

Rika looked a little shocked.

"Your gramps has that kind of authority?!"

"Yeah! He's pretty high up in the World Government, so he can arrest even people like this guy!" He kicked Morgan a little. The man didn't stir.

"Mr. Luffy..." Rika didn't know what to say.

"Hm, it looks like there's no real big disturbances here, so I'm going to leave now!" His visor turned in her direction.

"See you!" He waved and started walking away.

"Mr. Luffy!" Luffy turned to see Rika with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you...thank you so much!"

"Hey, no reason to cry! I was just doing what I was supposed to be doing!" He walked back and put his hands on her shoulders.

"You don't understand!" She wiped her face with one hand.

"Living under this man...! It was unbearable! The taxes...! The slavery...!" She sniffed loudly.

"Thank you...! Thank you so much...!" She hugged the knight.

Luffy looked a little shocked, but gave the girl a few pats on the back.

"Well, gramps will be coming by real soon to help you all out! Don't worry, little lady, things will get better."

She let go of him and he stood back up.

"Remember! There are always people out there, willing to help you!" He started walking away again.

"If something like this happens again, just be sure to go to Foosha Village! It's only a few miles to the West! On the coast! They'll help you out!"

Rika stared at the form of the knight as he disappeared in the trees.

The man had saved her village! Despite how normal it looked, Morgan was a true tyrant!

"Thank you!" She shouted once more into the wind.

She prayed that he would eventually realize his dream. That he would travel across the world, and meet with his friend, once again!

True to Luffy's word, a large man did arrive inside Shell Town.

"That stupid brat! Giving me so much work..." He had installed a new, fair King that he was friends with. He knew he was just and good, so this village would suffer no more.

A girl ran up to him, stopping his walk.

"Good sir! Would you happen to be Luffy's grandfather?" The little girl asked.

"Huh? Luffy! Where is that brat!" The man raged as he looked around, searching for his grandson.

"Don't call him that!" Garp felt the girl kick his shin.

"I can call that brat whatever I want! Being such a troublemaker...!" He growled, though not at the girl.

"What did he ever do?! He's a Knight! A hero!"

"He's anything but a hero!" Garp yelled at her.

"He's wanted by the World Government for hitting one of the World Nobles! Do you understand?!"

The girl's eyes widened in realization.

"He's wanted! He's a criminal!"

'Knight my ass...' Garp thought as he walked away from the little girl.

"Luffy! You'll pay for giving me more work to do!" He shouted into the heavens.

Don't expect any large chapters here. This is only a short-story kind of thing. I'll also post another idea I have.