A/N This chapter is a bit graphic on blood etc. Also-sorry lovelies for taking so long-college:P Also, be aware, I am in no way a nurse and don't claim to be. If there are inconsistencies I apologize. I did my best with research.

Rose had been in labor for a few hours. Her hair soaked with sweat, her face flushed and contorted with pain. The Doctor patted her face with a moist towel.

"Doctor, it hurts. Where is the ambulance?" Rose panted out before screaming as another contraction hit. His arms flailed for a moment-unsure- and he smoothed her hair back, gripping her hand.

"Rose, love, I'm not too sure." The Doctor looked to the window. He had called Jackie and the hospital. No one has made it. "Rose, I am a doctor…"

Her eyes moved to his, she hadn't wanted him to deal with her in that way… But the pain… Another contraction hit-black spots danced across her vision. She screamed again. "Doctor… Please." The Doctor nodded and went about their house collecting a few items.

The Doctor came back to Rose and kissed her warm, sweaty forehead. "Your contractions are getting closer. Charlie will be ready to come soon." Rose nodded. The Doctor piled many pillows behind her and brought her legs up and apart. "Rose, I'm going to see how many centimeters you are…" Rose nodded again. The Doctor got in between her legs, "You're close." He looked up to her.

"Doctor, it hurts." Her head rested on the pillows behind her, a soft scream of pain came from her.

"PUSH!" Rose began to push as hard as she could, tears streamed down her face. The Doctor watched closely between her legs. He heard her push-then blood came from her. Too much. It kept pouring. "Rose stop pushing." He looked up to her, her face was paling. The blood didn't slow as she stopped pushing. It was pooling on the bed.

"Doctor, my head hurts." Her hand went to her head, the other hand to her stomach.

Too much blood. Way too much blood. She is hemorrhaging. If I don't stop it, she'll die. The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and scanned her, trying to locate where she was hemorrhaging. His eyes flitted to her face-it was pale. His pink and yellow Rose was shockingly white. Void of colour. His hands went to her opening, sliding a few fingers inside searching for the area that was causing her to bleed.

Rose knew she was slipping. More spots danced across her vision. The darkness would take her for a few moments then she would come back to the present. The pain. There was no ambulance, she wouldn't see her son, worst of all-she wouldn't grow old with the Doctor. Her Doctor. Tears of sadness mingled with the tears of pain. Her hand weakly touched the top of the Doctor's head, his fingers still probing inside of her. "Doctor. It's time for me to go…"

The anger and urgency in his eyes didn't startle her as his eyes shot to hers. "Rose, no. I'm getting you through this-we're going to get through this." Rose's eyes slowly shut again, the darkness was close. Like a wave, lapping the shore, coming up further and further.

"Doctor, just come hold my hand please." Her voice was weak as the soft words fell from her white lips. The Doctor roared in anger and flipped the side desk.

"ROSE! YOU'RE BEING RIDICULOUS!" He knelt on the ground next to her, sobs coming from him. "Please…" His voice was entirely broken.

"Shh. Shh. My Doctor, don't cry." Her hands barely made it to his hair and she exhausted herself running them through his hair. His bloody hands caught hers. He brought his lips to her hands.

"Rose, please don't leave me." The Doctor pleaded through his sobs.

"Doctor… It's simply my time… But I leave something for you." Rose sighed and turned her head to him. "I leave our baby. Little Charles." The Doctor nodded but the tears didn't stop.

"Rose, Charlie will need his mother too…" The Doctor choked out his words.

"Mmmm." Her eyes shut again. "You showed me the universe, every star that ever was… It's been fantastic. You were fantastic. So was I." Her voice was growing softer. The Doctor's hearts ached as she told him the same words his ninth regeneration told her.

"Look at me Rose." His hands went through her hair. Her eyes opened. He saw the gold flecks in her eyes fading to a dull copper, slowly blending with the brown. "I love you Rose. So much. You are forever etched on my hearts. You're the first face I saw and the last face I saw in my ninth form. You are my companion through time and space and life. There is only you. Please, please let me help you." His lips touched hers. He felt her lips return the kiss.

"I love you too my Doctor more than anything. But I know it's too late. I can feel it. Charlie-Doctor save him. He's ours." Rose smiled softly, eyes closing. Her breathing was shallow. The Doctor kissed her lips one last time before weeping as he breathing stopped.

Doctor, stop this. Charlie is still in her. You need to get him out before he dies as well. He kissed Roses head and then quickly went to her abdomen. He dug through the first aid kit that was abandoned on the floor near the bed. He found a scalpel and he lifted up her nightie. It was blue.

Focus. The Doctor's hand rested at the lower part of her abdomen and he slid the knife quickly and smoothly. A thin red line shown on her pale body, he pulled the skin back to reveal their son.

No movement. Rassilion! He pulled Charlie out and cut the umbilical cord quickly. Still nothing. "Dammit, come on Charlie. Come back to daddy and mummy." His head rested of his little chest. No beating. No breathing. His lips were purple, cheeks had some of the blood vessels broken. He was so little. The Doctor's long fingers found the center of his little chest and began to pump. 30 pumps for 2 breaths.


There was a knock at the door. The medics were here. Jackie and Pete were here.

It was too late. Far too late.

His family was dead.

The Doctor turned to face them. His movements were harsh and slow. "You. NONE OF YOU WERE HERE." Jackie was collapsed in Pete's arms, weeping hysterically. Pete was crying silent tears. The medics were standing there in shock. "MY FAMILY DIED BEFORE ME. AND I COULDN'T DO A THING ABOUT IT." The Doctor's chest heaved.

"Doctor, I-"

"NO JACKIE TYLER, YOU CANNOT SAY A WORD ABOUT THIS." He bellowed and stormed out of the room and began to pack his bag up.

The EMTs went around the mess to check out the child and Rose. They murmured to one another. As the Doctor strode back into the room, bag packed of everything he could possibly imagine.

"John, we must inform-"

"I don't want to hear it." The Doctor snarled as they used his human name.

"But your son-"

"He is dead. Like my wife."

"He was stillborn. That wasn't your fault. Neither was Rose." The head EMT looked him hard in the eyes.

"I should have saved her-I could have saved him too…" You know what a stillborn is Doctor. Either way he would have come out-He couldn't think of the word. Think of his little son being dead, being gone, not when he couldn't do anything about it.

He looked to the people in the room. Anger flared up in him at the look of the people. The Doctor's eyes traveled to where Rose laid and their son. Someone had placed a sheet over Rose and Charlie. Tears streamed down his face. Rose was not very much alive. She was gone. To never laugh, cry, smile… To make love, to share the many whispers and kisses… The little secrets, the shared happiness, to be his Rose, all pink and yellow… And little Charlie, unsure on who he would look like… Unsure of who he would of become. He obviously didn't regenerate in the womb.

"I'm leaving." The Doctor cast one last glance at his dead family and walked out the door.

A/N: BEFORE YOU PANIC AND WANT TO THROW THINGS AT ME. I must tell y'all: this was a prompt, the prompt read like this: Fic War Prompt: Ten/Rose, angst. Plot Summary: Ten risks everything to be with Rose when he discovers that she's pregnant, only to have his world crushed when both Rose and his unborn son both die during labour. extra: he can't use the tardis to travel back. I didn't want to write it, but alas that was my prompt sent though tumblr ( badwolfthroughtimeandspace (URL)-in case yall were wondering). I was writing it through tumblr but thought to do this. Through tumblr i had gotten a few requests to do an ALTERNATE ENDING-and i am VERY happy to oblige. However-that alternate ending will only come after this ending takes it course. I hope you guys will stick with me, i love yall very much and dont want you to hate me. BUT I WILL WRITE THE ALTERNATE ENDING.