Colonel Roy Mustang walked into his office on a gloomy Monday morning. As usual, the place was a mess. To his surprise, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye wasn't in her usual seat by the window yet. With a sigh, Roy sat down at his desk and attempted to neaten things up.

As he was rifling through some papers, Roy noticed a small envelope. He picked it up and looked it over. On the front, written in neat writing was his name. Curious, Roy grabbed his gold letter opener and slit the envelope open. Inside was a tiny slip of paper. Roy gently took out the slip of paper and read it. It read:

In the beginning
I never thought it would be you
When we were chilling
Smiling in the photo booth

"How interesting..." The Flame Alchemist mumbled to himself. The handwriting seemed familiar, but he just couldn't put his finger on exactly who's it was. It looked feminine, but he didn't know how one of his admittedly many female admirers would get into his office. Impulsively, he grabbed a piece of paper and wrote the first thing that came to mind.

But we got closer
Soon you were eating off my spoon
You're coming over
And we would talk all afternoon

Satisfied, Roy rolled his reply up and placed it into an empty inkwell on his desk for his mystery woman to find. Roy continued to work in silence until Riza arrived, Black Hayate at her heels. "You're late." The Colonel remarked with a chuckle and a small smirk.

The Lieutenant groaned. "Don't blame me. Stupid Hayate here kept me up all night with his barking." Roy laughed and got a smack in the face from his companion.

The day went on as usual and Roy almost forgot about the strange note he had found that morning. Almost. Roy looked over a paper. "Lieutenant, this requires your signature."

Riza nodded and walked over to Roy's desk. As she was walking, Black Hayate nudged her in the shin. She tripped and Roy thought just quick enough to catch her safely under the arms. Their faces were centimeters apart. "Hayate." Riza mumbled, blushing as she stood up. She signed the required document without a word and went to stand behind her superior. Roy signed the document as well. Out of the corner of his dark eyes, he noticed the note in the inkwell was gone.