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I'm standing outside of the Warriors Academy, suitcase in one paw, student ID in the other.

"First day of 9th grade at the academy, where I'll be away from home for moons, and I'm feelin' good! The only problem I may have is the scar on my face... oh, and getting good grades... and getting along with my roommate. StarClan, how can I do it all?" I mumbled, praying. Well, it's now or never. I push open the doors, and I see cats everywhere, opening lockers, texting, talking, even reading! Who does that anymore?! And, of course, within 10 seconds, every cat is staring at my scar. Not at me, but at my scar.

"What?! You've never seen a cat with a wound before?" I hiss loudly.

Suddenly, all the cats race towards me, shooting questions left and right.

"Wow! That's EPIC! Where'd you get it?"

"Was it a twoleg"

"A dog?"

"Another cat?"

"Your littermate?"

"Quiet!" I yowl. A teacher with pale fur glares at me. "Sorry..."

The pale-furred teacher narrowed her eyes, but gave me a curt nod.

"Look, it's my first day of high school, and at the Warriors Academy. Give me some space, and I'll tell you what happened."

The cats slowly back away, giving me some space. "Now, who said that a dog gave me this scar?"

A cat slowly pads forward, looking scared. "M-me... please don't hurt me!"

I grin. He was afraid of me! And I'm practically blind, 'cause I only have one eye! "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. What's your name?" I ask.

"Ravenpaw..." The pitch-black cat whispers.

"Well, looks like you've got a brain in that head of yours! I was saving my best friend from a dog. She was at my place when I was home alone. Swiftpaw died... I still miss her. The dog came out of nowhere! I passed out, and the dog ripped out one of my eyes. My parents almost killed me! Not really, of course. But it's why I'm here at the Academy. I'm Brightheart, by the way."

The cats murmur about my story as I pad away.

"34, 34, 34" I recite my dorm number so I won't forget it. "Ah. Here it is."

I unlock the door, and find a she-cat singing Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.

"I walk this empty street on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Where the city sleeps, and I'm the only one, and I walk alone..." She sings.

"Hey, that sounds really good!" I exclaim, dropping my bags on the empty bed. "Are you in a band or something?"

"Thank you, watch where you put those, no, and please knock before entering." She meows, then continuing her song. "You must be Brightheart. First year, right?"

"Uh, yeah... I didn't get told who my roommate was. Who are you?"

"I'm Sandstorm. There's gonna be one other cat rooming with us, too. I'm in 11th, FYI."

"'Kay." I mutter, whipping out my iPhone. I write up a quick text to my bestie, Daisy.

BrighterThanTheSun: Hey, girly! Sup? Who r u rooming with?

It's only a matter of minutes before she replies.

DaisyGotSwag: How many times have I told u NOT 2 call me girly?! Anyway, I don't know who my roommate(s?) are, but I DO know what dorm: 34.

I stared at the text, freaking out and being extremely happy at the same time. Rooming with my bestie! Rooming with Daisy! Best. Day. EVER! I gotta reply!


DaisyGotSwag: OMS WHAT?! What is so amazing that u gotta say Oh My StarClan?

BrighterThanTheSun: I'M IN DORM 34!


BrighterThanTheSun: Hurry up and get in here! U have GOT to meet Sandstorm! She's a bit quiet, but is an AMAZING singer! Swear to StarClan that u'll luv 'er!

DaisyGotSwag: Got it. I'm just down the hall. Classes in 5 mins! I got mate first, with Bluestar. U?

DaisyGotSwag: *cough cough* math, not mate. STUPID AUTO CORRECT!

BrighterThanTheSun: LOL! No kidding! I got Music with Snowfur. Hey, did u know that Bluestar and Snowfur are sisters?

DaisyGotSwag: No way. How do u know?

BrighterThanTheSun: It pays to read the school gossip column XD! Gotta run; unpacking. C u in the next few seconds when u get in here!

DaisyGotSwag: LOL! Ttyl, girly!

I shut off my phone and open the door before Daisy even gets the chance to knock.

"Hiya! It seems like FOREVER since we talked! When was it... oh yeah, 10 seconds ago!"

Daisy laughs and high-paws me. "So, where's this Singer of the Sands?"

"I believe you mean Sandstorm. And I assume you two know each other?" Sandstorm interrupted.

"Well, duh! Daisy, drop your stuff on the empty bed; we gotta run, 'cause classes are in 3 minutes!" I call, racing out the doorway.


I enter the classroom with a minute to spare, and take a seat next to a white-furred tom.

"Hey, I'm Brightheart."

"I'm Cloudtail." He looks up from his book, The Hunger Games and smiles. "Cool scar."

I'm not sure if I should be offended by his words, or relieved that he isn't pestering me with questions. "Thanks... I think." I mew cautiously. "I got it while saving my friend Swiftpaw from a dog. She... she died."

"Oh. I'm sorry. Hey, text me if you wanna talk about it. Or anything else, for that matter. My ID is CloudsOfCourage. What's yours?"

I can't help but look away from him. "BrighterThanTheSun." I mumble.

"That fits you. You shine, even with that scar on your face." Cloudtail smiled. "Here comes Snowfur. I better shut up."

I can't help but laugh at his tries at flirting! Wait... flirting? Cloudtail was flirting with me. I guess he's a little cute, but... no. Not yet.

"Okay, class! Listen up! These are your permanent seats, and misbehaving will not be tolerated. Understood?"

"Yes, Snowfur." The class replies in unison.

"Good. Now, each of you will pick an instrument to play. The options are: violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, tuba, trombone, saxophone, piccolo, bassoon, percussion..." She lists so many instruments, it becomes hard to keep track! "I will give each of you a sheet with all of the instruments on it, and you will write down your top three choices. It is mandatory that you either play an instrument, join the choir, or both. Cloudtail, pass out the sheets, please. Oh, and all of the instruments will be provided by the Academy. Now, this is a treble clef, and..." Snowfur lectures us about staffs and clefs and keys, and when Cloudtail hands me my sheet, there is a sticky note on it. It said, Wanna go to the mall after school? I know where we could hang out!

I grab a pencil from my backpack, and reply, Sure, but can I bring Sandstorm and Daisy? You can bring some friends, too! I know it might hurt his feelings, but I don't wanna date him! Yet...

I toss the note on to his desk, and then look straight ahead at Snowfur, who was now talking about melodies and harmonies. Too bad Sandstorm wasn't in this class; Snowfur requested for a cat to come up and sing "Carol of the Bells" for a demonstration of range and pitches. She could've rocked it!

Soon enough, the bell had rung, and cats were racing through the halls to get to their classes. Cloudtail tapped my shoulder and said, "Yeah, your friends can come. I'll bring Brambleclaw and Crowfeather."

I nodded and said goodbye before rushing off to Science class.


Finally, lunch! I can ask Daisy and Sandstorm about the mall! I send a quick text to tell them.

BrighterThanTheSun: Hey, guys! Wanna go 2 the mall after classes 2day? I'm gonna be meeting Cloudtail and some of his friends there!

A few minutes pass, and no answer. I'm about to shut off the iPhone and go find them myself, but I heard the quiet but significant ding that meant that I had a new text.

SandySinger: Yeah, why not? I heard that Cloudtail has a cute 11th grade friend named Dustpelt! HOTTIE!

Another ding sounded, and I laughed when I saw it.

DaisyGotSwag: Oooooo, new bf? Can't WAIT for the deets! He hot? He got hot friends? IS HE A COOL CAT?! I MUST KNOW!

It's on! Yes! I'll send Cloudtail a text later! For now, I need a grilled sparrow sandwich!