Hello everyone! Here's my fourth story to Fanfiction! "Tales of a Sinner!"

lol I really like Super!Protagonist stories. I think it makes things easier.

This is also set in a slightly altered One Piece world! Instead of islands, most of the locations are connected like continents, though I'm not going to go through the trouble of naming every single place!

For pairings, or whatever, I don't think I'll do any. Despite how Luffy may seem, he might not get any. Sorry.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story!

The man walked forward in the blazing sun, seemingly not caring about his destination.

It had been a few days since he had seen civilization, but not all was bad...

He still had his hat. That was one thing.

Also, this heat! He had a plentiful amount of heat!

How lucky...

Seeing structures ahead, the man's spirits rose.

"Finally!" He said aloud.

He ran forward, not knowing what lie ahead.

The bartender stood in fear, his hands raised as high as they could go.

"Give us all your valuables! Now!" The fat lady shouted as a little boy with purple haired shuffled around with a bag.

Taking a look at the little boy, he felt a little pity. The boy looked more scared than he did.

He must have been forced to work for such an evil lady! How cruel!

The doors to his establishment burst open and the raiders all pointed their weapons at the new arrival.

He wore a white vest, and stood about 5 ft 7 and a half inches tall. He wore long, black pants and he wore sandals. Underneath the vest, he had a normal, long sleeved black shirt.

"Hey! Mister! Bring your booze and women, cause I happen to have lots of money on me!" His eyes were closed as he approached the bar. There was a scar underneath his left eye and he had wild, black hair. A straw hat hung from his neck.

Seems like this guy liked a lot of black.

"You, Brat!" The fat woman known as Alvida shouted.

She was one of the bigger raider groups in the area. This was the first time she hit this town, but she was known to raze towns to the ground after taking everything of value.

The man didn't pay any attention, he kept slamming the counter top with his hands.

"Come on, geezer! Didn't you hear me?! Don't you have beer and women in this fine establish...?"

He trailed off as he noticed Alvida.

Silence passed through the room as he stared at her and everyone stared at him.

"...You know what? Just give me your booze." He turned back to the bartender, who still had his hands in the air.

"You cheeky bastard!" She shouted as she tried to slam her mace into his head, but he moved at the last second.

"Gah...listen..." He looked up and down her body.

"...just listen. I appreciate your interest in me, but I'm not that kind of guy..."

Alvida glared at him with all the feminine fury she could muster.

"I'm a beautiful woman!"

"Ha, okay! Whatever makes you sleep at night!" The strange man laughed a little.

A mace was thrown at him. He ducked and watched it fly through the wooden wall.

Alvida roared at him. A little fear appeared on the man's face as he noticed her large mass headed towards him.

"Jeez...I can't get a break, can I?" He muttered as his eyes narrowed.

"Sloth." He drawled out.

Alvida crashed into the man, and smashed him through the counter.

At least, she thought she had. He had disappeared.

"Hey, like I said, I'm still not that kind of man." A voice came from above.

The man now stood at the top of some stairs the building had. His vest had turned a strange color of blue, his shirt and pants remained the same color.

His irises were blue as he stared at the fat woman. Her raiders were shocked, since they hadn't seen the man move.

"You...!" Alvida growled.

"You." The man pointed at Alvida.

"I sense lust and greed. Sins that almost all humans have, but your pride! Your pride is sickening to me." The man waved his hand, as if trying to dispel a bad stench.

"I guess it's been a while since I've gone all out." The man grinned maliciously.

"Wrath." He growled back.

Coby shivered in fear as he hid behind the building.

He had managed to get away from the others when the man had first appeared. The sounds that came from the bar had frightened him!

It sounded like someone was getting murdered!

He was interrupted from his thoughts as glass from the window he had been hiding under fell on his head.

Flames shot out from the building, sending Coby into another terrified shake.

The man exited the bar. He had a glass of water in one hand and Coby watched as he drank it all and threw it behind him against the wall.

"Ah! That sure was refreshing!" He grinned.

"Shame there were no ladies though...oh well. Maybe they have a casino?"

He looked around and he spotted Coby.

"Hey, you there!"

Coby cried as the man approached him.

This was it. His life was over.

Coby walked alongside the strange man.

Apparently, all he wanted were directions to a local casino. After Colby had told him that there was no such place in the area, he asked for a brothel.

Sadly, all the places the man had asked for were nowhere near where they were. The man sighed, and asked if he could lead him to the nearest major city.

Seeing how they were in the great desert that Alabasta had, they had no choice but to walk very far. The nearest sort of place was Rainbase.

The man's name was Monkey D. Luffy. He was a wanderer who wanted to just waste away in a local place of sin, as he had told Coby.

"Gah...so much walking!" Luffy complained loudly in Coby's ear.

"You must have been very lost if you were in the middle of nowhere..." Coby muttered.

"I know! I was just at the sea a while ago! What happened?!" The man whined.

A sweat drop rolled down Coby's head, and it wasn't from the heat.

They were in the middle of the desert. He didn't even know where the sea was.

"Coby! You're lucky I sense no sin from you! Otherwise, I would have eaten you a long time ago!"

"What?! You eat people?!" Coby started to run in fear.

"Hey! No, wait! I don't eat people, I "eat" people!" Luffy chased Coby as he ran across the desert.

Tears flew from Coby's eyes as he continued his mad dash away from the man.

"What have I gotten myself into?!" He screamed into the air.

Coby sighed in relief as he watched the mysterious man known as Luffy look around in wonderment.

"Now this is what I was talking about!" Luffy was yelling in glee.

"The sin! The aroma of decaying dreams! This is the best!"

Coby tried distancing himself from the very weird and horrible man, but Luffy had grabbed his wrist and entered the casino known as Rain Dinners.

He watched as Luffy put an obscene amount of money into the casino, and he watched as he lost it all.

"Well, they were a bunch of cheaters anyway..." He muttered under his breath, "I wonder if there are any women nearby..."

"Luffy, you really have no luck, do you?"

"Hey, it comes with being a devil fruit user. I just deal with it." He shrugged his shoulders, ignoring Coby tensing up in shock.

"Y-You're a devil fruit eater?! What's your power?!" He asked in alarm.

Luffy spotted what appeared to be a fine looking black haired lady. He sensed almost no sin from her.

Time for that to change.

"I'm a "sinner"!" He told the little purple haired boy as he got up.

"A sinner? Wait, what are you going to do to that woman?!" Coby shouted. Luffy turned and shushed him.

"Be quiet! You're too young anyway!"

Luffy put on his best smile as he approached the woman. His vest turned purple, his eyes followed.

Time for his luck to change!

This is just the start. I don't know where it's going to go story wise, so just expect anything!