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"Shishishishi...hello pretty ladies. Ah! Don't run away. I'll be gentle...shishishi..."

The man lay on his back, almost buried in sand as he giggled, his hands reaching up as if they were groping something. Drool dripped down from his mouth even though it was well over scorching hot in the desert. His clothes were torn to shreds, but his flesh was uninjured.

A small boy with purple hair stood in fear next to a taller man with green with green hair.

"...You know, I kinda thought you were a little better than this, but by now I should learn to expect disappointment..."

"Please, sir!" The small boy pleaded next to him, "I brought you to him, but don't hurt him! He's a good guy, honest!"

"Shishishi...are all these beautiful ladies for me?" The sleeping man's drooling increased, "Don't mind if I indulge in some...very fun things..."

"I-I know that it doesn't seem like it, but he saved my life!"

"Don't worry, kid." The taller man gathered a handful of sand, "He saved mine as well. I've just got some business with him, is all."

He felt a small amount of pleasure as he poured the sand into Luffy's mouth, watching him gag and sputter.

"You're a monster!"

"Kuhahaha...what are you going to do about it, King Cobra?!" Crocodile, almost recovered from his previous battle, had already begun his attack on Alubarna. His forces below collided with the kingdom's army, but it was clear who would win this fight.

After today, he would be known as King Crocodile, and nobody would be able to threaten him so easily again!

"Tell me, where is it?" Despite the ambiguous question, the Shichibukai could see that Cobra had some idea what he wanted, "Where is your "ancient weapon" stored?"

"Sire! Hold on!" A man who turned into some sort of dog tried to interfere, but was cut down by Crocodile without much thought.

"Don't hurt my men! I...I'll take you there." Kobra relented, though he knew the weapon Crocodile was seeking would never fall into his hands. There was no one in the world who could decipher the ancient language aside from Nico Robin, but that was only one person.

Unknown to the King, that very person was currently waiting for Crocodile to lead her to the poneglyph that held the information.

"Eh? Who are you? Wait, don't answer that. I don't really care." Luffy, after waking up and realizing Coby and some other weirdo was standing above him, exclaimed as he started to walk away.

"Hold up, Monkey D. Luffy. I have unfinished business with you."

"Business? Are you some sort of pimp? I swear, I haven't touched any women since I got here."

"Not that kind of business, you idiot!" The green haired man shouted, losing his patience quickly.

"Hey, Coby? How did you find me all the way out here?"

The boy flinched after he heard himself brought into the conversation, but managed to stay on his feet.

"I followed the sandstorm that erupted outside Rainbase. I was so scared...but after everything had died down, I found you in the desert. This man, "He pointed to the green haired man, "Came by with his friends. They gave me some water and he volunteered to stay here while his companions had some business in Alubarna."

"Sandstorm?" Luffy then remembered his fight with the sandman, "Ah! Damn it! I lost, didn't I? I can't have that stay as it is!" He tried to walk away, but the stranger stood in front of him.

"What is your problem?! I'm not interested in men, so go away!"

"Fight me."

"Eh?" The man had three swords at his waist which he unsheathed, putting one of the swords in his mouth and wielding another in his hand, "Fight you? Why?"

"Don't you remember!?" Despite having a sword hilt held in his mouth, he was able to speak perfectly, "What happened back in Shell Town? Orange Town?! What you did there, and what you did to me, Nami, Sanji, and Usopp?!"

"Ah, Nami was such a beautiful lady ~ but her fists are filled with hate..." Luffy had stars in his eyes as he remembered the beauty he had seen before, but his memory was crushed when he remembered how painful it was to be around her.

"What about Arlong? Huh?! The fishman?!"

"Nope. Nothing you say is ringing any bells." Luffy's blank look and empty smile pushed the man over the edge.

With a roar of anger, he swung his swords to cleave the man in three with Coby screaming in the background.

His weapons hit nothing, Luffy had disappeared, and all his feelings of anger left his body.

"What the..." An odd, calm feeling washed over him and he felt a little at peace.

"Sorry, Zoro." The man's eyes widened as he realized that Luffy did know what he was talking about, "But I needed a little something to energize me."

"You used me...you took my anger." Zoro stated as he sheathed his swords.

"I'd call it "wrath", but yeah. You should be more careful." The swordsman turned to see the sinner stretching his face a little while making an angry face, "Your face is already pretty scary. All that anger is going to put wrinkles on ya."

"You bastard...why won't you lead us?" At that, Luffy stopped and turned to face something on the horizon.

"...You do realize I'm a sinner, right? I am not one of the "good guys" as Coby put it-"

"Bullshit!" Coby jumped in fear, not knowing what the two were talking about, "You've done so much for us, but you're not going to take responsibility?! What are we supposed to do!? Follow after you like lost puppies, feeling this enormous debt to you?!"

"I didn't do it so you would owe me. I helped you guys out because I felt like it. Nothing else influenced me."

"Back when I wanted to die, when I had nothing to live for due to my stupidity, you saved me! You revived my dream! Without you, there would be no more "moving on"!"

"Then you should really find something to live for. Jeez, you're sounding a lot like a stalker." Luffy sighed in exasperation. He was tired of these guys following him.

"You're also responsible for us having to rely on that stupid ass clown, Buggy!"

"Pfft! Ass clown!" Distracted, Luffy started laughing.

"You think that's funny?! Do you know what we had to put up with, dealing with that egomaniac!?"

Luffy started laughing harder until he managed to control himself.

"I didn't realize you had to stoop so low. Sorry." Without a trace of sincerity in his voice, he started running away, "Take care of the kid, Zoro! I don't want him dying on me now!"

"What?! Wai-!"

It was already too late. A flash of blue and Luffy was gone.

"Goddamnit! Not again!" The swordsman started to rage, while Coby cowered where he stood. After the man was done, he would take him to where he needed to go.

Robin gasped in pain as the hook was ripped from her body, and she slid down the nearby wall. Her life was leaving her in the form of the cascading falls of her own blood that covered the wall and slowly formed a small puddle under her.

Kobra had done what he said he would do, and they had found the poneglyph in a hidden passage in the tombs of the former kings. The large block of history...had not been the one she was looking for.

With disdain and disappointment in her heart, she read the text as Kobra found out her identity. The only one in the world who could revive the ancient weapons of war and bring chaos to the land, was her, Nico Robin.

And, according to Crocodile's uncanny intuition, the poneglyph did describe one such weapon. The Pluton, a massive weapon of war that could annihilate countries.

Though, the man did not know that she knew this. She merely told him it detailed the entire history of the Alabasta Kingdom, which had surprised the old king.

Crocodile was too suspicious of her, even if she had saved his life, and promptly rewarded all of her years of service by fatally wounding her, announcing that she would die in this tomb.

And even if she lived...her dream was gone. There was no more life for her. This was the end of the Oharans...and the end of her.

A crash reached her ears and the familiar shouting that accompanied it filled her with regret.

She shouldn't have helped Crocodile. This young man was strong, but in the desert, he was invincible.

"CROCODILE!" Luffy crashed into the room, demolishing one of the walls and charging towards the Shichibukai.

Startled, the man turned to sand, though Luffy ripped through with his flames, causing the sandman to grunt in pain as he reformed a few feet away.

"You really don't know when to give up do you, you failure?!" Snarling, Crocodile took off the golden cover for the poisonous compartment of his hook. He would need everything he had if he wanted to survive this fight.

"Says the man who almost lost his life, despite being "invincible"!" Luffy took notice of the older king and the woman who laid crumpled up in the corner, "What's wrong? Taking your frustrations out on an old man and an injured woman? Well, don't you worry, you asshole, I'm going to make sure you feel nothing at all in a few minutes!"

He shot towards the sandman, and a blue light blinded Crocodile. When his sight returned, an immense pain welled up in his side and he saw a fist engulfed in flames rammed in his side.

The force sent him flying into the opposite wall, but he managed to leave his hook and hand floating in mid air, which he then used to dehydrate one of the sinner's arms while the hook impaled his shoulder, dragging him to Crocodile.

Grunting, Luffy endured a blade of sand running through his body, and it began to dehydrate his organs.

"Seems like you're still weakened from our fight, trash!" He grinned as he watched Luffy's expression turn in to tormented hate, "You were a fool for trying to challenge me ag-"

Luffy growled as glared hatefully at Crocodile.


Again, it seemed like reality warped, causing Crocodile to let go of Luffy. The sinner's wounds were healed and he was already ramming a fist into the sandman's face.

The wall behind him cracked even further, threatening to collapse on the two, but before it did, Luffy threw Crocodile into a column, following him with flames erupting from his fists.

Slamming them down into his enemy, a pillar of flame surrounded the two as Luffy attempted to immolate the one who had hurt one of his friends.

Crocodile escaped, reforming his body outside the pillar of flame, gathered a swirling mass of sand in his hand before throwing it forwards.


The storm tore through the flames and sent Luffy flying, sending him crashing along the floor of the tomb.

He tried to get up, but an insidious pain crept through his body, forcing him to scream in pain.

"Oh? The poison worked?" The Shichibukai smirked. It seems that the boy's tricks didn't remove the poison from his hook.

"Shit!" Luffy cursed, blood running from his mouth, "Pri-!"

He felt an immense drain on his body and he realized that "Pride" wouldn't be able to save him from this.

A shock shook the tomb and Crocodile laughed.

"It seems that it's too late for you, Monkey D. Luffy! How does it feel, knowing your life will end here?! After getting so far, you will die miserably in this pit!"

He turned to his former accomplice, spitting in disgust at the sight of her crippled body.

"Do you really think I'm stupid?! I know that this block has the weapon I seek! Even if you won't decipher it for me, I'll just use what little notes you have and make someone translate it for me! I'm a patient man, Nico Robin! Even if it takes years, all I have left to worry about is time!"

He laughed loudly, "For I will be King of this land! Nobody will be able to touch me! Not even the World Government can stop me now!"

"You're stupid, aren't you?" Luffy coughed, struggling to stand on his feet.

"Says the dying man! Any second now, the city will be destroyed by my bomb, and I'll be free to do as I please with this land! Thanks to my ability, I will survive and build my utopia!"

"That's not what I meant." Irritated, he turned to see that Luffy was standing straight up, glaring at him with eyes a dead man wouldn't have.

"You really think you're getting out of here alive? Now that I know all of that, do you just think I'll lay down and die?"

"I expect you to fail, just like you did when your brother was executed, trash!"

Luffy growled and grit his teeth.

"Fine. I didn't want to use this, but I really want to take you down..."

Crocodile mentally noted that the bomb should have destroyed the area, but was frustrated that it hadn't. Something must have interfered, but he would deal with it after he killed the pest before him.

"River of Grief: Cocytus..."

A blue aura surrounded the sinner, and Crocodile was shocked to see what looked like water floating in air.

"What the hell...!? You can control water?!"

Luffy chuckled, knowing that the man didn't understand, "If all you see is a river, then you're really going to hate what happens next."

Hastily, Crocodile formed another "Sables" to counter what he thought would be an raging wave of water.


Robin heard the battle, but she was too weary to do anything else. However, when Monkey D. Luffy had said something about a river of grief, she really wished her ears had been taken as well.

All she could hear was wailing and pain. Screams of horrendous torture reached her ears and she wished it would stop.

"If all you see is a river, then you're really going to hate what happens next."

She heard Crocodile's "Sables" rage towards the screaming, but it was drowned out by what felt like a tidal wave of pain flowing towards the Shichibukai, and in all of her years with the man, she heard what she never thought he was capable of.

Crocodile screamed in pain, as if he was in absolute agony from the attack he had taken from the younger man.

And then it was gone. The screams, Crocodile, and then there was nothing. The room still shook from the fighting above, but everything seemed much quieter.

"Hey, lady, you alright?" She would have flinched if she had the strength.

"Just leave me...there's a vial of antidote in my pocket. Take it and survive, Monkey D. Luffy-"

"Hey, call me Luffy." She felt him leaning closer and his hands began to search for the antidote.

"It's not in my blouse."

"W-Well, I was only checking."

"I'm pretty sure the antidote was in my coat pocket. Not my bra."

"R-Really?" If she had the strength, she would have killed him. His breathing started to get more excited and she felt even more disgusted.

His hands left her body and she felt him reach into her coat pocket.

"Ah, here it is!"


"Whatever." Without a hint of shame, she heard him down the antidote.

"Alright, Old Man, let's get out of here."

Robin was about to sigh in relief until she felt him pick her up.

"W-What are you doing?!"

"I'm not letting a pretty woman such as yourself get killed here. What kind of man do you take me for?"

"I'd rather die than be used like a toy by a pig like you!"

"What?! I'm not going to do anything to you!"

"Let me down!" Her hands beat powerlessly against his back.

"Holy-! You're injured, lady! Pride!"

He shouted the word and she felt some of her wounds close up, but the most important wound didn't heal.

"Sorry, but it doesn't really affect anyone else aside from me. Time to get out of here everyone!"

The fighting outside continued, even with the efforts of those who wished for it to stop. However, the ground split apart and earthquakes shook the land as a force tore a hole through the ground.

The fighting soon stopped after everyone thought the world was ending.

It then proceeded to rain.

It was nighttime, but Robin felt drained.

Alone, trapped by a man who had the nerve to feel her up when she was vulnerable, and no will to live, Robin wished she had died.

"Hey, what's wrong? I gave you some food to make you feel better." She heard him speak beside her.

He did try to help her relax, but she didn't think she would ever recover from what had happened.

"Haven't you noticed it yet?"

"Noticed what?" She heard him munching on something. It sounded like bread.

"I'm blind."

"Oh..." With that realization, she felt his face get closer to hers.

"Wow, I didn't notice that. What happened? Did that Crocodile guy do this?"

"Yes, he did. My life is over thanks to him, and for some reason, you feel as though you should prolong my suffering."

"So what if you're blind?"

Rage started to build in her heart. So what? How could she possibly read poneglyphs like this?! She was the only one capable of reading the things and her eyes were useless!

"Isn't there some other way to read them? I mean, aren't they indented in the stone or something?"

Immediately, her rage disappeared, sending ripples of confusion through her. One moment, she wanted to rip his head off, and now she was calm.

Could she really read them without her eyes? Was it...possible she could read them by touch?

"Wow lady, you've got a ton of hate in you. Shishishi! I think I like you!"

His laugh brought back memories of her old friend, Saul.

"My name's Luffy! What's yours?" He put a hand on hers, wanting to shake.

"...Nico Robin. My name is Nico Robin." She responded by shaking his hand, causing the sinner to laugh even more.

"Robin? That's a pretty name! I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship!"

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