Chapter 1 The Beginning of the End

The day was like any other. It was a sunny, summer afternoon in California with the perfect breeze to cool down the day, so no one could have imagined what would befall the sunshine state.

I was with my family when shit went down, having fun chasing down my 7 year old little sister Natalie and 5 year old nephew Raymond the typical day outside our picket fenced home in San Jose. But it all changed when one of the neighbors came outside arms extended begging for help. Her eyes were horror stricken her nose bleeding when all of a sudden she dropped in the middle of the street to be flattened by a rushing SUV.

I put the children inside to find my mom while I called 911 only to hear the lines were full, that's when she stood up again.

I dropped my phone in shock this woman clearly should have died, but there she was still walking. She was paler, blood dripped from her mouth, and eyes, and her limbs dangled in a sickly way for they were crushed. I knew what had happened, I knew what she was now all those hours spent watching the Resident Evil saga made it clear, but I still needed proof before I smashed her head in and that's exactly what I got when the spooked SUV driver came out to see if the old woman was alright.

"Maim…a...are you alright?" the old woman turned to him with a groaning snarl, she drew closer to him limping, dumb bastard didn't know what hit him when she took hold of him and ravaged his flesh with her yellowing teeth just like the movies.

I thought the day would come, but this soon was unexpected. I kept looking out to the terrible scene with a grin on my face, a call of my name only just being heard by my awestruck ears.

"Tania!" My mom called out to me as she looked on in horror as more of our neighbors came out of their homes the same symptoms as the woman across the street. "What's going on?!" My mother was terrified by the scene and her loud terrified voice seemed to make something snap in the other poor unfortunate souls that were our neighbors, for all of a sudden they all turned to her as though she were a delicious 10oz. steak.

"Mom," I called "go inside right now and tell everyone to be quiet okay. Please don't yell and ask why unless you wanna end up like that man being munched on by that old bitch." My mom looked back at the man whose intestines were being devoured and ran inside quietly.

"Finally time to have some damn fun." I whispered following her in letting the other neighbors that were panicking and running around to draw the attention of the undead away from us.

"What's going on out there Tania, why was she eating that man?!" My mom asked the sound of her voice filling the busy house.

"What does she mean by eating?" My older sister Rocio asked the same look of shock as the rest of the family, when my Granma began to cough.

"What's wrong Hermila?" My Tia asked holding my Granma's shoulder lightly as she kept coughing then the blood splattered on to her hand. Next was her nose and finally she held her chest fast and went limp in her seat at the small poker table. "Hermila! Hermila!" My Tia called out to her sister fearing the worst. Little did she know the worse was nothing compared to the reality.

"Get away from her Tia Gloria." I choked out as tears welled in my eyes, I knew but it was too horrible to be true. "Get away from her right now Tia please, she's gone so please get away or you'll die too."

"What is she saying Mari? Your daughter has finally lost it hasn't she?!" She called to my now weeping mother; she didn't want to accept that her sister was gone. No one wanted to admit it, hell I didn't.

"Tia Gloria, you have to move." I walked over to her as I saw the woman I called my mami begin to twitch to life. "I have to do this now so please don't make it harder for me." My tears brimmed when my Mami Mila rose from her chair with a groan.

"What are you saying Tania?!" My sister, Rocio, called out making the zombie turn to her as the others outside had turned to my mother. I ran to my sister and pushed the monster into the hallway. It fell over and I took the opportunity to shove its shambling body into the nearest room-it's ironic that said room happened to belong to it.

My sister looked up at me as I offered her my hand but she just sat there shaking in fear. "Sh…she tried…." Rocio rambled in her panic.

"She tried to bite and eat you! Do you people not get it those things outside, in this room aren't who they used to be!" I cried out tears streaming "The woman who raised me is gone all that remains is a hungry corpse."

I walked over to my confused little sister, who sat in the chair my Granma once sat holding her walking stick more irony.

I patted my sister's head."Natalie, can I borrow that Granma's stick please?" I asked sweetly looking her up and down, she was okay just a bit shaken, I kissed her head to keep her calm.

"Okay Tati," She called me by the nickname she invented back when she was 2 she shouldn't have seen that. "Just don't cry anymore okay." She smiled tears collecting in her honey eyes, and gave me the metal walking stick.

My Tio Junior, the terrified son of the monster that was in the room across from us, held her hand as I walked off to the hallway.

"Mom I love you so much, I love you all so much that's why I ask you to please go hide in Tio Junior's room but stay quiet okay." I looked around our home to see my Tia's nose bleed. "No." Is all I could muster. "Tia you stay with me please I don't want to be completely alone." I lied, a smile on my tear streaked face.

She touched the blood on her upper lip and smiled at me. "Okay honey whatever you want." They all knew why I asked that of her, and I know she understood.

"Tania, I'm so sorry." Rocio called from the room tears spilling over. I simply smiled at her. "Stay safe okay." She called, and with that the latch of the door clicked shut.

"I know Chio, I love you guys." I turned to my aunt in the living room who was collapsed, already lifeless on the floor in our living room. This new world was chalk full of irony.

I walked to her first, and before she began to move I swung the stick over my head and struck down as hard as I could until the crack of her breaking skull resonated through the house. "One down, one to go."

I walked to the door across the way turned the knob and waited for the thing to appear. I tiptoed slowly in front of the door and whistled to the monster that barely made it to the doorway. Its pale eyes at attention its head snapping up with a loud snarl.

"I'm sorry mami, I love you." She was just ahead of me the perfect swinging distance, so I did it. I smashed the head of the woman that raised me.

"I'm so sorry." It was over after a few hard swings splattering the blood of my beloved grandmother onto my white button up blouse and ripped up jeans. I walked away from the scene to meet with my family in the room they hid in. KNOCK KNOCK "Can I come in?"

"Is it safe now?" My older sister called. Her voice shook and cracked as she spoke. She was crying.

"Yea, it's safe for now, you can come out if you want." I waited for an answer but what came was a click of the door opening. "Are you guys alright?" I asked and I was tackled by my little sister.

"Are you?" She sobbed; I guessed the situation had set in for her too.

"We're fine Tania, how about you?" My mother asked as she came through the door taking hold of me as she spoke through each sob. "I was so scared that you'd get hurt love." We went out to the hallway where they saw the horrid act I had preformed to keep them safe. "Did you…?" She asked a look of despair on her face.

"Yea I had to do it because no one else could. I'm sorry mom." My eyes stung as fresh tears brimmed over. I had wanted to do something like that for years but never to someone I loved dearly.

"I…I can't believe that this is actually happening." Rocio fell to her knees holding her son Raymond close to her before the blood and gore. "How could this have happened? Why now, what caused this?!" Her screams could be heard through all the house maybe the whole neighborhood. Man I hoped not.

"Turn the T.V. on maybe there's some news or something. What time is it? It's 5 right, The 5 o'clock news should barely be starting." My uncle suggested. He walked around his dead mother and aunt to get to the T.V. in the second living room deep in the house. He clicked it on and turned to a news channel hoping to see some explanation. Surprisingly much more information was given than any of us expected to find on the News, but I guess since the government probably knew there was little to nothing to lose they just decided to spill the beans to the public.

"You're watching Channel 7, the 5'o clock News special, live from the streets of San Jose California." The news woman said on the screen, behind her you could see the channel 7 building that was downtown.

"We're downtown just in front of our studio here in San Jose and you can see the chaos that has broken out thanks to some unknown disease that has engulfed the country and most of the world. Government officials have admitted to a leak of a bio-weapon they have been working on. This weapon decreases the bodies T cells and causes liver failure, lethal rise in body temperature, and finally death due to overheating and/or heart attack. It's a terrible virus that kills in a very cruel way but is very effective and quick once in the blood stream." The world seemed to fall silent as she took a breath waiting for some more information.

"Also, the virus has a very strange side affect people. You may not believe me when I say this but I assure you these are the facts straight from the scientists that helped developed this biological weapon. The people who become infected by this virus and die will inevitably come back to life as mindless walking corpses. That's right everyone Zombies. I can tell you first hand it's true for one my cameramen was infected and he turned, here we have him caged so you see we are serious." The camera swung around to show the bloody man inside what looked like a large dog kennel his eyes were milky white his teeth a disgusting yellow and his skin had turned into a sickly pale color.

"This is the monster that arises once the infected are deceased, so please be careful for these symptoms of infection. High fever is the first symptom, next they may begin to cough up blood, their eyes and nose may begin to bleed, and finally they will clutch their chests and fall to the ground lifeless. We warn you if someone around you is experiencing these symptoms you are in immediate danger. The most effective way to deal with ones who are infected is severe head trauma, decapitation or incineration. We at Channel 7 will continue to try to feed you information at a later date, but until then we wish you good luck and God bless."

With those final words the screen's image turned to static and all that you could hear through the house was that static. 'What God?' I thought as I looked on to the grey fuzzy screen, and I could feel everyone around me felt the same.

"Wait," My uncle broke the silence. "They didn't tell us how to avoid them what the fuck do we do about that!" His fear was evident in his voice and he was right they didn't tell us, but I had an idea.

"Tio I think we can find out ourselves. Mom when we were outside and that lady turned on that guy did you notice anything?" She shook her head not following where I was going with my explanation. "When the guy talked she turned on him and when you screamed she looked up again, and granma didn't notice the door was open until I whistled to get her attention."

"So you think they respond to sound?" Rocio put the pieces together. "That maybe true by what you're saying, but how do we find out for sure?" She pondered and the room's attention seemed to turn to me all of a sudden.

"Why are you looking at me, I'm the young inexperienced one here you know?" I retorted sarcastically but I knew that I probably had the most knowledge in this scenario, thanks to all the Resident Evil games and Zombie movies I watched. I bet they thought I was addicted. Little did they know.

"Okay, we can send someone outside to test the theory, but that would be close to suicide if there are too many out there?" I thought as I looked around the room thinking of how any of them would do out in that hellish reality. None of them would have stood a chance so I decided. "I'll go see how many of THEM are out there, okay, then I'll go test it out."

My family looked at one and other and then my mother spoke. "You are not going out there! Like you said you're young and inexperienced so let us handle this." I looked at my uncle, sister and mother in shock.

"Ha..haha…ahahahahaha! No seriously you stay here and I'll check things out okay. You guys have things to live for you know? Mom you have to make sure Natalie doesn't die here, Chio same goes for you and Raymond, and Tio you have to make sure they all stay safe." I smiled at them walking around the room to give them hugs just in case I died.

"I'll be fine trust me, you don't know what I'm capable of." I winked at my mom as I walked past her to the kids planting a kiss on their foreheads. "I'll be back in minute okay guys." I went out to the backyard to grab my linoleum bat I played softball with and walked silently to the front-door, my family following behind me.

"We'll be waiting for you then, you little shit trying to act all cool all of a sudden." My sister teased tears threatening to escape the corners of her eyes.

"Don't worry you can watch me be cool through the window." I opened the door to see only a few of the undead were outside including the old woman who had put things in perspective for me. I walked out of the door and climbed over one of short brick pillars that connected our fence afraid that the squeal of the creaky gate would turn all the attention to our house.

'Okay so far so good.' I thought as I made it to the car filled driveway seeing only about 10-20 of the dead. Then a few of the walking corpses turned a corner and more followed.

'Damn the whole fucking neighborhood had to get infected.' I cursed my luck with maybe 30-40 of THEM walking around. But it sure did seem like I could have some fun then, especially since my family was peaking through the window of the main living room at the front of the house, I decided show off. They didn't know what I really did with the woman that lived 2 houses down after all.

I climbed down the pillar and walked to the middle of the street unnoticed, I guess my theory was right after all. I looked to my family in the house and they were all watching anxiously to see what would happen next. And I tell you they didn't expect what I did next.

"Well time to have some fun!" I yelled out gaining the attention of all the undead bastards that were close enough to hear with their decaying ears. My sister and mother gasped in shock and began to bang on the windows trying to draw THEM away from me but that didn't work. I looked back at the window as THEY approached me in sluggish movements and winked to my sweet spectators. "Time to have fun with these bastards." I grinned swinging the bat around before I charged into the crowd of the dead.