"This, this cannot be. By the gods it cannot be!" Eudorus exclaimed, as he stepped protectively in front of Arianna and Lysander.

The disheveled prince looked weary, like an animal cornered in the wild. His eyes rested firmly over the soldiers shoulder, on Arianna. Oh, she was as beautiful as he remembered, despite the lateness of the hour and the trials of the year, she was beautiful. "Arianna" his voice was rough with disuse, but her name tasted like the sweetest honey on his lips. "it's me, it's truly me"

Her hands clutched protectively at the sleeping infant in her arms. Eudorus stepped closer to the once great prince. "leave. You are not welcome here" he spat.

Hectors eyes flitted to the shorter man. "Eudorus is it? I beg you, man to man, let me speak to Arianna, just once, If Only for a moment, please" he had been reduced to begging, the year spent In the wild, fighting for his survival, the only thought that had kept him going were those sharp violet eyes.

"it's okay Eudorus" she spoke softly, and Eudorus turned to look at her with his clear blue eyes, searching her now stoic face, before dropping to Lysander, eyes softening. "but only for a moment"

She stepped closer, handing her child to eudorus with a smile at the sleeping infant, she reached out a hand, gently pressing it against Hectors face, thumb stroking the prominent cheek Bone, he leaned into the touch.

Before he reeled from the harsh slap she delivered.

"how dare you. I thought you dead!" she growled "I thought I'd never see your face again, you sack of wine!"

Hector pressed his hand against his now burning cheek. Ariannas eyes flashed with fury and her body was coiled to attack, to protect.

"I'm sorry" he whispered

"leave our home, please Hector" she implored him with her eyes

"did our love mean nothing to you?" he asked quietly

"it meant the world and more to me" she answered honestly "but I have my family now hector, it is too dangerous for you to be here, I have my son to protect, surely you understand"

"please Arianna, I've thought of Nothing but you these long lonely seasons, your eyes, your Laugh, you were my guiding star in the dark, just let me hold You, please" he begged unashamed.

Eudorus cleared his throat, anger bubbling in his blood.

Arianna shook her head "I Can't Hector, I can't" there was pain in her violet eyes and it cut him to the core, this was not how he imagined it, those cold nights, how he imagined their reunion, the happiness, this, this wasn't how it should be.

" you may stay the night Hector, but you must be gone by morning" she said, stepping back towards Eudorus, taking the child from his arms and starting up the stair case. "Eudorus will show you were you can rest" she turned away as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

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