"Life is a series of coincidences," a blonde stated, stirring his drink with his straw, a bored look on his face. "The simple fact of your existence is nothing more than the product of your parents' first encounter—the result of an affair between a man and woman who happened to meet at a roadside bar."

"That's… depressing," his company replied, staring across the table.

"Is it?" he asked.

"It is."

He smiled. "I find it comforting," he announced, sipping from his cup, "knowing that nothing is predetermined—that my actions will affect tomorrow."

"Don't you want something more? Like, don't you want there to be a reason why you exist? Isn't it depressing to think 'I just am'?"

"Not really," he replied with a shrug. "I was born to live. That's enough for me."

His friend sighed, slumping back into his chair, tilting his head back. Freckles danced across his cheeks as his skin revealed in the sunlight, sweat from his brow streaming down his face. The silence was a clear indicator that the subject was lost, forgotten by the fevered brain of the one sitting across from him. "It's hot."

The blonde let out a shallow chuckle as he lowered his glass back to the table, the clanking of ice sounding through their ears, piercing through the dreaded cry of cicadas. "You just realized?"

"Hush," the other retorted, dropping his head back to the heated surface he was sitting at, "it's too hot for sarcasm."

"Go inside."

"The air conditioner's broken," he whined, eyeing his cup. It was easy to tell what he was thinking. 'What if I pour that over my head?' He'd probably do it, too. "Going back in there would be like sentencing myself to roast in an oven."

"You're exaggerating," the blonde declared, sipping from the cup once more.

"Nope, it's totally realistic."

"Well, it's called a 'heat wave' for a reason, Ace."

"Well that reason can go to hell for all I care."

He rolled his eyes. Only that man could be so dramatic. It wasn't as though he didn't feel the heat—internally he complained just as much—but he wouldn't waste his energy. Ranting about the problem wasn't going to fix it. Still, they needed to find someplace to escape the humid air, the merciless sun. He wasn't partial to getting heat stroke. There was a lot to do before the summer ended; he couldn't afford a trip to the hospital.

"Shit that's cold!" his company exclaimed.

Looking up, he grinned, met with the sight of a drenched youth, ice cubes pooling in his seat. He actually did it. "You're a moron, you know that?"

Gray eyes lifted to meet his, a scowl splitting his sun-kissed skin. "Yeah, well, I'm desperate."

The blonde stood from his chair, leaning forward on the surface before him. "Then shall we take out debate elsewhere?"

"It wasn't really a debate, you know." Despite his words, he raised an eyebrow, showing his interest.

"It could have been," he replied. "Well? Would you like to find refuge or not?"

After giving the other a curious once-over, Ace smirked and nodded his head, rising. Ice cubes rolled from his lap onto the grass, settling amongst the dirt. Grabbing the small cooler at his feet, he neared the blonde. "Let's go."

Pacing next to his brother, Sabo wondered just how long the heat would last. It was the start of a painful summer.

Well, at least he wasn't suffering alone.

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