Champion of Magic: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

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Plot: Abandoned by friends and by Hogwarts, Harry is given some startling help in the Triwizard Tournament that turns everything on its head as he learns the true power of his unique magical legacy and destiny. With surprising mentors by his side, Harry now seeks not only to survive the Tournament, but change his life for the better.

Author's Information: Well, here it is: this is the Light-Harry project that I had in mind and, as you'll see, it's a 'project' because it uses a pairing I've never explored, though there will be some familiar elements of my story-writing styles involved in this one. As always, though I really don't like having to say it, I will: if you don't like what you read, then just don't read it and, PLEASE, for all that's good and fair, please don't put your negative comments in reviews. They wind up really upsetting me and I lose the train of thought and inspiration that, lately, I've loved riding on.

Dedication: Now, I should point out that this story will have certain…similarities with another story written by a good on-site friend of mine, but it's not a copy. Said story is my recommended read for this story: StormyFireDragon's Champions of the Founders, which helped inspire this story. I would also like to dedicate this story to my good friends StormyFireDragon and Winged Seer Wolf for their parts in continuing my inspirational high, so thank you, my friends.


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Chapter 1: 24 Hours Later

"How did you do it?"

Harry remained silent: a part of him had wondered ever since the drawing earlier when this would come around.

"Never mind," Ron continued, his voice almost icy as he seemed to shift his clothes and punch at his pillow, "Doesn't matter; you could have let your best friend know though."

"Let you know what?" asked Harry, turning to face Ron, his eyes filled with disbelief at how hostile his so-called best friend was being: where had this side of Ron come from?

"You know bloody well what," Ron scowled, turning away from Harry while the now-Fourth Champion slumped down onto his own bed.

"I didn't ask for this to happen, okay?" Harry argued, but now it was Ron's turn to say nothing as Harry scowled: he didn't have time for this. "You're just being stupid."

"Yeah that's me," Ron laughed sarcastically, still avoiding Harry's gaze and trying to talk this out calmly as any best friend would do, "Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's stupid friend."

"I didn't put my name in that Cup," Harry remarked, his voice growing steadily louder with each word: for a moment, Harry was actually worried that he'd wind up saying or doing something he'd regret, but then again, given the situation, it may be easier for him to let it go. "I don't want eternal glory; I just want to be…" His voice softened again as he saw how Ron wasn't listening: maybe getting angry was the wrong move.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself as best as he could, Harry continued, "Look, I don't know what happened tonight and I don't know why…it just…it just did, okay?"

With that, he extinguished the light next to his bed and set himself down, though Harry didn't fall asleep straight away, which meant he heard Ron's body shift and then the response from his best friend.

"Piss off."

Seconds later, Ron's snoring filled the Tower, but Harry hadn't fallen asleep: his eyes were wide and filled with alert as he heard Ron's words: what was his problem anyway?

Right from the off, Harry had said that he didn't want to be a part of the Tournament even if he had been allowed to compete at his age: he had enough crap off the world being the bloody Boy-Who-Lived and Voldemort's vanquisher. On top of that, he was hounded simply for being a Parselmouth – no, the school hadn't forgotten that – and for being someone that had managed to do impossible feats on a daily basis…and then there was the likes of Malfoy's taunts and Snape's jibes about him and his upbringing.

And now, just because fate had played the wrong hand once again and dealt him another possible journey to the pearly gates, which was exactly the opposite of what he'd wanted, Harry was…he was alone. Ron's insistence that he had somehow cheated the Goblet, cheated Dumbledore's own magic and apparently cheated Hogwarts out of a real champion in Cedric Diggory: it was like the final strike of a death bell that would ring in his ears forever.

Harry was alone…there was no-one that would believe him now;

As he closed his eyes, a soft whisper escaped the lips of the Fourth Champion;



As Harry slept, he had no idea of the impact that his one word would have on the rest of the year, neither was he aware of the ripple that suddenly passed throughout Hogwarts, awakening ancient forces that stirred and whispered their will to the school. For too long, Harry James Potter had been left alone against impossible odds and death-defying feats and now, with this final stroke, it was the final straw for those forces.

Hogwarts knew that there was a way out of the Tournament for the young wizard, but only if those that stood behind him helped him discover that escape clause.

However, as the school's sentient presence directed her attention towards the one room where the truth would come out, she felt a modicum of anger as she heard the only one powerful enough to help the boy deny him the chance. Instead, he was willing to offer Harry up as bait for some apparent desire for discovering the truth and apparently sticking to the rules and keeping Harry as the Fourth Champion.

Very well, if the one powerful enough wouldn't help, then Hogwarts had no other choice:

Well, technically she did, because while no-one alive would help, it wasn't to say that no-thing alive wouldn't help.

It was time to repay Harry James Potter for all his hard work in the name of protecting the school and ensuring her continued legacy…


21 Hours, 58 Minutes Later – nearly 24 hours after the drawing of the Champions

Harry could feel every one of the pairs of eyes from Hogwarts watching him, assessing him and hating him as the schools gathered together for an evening feast, the students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang not all that concerned with the affairs of their host school. But Harry, on the other hand, was somewhere between angry and disappointed in his classmates, Housemates and schoolmates as they all seemed to be on the same bandwagon that had started to be ridden in the past 24 hours: Harry Potter is a cheat.

Even Hermione, who he had hoped would be one of the few that would believe him, had turned him away when he'd tried to talk to her after Moody's latest Defence class, leaving Harry feeling truly alone in the world and in Hogwarts. Ron and his jealousy towards the eternal glory and the thousand Galleons prize money, Harry could understand, even forgive if the boy would just talk to him, but Hermione, who was insistent on him staying alive and had always been there for him. No, she was a betrayal that he couldn't forgive no matter how hard he tried and, to make it worse, she spent her time with Ron, who seemed to glare at Harry with that same hatred and, for the odd moment throughout the day, Harry actually thought he saw a look of success.

Almost as though his best friend WANTED him to be alone…and it was working: where could Harry go?

Who could he turn to now?

His answer seemed to, quite literally, come out of the air as, just as the evening feast was finishing up, marking the exact moment where the drawing of the Champions had begun and been performed, the lights in the Great Hall darkened and an ominous bell tolled through the halls of the school before the doors to the Great Hall blew open, a powerful wave of magic ripping through the four tables and the three schools. Looking to the door, the students were a little confused when they saw six mysterious figures walking in through the doors, each one looking as life-like and corporeal as the rest of them.

Harry, hearing a gasp of recognition from his fellow Gryffindors and Hermione, lifted his head and, as soon as he did, he was actually tempted to leave his seat and run towards the figures as he saw the dark-haired form of his godfather, Sirius Black, and his ex-professor, Remus Lupin, walking through the door with the four figures, one of whom Harry then noticed wasn't dressed in robes like the others. Instead, the sixth member of the group was dressed in a noble suit of clothes that were in colours of deep red and gold, his eyes, which Harry noticed were almost like his own as they were emerald-green in colour under a head of light-golden-blonde hair, fixed on the head of the hall as the six figures stopped, silence filling the Great Hall before the sixth figure addressed the room.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, you have some serious explaining to do." His voice was powerful and seemed to echo off of the walls of the hall as he addressed the table.

"And, if I am to explain myself," Dumbledore remarked calmly, Harry then noticing Sirius' hands tightening into fists, but at the moment, he was more confused and concerned with what his godfather was doing here. "Then would you be so kind as to introduce those whom I am explaining myself to? And, if I may be so bold, why are you here with two former members of my school, one of whom is wanted by the Ministry of Magic?"

"Your Ministry has no authority within these walls, Dumbledore," another of the remaining four exclaimed: this one seemed to radiate the most magic of the four that accompanied Sirius and Remus. Dressed in sky-blue robes and holding a staff with a dragon's head in his right hand, the figure also looked like the eldest member of the group.

For a second, Harry thought that he was looking at another Dumbledore as the man had bright blue eyes and a long white beard that glimmered in the light of the hall. Like the non-robed man, this man also had a voice of power and magic that seemed to dwarf every member of the Great Hall's occupants with each word.

"As for the matter of Sirius Black's presence within these halls," another of the four remarked, this one a woman with jet-black hair and deep hazel-brown eyes that were currently filled with fury and determination as she looked to Dumbledore. Like her companion, the woman wore a set of midnight-blue robes with what looked like a shorter staff – a sceptre, if Harry remembered the correct term rightly – in her left hand, the head of the sceptre holding a sapphire in the jaws of a tiger's head. Her voice was both musical and powerful with a hint of iciness as she continued, "He is here under our protections and the magical sanctuaries that also happen to protect your…guests in the Triwizard Tournament."

"And according to such protections," the final member of the four explained, this one a young man with messy-looking dark hair that fell low over his fringe, a pair of ice-blue eyes staring at Dumbledore and the occupants of the room. Unlike his companions, this one held no staff or sceptre or even a wand, but that didn't mean he wasn't one of magic: dressed in jet-black robes that held a silver highlight to their appearance, this final member of the group seemed to radiate a sense of danger and, dare Harry think it, darkness. His voice was equally calm and mystically-tinged as he explained, "Any given sanctuary are free of repercussions or forms of targeted assault and abuse and also, for the duration of their stay within these walls, are exempt from all crimes that they may have committed…or were framed for as is Lord Black's case."

"And…again," Dumbledore remarked, a note of frustration in his voice as he addressed the six before him, "While I recognise Sirius and Remus for who they are, the identities of you three gentlemen and you, dear lady, elude me: would you care to introduce yourselves?"

"Since everyone is present, we shall," the eldest man replied, though he glanced around the room with a hint of a smile on his face as he explained, "Though I find it a little awkward and upsetting that children of the Magi do not recognise us for who we are."

"That'll do, old friend," the non-robed man explained, stepping forwards before he indicated each of the three companions in turn, "Students of Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, allow me to introduce the collective wizarding gathering known to your current-day learning studies as The Trinity: Morgana Le Fay, Mordred Draconia and Merlin Ambrosias, also known as Myrridin Emrys to some circles. And I am Arthur Pendragon, former King of Albion and magical envoy of melee and mundane means."

There were some interesting, if not surprising, reactions from the three schools as the quartet revealed themselves, but, before Dumbledore could silence the hall, Merlin stamped the butt of his staff onto the floor, a wave of all-powerful magic rippling through the Great Hall, silencing the students while Merlin explained, "That is just a sample of the power we hold, sons and daughters of magic…and it should be enough for you to recognise us as we are. Now, to business: Harry Potter, would you come and join us here, please?"

Once again, Harry felt all eyes on him as he rose from his chair, seemingly against his own will as he seemed to be locked in a trance-like state, his steps taking him to the legendary trio and the infamous Once and Future King, though Harry did manage to step aside and join his godfather, who hugged him before he whispered, "It's okay pup, we won't let anything bad happen to you."

"How right you are, Sirius Black," Morgana remarked, addressing the schools as a whole as she explained, "We of the Trinity have been watching the school and its occupants for centuries, our magic stored within the walls and chambers of this magnificent citadel: when young Harry here came to Hogwarts, we watched him and kept a close eye on his progress and, if we are being honest, we did not like that dangers of adult-hood and mature wizards' ages fell to him to solve."

"But we abstained from interfering," Mordred continued, his eyes on Harry as he explained, "We believed that our ancient citadel would keep Harry safe and help him in times of need, drawing on our collective magic to give him that little boost when he needed it most."

"What do you mean your citadel?" asked Hermione, her voice attracting the attention of the Trinity while Harry kept his eyes on Sirius, "Hogwarts was built by the Founders and you four existed long before they did."

"Is that so, Miss?" asked Merlin, addressing Hermione with a similar twinkle in his eye to Dumbledore as he asked, "Then how is it that we know every inch of this castle as our own? Or how is it that we stand here with our magic as a whole and corporeal to boot?"

"Don't mind her," Remus chuckled, though his gaze was slightly hardened as he saw how Hermione was keeping her distance from Harry's side, "Hermione has a tendency to believe everything she reads in books to be true…but please…Emrys…continue."

"Thank you, Remus Lupin," Merlin replied, before he continued as he explained, "The original citadel of Hogwarts once had another name, Miss Granger: Camelot Castle and, as it was Arthur's residence, so too was it crafted by our magic to be a place of academic support within the community and lands of Albion. Yes," he continued, his loud voice cutting over the whispers and exclamations from the students as he explained, "Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin reformed Camelot after Arthur's mortal falling and after we left Albion for the next great adventure, but this citadel has been around far longer than your Ministry and your people would want to believe."

"And…what are you doing here now, Emrys?" asked Dumbledore, his voice once again holding that tone of frustration as he added, "If Harry is safest within these walls, then why do you interfere now?"

"Because you did not…again," Arthur exclaimed, pointing a finger at Dumbledore as he explained, "Once again, Albus Dumbledore, young Harry's life is in mortal peril with this…competition between your schools and you did nothing to help: instead, you choose to let him compete as your Potions Master suggested to you and you have no-one save for Alastor Moody to help him out. Are you not aware of the 24-hour loophole that has now expired because of your insolence?"

"What loophole?" asked Harry, looking up at Sirius with interest while a worried and somewhat confused murmur had spread amongst the students.

"According to the ancient creeds of the Tournament as set down by Lady Rowena herself," Sirius explained, keeping Harry close as he seemed to sense trouble coming from somewhere in the room, "All champions have 24 hours to perform a re-drawing of the Champions' names and titles for each school: it has only needed to be enacted twice in history, but it is still a legitimate rule of the Tournament."

"And what would an insolent fool like you know of sticking to the rules, Black?" asked Snape, his response coming to him from a spell that sent Severus flying, the spell coming from Sirius' hand and wand, which surprised Harry as he wondered where that had come from.

"If I wanted your opinion, Snivellus, I'd ask you for it," Sirius growled, his words cutting through the room as he told the man, "Now be silent and get back to trying to find a cure for that grease-pit you call your hair…the grown-ups are talking."

There was a small titter of laughter at Sirius' name for the Potions Master, but, with the confusion passed, Mordred picked up the conversation, "Nonetheless, whether that rule is ancient or not, it is still meant to be considered and explained to the Champions upon drawing of the names. Not one of you people offered the option: instead, you let young Harry be abandoned by friend and foe alike and you ignored his basic rights: so, for that treason against magical law and gaming, we chose to interfere. As of this moment, Harry James Potter does represent a fourth community: he now represents Camelot and we will be here to guide him, train him and keep him safe from any and all that choose to endanger his life yet again…like you, Barty Crouch!"

"I beg your pardon?" asked Crouch, though his words were cut off by a spell being launched from yet another wand, this one directed at Harry himself; however, before the spell hit, Arthur moved like lightning and seemed to summon out a golden-hilted sword with a blade that shone like quicksilver. The spell fired at Harry collided with the blade of the sword and seemed to dissipate into nothingness, leaving Arthur to lower the blade while he gave an exasperated look at Mordred.

"I think you should have been more specific, Mordred," Arthur laughed, his words cut off by a blast of silver light from Morgana's sceptre, which seemed to zip through the staff and strike at Alastor Moody, pulling him towards the six figures. However, when Moody landed, his appearance had changed into a wild-haired, now-petrified man with a crazed look in his eyes.

"Of course Arthur," Mordred chuckled, indicating the petrified body as he explained, "I meant Barty Crouch Junior, of course: how you did not see this coming, Albus Dumbledore, I do not know."

Dumbledore was thunderstruck, but before he had a chance to try and explain a possible theory for his words, Morgana spoke again, "Don't bother, Dumbledore: there are plenty of plot-holes in the past that have escaped your attention despite being hailed as the new Emrys of Britannia, which, personally, I find insulting: you are nowhere near Emrys' level and, though you delude yourself with being so, you never will be."

"Now," Merlin continued, clearly ignoring the fact of Dumbledore's delusionary thoughts, "Like your champions have aides, so too shall ours: for that reason, I ask that the following students come and join us here: Neville Longbottom…"

Neville rose warily, again apparently against his will as he took his place next to Harry, who shrugged in response to Neville's confused look.

"…Ginevra Weasley…"

The red-headed female member of the young Weasleys also joined the party, though Harry actually thought he saw a look of hope in Hermione's eyes as she watched the Trinity.

"…Fred and George Weasley…"

The Twins rose and moved to Harry's side, both of them smiling at him while they chorused in their unusual manner, "We never doubted you, Harry."

"You'd better not have done," Sirius growled, a note of warning in his voice as he added, "Because Moony and Padfoot aren't too happy that their Prongslet was left alone."

The Twins' eyes were like four saucers as Merlin chuckled before he continued, "Luna Lovegood, Susan Bones, Blaise Zabini, would you come up here as well please?"

Susan, whom Harry had seen a few times in his lessons, rose with a slightly confused look as her friends, though none of them were more confused than the Eagles, who seemed upset that only one of their own had been called up. The one was a blonde-haired girl with mystical blue eyes that reminded Harry of the colour of Morgana's as she moved to his side, before Merlin called out a final name: one that surprised every member of the party present.

"And finally…Draco Malfoy!"


The double-shouted reaction came from both Malfoy and Harry, who stared at one another as though they were looking to one another from across a great and over-emphasised gorge, though Harry's shock was silenced when Sirius whispered to him, "Trust us, pup: I know you hate him, but…just give it a chance."

"Sirius is right," Morgana continued, indicating to Malfoy as she added, "Draco, come here: stand with the others if you please…and trust me, you don't want to threaten us with your Father hearing about this."

Like the others, with the exception of the mysterious Lovegood girl, Malfoy rose with the air of someone moving against his will and stood away from Harry, though for a moment, Harry actually thought he saw a look of acceptance cross Malfoy's gaze as they shared glances with one another.

"Now," Merlin continued, addressing the hall once more, "While I'm sure that your Ministry will want words with this escaped convict, Barty Crouch Jr and not Sirius Black, we do not have time to deal with menial tasks here. And so, Dumbledore, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, we shall leave you to…talk amongst yourselves about this: Harry, as our Champion, we ask that you choose somewhere safe and secure for our stay and training: can you think of anywhere?"

"Actually," Harry replied, looking around the hall while he also took in the unusual union of the four houses under three powerful wizards, two former Hogwarts students and an ex-King. Truth be told, there was only one place, but it would be a case of bravery and strength to stay there; as if to emphasise the point, Harry glanced to Ginny as he added, "I know one place where we could be undisturbed…but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable."

"The Chamber?" asked Ginny, earning a nod from Harry, to which she added, "It…it's okay, Harry: I guess…I guess you need somewhere that can't be accessed by normal means; thanks for being so…considerate about this."

"No worries," Harry remarked, before he turned to face the Trinity as he added, "The Chamber of Secrets should be perfect."

"I agree," Mordred reasoned, smirking as he explained, "Especially since it is one of the few places left in this school where our magic dwells: very well, lead on, young Harry."

As Harry began to leave the hall, he stopped once and turned to face his so-called friends, both of whom were watching him with a mix of jealousy and suspense, before Harry shook his head once and told them, "If you're waiting on an invitation, then you can keep waiting: at least Malfoy's honest with his decision to stand against me…or not as the case may be."

"But Harry…" Hermione began, but Harry was gone before she could finish her statement.

Ron, meanwhile, had an even darker look in his eyes than he had done when Harry had been drawn as the Fourth Champion over twenty-four hours before.

'God knows how the spoiled git's going to soak this up,' he thought, before trying to grab what little remained of the feast as the students and staff of Hogwarts got down to dealing with the fallout of this unusual day.



Leading the others to the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, Harry managed to access the tunnel that led down to the pit, though this time, he had to laugh when Merlin created a set of steps rather than letting/forcing the students to slide down the chasm into the underbelly of the school. As the others took the head, led by the Trinity, Harry turned to Sirius and Remus before he finally asked it, "So, what's your role in all this?"

"The Trinity appeared to us first," Sirius explained, indicating the retreating form of Arthur as he continued, "When they appeared, we were a bit sceptical about this, but there's no denying who they are: the magic that we felt in their presence told us more than their words ever could. Then they told both Remus and I that we were needed to help you and, well, you more than anyone else should know that I'll move heaven and earth to help you, Harry. I just can't believe how quickly the worms turned on you: your best friends as well; are…are you okay with all this, pup?"

"I figured it was all right," Harry chuckled, sighing deeply as he made his own way down the stairway, followed by Sirius and Remus, "I mean Dad was betrayed by his best friend and now…now I am as well: it's just fate being a bitch again."

"Strong…but appropriately truthful, I guess," laughed Sirius, all three of them reaching the base of the tunnel where Merlin and Mordred were clearing the mess, Mordred, Harry then noticed, doing his magic wandlessly. Instead of waving a wand or casting a spell from a staff or sceptre, Mordred just gestured with his hands or fingers and intoned his spells, or not as the case was with the clearing of the pit.

Morgana, meanwhile, twirled her sceptre and released several large orbs of blue flame that illuminated the tunnel that led down to the annexe of the Chamber. As they moved down the Chamber, Merlin addressed the group, "You don't have to stay down here, but as part of young Harry's entourage, I would ask that you train together and try to socialise as much as possible."

'Why do I get the feeling he's talking to Malfoy when he says that?' asked Harry, earning a chuckle from Merlin, who he then noticed was standing right behind him.

"Because I am."

The shock actually alarmed Harry as Merlin continued down the tunnel, though Harry hung back and, when Malfoy passed him, he grabbed the boy's arm, startling the blonde Slytherin, but not before those grey eyes of Malfoy's locked onto his as he asked, "What do you want, Potter?"

"To end it," Harry replied calmly, watching as the rest of the students made their way down the tunnel: no doubt that Merlin must have used his magic on the doorway into the Chamber itself, but Harry had a reason for stopping. Returning his eyes to Malfoy, Harry sighed before he explained, "I don't know why the Trinity wanted us to work together, but we have to face that we're basically stuck like this: we don't have to like it, Malfoy, but I'm not about to go around looking over my shoulder wanting to know if someone I'm meant to trust is going to stab me in the back. Besides," he seemed to hesitate and, for a moment, a blush crossed Harry's cheeks as he admitted, "I…I never really hated you, not completely: I guess things just…escalated, so, if you're willing to, then I am too."

"Are you…are you offering me your hand, Potter?" asked Malfoy, watching as Harry looked back up, a light shining in his emerald eyes that Malfoy had never noticed before.

"Yes," Harry replied, extending his hand to Malfoy as he added, "But, if you're accepting it, then there's no more insulting my friends or my parents: no use of that accursed M-word and no more jibes. So, Malfoy…what do you say?"

"On one condition," Malfoy replied, earning a raised eyebrow from Harry that actually looked funny to the Malfoy Heir before he laughed and added, "Only if you stop calling me Malfoy…it's Draco…Harry."

He then took Harry's hand and winked once, a smile crossing his face while Harry, realising he'd clearly been played by a Slytherin's slyness, chuckled and nodded, "It's a deal…Draco."

Embracing one another in an almost brotherly embrace, the two new friends made their way down the Chamber, unaware of Morgana and Arthur watching them from the door of the Chamber as they passed by.

"Noble to the end," Morgana remarked, following the duo inside with Arthur by her side.

"What else would you expect, Morgana?" asked Arthur, his eyes filled with a sense of happiness as he added, "Harry is the last descendant of Emrys after all; nobility and forgiveness run in his blood…it's what makes his light burn so brightly."

Morgana just nodded while she followed Arthur, Harry and Draco into the Chamber's annexe to meet with the Father of Magic…

Chapter 1 of my new Light-Harry story and a few surprises abound: the Trinity are here to help Harry and it seems there's another reason besides his apparent knack for danger; what will Harry say when he hears the truth?

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