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I blame Cody-kun. I really do. I would never do something like this voluntarily. My innocence was ripped away. Violently.

-cries in corner-

Chapter 1.

Itachi couldn't stop looking at the delicious display of flawless skin stretching over well-toned muscles in front of him. His eyes followed a clear drop of water that was seductively making its way down from the damp black spikes to the defined lines on the teen's chest and abs and down one of the 'fuck-me-lines' that disappeared into the dark blue jeans, that were riding impossibly low on his lean hips.

The boy, obviously fresh out of the shower, had been staring at him wide-eyed with surprise at first, but slowly his eye lids lowered until they covered the upper half of his onyx orbs. His full pouty lips curled up into a knowing little smirk as he realized his brother's stupor over his half naked body. He ran his left thumb over the thin trail of soft, dark hairs on his lower abdomen and hooked it in the waistband of his jeans, pulling them down slightly in the process.

The older Uchiha desperately tried to pry his gaze away from the exposed skin that was beckoning him and forced himself to look into his Otouto's dark eyes. The teen was leaning with his right arm against the doorway and licked his delicious lips, making Itachi shiver.

"Yes? Can I help you sir?"

For a moment the prodigy was speechless at his baby brother's confidence and playfulness. But he quickly recovered from his daze, letting a lusty look slide across his visage and decided to play along.

"I hope so… I'm looking for my little brother. Maybe you've seen him? He is cute, adorable, small and…."

Once again his gaze fell on the waistband of the jeans that were now pulled down so low, that he could almost taste what was underneath it.

"…very fucking sexy…"

Sasuke smirked again, letting his dark hair fall over his eyes, adding to the mysterious and sexy aura he was exuding.

"Well, I can't help you with 'cute' and 'adorable' and I sure as hell ain't 'small'…"

He raised a hand to his head and ran his long fingers through the silky spikes, flexing the muscles in his toned arm with a wink at his grinning older brother.

"…but I think I can pull off 'very fucking sexy' for you."

Itachi grinned even wider, making his cheeks hurt from the unfamiliar gesture. It had been so long since he had smiled this sincerely. Licking his lips at the enticing sight, he took a small step closer to the familiar yet unfamiliar body in front of him.

"You sure can…"

Deciding to end their little game right there, he sighed and wiped some long strands of hair away from his face.

"Holy shit Sasuke… How long has it been?"

The teen's face fell a little as he smiled a sad smile to the man he had been missing for so many months.

"Too long Aniki…"

Then his grin lit up a little and he held his hand out to the older Uchiha.

"Won't you come in? I've missed you so much!"

Two hours, 3 pizza's and a six-pack of beer later, the re-united brothers found themselves facing each other on Sasuke's couch, talking about the months they had been away from each other. Itachi had thought that some time apart would take care of the sexual tension that seemed to surround them everywhere they went, but nothing was farther from the truth.

It was still there. Just as heated, just as pressing and just as impossible to deny.


It was worse.

Maybe absence did make the heart grow fonder. He couldn't help staring at those pouty lips as Sasuke spoke. Those lips had grown even fuller than he remembered; the decadent rise enchanting him and leaving him hungry for a renewed taste. How good it would feel to slide his tongue over those soft, warm, inviting…

He really shouldn't. This was exactly why he had agreed to study abroad in the first place. It had killed him to leave his beloved little brother behind, but at the time, he thought he was doing the right thing. They had grown so attached to each other, had been so dependent on each other, it was only healthy for Sasuke to learn to look at other people besides his older brother.

Even though said older brother didn't even want to think about anyone else but his Otouto.

Their father had insisted on this school and while he normally would have brushed it off as he had done countless times before, this time he had thought of little Sasuke.

Adorable, cute little Sasuke, who had become the centre of his universe.

Beautiful, pretty little Sasuke, who made his Aniki feel things that he wasn't supposed to feel.

Sexy, enticing little Sasuke, who had unknowingly been seducing his older brother, innocently tempting him until one day, that older brother had finally cracked.

Unable to withstand the alluring little boy any longer, Itachi had eventually given in to his sinful desires. His eyebrow twitched as he remembered that first time, while present-day-Sasuke's pretty lips were still moving.

You still love to hear yourself talk, huh?



The whiney voice, complimented by the pouty lips and scrunched up little nose, was really starting to get on Itachi's nerves.


"Stop it Sasuke."

The pouting increased in intensity, making the 14-year old shift in his seat uncomfortably.

"But Niiii-saaan..."

"No Sasuke!"

At that point, the scrunched up little nose had smoothed out and made room for the boy's most effective weapon: puppy-eyes. He smirked evilly when he climbed on the chair his big brother was sitting on. He was going to get what he wanted. He always did.

Straddling his brother's strong thighs, Sasuke felt like a real champion. There was something about his big strong Aniki that always gave him a warm tingle whenever they were this close to each other. So he clung to the older Uchiha as often as possible. And even though Itachi would push him away every time, something about his demeanour made little Sasuke certain that he loved it as much as he did.

Itachi groaned in frustration when he felt his baby brother's ass grind on his lap. Did the boy not know what he was doing to him? Of course he didn't, the kid was only 9 years old. He couldn't possible understand the reaction he invoked, could he?

But the beet-red flush and ragged breathing of the boy told him otherwise. And that made it even harder for Itachi to keep his unholy urges in check. He was pretty sure he wasn't attracted to little boys in general, but his little Otouto, with his big onyx eyes, his soft pouty lips and his girlish figure, he just brought out the worst in him.

"Don't you love me, Nii-san? Am I really such a bother that you won't even go swimming with me?"

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Itachi tried to keep Sasuke's squirming hips away from his lap with his other hand. As much as he loved both swimming and spending time with the little raven, he really didn't feel like watching Sasuke's beautiful little body half-naked and dripping wet for the rest of the afternoon. Especially since he would have no way to hide his 'reaction' in his swim-shorts, nor the privacy to quickly take care of the 'problem'.

"Don't be stupid, Otouto. You know that I love you and that you're not a bother to me. I just don't feel like swimming today."

Sasuke frowned and considered throwing another hissy-fit. But then again, if he overdid it, Itachi might really get angry and his chances of spending the day with him would be out the window. So he sighed, slumped against his brother's strong chest and cuddled up cosily. Even though his brilliant plan of spending an entire afternoon staring at his Nii-san's beautiful body was foiled, this wasn't half-bad either.

He didn't really understand what these feelings were, but he was certain of one thing. His Aniki made him feel good and that was all that mattered.

Since the boy had stilled the frustratingly delicious grinding of his little hips, Itachi allowed Sasuke to curl up on top of him and even wrapped one arm around his baby brother's waist. They were sitting on one of the luxurious chairs on the front porch, protected from the direct heat of the sun, but it was still warm enough for them to both doze off within a few minutes.

Until something woke Itachi up. Something hot and writhing and moaning and grinding… It took him a second to understand what was happening, but as soon as he did, his eyes widened in a mixture of horrified shock and unadulterated lust. Sasuke's heated little body was sprawled out over his chest, his legs dangling on either side of Itachi's thighs, his fists clenched up in his brother's shirt and…

His hips steadily grinding into his 'poor' Aniki's quickly hardening cock.

Itachi gulped loudly and cursed his reaction to the boy's obvious wet dream. He brought his hands to the thrusting hips with every intention of pushing them away. He really could not be blamed for crushing said hips harder against himself instead, when a particular wild movement made their erections brush against each other. Absolutely not his fault.

That's right, no-one would ever be able to hold Itachi responsible for the lack of proper response he showed. Or didn't show. Because all he did was throw his head back and bit on his lower lip to prevent more moans from spilling.

Such delicious friction, such an addictive body grinding against his aching cock… Itachi used his last bit of sanity to try and pry his hands away from those delectable hips, but it was in vain. They wouldn't listen. They refused to move from the patch of exposed, sweaty skin that had been revealed sometime during Sasuke's frantic thrusts.

The older of the two could practically feel the claws of sinful, incestuous lust dig into his mind and body, but he couldn't find it in himself to care. He was too far gone. Too hard, too horny and too wrapped up in that glorious feeling of his baby brother's rigid little dick rubbing against his own. Violently.

A choked mewl and breathless gasp made him look back at the silky spikes that bounced softly with every uncontrolled movement. Then Sasuke lifted his head up and looked at his Aniki with large, confused eyes.


Itachi's breathing was ragged and fast and his fingers dug a little deeper into the flawless skin. So this was what it had all been building up to huh? All the 'innocent' touches, the hugs that lingered a little too long, fingers that 'accidently' brushed against upper legs and kisses that were placed strategically close to the other's lips…

"Nii-san, I… I feel weird…"

Sasuke looked up at his older brother once again and gasped when he shifted on the heated body beneath him. Electrifying currents of… something… shot through his little frame and made him moan in the process. It was kind of like what he felt whenever he was close to Itachi, only so much stronger, so much better…

He squirmed a little, which made his Aniki groan as if he was in pain, and shakily pulled his body upwards in a sitting position. He really did feel weird and he glanced down to what seemed to be centre of all these unfamiliar stimulations. Being the curious boy that he was, he palmed the front of his shorts and let out a long moan when pleasure rushed through his frame, making him tremble.


Itachi's lewd whisper didn't go unnoticed and the little raven experimentally pressed his other hand to his brother's similar only much larger bulge, prodding for a response. It was strangely satisfying to feel it twitch against his hand, making Sasuke double his efforts.

With a low growl, Itachi shot upwards and grabbed Sasuke by his waist, hoisting him on to his feet.

"Let's go upstairs, Otouto… Now!"

A little disappointed with the loss of contact, Sasuke padded after his Aniki, a little curious about what could be upstairs that made his brother so anxious to get there. Once they were in Itachi's bedroom, Sasuke was grabbed and thrown on the large bed, making the boy squeak in surprise. He looked up, confused and strangely excited by his brother's uncharacteristic rough behaviour.

Itachi took off his shirt while he stood at the end of the bed, smirking at Sasuke's heated stare as the young eyes trailed over his Aniki's exposed and toned upper body. He had expected to feel guilt, self-disgust or fear now that he was finally giving in to his darkest desire, but there was none of that whatsoever. All that he could think about was that flushed, aroused and delicious little boy in his bed, eagerly awaiting his next move.

I will have you Sasuke. I will have you completely…

To Be Continued...