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Chapter 3.

They had been lovers for 4 years, until his Aniki just upped and left. Something about Sasuke needing to live a normal, healthy life. He had been so angry. Normal? He wasn't normal. And neither was Itachi. That's why they were so perfect for each other. But his Nii-san had always had one flaw. His goddamned morals. But this time… Today he was sure to make this man give in to him. In so many ways. Sasuke giggled internally.

I'll teach you for casually showing up on my doorstep after 3 long years, looking hotter than ever before…

He placed a clammy hand on his brother's thigh and rubbed his thumb over the fabric-covered skin.

"On how much that would increase my chances on a good old round of Uchiha-sex…"


Itachi forced his voice to sound intimidating and glared at the younger, who was now adding some extra pressure to his thigh.

If you give in, these last three years have been in vain, Itachi…

"Don't you dare lecture me, Aniki. Don't you dare say we shouldn't do this."

Suddenly, the teen's demeanour changed as he shot a wicked glance towards his older brother.

"You know what, it doesn't even matter. I'm taller and I'm stronger than you are now; what do you think you can do to stop me? Huh, Nii-san?"

Itachi frowned and batted Sasuke's hand away from his upper leg, explaining to himself how he was not enjoying the sweet ministrations at all.

"Don't be stupid, Otouto. I'm still your older brother."

"Exactly. Shouldn't you be taking good care of your Otouto?"

Itachi winced when he heard the words he had spoken so many years ago, being thrown back at him. And he certainly didn't harden just the tiniest bit from hearing it in this setting. Not at all.

"You know what one of my favourite parts of our little game was, Nii-san?"

That boy just won't let up, will he?

Sasuke dragged one slender finger over his brother's crotch, smirking triumphantly at the growing bulge.

"No… what?"

Goddammit, Itachi! Must you really respond to everything?!

"When you wanted me to use my mouth on you…"

Biting his lower lip sexily, Sasuke pressed his palm against Itachi's now fully hardened cock.

Well, shit.

"Can I suck you off again, Nii-san?"

And once again, Sasuke had seduced and tempted his Aniki to the point of no return. Only this time, the boy was hardly unknowing or innocent.

Itachi leaned forward, and grabbed the back of Sasuke's head, pulling the teen towards him to crash their heated lips together again. It had been so long. Too long. He moaned at the spicy taste of his baby brother's mouth. Sasuke had grown. From sweet to addictive, from cute to alluring, from naïve to… dominant? And was that a tongue piercing he felt?

He gasped for air when Sasuke challenged his tongue into a vicious battle. His little brother was so demanding, so needy. He chuckled against the fiery lips and curled his fist into the velvet black spikes. When he broke the kiss and Sasuke whined at the loss of contact, Itachi stroked his thumb over the kiss-bruised lips.

"If you're really that eager, get to work then, Otouto…"

With that, he pushed the teen's head down towards his throbbing dick and popped the button of his jeans with one hand.

Sasuke smiled secretively while he pulled out his prize. He really did love his brother's cock; so perfectly shaped with that slight upwards curve at the tip, added for extra pleasure. He curled his long fingers around the hard length, revelling in the feeling of heated velvet wrapped over steel and never breaking the heated eye contact between them.

His Aniki still looked like that sex-god he remembered. Looking down at him with that sexy smirk, one hand in Sasuke's hair and the other hanging over the backrest of the couch, legs wide apart to give Sasuke room to work…

He simply couldn't wait to wipe that smug grin off his gorgeous face.

But since he had other priorities at that moment, all Sasuke's attention was brought back to the twitching cock in his hand. He stuck his tongue out and let the silver piece of jewellery glide over his Nii-san's length.

"God, that thing looks good on you, Sasuke."

"What? The piercing or your cock?"

Itachi grinned widely. "Both."

He used his grip on the boy's hair and pushed him down further on his aching erection, already too lost in their sinful reunion to care about his earlier protests. Who was he kidding anyway? His Otouto's pretty little mouth was made for sucking him off.

Groaning like a madman when he felt Sasuke add that delicious suction to the up-and-down movements of his head, he resisted the urge to buck up into that wonderful mouth and fuck his baby brother's face.

Well… This could be over embarrassingly soon.

Had Sasuke always been this talented? They hadn't done this too often, since Itachi used to fear his own self-restraint wasn't strong enough to not choke the little boy in the throes of his passion.

So where did Sasuke learn this? He gritted his teeth when images of other men on top of his little brother started to flash before his eyes. He would have to make sure that the teen would be reclaimed as his completely. That's what he was gonna do.

And the first thing he was going to take back, was that tight little throat. He was going to make sure Sasuke would never have another taste in his mouth beside his Aniki's.

God, he is good at this.

The suction was becoming unbearable very quickly and Itachi tightened his hold on the bobbing head in his lap.


His moan turned into an angry growl when Sasuke suddenly halted his delicious sucking noises and released the leaking cock from his swollen lips.

"Not yet, Aniki. I have something else in mind…"

The boy's wicked grin was a little unsettling, but Itachi chose to ignore it.

"Really? And what could that be?"

Sasuke sat up slowly and managed to get them both naked in a matter of seconds. His smile was deceivingly sweet as he traced the line of his Aniki's almost feminine jaw and pressed his thumb against the plump lower lip before biting down on it gently.

"I want a good fuck, Nii-san…"

"Hnng, I love it when you get all needy, Sasuke…"

Itachi started to get a little dazed when he clutched his baby brother's naked body against his own, promising himself he would take another proper look at it later. Right now, he needed to be buried deep inside that slippery heat.

He brought up two fingers to Sasuke's tempting mouth and cocked a perfect eyebrow when the teen grabbed his wrist, bit his fingertip lightly and removed his hand entirely.

"Oh no, Nii-san… Let me do that for you…"

With a smirk he allowed Sasuke's offered fingers to enter his mouth and sucked on them with fervour, coating them generously and looking forward to having a private show of his little brother preparing himself in front of his Aniki.

You really have changed, Sasuke…

When those long, slender fingers detached themselves from his lips, he followed their trail down their naked bodies, appreciating the sight of toned abdomen and flawless skin.

Then he looked back up in his baby brother's eyes and choked up at the possessive gleam in those deep obsidian orbs. A cold shiver crawled up his spine and he swallowed visibly when he was suddenly hoisted upwards and forcibly backed up against the wall.

Sasuke's free hand took a firm grip on one of his wrists and brought it up over his head, effectively trapping him between the unforgiving wall and the teen's own rock solid body. His eyes widened and his lips parted in shock when he realised how tall and strong his little Otouto actually had become.

Sasuke licked his bottom lip when he saw the pretty face of his older brother contort in a mixture of disbelief and even a slight rush of fear. He nuzzled the soft skin of that shapely neck and whispered huskily against his Nii-san's ear.

"I've been wanting to do this for a long time now… Aniki…"

He grabbed one shaking thigh and lifted it up, hooking it over his hip and brushing the tight ring of muscles just briefly with his slick fingers. Sasuke chuckled dangerously when Itachi finally seemed to reconnect to his senses and started to fight back with all his might. Releasing the wriggling body for a moment, he took a step back and watched the flushed man fall on his ass in his uncontrolled efforts to break free.

Itachi's heart was pounding, still in utter shock of his little brother's actions and crawled backwards a little with wide eyes.

"Otouto… What the fuck?"

He didn't even care about his voice sounding an octave higher than usual. This was not how it was supposed to happen. Right?

But reality washed over him like a bucket of ice as his knees were caught and spread wide by the evilly grinning teen that towered over him.

"Don't be like that, Nii-san… Don't you want to help me feel good too?"

Itachi's eyes narrowed as he glared at the cocky boy between his legs. Again, bested by his own words.

"You little shit!" he hissed while he attempted to twist and crawl away. But he was caught way too easily. Cursing out loud, Itachi felt himself being dragged back by his ankle, his hot skin gliding against the smooth wooden floor planks.

Sasuke watched his older brother squirm in his hold with a perverted satisfaction and growled lowly as the struggle was turning him on more and more.

"Come on Aniki, you really think you can win this? You've spent the last three years in a classroom. I've been working out almost 24/7."

His gaze travelled over Itachi's sweaty body and grinned when he noticed the still raging hard cock.

"Besides, I think you are secretly enjoying this… Nii-san…"

Itachi refused to acknowledge the insistent throbbing between his thighs. There was no way he was getting off on being treated like a little bitch.


Then why was his strength faltering? Even though his baby brother was obviously well-trained, he was pretty sure he could still overpower the boy. He was Uchiha fucking Itachi for fuck sake!

Then why didn't he? Why was he lying there, on his back, looking up into the lust-lidded eyes of his little brother as if he wanted this to happen?

Fuck no!

He lunged forward, putting all his weight behind the motion and used the element of surprise to wrestle Sasuke down on the floor. Forcing one muscular arm against the floor and wrapping his free hand around the teen's throat, Itachi growled while he sank his teeth briefly in Sasuke's chin.

"Don't get cocky now, little boy…"

He would be lying if he said this rough play wasn't doing anything for him.

Sasuke seemed to agree, his dark eyes glittering with lust and excitement as the strong fingers tightened their grip on his neck.

"On the contrary, Itachi-nii. It's you who is getting cock this time."

He flipped them around seemingly effortlessly and swiftly positioned himself behind his Aniki. A strong arm was wrapped around Itachi's heaving chest and Sasuke pulled the elder's frame against his own feverishly hot body.


The sound of Sasuke's darkened voice in his ear vibrated against his jugular and Itachi couldn't help but shiver with a combination of both dreadful and delicious anticipation. He managed a choked sound as he felt the slippery tip of Sasuke's cock push against him as he was raised to his knees.

"Don't worry Nii-san, I will make you feel so good…"

The older Uchiha felt his blood boiling as he started to give in to his persistent little brother. It couldn't be all that bad, could it?

As soon as Sasuke noticed the slight change in Itachi's behaviour, he released the grip on his brother's chest and hooked his hands under the still shivering thighs. Hoisting him up just a little he positioned himself against Itachi's twitching hole and thrust his hips forward with an ecstatic moan.

Itachi choked and shook as he was impaled, the burning sting fighting with the mind-blowing sensation of being filled and stretched from the inside. He fought to control himself, but then Sasuke moved. Out, then even deeper within him and he growled as pleasure won out. Any resistance he may have offered melted away when Sasuke's hand wrapped around his throbbing cock and teased pearly drops from the tip.

"God Nii-san... you're so tight…"

Abandoning all pretence, Itachi fell forward on his palms and groaned at the wonderful feeling of Sasuke's cock massaging his sweet spot over and over. He rocked his hips back to meet his little brother's furious thrusts and bit his bottom lip to stop the choked sob that threatened to spill in the heat of the moment. Yet, it was in vain…

"Aahh… Sasuke… harder…"

Sasuke dug his fingers deep in the soft skin of his Aniki's hips and leaned forward a little more to speed up the movements on Itachi's leaking cock. He wasn't going to last much longer. The whole struggle had left him aching for this and now that he finally had it… Sparks of white light burst in front of his closed eyes as he felt the tell-tale signs of a mind-blowing orgasm coiling in his abdomen.

He gritted his teeth as he felt Itachi's inner muscles clamp down even tighter on his aching cock when his Nii-san released a blissful cry and emptied himself in Sasuke's hand. Locking his hips against Itachi's backside after one last powerful pump, Sasuke let himself be carried over the edge by the lusty moans of his older brother. He very nearly cried with the overwhelming sensation of coming inside his Aniki's tight ass.

Slumping beside each other on the floor and panting heavily, both brothers looked at one another with dazed expressions. Finally Itachi managed to curl his hand into a fist and stomped Sasuke lightly on his upper arm.

"Don't you think you ever get to do that again, little brat!"

Sasuke smiled and closed his eyes, yawning sleepily.

"Sure Nii-san. You keep telling yourself that…"

He wriggled towards his Aniki and cuddled up against his chest, sighing contently while he inhaled the comforting scent.

"You loved every minute of it… But then again, as soon as I've taken a little nap, I really want your big cock up my ass, Nii-san…"

Rolling his eyes, Itachi couldn't help but wrap his arms around his Otouto. The boy's attitude seemed to change so dramatically in such short periods of time; he sarcastically wondered if the boy had a second personality. He kissed the top of the teen's head and snuggled a little closer.

"You still owe me a proper blowjob, Sasuke…" He murmured just before he fell into a deep, satisfied slumber.

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