Authors Note: This is the last chapter, guys. And while I'm kinda of sad that it's ending, i'm pretty happy too, so that I can continue and focus more on my other stories and ideas that I have swirling around my brain. I hope you guys have enjoyed it and know just how grateful I am for the comments and support that I got for this story. This last chapter isn't very long, but it's how I always planned on ending this story. I hope you're satisfied with it. Thank you.

Hate You, Love You

Chapter Eighteen


She was still finding it a little hard to believe that she was actually standing here, within touching distance of the woman that she'd loved for more than fifteen years. It was a shame that the moment had been ruined by the tall, attractive redhead that she'd watched enter the house, and seemed to share a familiarity with Piper that set her jealous and overprotective streaks flying off the handle, even after all these years. She'd always felt like an overprotective lioness when it came to Piper, keeping her paws wrapped firmly around the blonde who seemed to find trouble wherever she went. It didn't matter whether it was a drug king pin who had ruined Piper's plans, a very touchy feely mule or a cook in Litchfield prison; Piper found trouble everywhere.

Not that she had really seen any danger in the woman who was apparently named Jae, despite her sarcastic sense of humor. It was just that the woman almost reminded Alex of herself, with her clothes, her tattoos and her attitude, except this woman hadn't pulled Piper into the drugs business or gotten the blonde thrown into prison.

She'd pulled up in her car, across the street from Piper's new apartment; only ten minutes before Jae had shown up, cursing as she stumbled up the steps with her arms overflowing with bags. She'd watched with narrowed eyes, her planned speech flying out of her head as she watched Piper open the door, looking so damn hot wearing only an oversized white t-shirt that reached to mid-sexy tanned muscular-thigh on the blonde. With beer in hand, Piper had rushed to help her friend and Alex had felt her heart clench, watching as the red head walked inside as if she owned the place, with Piper following close behind, a contented little smile on her stupid, perfect face.

What was she supposed to think?

Thoughts of the last year raced through her head, of the time she had spent being free, organising her life in hopes that she would be together enough for Piper when the woman was finally released. She'd managed to even get herself a fairly well-paying job, importing things, ironically enough, though the things she imported were completely legal this time around. Worst of all, she'd been completely celibate since she left prison and was near exploding with sexual tension. She'd been hoping that her and Piper could get their arguments out of the way quickly, so she could throw the blonde on the closest flat surface, be it wall or table, and fuck her brains out.

So much for that, Alex thought as she stood uncharacteristically awkward in front of the blonde, who was now staring at her as if she had grown a second head. She juggled her car keys in her hand, watching as Piper seemed to snap out of her shock and point somewhat weakly to her fridge.

"Uh, do you want a beer?" The blonde asked, opening the fridge door and pulling out two bottles, offering one to the brunette who took it with a small smile. "We can sit down over there."

Alex followed Piper as she led her over to a black leather couch, sitting down across from the blonde who stared back at her expressionlessly. "So."

"So," Alex took a deep breath before speaking. "I'm pretty pissed off at you."

"I can imagine," Piper replied quietly, leaning back against the armrest and pulling her bare feet up underneath her. "Though, you have no reason to be. I didn't do anything wrong."

"You lied to me."

"No, I just didn't tell the whole truth," Piper shrugged, and Alex could feel her blood begin to boil.

"Why?" Alex finally just asked after reigning in her temper. One word that held so much emotion behind it, and one question that had been plaguing her since her brain finally put the pieces together, as Nicky had urged her to. The years that had followed had been the longest of her life, all just so she could all this one simple question.

Which had one very simple answer.

"Because I heart you, Alex."



If Piper had discovered one thing over the years, it was that honesty was always the best option. Lies always caught up with you, and skirting around the truth could only last for so long, so she went with straight up honesty. The reaction to her words were more or less what she had expected.

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

Piper cringed as Alex practically leapt off the couch, stalking around the coffee table and pacing back and forth like an agitated jungle cat. She fought the urge to make excuses and just sat there instead, watching as her girlfriend mumbled angrily to herself, before turning to face Piper with an angry expression.

"Alex," Piper started to speak, only to be cut off with a glare from cold gray eyes.

"You should have told me," Alex spoke, holding up her hand when Piper started to object. "You should have fucking told me everything, rather than lying and disappearing in the middle of the night. You should have told me the truth about Larry and about whatever deal you made to get time off my sentence, Piper."

"Al- "

"No!" Alex growled, halting Piper's speech once again as she pushed the coffee table that was between them, across the floor. She stepped closer to the blonde, her eyes on fire as she held Piper's gaze. "No, you should have told me because this wasn't just about you, Piper. It was my life, too and I had a right to know."

"Alex," Piper finally got a word in. "I didn't want to hurt you anymore."

"But you did!" Alex's voice rose as she stepped even closer to the blonde, until they were only inches away from each other. "And I fucking hate you, Piper. I hate you because I fucking love you."

It felt like the world stopped spinning as all the air rushed out of Piper's chest, her heart pausing in its wild beating against her rib cage. The words that she longed for and yet dreaded to hear, that Alex still loved her, even after all this time and everything that had happened. Her heart was jumping for joy even as her mind was shying away from the pain that this would cause her, because her and Alex's relationship had never been perfect. It had always been inevitable but far from functional, yet she still found herself wanting it, needing it, even if it all ended up blowing up in her face. The world jolted back into movement as Alex continued speaking, more of a nervous ramble due to Piper's continued silence, the blonde assumed.

"Look, I know our past is pretty shitty," the dark haired woman stated with a self depricating grin. "But, we're different now, Pipes, our lives are different and if you haven't got a fiance waiting for you out here, then I want to try this, again. I mean, Polly told me that your dad got you a pretty good job and that your soap business was still going and I've got a job too, you know, a legal one, this time."

"You got a job?" The words slipped out before Piper could stop them. "A legal one?"

"Yes," Alex stood up a little straighter, smiling proudly. "I stuck to what I'm good at, which is importing shit, except now I import art and whatever the people want instead of heroin. It doesn't pay as well, but it pays enough for me to live more than comfortably, with enough left over to go on a holiday ever now and then. I was thinking of Cambodia next."

"Cambodia?" The word was almost whisper as Piper looked up at Alex, a soft smile playing her lips.

"Yeah," Alex shrugged with a grin. "You interested?"

"I love Cambodia."

"Me too."


Eight months later...

Cambodia, 2019

Piper whimpered, extremely glad of the large towel underneath her, separating her from the sand as she ground her hips. She felt a puff of warm air against her clit, a soft, deep chuckle reaching her ears before she was engulfed in warmth. Her head slammed back onto the towel as she buried her fingers in long dark hair, her eyes catching a glimpse of the new blue hair streaks that she'd missed so much. A groan forced its way from her throat as she felt Alex's tongue slowly circle her clit before flicking her tongue over it in rapid strokes. Fire erupted in her stomach which was fueled by the two long fingers that were thrusting so fucking deeply inside of her, curling and grazing her walls deliciously.

She bit down on her bottom lip, clamping down on the urge to cry out on the less than secluded beach. One of her hands left its place in her lover's hair, searching until it intertwined with another, larger hand that gripped it tightly. Another flick of the tongue and stars were exploding behind her closed eyelids, her back arching as Alex drew out every last bit of pleasure until her body was a mass of shaking, sated flesh.

She opened her eyes to find the stars replaced by the sun and blue skies, but only for a moment until Alex was looming over her, gray eyes twinkling and lips still moist. Piper smiled contentedly at her girlfriend, getting a grin in return as Alex wrapped her up in her arms.

"You look pretty happy with yourself?" Piper said when Alex finally pulled away from their hug, leaning over the blonde on her elbows.

"Yeah, I am," Alex replied with a happy grin, leaning down to brush her lips against her partners. "This is much better than sitting here with three strangers in drag and some X."

"Definitely," Piper smiled peacefully. "Remind me to thank Nicky again when we get home."

"Haven't you thanked her enough times already, Pipes?"

"Seven times, but one more time couldn't hurt."

"Is what you'll be saying later."

The End