A hobbit and a dwarf were lying on the bed in the royal chamber of Erebor, dark already owning the whole room and wrapping it in the dim light of torches only. Both of them breathed steadily, while only one of them was asleep. The other, King under the Mountain was watching him carefully, his fingers delicately following the curves of the smaller one's locks. It placed a tingling sensation in the dwarf's fingertip, and a smile formed on his lips.

He could've wished for nothing more than having the hobbit beside him, knowing he was well and dreaming of beautiful places. Thorin couldn't dream and he couldn't sleep, but it was quite all right. He didn't want to close his eyes, not even for a second, while his halfling lay next to him.

"I might not be able to see you, but I can feel when you are staring," Bilbo Baggins murmured, earning a surprised look from the king. The hobbit smiled, shifting closer to the disclosed king and burying his face in his chest with a deep sigh. "I was thinking about something."

Thorin decided to keep lying in one place, trying to forget about the short lived embarassment he felt for staring at the sleeping hobbit and successfully waking him.


"I think the enchantment of the Valar wore off," Bilbo said, his voice silent and muffled against the bare chest of the king. His breath tickled the dwarf's skin but he just smiled, running his fingers through the locks again and again gently.

"No more burning indeed," Thorin noted and Bilbo made a surprised sound. He wrapped one arm around Thorin's waist, entwining their legs in a tangle. "Do you miss it maybe?"

"A little," Bilbo mused, making Thorin pull away slightly and making a bewildered face. Bilbo grinned, and Thorin chuckled with confusion.

"Why would you miss it?"

"Because I knew if you were too far and I knew when to start worrying," Bilbo answered, pulling Thorin back so he could curl up against him once again. Thorin felt his heart quickening at the words of the hobbit, and he was wondering for a second, trying not to let his mind roam in the memories of the bitter past. Those days were gone, and he finally had the chance to replace them with new, better memories. More beautiful, more peaceful, more loving.

He shifted even closer to the hobbit, burying his face in the abundance of hair and smiling against Bilbo's head.

"I won't go where you can't follow," he promised, so silently that for a moment he worried his hobbit couldn't hear him. But then, he felt a smile against his chest and he knew Bilbo understood him perfectly.

"That's what I thought."