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6 Years Ago…

Harry Potter, the prophesied Boy-Who-Lived, had just found out what the so-called Light's leader had been trying to hide from him. It wasn't something the seventeen year old boy could just let go and forget. And everything came out on the day of graduation.

"H-how could you?! I trusted you! I did everything you told me to from the very start! And this is how you repay me?!" the lightning scarred boy yelled at a paling old Headmaster.

"Harry, my boy. Please let me explain first. Everything was for—"

"DON'T! DON'T YOU DARE SAY 'IT WAS ALL FOR THE BLOODY GREATER FUCKING GOOD! BECAUSE BEING ABUSED FROM THE TIME I COULD THINK FOR MYSELF WASN'T FOR MY GOOD AT ALL!" Minerva paled; Snape looked like his eyes were going to pop out from their sockets. The castle's resident dungeon bat and deputy head had never seen the said boy so angry before.

The window panes began to crack under his power.

"Harry please… You have to let me explain." Dumbledore tried once more to calm the angry teen.

"Explain what?! That all those years of abuse and ill treatment from my OWN blood relatives were because you told them to do so?! You paid them using MY own money! How long have you been stealing from me?! Mark my words, Albus Dumbledore, you will regret the day you started your plan to lead me to my death." Harry said with venom oozing out from his voice. The door snapped in half and was thrown out the hallway by Harry's magic. The staff who were present cowered in fear. The once sweet and loyal boy was now fearsome and dangerous teen; all because of Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Albus! Explain yourself this instant?!" Minerva scolded the man which made everyone else wince from the sharpness of her tone.

"Minerva, I only did what I thought was for the greater good. Harry had to grow up the way he did to make him stronger." Albus said.

"Yes, well congratulations Albus. You have done what you have set out to do. The boy is now powerful that I myself can say for certain than he can defeat the Dark Lord. However, the boy in question is in rage. I have no doubt that this will make him think if what he had been fighting for was the right choice." Severus said with all the hate he could muster. He now had a new look on the Headmaster. Not only did he put Lily's only son in harm's way since he came to Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore had the nerve to insinuate that the boy was to be their sacrificial lamb.

Outside the Room of Requirement…

Draco, Ron, Blaise, Hermione, Neville, Theodore, Pansy, and Goyle were looking at each other. No one spoke for a while then they all turned to the black diamond door that was the entrance to the room Harry had entered not ten minutes after he came from the Headmaster's office seething with anger.

"So, who's going to go in?" asked Goyle, braving to break the silence.

"You go Dray." Ron said. The blond's eyes widen and he paled.

"Have you lost your mind, Ron? See the door? It's diamond! BLACK DIAMOND for Merlin's sake! I don't want to die yet." He defended himself. The others shrugged. They knew how rare the door's element was. For it to be the very material to be used as a door meant a fearsome level of danger to those who dare to enter without being summoned.

"Why don't you go, 'mione? Harry usually listens to you." Blaise pointed out which made the rest nod. She sighed and shook her head,

"He won't listen to me this time. You all as well as I saw how furious he was when he arrived." She told them. They were running out options. Daphne arrived with Luna, Astoria, and the twins.

"Is that black diamond?" asked Fred as his twin turned to see the door. Both read heads gaped when the others nodded. Luna stood next to Neville,

"Well, you would feel the way he is feeling right now if you found out that you have been cheated, lied, and used since first year. Harry is shattering inside. But what I fear is that what is breaking is not his heart but his view and wall that he had created around himself to make sure he wasn't hurt. Dumbledore had wrecked the walls and has unleashed the side that Harry had tried to keep locked away. The side of his sadistic and cold cruelty towards anyone and anything that hurts him." She told everyone.

"Well, now we know that we'll all be disappearing today." Fred began.

"But will it happen before or after the Leaving feast and graduation." George finished.

"We can draw straws to see who'll go inside and ask. The shortest will go. That way it'll be fair for everyone." Neville said. The rest agreed and Hermione transfigured three strands of her hair into sticks and cut them into 13 different lengths.

"Alright, in the count of three, everyone pulls." Blaise said and everyone had taken hold of one stick.

"One… Two… Three." Astoria counted instead. Everyone pulled one and hoped that they weren't the shortest. Twelve sighed in relief while one groan and shuddered in fear. George Weasley had gotten the shortest.

Everyone quickly moved back, leaving George nearest the door alone.

"Wow, great way to show your support mates. Really." He drowned before turning to the door and knocking thrice.

At first, nothing happened. But then a moment later, the door opened but itself and a shadowy hand pulled George inside and the door closing shut once again.

"May Merlin be with you, George." Fred said with a worried tone.

Inside, the whole place was nearly dark and cold. But George was being led through the darkness by some warm power. The next thing he saw was Harry sitting by the window sill the room provided.

"Harry, the ceremony is about to start. Everyone's wondering when will we be leaving." He asked directly so that he wouldn't lose whatever was left of his courage. Harry could be very frightening when he wanted to be. And right then was one of those moments George didn't want to have to experience.

Harry turned to him with his intense Avada green eyes and looked like he was torn between wanting to kill someone and destroying the whole castle.

"We'll leave before the ceremony ends. After Dumbledore finishes his speech and when McGonagall begins to call us one by one to receive or scrolls, I'll stand up and show everyone what I just found out." He said. George wondered what it was but before he could ask, the others were standing next to him. Harry's shadow skills were getting better.

"Watch what I had been fortunate enough to have found just before I am led to be slaughtered by the dark." Harry commanded and his thoughts projected in front of his friends.

No one spoke as they all watched what had happened when Harry was alone in the Headmaster's office and when the staff came. The girls gasped and the boys were seething with anger for what the Headmaster had done to Harry. The memory disappeared.

"Like I told George, we will leave after I have shown everyone what Dumbledore had done to me. My shadow will cover you and pull you away. You are to stand before the memory ends and use wandless magic to shatter all the windows and glasses within the Great Hall." He said and they nodded. They would follow Harry to the ends of the world.

Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Theo, Goyle, Daphne, and Astoria had become friends with the Gryffindors after Harry had saved them from an incident during their sixth year. Hiding from the whole school their friendship for two years wasn't easy but they all managed to keep their masks up when within the herd of students. But they could finally end the lies and pretentions.

At the Great Hall…

Harry arrived with the thirteen people who would be disappearing in the next half an hour. They all went to their proper places with a cold facial expression yet their auras were oozing with killing intent towards the headmaster. Hermione had managed to place a ward around Harry to hide his raging aura from the eyes of the staff and the lying headmaster.

When the ceremony began, the staff were all worried when they saw Harry sitting in between Hermione and Ron with Neville Longbottom behind them looking like they were glass dolls. They had no facial expression on their faces which made the staff more afraid. Not only did they anger the Boy-Who-Lived but also the rest of the Golden Trio and Neville Longbottom. Severus looked around and saw that seven of his own hatchlings were bearing the same expression that Potter and his group was show casing. He began to wonder if there was something that he had not noticed.

Minerva noticed that the Weasley twins and Luna Lovegood were as emotionless as the Golden Trio. It was then that she noticed that there was some sort of wall around Harry. She noticed because she wondered how the boy could remain calm not an hour after he had found out about the Headmaster's betrayal and lies. The said Headmaster stood up and proceeded as if nothing was wrong. Though he knew that Harry's words were not empty threats, Albus wondered when the boy would snap and attack. Harry was sitting calmly with the rest of his classmates yet with no expressions adoring his face.

"Another year has gone by… Some would not be returning the next year as most of the students here will. To our departing students, you have grown up and learned everything we here at Hogwarts could teach you in preparation for the next chapter of your lives which you will be starting upon leaving the castle." He paused as he felt a chill run up his spine. He turned to see Harry James Potter, looking straight at him with his intense deep emerald eyes that seem to have penetrated through his defenses.

"Yes, you would really know about the next chapter of our lives once we leave the castle, Headmaster." Harry's voice echoed through the Great Hall yet the boy was still sitting down and his mouth closed.

"Some of us won't be returning because the final war would probably begin once we leave and for those who won't be coming back here to teach or learn will be because they have died trying to fight a war that had never been about them at all. It was you're doing that created the image of a Dark Lord and it was because of you inability to protect your Order members that a Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-Sacrificed came to be." Harry's voice disappeared a memory of the confrontation and revelation at the Headmaster's office appeared above the staff's table.

Everyone: students, parents, friends, relatives, and teachers, saw the betrayal of Albus Dumbledore and heard Harry Potter's warning. Harry stood up as well as thirteen others, seven of which were from Slytherin which nearly caused a commotion if Harry didn't speak.

"I warned you, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. You will regret the day you betrayed me. Find someone else to be your sacrificial lamb because from this day forward, the wizarding world had killed the Boy-Who-Lived." The statement cause the ward Hermione had created, to shatter and a strong gust of wind blew within the walls of the Great Hall.

The castle herself comforted Harry and lowered her wards for him to shadow walk. Shadow figures engulfed the other thirteen and in front of everyone, the shadows swallowed them and they were no more.

It was the last time the wizarding world heard of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the sacrificial lamb of Albus Dumbledore and his thirteen.


Rune was inside the library when an eagle appeared and swooped in through the open window. She took the letter before giving the courier food and water, and told it to rest a while before leaving. The eagle seem to understand which made Rune nod. She unrolled the parchment and read through it. No sooner did she raise a brow and stood up to find the others. They're possible new job was from the very place they all had left six years ago. She wondered if their leader would accept the challenge. Rune had a feeling that he would and that they would be stepping into British soil once again before the month was over.

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