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Chapter 9- Tying up a Few Loose Ends

It had been a month and a half since the Shadow and his group had started working for the Dark Lord. A lot of things had happened since they had arrived. They're entrance itself was talked for a good solid week. Including the killing of the Death Eater spy, the return of the lost children and the reappearance of the Boy-Who-Live. The Malfoy manor had changed greatly due to the fact that the assassins were always somewhere in the manor. No one dared to talk about them less they wanted to be in a great deal of pain.

It was a Sunday and the Dark Lord took it as his day off from being Minister of Magic and being a Dark Lord. Though being the latter was a full time job whether or not he was working or on a holiday, he was still a Dark Lord.

"I need to catch up on some rest just for today. Everyone can do whatever they want as long as they don't cause any trouble." He had told everyone during breakfast.

The assassins whispered to one another and it seemed like they were up to something. Well, all of them except for Shadow. They gathered by the entrance hall with the Dark Lord beside Shadow.

"Since the Dark Lord will be here the whole day, we would like to do a few errands outside." Rune told Shadow who stared at her.

"Well, be sure to be back before dinner."

"We'll be back before then, Shadow." Star reassured him and they left.

The Dark Lord wondered where they were going and was tempted to ask not noticing that Shadow had already shadow walked them to his chambers. He groaned when the coldness rolled off his skin.

"Please don't do that again…" he said, stopping himself from whining.

"My apologies, Lord Voldemort."

"I… Don't you ever wonder what they do when they 'go a few errands outside'?"

Shadow turned to Voldemort who was standing outside his chambers.

"No. Whatever they do, I trust that they do it clean and swift. Besides, as long as they do it themselves and not ask help from the others, it is fine. I have taught them to never waste their resources and if they did end up using them, they make sure that it is worth it." He explained to Voldemort who slowly nodded.

He opened his doors and turned to Shadow who was standing behind him.

"Would you like to come in?" he asked his guard who he noticed slightly raised his brow.

"I shall in order to make sure that it is safe for you to rest in." was the reply and got a nod from the other man.

Inside, Shadow's shadow spread throughout the room and the returned to him half a minute later.

"It's clear of any possible threats. I shall be outside when you need me." He informed the Dark Lord who looked a bit disappointed.

"Is something wrong, Lord Voldemort?"

"Wha-what makes you ask?"

"If you allow me to speak…"

"Go ahead."

"I have noticed that recently, you have been a bit judicious whenever I am around? It makes me assume that I make you disquieted. If you wish, I can assign someone else to—"


Shadow raised a brow once again.

"I meant… no need for you to assign someone else. I am not being cautious around you. Just a bit distracted, that's all." He informed the other who didn't believe him at all.

"Very well then. However, whenever you feel that you want someone else to guard you, all you have to do is tell me." Shadow said and turned around to leave.

"Wait! It's not that I don't like you or that I am wary whenever you are around… I just find it strange that you are so different from who you were six years ago. I don't mean to bring it up, yet I have been meaning to ask… What happened six years ago?" he asked hesitantly.

Shadow was staring at the door for a few moments then turned to face the Dark Lord.

"See for yourself." He said as he lowered his mental shield, waiting for Voldemort to watch what had occurred on the day of their disappearance six years ago.

Voldemort was a bit hesitant, a bit worried of what he would see but he went into Shadow's mind and watched the memories of lies, deception, and betrayal by the man who he thought was the 'Light's' leader.

He didn't know what to say after pulling out. Voldemort's knees gave in and he fell on the floor, Shadow's shadows cushioning his fall. Then Shadow lifted the shaken man into his bed which Shadow himself tucked the man in.

"Now you know why I left. Even you wouldn't stay if you knew what I did back then." He said as he shadow walked out the chambers before Voldemort could say anything. He stayed outside the hallway, guarding the door to the chambers yet a trace of his anger had crept back into him, making the hallway shaken a little.

Back inside, Voldemort held on to himself to calm down.

How could Dumbledore do such a thing to the very person that he was using to save them?

How could Dumbledore lie to him straight without remorse or guilt?

Even he didn't lie to his subjects.

Lies tend to complicate matters in the long run.

Voldemort wanted to hold Shadow. He wanted to comfort him even if he didn't have too. He shouldn't since showing emotion wasn't something saw him do. He didn't express love, care, sympathy or mercy to just anyone. But here he was, trying his best not to cry for the Boy-Who-Lived to be betrayed and used. Voldemort knew that Shadow wouldn't care or feel anything back since they had taken away all their emotions. But he didn't care. He would still try and show that there was someone else who wasn't one of his assassins that did care about him.

He quickly stood up and went to open the doors and held Shadow from behind.

Shadow, though not showing any emotion, was stunned to find himself in such a predicament with his client. He wondered why the Dark Lord was doing what he was but he knew that the man might tell him later on.

"You didn't deserve to be used! I'm sorry that I was the reason that your parents died! I shouldn't have rushed into a report that wasn't even properly confirmed yet. I know I have no right to tell you how sorry I am but I really am. I went through want you did though a bit differently but Dumbledore was right that we have our similarities. But—"

"It's not your fault. Dumbledore was a manipulative bastard that wanted to be remembered for eternity even if it meant using the people around him. I cannot blame you for doing what you did. It was war back then and your rule was threatened by a prophecy. I understood it long ago."

Voldemort felt Shadow turn around and hold his arms.

"May I know why this bothers you so?"

The Dark Lord looked into Shadow's eyes.

"Because it just does! Because I know what it feels like to be left by everyone! Because I care about you! I don't know why but I just do!" he said, Shadow sighing.

"I have no emotions. I can no longer feel care, sympathy or love for that matter." Shadow reminded the other.

"I know but I don't care. I don't know since when I started caring but I do. And I won't stop caring anytime soon." He informed Shadow, bringing in his face a few inches closer to the other.

"As long as you know." Shadow said and closed the gap between them, capturing the Dark Lord in a heated kissed.

Shadow's arms wrapped around his waist as Voldemort unconsciously wrapped his own arms around Shadow's neck, deepening their kiss.

The kiss turned into a full blown snogging session that lasted for ten minutes.

Shadow pulled away, trying to catch his breath, looking into the eyes of the other who was panting as well.

"You should take a rest for today. You have a lot to do tomorrow." Shadow said softly yet still emotionless.

Voldemort wrapped his arms around Shadow's waist.

"Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?"

"Only if you command."

"Then I command you to stay with me."

Shadow lifted Voldemort in his arms, carrying him bridal style, and placing him back down into his bed. Voldemort held on to Shadow's uniform as if the man was going to leave him. Shadow tucked him in and stayed beside the man that was once his greatest enemy. Voldemort held on to Shadow and slowly closed his eyes, trying to get some rest as he was told to do so.

Shadow stared down at the man who was holding him in place. His mind began to churn, questions popping up on all corners of his mind.

What am I doing?

Why is this happening?

Why am I even allowing this?

How do I explain this to the others?

Should I make him stop and put someone else as his guard?

The last question though made the other side of his mind a bit angry. He sighed. He hadn't been this unsure in a very long time and he didn't know how he was going to approach or deal with the whole thing.

He sighed again and just allowed Voldemort to hold him as he slept. Shadow didn't have anything to do for the rest of the day anyway. And with him that close, Shadow could protect him if something came up.

Outside number four Privet Drive, all the way in Surrey, thirteen people in black military uniform surveyed the house.

"There are five adults inside, two male and three females." Specs informed them.

"Vernon Dursley and his wife Petunia. The other pair must be their son Dudley and his wife. And the other is Vernon's sister, Marge." Rune said as she flipped through the folder in her hands.

"Well, time to tie up a few loose ends." Stunner said as he turned to Gun and Blade who nodded in agreement.

Star, Doc, Rune, and Gourmet went to the front of the house while the men went to secure the back.

Rune rang the doorbell and waited for the door to open. A few moments later, the door creaked ope tall, skinny woman stood there with a confused look on her face.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"We hope you could. Is this the Dursley residence?" Rune asked coldly and with a straight face.

"Y-yes. Father and mother are Vernon and Petunia Dursley. I am Amielle Dursley, Dudley's wife." She explained.

"Do you mind if we come in? We have matters we wish to discuss with them." Gourmet said as she moved pass Rune and nudged Amielle inside, letting the other three come in next. She secured the door in time to hear a voice call from the living room.

"Amielle, who was at the door?" a rough voice called out.

"I'm not sure, Dud. They're looking for Vernon and Petunia." She said as she went into the living room followed by the four.

Vernon's eyes widen in shock when he saw the black military uniform.

"What can we do for you? What brings the military to our home?" Petunia asked.

They all heard the back door close and nine men with the same black uniform closed off the other side of the living room which led to the dining area.

"There are five of you in this house. A Marge Dursley is also here for vacation purposes. We request that you bring her here as well." Rune said as calmly as she could. Her hand was itching to grab her book and kill them by herself. But she knew that her companions wouldn't like that. They came in behalf of Shadow, who didn't know about them coming at all, to execute retribution.

The occupants became a bit nervous but Petunia quickly moved lass them and up the stairs to fetch Marge.

Three minutes later, everyone heard barking noises and footsteps from the second floor, coming down the stairs.

The dog, who got to the living room first, got stared down by Rune which made the dog whimper and hide behind the sofa, leaving Vernon, Dudley, and Amielle staring in shock.

Petunia and Marge came down a minute after and sat down with the rest of the family.

Immediately, Rune took out her book and cast a blood ward around the living room and the dining room, knowing well they would need the space.

"Y-your one of them! T-those freaks!" Vernon yelled, his face turned red in anger.

The assassins glared at him that caused him to close his mouth and cower a bit behind his sister.

"If you mean that we are wizards and witches, then yes, we are." Rune said with distaste creeping into her tone.

"However, we aren't just wizards and witches. We are also skilled hunters. Or in muggle terms, mercenaries." Blade said as he stepped into the room pulling out the twin swords he got from Shadow. He rarely used them. But when he did, the mission usually involved Shadow's past and those who betrayed him.

"What are you doing here?! That freak had disappeared years ago!" Petunia cried yet holding on to her husband.

It was Gourmet, Doc, Rune, Ice, Flame, Knives, and Specs who stunned the muggles to the point that they began to run pale. They had drawn out their swords from their persons and were ready when Rune gave the signal. Gun removed the safety pins from his FNH USA, Stunner took out his wand, Green already used the plants in the room, making them creep behind the muggles and the vines wrapping them in place.

"What is this?! Why are you doing this to us?! We swore to never have anything to do with you freaks!" Petunia screamed, trying to get herself free from the vines holding her in place.

Gun aimed at her leg and shot her, making her scream louder.

"Call us freak again or insult our leader, we shall make sure that you suffer greatly as you did to him when he was under your care." Star spoke with anger dripping out.

"Please! I haven't done anything to you or whoever it is you are talking about! Please let me go!" Amielle begged, trying to plead for her own life.

"She does have a point, Rune." Said Ice.

"She wasn't here when Shadow was here." Flame seconded.

Rune pondered for a moment and then slowly nodded.

"Star, Doc, take her and obliviate her. Make sure she doesn't remember us or even having any relation to the Dursleys. Take her back to where she is from and obliviate her parents as well." Rune instructed and both women nodded.

Green released Amielle who quickly ran to the two women and turned back to look at her husband one last time then left.

"Traitor!" Dudley yelled at her but she didn't care. She was pregnant and she didn't want to die any time soon.

She spoke to Star and Doc about her situation and they decided to pair her off with some rich guy and make the details later.

"Can we begin now, Rune? I still have to make Shadow's dinner and I plan to make it very special." Gourmet informed Rune who nodded.

"We, The World's End, a group of underground assassins, have come today, seeking retribution in behalf of Shadow, or your nephew, one Harry James Potter. His childhood was abysmal which we deemed it sufficient to return everything you have done to him during his time here ten folds." Rune said she turned to her companions and nodded.

The torture of Vernon, Petunia, Marge, and Dudley Dursley had begun.

Marge and Dudley were moved to the dining room for Gun, Stunner, Specs, Hound, Ice, and Flame to do what they wish.

Vernon and Petunia were under Rune, Blade, Gourmet, Knives, and Green.

The whole retribution lasted for nearly five hours, Stars and Doc arrived just in time Ice and Flame sliced the muggles with their swords, splitting their souls and trapping them within Ice's sword. Specs pierced his sword into the bodies, sucking their blood in his Blade that began to glow bright red.

Doc healed all the injuries and barely left any trace of torture on the bodies.

Rune took down the ward and they all went to the back of the house and apparated back to Malfoy Manor, right in the center of the entrance hall which made four Death Eaters whimper from the sheer deadly aura they were emitting. Gourmet turned to the others as she tucked her sword away like the other six.

"I shall be preparing Asian, Italian, Mexican, French, and Mediterranean cuisines tonight from the gift Shadow had given me years before. Does anyone what to give me a hand?" she asked.

Doc, Green, Stunner, Specs, and Blade volunteered while the others returned to their Sanctuary. However, before any of them could leave the entrance hall, Shadow appeared on top of the stairs, looking down at them.

Immediately, they stood straighter and bowed.

"We have returned from our errand, Shadow." Rune spoke and got a nod from him.

"I expect that wherever you went and whatever it was that you did, you made sure it was clean and bears no trace of you being there." he said coldly.

"Of course." answered Blade as they all stood up straight again.

"Very well. I shall have to inform you of a matter later during dinner." He said and shadow walked somewhere they didn't really know where.

The assassins turned to each other, wondering what Shadow had to tell them when Star actually smiled.

"The prophecy has begun!" she said as she turned to her companions, stunning them as well as the Death Eaters who were there.

"It has begun? Are you sure, Star?" asked Rune and got a nod from the Seer.

The assassins, scaring the Death Eaters more, began to slowly smile.

A facial expression which scared the Death Eaters, making them run and hide.

They had tied up one of the loose ends that connected Shadow to a past that they hated with a burning passion. And their celebratory dinner will be more meaningful that they first planned.

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