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Chapter 13- The Empire of The World's End

The next few days after his private and rather… personal moment with the Dark Lord, Shadow paced back and forth within the walls of their sanctuary. Despite attending to their own tasks, every member of The World's End kept glancing at their leader ever now and then, silently worried as what was troubling their normally calm and collected leader.

Rune had already mentioned that if they wished to get their tasks done earlier, they needed to employ more hands as keeping the Dark Lord alone kept them quite busy.

Yes, each of them was very powerful in their own right, specializing in a few areas and making it their best. But it did not mean that they were invincible. It only meant that their enemies would battle tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions to survive an encounter with them as a whole. Normally, none of their enemies survive as they never took prisoners or showed mercy. It was bad for business.

Then all heads turned to their leader as said leader finally stopped pacing.

"Call in the Kuro Ryuu (Black Dragon), Unejang Kyoul (Silver Winter), and the Hui Jiao Tang (Grey Church). We will hunt them down and be rid of them as soon as possible before they can properly regroup and plan another attack. The sooner we do our task, the safer it would be for our client to move about and resume his own business. We have lingered in this place for far too long than normal." Shadow commanded and all stood in rapt attention.

It mentally surprised them that their leader would come to the point to call on the most ruthless Japanese Yakuza group, the Bloody Korean Mafia, and the demons of the Chinese underworld. All three groups fall under their group's rule as Shadow had deem them worthy to work alongside with every once in a while. Though they had groups from Australia, America, Africa, The Middle East, and even in the innocent streets of Paris, Barcelona, and Milan, those three had been nearly as good as they in terms of skills and results.

It also did not escape the members' attention that aside from the reason their leader had given them, there was a bigger reason behind the need to finish their contract and leave England as soon as they could.

Star actually frowned as did Run, Gourmet, Doc, and Knives. They had been hoping that their leader would finally go out of his way and be 'happy' for once and 'settle down' as best as the life of a world class feared assassin could do. If it had to be with the Dark Lord, then they had no problem with it.

Rune was first to move from her spot and heading back to her table to begin penning letters to the three groups that her leader had mentioned.

"Does our client know that you will be calling in more hands? I highly doubt that they would willingly pay more than what the contract had spoken off even if it is to their benefit." Blade spoke up, vocalizing what the rest were thinking themselves.

All eyes were back towards Shadow who was no looking out the window, his gaze stretch far and wide.

"I will inform him as soon as they arrive. Our client does not really need to know the details of our work as long as the task given is done clean and swiftly." Shadow answered with a deeper voice that the group knew was his 'worried and troubled' tone.

Had something happened with their leader and the Dark Lord that caused negative results from the positive ones they were hoping to see?

Before anyone could answer, Shadow had vanished into the shadows, no doubt being called by the Dark Lord.

In the Dark Lord's Chambers…

Voldemort had just finished his paperwork for the upcoming summit when the crystal pendant around his neck had glowed a pale shade of purple. He had gasped and instantly called for Shadow, wondering if the other was alright.

"You called for me?" Shadow asked the moment he arrived, scanning the room for threats.

"Your pendant… it glowed a pale-ish shade of purple a few seconds ago. I worried that something was wrong as to why the crystal case reacted." The Dark Lord explained, a frown marring Shadow's handsome (even if stoic) face.

Shadow, in his silence, contemplated at the words he had been told. The pendant glowed, meaning another emotion had escaped its container for some unknown reason.

"By any chance, did you open the pendant before it glowed?" Shadow asked.

"No I did not. I had been doing work and focusing on finishing a few topics for the summit when the glowing happened. I called you the second later when it died down." Voldemort answered, his tone laced with a tint of worry for the other.

This solidified Shadow's fear that the more he stayed here, the more emotions escaped its case and return to him without his consent. He had taken those emotions out for a reason and now that they are coming back one by one, he feared the future of his group as it would obviously be a hindrance to their tasks.

Shadow was now glad he ordered his group to contact their allies so they could finish this job faster and leave. He wasn't going to risk his organization anymore than he was now.

"Another emotion has returned to me. What it is I do not know but I will eventually find out." He said as he sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Voldemort moved and wrapped his arms around Shadow's was it and hid his face on the nook of the assassin's neck. Shadow sighed once more as he wrapped his arms around the Dark Lord's waist as well. They stayed that way for what seemed like forever until someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Voldemort asked, irritated that they were interrupted.

"It is Bella and I, my Lord." Lucius answered.

Shadow moved and stepped into the shadows, leaving the Dark Lord to speak to his minions.

"The faster we finish, the sooner we leave this isle once more." Shadow said coldly as he began to prepare.

This worried his group as they didn't know what was happening. They turned to Star who had a frown on her face.

"He fears the change… the memories of being here. The Dark Lord, though he doesn't mean to, makes Shadow remember the betrayal he had suffered. Memories he wishes to never remember. Now, our Leader is conflicted. He wants to leave as soon as he can… but we can't. If we finish and leave, one of them will fall and it will end this world sooner than expected. Shadow was right to call the others but we can't leave the Dark-." Star stopped when the doors burst open and Rudolphus and Rabastan came in.

"THE DARK LORD GOT KIDNAPPED!" Rudolphus cried and the whole group went dead silent.

Then the air became cold and the whole room began to shake. Everyone turned to Shadow who was seething in silent fury.

"He was supposed to be just talking to Lucius and Bellatrix." Shadow's voice was deadly which made the two Death Eaters pale.

"He-he-he was… but we found Lucius and Bellatrix unconscious, locked in a cupboard under the stairs." Rabastan explained and instantly Shadow turned to his group.

"Find the members… I want them alive." He commanded with so much power that even his own group was about to kneel down.

He then vanished.

Star was shaking in her spot.

"The world will end if we don't find them! Shadow will lay the earth in ruins now!" she and her group scrambled to move.

"Bring all the Death Eaters here and their families. Shadow will not spare anyone if the Dark Lord is harm. He will no longer see reason so best be prepared." Rune told the two men who nodded and ran off to do as they were told as well.

Two hours later, all three groups came.

"Isn't it overkill have all of us here for one job?" ask Chil Eun Soo of the Korean group.

The World's End shook their heads.

"Shadow is on a rampage. The Order of the Phoenix has taken the Dark Lord and he will destroy everything in his path to find him. We have to locate all the Order members and retrieve the Dark Lord before Shadow destroys the world." Rune said as he she gave the three groups a folder each.

"Inside are pictures and information about the targets and where they were last seen. Find them and bring them alive. Use any means necessary but keep them alive. Shadow's order." She continued and the three groups instantly began to study the assignment and an hour later, all three groups left the Manor.

"The end is near for everyone and everything." Star said as she turned to her groupmates.

The people she had trained with, worked with, and viewed as family looked at her with the same worried look in their eyes.

Seven days…

It took seven days for the Empire to find all their targets and yet they still had not retrieved the Dark Lord. Shadow had been trying his best but even his shadows could not find him. And this just made him angrier as the days went by.

Rune had come to inform Shadow that their targets have been captured. And without word, Shadow walked into his shadow portal to the ballroom where the others were with the captives and the Death Eaters as well.

Suddenly, a shadowy hand grabbed Ginny's throat.

"Where. Is. He?" Shadow asked, his voice so cold that allies and enemies alike shivered in fear.

Ginny didn't answer and Shadow killed Seamus and Padma as two pairs of shadowy hands snapped their heads in half.

"Where. Is. He?" Shadow asked once more as he tighten his hold on her neck.

"Let her go please!" Molly begged as she cried.

"Where. Is. He?" Shadow repeated.

No one answered and Dean, Lavender and Susan died right then and there.

"I will lay down villages, towns, cities, and countries to the ground. TELL. ME. WHERE. HE. IS!" Shadow ordered and Arthur began to rise from the ground.

It was Minerva who answered.

"At Hogwarts! The Dark Lord is at Hogwarts! In Dumbledore's office!" she answered.

Shadow turned to the woman and she levitated from the floor.

"If I find out your lying to me, I will kill each and every last one of you painfully slow." Shadow said as a portal opened behind him, dropping the now crying girl on the floor.

He destroyed the office the moment he arrived which revealed a hidden room with no light. That was why he couldn't find him as the room had no light for shadows to be in. The Dark Lord was chained to the wall, bloodied and unconscious. At the mere sight, Shadow's magic cracked and exploded, setting every single portrait in the office in flames… black flames.

He snapped the chains and cradled the body of the Dark Lord close to him.

Shadow held the man carefully, trying to wake him up as gently as he could. And he was relieved when said Dark Lord did wake up.

"I… knew you would… find me…" his said with a raspy voice as it seemed dry as his swollen lips was.

"They will pay for taking you… for harming you… They will suffer greatly for this. That I promise you." Shadow whispered as he placed a kiss on Voldemort's forehead and stood up with the man in his arms.

They shadowed back to the Manor's ballroom where everyone was still gathered.

"Doc, make sure that there is not a single scar on his body." He ordered and she nodded.

She rushed out first as Gun (who was the bulky one) came to take the unconscious man from his leader and follow Doc back to their floor.

"Blade… Knives… Gourmet… Star… go with Gun and protect him until I get there. If anything happens to him while under your watch, I will destroy you." Shadow told them and all four bowed and followed Gun back upstairs.

Shadow took off his jacket, revealing his bare arms and began to flex his muscles. A shadowy table appeared and both the Weasley couple was tied to them. In between the tables, another table with medical paraphernalia appeared. Shadow lifted a scalpel and coated it with his shadow.

"Who dared lay their filthy hands on the Dark Lord?" Shadow asked as he leveled the scalpel at Molly's wrist as he looked at Ginny.

"Speak up Ginevra or your mother will suffer." He told her and yet she remained silent thus Shadow cut a long line from just below the wrist to the elbow, making the woman scream in absolute pain.

"I'll ask once more, Ginevra Molly Weasley… who dared harm the Dark Lord." Shadow aimed the scalpel at Molly's throat.

Ginny was crying but she wouldn't answer.

"It was Mad Eye and Kingsley!" screamed Lee and Shadow killed Molly.

Arthur screamed Molly's name as well as Minerva and Pomona. Gun had returned with Charlie with him and placed him in between himself and the twins.

"Like we told you, she will sacrifice you and the rest as long as she remains alive." Star told Charlie who was shaking at the scene before him.

Shadow was covered him blood from the cutting Molly Weasley's throat.

"I asked Ginevra and only she can answer." Shadow told them and went to push Molly's dead body off the table for Tonks to replace the woman before he turned to Arthur.

"Same question Ginevra." Shadow said as he aimed the scalpel directly at Arthur's heart.

The man turned to look at his daughter, pleading for her to speak up. The shaking girl just stared at Shadow who nodded.

"Very well then." He cut straight into Arthur's heart, the man screaming in agony, making the others wince as if it was them being tortured.

They all watched as Shadow cut a hole in Arthur's chest, the man's blood spilling over while said man was screaming. Shadow cut vein by vein, making Arthur violently shake before he stopped and was finally dead.

The twins were holding Charlie as he was trying to get to his sister.

"FUCK YOU GINNY! YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED! I SHOULDN'T HAVE SAVED YOU! YOU FUCKING TRAITOROUS BITCH!" Charlie yelled to the girl he once called sister. Kingsley and Mad Eye were holding Bill down as well.

When Arthur was pushed off, Pomona replaced the man and Shadow turned to Tonks for a moment before looking at Ginny.

"There now… they all know who you really are, Ginevra. No need to pretend that you're Light like you want them to believe. We both know that you're Dark… your heart and soul black as night… You don't really care about them as long as you survive right?" Shadow said as he took a butcher knife and chopped off Tonks' left hand, making the woman scream in pain.

The Empire (the three groups and the World's End) watched the Death Eaters and the captives shake in fear as this was their first time seeing Shadow torture victims by his own hands. The Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese knew how they felt as it was how they all reacted when they had watched Shadow torture the first time around.

The remaining Weasleys and other captives were looking at Ginny as if they were trying to not believe what they were hearing from the cold blooded assassin. But it was hard as they had ALL watched seven deaths happened all because she wouldn't speak.

"Let's continue shall we… tell me Ginny… who was it that dared harm the Dark Lord?" Shadow asked as he hovered to Tonks' other side and raising the knife over her other hand.

He waited ten second and the girl still wouldn't answer so he chopped off the hand, causing the woman to cry further more but weaker than before as she was bleeding from the first chop.

Bellatrix, Lucius, the Lestrange brothers, and Dolohov were watching, paling as the whole thing happened. They tortured yes, but with spells… never this physical and bloody. Bellatrix herself was about to lose her lunch like how she would have had she not fainted when she had seen Shadow pull someone's heart out with his bare hands.

"Still not going to answer, Ginny? They will all die if you don't." Shadow said as he was now switching the butcher knife with a bigger cleaver and was aiming it at Tonks' neck.

"Last chance to save her, little Ginevra… who was it that dared harm the Dark Lord?"

Everyone turned to look at the female who was still shaking, pale as a ghost, but still silent.

"Goodbye, Nymphadora." Shadow said as he beheaded Tonks and the captives screamed.

Fleur managed to kick Ginny who cried in pain as she fell further into the floor.

"Traître! Ils sont morts sont entre vos mains! (You traitor! They're deaths are in your hands!)" Fleur cried out as it was her husband's turn to hold her.

Shadow threw Tonks' head to Ginny who screamed as she tried to move away but shadows held her in place as one shadow turned the head to face Ginny who kept screaming and screaming.

"You have no right to scream in fear, Ginny… it is your fault they died. I asked you simple questions but you won't answer. Fleur is right, their deaths are in your hands as it is your fault for not speaking when told." Shadow mocked her with his cold voice and stoic facial expression.

Shadow moved to Pomona Sprout who seemed to be praying as she already realized that she would die as well.

"Ginny… will you let Professor Sprout die like you did your parents and friends?" Shadow asked as he snapped his fingers and shadows held the woman's arms and legs, slowly stretching her in opposite directions.

"Ginny… I'm talking to you… that is what you wanted right? For me to talk to you?" Shadow continued to mock her.

He moved to stand behind her, holding her close as he guided her closer to where Sprout was already crying in pain.

"Look at her Ginny… you can save her… just tell me who harmed the Dark Lord…" he told her, whispering softly as she cried where she stood.

Ten seconds passed and she still didn't answer, Shadow snapped his fingers again and Pomona Sprout got her arms and legs torn violently, eliciting scream not only from the victim herself before she died but only from the others who were screaming for another dead comrade.

"…neither will be the same and it shall bring the end of everything that is." Star reminded the other members of the World's End of her prediction as they watch it come true.

The Empire turned to her.

"Shadow will stop at nothing until those who had dared harm what belongs to him are dead and turned to ashes." She told them and they all understood.

Ever since they all worked for Shadow, they had understood one thing: never to harm anyone or take anything that belonged to him. Even those who weren't members of the Empire and the Underworld knew of this as it has been whispered from one ear to another, sending terror into the heart and souls of allies and enemies alike.

The Death Eaters turned to Rune, silently asking who the foreigners were and why they were there.

"These are the Kuro Ryuu, Unejang Kyoul, and the Hui Jiao Tang. They are members of Shadow's Empire. We, the World's End are on top, followed by these three, and the rest below them. If you thought that we were the only ones he commandeered, then you have no idea just who you have hired. You called up the very man who could burn the world if he so pleases, choosing who is to die and who lives. Shadow can easily rule the world should he choose to do so… We are his Empire who do our leaders bidding, ready to dispose of those who oppose his rule." Rune explained.

The Death Eaters were now more respectful and fearful of Shadow for having such power. They had doubted before as they thought that the once Boy-Who-Lived couldn't possibly be THAT powerful but here was proof.

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