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Chapter 3- How They Came To Be Pt. 1

Time: Seven Years Ago

It was during their sixth year that Ron knew that everything would never be the same as they approach the second to the last year of their education at Hogwarts. He knew that the time would fly by so fast that even he wouldn't be able to slow it down. Ron saw how everyone was changing in front of him. Seamus, Dean; hell, even Neville was changing. But one person Ron watched more closely was his best mate, Harry. The other had been through more trials and dangers than a Head Auror could get in his whole service. Yes, Harry James Potter was slowly changing right in front of him thanks to all the bloody trouble he gets from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

As he sat quietly in front of his friends in the library, he noticed that even Hermione was not as uptight as she was. Though she still planned everything she did from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed. Neville was diving deeper into his plants, Luna was getter better in Divinations (She was definitely way better than Trelawney), Ginny was trying her hardest to please Harry when playing Seeker. He had dropped from the team after the first term began. He knew that he just wasn't cut out to be on the team. Though Harry said that he could come back, he knew better than to stick to something that wasn't his strong point.

As he was looking around, he saw something inside Harry's bag that caught his attention full stop.

"Hey Harry, what's that book in your bag?" Harry stopped writing his Defense homework to look at what Ron was talking about. Then he bent down and took out the book about military procedures, weapons, and tactics.

"It's a book about muggle military, weaponry, and tactics. You can borrow it if you want." The green eyed boy said which made the red head smile widely. Hermione wanted to object and say that Ron ought to focus on studying but Harry gave her a look and instantly she went back to whatever she was doing without protesting.

If only Ron wasn't as curious at the book, he would have noticed the level of influence Harry had on Hermione. One look and she conceded. The oblivious third member of the Golden Trio was flipping through the book, passing through chapters about military procedures, courtesy, and rules. The moment he saw the different kinds of guns the muggles had invented, Ron had his eyes glued on the book. He read the weapons chapter word by word which stunned Hermione and the others. Normally, Ronald Weasley wouldn't be seen reading a book. But here he was, his nose glued to a book. If only it were a school book, Hermione would have been more impressed. But she didn't mind it much since Harry gave her a look that said 'Let it go.' She did so which didn't seem so hard when she really thought about.

They had left the library and went back to their common room to leave their bags and head for dinner. But again, Ron had stunned then all by leaving everything but the book he was reading. When they got to the Great Hall, the whole house of Godric Gryffindor had their eyes on Ron for a good two minutes before Harry made them all mind their own business. Even at staff had stared. The resident Potion's Master dropped his forked when he saw the red head eat slowly because he was reading a book. He as Minerva wondered what book it was that made the food demon so calm and collected.

The whole dinner was not as quiet as most wanted since word spread throughout the hall of Ron's reading. The Slytherins snapped their heads towards the other table and stared in wide eye shock that the Weasley pig was barely eating because his was face buried in a book.

"I wonder what kind of book his reading? It must definitely be something interesting because the pig hasn't touched his meal at all." Pansy commented which earned nods from the other snakes.

When Harry felt that everyone was looking at their table, he glared at everyone and they all looked away, even the Slytherins. They all shivered at the coldness of the glare. Who would have ever thought that a Gryffindor would have an ice cold glare?

The next day, Ron was still holding the book Harry had lent him and was nearly done with it. Ginny had owled the twins, her parents, Bill, and Charlie the next morning, telling them about Ron reading a book and disregarding the meal that was before him. It was something to write about since she knew it had never happened before.

And just before breakfast was over, Ron closed the book and looked like he was in deep thought. Everyone at their table waited to hear what he was going to say. The redhead turned to look at Harry,

"Harry, may I have a word with you during free period?" he asked with a monotone.

Everyone dropped their fork, spoons, and goblets. Did they just hear right? Ron asked Harry for a private talk during free period in a polite way? Hermione didn't know whether she would have been proud or worry. She wanted to pull Ron with her to the Hospital Wing to get checked, just in case someone had cursed him or poisoned him.

Harry smiled and nodded,

"Of course, Ron."

The redhead nodded and began to eat slowly. He was in deep thought about what he had just read and was wondering if Harry was willing to help him with things like getting more books about muggle weapons and possibly get a few for him to have as a collection.

The sixth year lions stood up and went to their first class of the day: Potions. Though it was with the Slytherins (like ALWAYS), it didn't change Ron's calmness or his train of thoughts. When they got to class, Snape was already there and was in silent awe that the Weasley was sitting quietly beside Potter who was reading his notes. To Snape's utter shock was that it was Granger who looked worried over something. He started class and hoped that Dumbledore's Golden Trio didn't have any more surprises in store for him. He wasn't getting any younger though he wouldn't admit out loud that he was old.

Potions started and ended with no accidents, much to Snape's surprise and unspoken gratitude. Even Longbottom had not caused an accident.

Everyone who had heard Ron's request during breakfast was glancing at the Golden Trio as they left the dungeons. They now had free period before lunch since Potion's was a double period. Ron and Harry went to the Room of Requirement to make sure no one else would hear what they were going to talk about. They told Hermione that they'd meet up with her at lunch and left before she could say anything. It stunned everyone and Hermione herself that both boys were going to talk without her. She didn't show it but she was a little hurt.

When they reached the RoR, Harry created the door and both went inside. The door closed behind them and Harry turned to his friend,

"So, what did you want to talk to me about Ron?" he asked. He didn't need to ask why the other wanted to speak to Harry alone. Ron looked at him seriously then gave a shrugged,

"I've been trying to think of how to ask you the whole morning. It's a weird request and I'm not even sure you'd be willing to help me. But I just need to ask. And if you say no, I have to regrets and won't even speak of it again." The redhead began.

Harry wondered why Ron was talking cryptically then he smirked. If he couldn't get the answer straight out, he'd tease the other for it until he caves.

"Well, if you wanted to ask me to Hogsmeade this weekend without Hermione knowing then it was good that you did ask me to talk about it without anyone else. I mean seriously Ron. I don't even want to imagine how angry 'mione might get if she found out that you fancy me." He said with a teasing tone which make him smirk at his friend.

Ron's eyes widen and he froze in shock. Did Harry think that he liked his best mate that way?

"Bloody hell, Harry! That's not what I meant at all!" he defended himself when he snapped out of his shock. Harry looked at him and fell on the floor laughing. The other was clutching his stomach, trying to catch his breath while the other watch in shock once again.

"I was just kidding, Ron. You need to grow a funny bone." He said in between fits of laughter. Ron then laughed with him. After a good laugh, Harry sat up and asked for a sofa for them to sit on.

The next moment, the room provided them two sofas facing each other and a glass table between them. Then took a sofa each and sat down.

"So, what did you really mean by ithinking of how to ask/i me?" Harry asked again but a little more serious this time. Ron took a deep breath and nodded,

"Remember the book you lent me? Well, I was hoping that you could find more books on muggle weaponry?" he asked, looking at Harry as if he was expecting to be hexed.

"Well, I'm not sure but I can try. Mind you, that book was just from the Black family library. I just took it out because it had tactics and military procedure in them. Anything else?" Harry explained and asked.

Ron looked unsure,

"Ron, whatever it is, I won't get mad if you ask. If I can't do whatever you are going to ask then I'll tell you." Harry reassured his friend. Ron trusted Harry,

"Well, I was hoping to ask if you could also help me get a few samples of those muggle weapons. Like the Heckler & Koch pistols. Though I won't use them, I'd like to have a few as a collection. I even read in your book about rifles, machine guns and shotguns." He answered Harry and waited for the other to speak.

To be honest, Harry didn't expect Ron would ask him such a request. But then again, he could tell that Ron was really interested.

"Well, I'm not sure if we could get you a few but we'll see. We need to actually look for it and get license and other papers so you can keep it. Is that alright?" Harry asked, hoping Ron wouldn't push. It wasn't normal for a sixteen year old boy buying a gun and having it registered.

Ron nodded with understanding written all over his face.

"It's fine Harry. It's more than enough really. Just the fact that you'd see if we could actually have one is enough. Thanks." Harry nodded and was silently glad that Ron understood that they would try and see. It was there that Harry noticed Ron's fascination for guns. He chuckled to himself as they went to the Great Hall. Guns would have been a good battle name for Ron according to Harry.

He didn't know that the name would have really been the redhead's name after leaving Hogwarts and following Harry to the ends of the world.

Ron had noticed also that the Slytherins haven't been as annoying as they were before but he wasn't complaining. He kind of liked the idea that there wasn't much trouble at school. He, for one, had enough troubling adventures to last anyone several lifetimes. He was now more focused on others things, like school, graduation, chess, and guns. Yes, Ron was going to learn everything he could about them.

A few days after reading Harry's book, Ron saw Harry helping Parkinson from a few Hufflepuffs who seemed to be harassing her. He quickly ran towards then to back Harry just in case.

"Come on, Potter! She's not worth protecting! She's just a slimy Slytherin!" said Ernie McMillan. Harry was standing between the two boys and Parkinson.

"Oi! What do you think you're doing?" Ron called out as he stopped in front of them. The Slytherin sunk lower behind Harry as she must have thought that Ron would instantly side with the two boys and torment her. But what he did next surprised not only her but the other three as well.

"Well, just because she's a Slytherin doesn't mean every other house have the right to persecute them. I'm sure she hasn't done anything to you so just leave her alone. Don't start causing trouble when everything is settling down." He said with a solid voice which made Harry stare in wide eye shock. McMillan and Smith scoffed,

"Fine… We thought you of all people would understand what we're doing." Zachariah Smith said.

Ron raised a brow.

"And what are you doing exactly? Ganging up on a single student simply because she is of a different house than you? I don't think so. Leave now and don't ever let us catch you do this again. You know what we can do." Ron warned.

The two 'puffs paled and quickly left, knowing well what Harry AND Ron were capable of doing. When they were alone, Ron turned to Harry then to Parkinson.

"Are you both alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, thanks for coming Ron. I might have sent them both to the Hospital Wing if you didn't appear." Harry said with a smile on his face and turned to the Slytherin.

"Don't wander alone again, Parkinson. Go by two's or three's. There is great advantage when in numbers." Harry added as he nudged Ron who nodded. Before she could say anything, both boys turned and left her alone.

Ron felt kind of glad that he was the better person and didn't end up being dicks like McMillan and Smith.

"Harry, can we not tell Hermione what just happened? She might get a heart attack if you tell her." He tried joking around and Harry laughed with him.

"Yeah, this will be our little secret." The other said with a smile.

A month went by and Harry had told Ron to meet him at the Room of Requirement. The redhead sixth year was wondering what Harry could want to talk about. When he got there, the door was left ajar which indicated that he was to enter immediately when he got there. He did so and the door closed behind him.

Inside, Harry was standing by a table that had things on it. It took a few seconds before the other turned to see Ron waiting.

"Oh you're finally here! Come closer, Ron. I've got some stuff for you." Harry said with a smile on his face that didn't look like it's a regular smile. Ron approached the table and his eyes doubled in size when he saw what Harry meant by stuff. Guns. So many guns. All sizes, lengths, and colors. Ron's face lightened up and ran closer.

"Bloody hell, Harry! How did you get all this?" Ron asked as he was scanning the hand pistols that was near him: Ruger, Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal USA (FNH USA), Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, and Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZ USA). He turned to look at the sniper rifles that consisted of: Accuracy International AW50, L96A1, Barrett M107, Brugger & Thomet APR (Advanced Precision Rifle), Dragunov SVD, C7, and a FN Special Police Rifle (SPR).

He slowly ran his fingers through the surface of the guns and was so happy like he had been given something he had been wanting since he was able to think for himself. It was just such a happy for him that he didn't notice Harry smiling at him the whole time.

"Ron, one thing you must remember is that these guns must never leave this room. If any of these guns fall into the wrong hands, I'll be in very deep trouble. It took a lot of effort to get them here and I do not want to be sent home because I smuggled in muggle firearms." Harry warned solemnly. Ron looked at him seriously and nodded,

"I'd never get you into trouble, Harry. Not this kind of trouble. I've read about what this things do and why they were made in the first place." He said as he turned to the guns and lifted the Dragunov SVD.

After three hours of thoroughly examining the guns, Ron helped Harry hide them inside the cases they came with and Harry placed them inside a trunk that looked like the ones the muggle military would own and have in their arsenal. They both exited the RoR with plans of going back after dinner.

Ron, since seeing the guns Harry had brought, had been happy. He had been doing better in his lessons just so he could spend time with the guns and learning how to use them to their fullest potential. Harry often came with Ron to watch him practice and would occasionally practice with him. Parkinson must have told the other Slytherins about what he and Harry did because just before Christmas break, the sixth year Slytherins had cornered them into an empty room. Ron recognized Malfoy, Parkinson, and Goyle among six who were with Harry and himself.

"Can we help you with anything?" Harry asked with a raised brow. He and Ron had made an effort not to cause any trouble with the snakes so that they could focus on things that actually matter like their hobbies and their powers.

"We had to talk to you both without anyone seeing us. It would look suspicious if six snakes were seen surrounding the Boy-Who-Live and his trusted second man." Draco said with a serious look on his face. Harry growled at the title used and Ron had grabbed his hand just in time to stop him from doing anything. Ron turned to look at the Slytherins,

"Don't call Harry that. Either you call him Harry or Potter. No BWL or TWW'sS. He never wanted the titles so don't use them." He said sternly which made Parkinson smirk and the others stare in disbelief.

"I told you, didn't I." she said.

"Yes, you did Pansy. And you also told us that these two saved you last month from those 'puffs. We have yet to thank you for saving one of our own even if she wasn't yours to protect." Blaise said as he bowed his head. Ron and Harry raised a brow each,

"It's fine. We did what we did then because everything was calm and settling down. We didn't want trouble that would have shattered the peace that was all over us." Ron said as he shrugged.

"Be that as it may, we still have to thank you." Said a boy who Ron didn't know the name of.

"Theo is right. And since you had saved me, we would like to proposed a truce between us and you. If you want, it may even extend to the rest of your house as well." Malfoy said with confidence.

Both lions turned to look at each other for a while then turned back to the Slytherins.

"Fine, we have a truce. None of our Houses cause any trouble and if one is in need, neither is really obligated to help but may do so out of their own will. However, I do not speak for my whole house. I vouch that our truce extend to Neville, Hermione, and Luna. Ginny as well since she is Ron's sister." Harry said as he rubbed the back of his neck. After a few more minutes, both houses had come to a solid agreement that no one would start any trouble against either house and both ended up vowing to help each other when they were needed and when the situation was worth intervening.

To Ron, it was a strange thought to be in a peace pact with the very people he had hated since his first years. But then again, the years made him see that there are more things that he should be concerned off instead of petty school rivalries. Ron and Harry told Hermione and Neville about the truce when they got back to the tower. Hermione was stunned while Neville was just glad that the Slytherins were going to be tormenting him this year. Ron spoke with Hermione (which he had amazed the witch because of how mature he was dealing the whole thing) and she then agreed as well because it was the right thing to do.

Harry and Ron stayed at the castle, much to Molly's surprise. Hermione wanted to ask them what they were up to but knew that if it was something dangerous, they would have told her. It must be a guy thing since she would sometimes catch them whispering to each other and making strange hand gestures that for some reason she had seen somewhere before. She brushed it off as nothing and wished them both a good Christmas.

Harry had given her his early gift: a rare ancient runes book. He had gone through his family vault and saw books that he knew Hermione would like to read. He had told her that after she read the book he gave her, he'd let her borrow the book in his vault if she wanted to, which was already obvious the moment she saw the book Harry gave her. It was a priceless gift that she knew would cause millions of galleons if her friend sold it but she also knew that he wouldn't. Harry didn't need any more gold since he had so much already and the fact that he wasn't bragging about it was enough proof for her.

When she got home, Hermione quickly unpacked her things and sat in front of her study table. She pulled out Harry's gift and began reading. She took notes and was lost in her study that she didn't realize that she had been sitting down the whole afternoon and it was now dinner. If her father didn't come up to call her, she probably skipped dinner as well.

She joined her parents for dinner and she told me about Hogwarts and what had been happening during the first term. Her parents were glad that they hadn't been having dangerous adventures like the past years. Hermione was glad to be home but felt like it wasn't really home. Harry and Ron were like her brothers and without them, it just wasn't the same.

After dinner, she went back to her room and went back to her book. Near midnight, she managed to read one fourth of the book and her once empty notebook was full of notes and runes and adjustments. It was three minutes until midnight and Hermione had just finished reading about blood wards. Hermione knew that she needed to protect her parents and without second thoughts, she got ready. For the ward to work, it had to be done as the clock struck midnight. She took the pocketknife from her drawer and knelt down in the middle of her room with the book out.

As she turned to her wall clock, both hands were on twelve and she had begun.

As the sands of time fuels Time

Blood the flows fuels life

Blood of a daughter willing to protect her family

Blood of a witch to fortify the protection

Let this blood be the life that shields the family

She sliced her palm and drew the rune circle on the floor with her blood. As she placed her bleeding palm on the center, a wave of red magical wave moved from her hand and expanded outward and made a dome of protection on the house.

After the ceremony was finished, Hermione was panting heavily and fell on her back. She had a smile on her face that showed that she was glad to have done what she did to protect her parents. And she knew that it was a type of magic that couldn't be traced thanks to the fact that it didn't involve her wand at all.

The rune circle vanished and also the cut on her palm. She slowly stood up and crawled into her bed, knowing she had earned a good night's sleep.

Back at the castle, Ron and Harry were having target practice with the guns. In a very short amount of time, Ron had gotten amazingly good with them and Harry was not half bad. Though he knew that he ought to practice his own skill, Harry had again pushed back the idea of telling Ron about his newly acquired gift.

Harry had woken up on his sixteenth birthday with a surge of power that controlled the shadows around him. Instead of fearing the coldness of the shadows, it made covered him with warmth and he was able to sleep better at night since then. Harry knew he ought to tell at least Ron but he was afraid that the other might get frightened and hate him at some point. Because of his deep thinking and worrying, Harry didn't notice that a shadowy hand was wrapping itself on Harry to comfort him. Ron stopped and stared at wide eye amazement at what he was seeing.

"Mate, a-are you a-alright?" he asked which broke Harry's concentration. Harry turned and saw that his shadow had been trying to comfort him while he was thinking.

"Ron, I can explain." Harry began as he was starting to scare himself. However, Ron looked like he was recovering quickly from his shock,

"Alright mate. Explain why your shadow was hugging you. Because if Hermione was here, she'd be ringing your ears off with warnings of how bad or how evil it is for one who is being comforted by their own shadow." Ron said with an understanding tone.

Harry relaxed a little and began to tell him about the night of his birthday and how he woke up being comforted by his own shadow and how he felt warmth instead of coldness. After the whole explanation and questions, Ron nodded in awe. "Wow Harry. It's not every day you meet someone who can control shadows but I can roll with this. You understood me when I became far too fascinated with these guns and haven't said anything. I'll back you up full stop, Harry." Ron said with a confident smile on his face that made Harry smile back.

They went back to their dorm rooms and had a good sleep. Harry treated Ron to a warm shadow which made Ron thank Harry before they both fell into deep sleep.

The next day, both boys went down to breakfast and was stunned to see Malfoy, Goyle, Parkinson, Nott, Zabini, and both Greengrass' were having breakfast at the Slytherin table with some other younger snakes. Both were in deep conversation when Neville and Luna interrupted them.

"Hello Harry. Ron. The wrakspurts tell me that you both have been busy. But the mumbling stone nymphs have been sharing that you have been growing for the last few months." She said with a dreamy smile that both boys looked at each other then back at her.

"Luna, do the stone nymphs tell you what we've been doing?" Ron asked and Harry quickly did a privacy spell around them, including Neville. She smiled at him,

"Of course. While you've been learning how to use muggle weaponry, Harry has been learning to control the shadows." She said then turned to Harry,

"She'll call on you soon, Harry. When you're a bit more stronger." She added.

"Who will call on me, Luna?" Harry just had to ask and she gave him a look that said, 'isn't it obvious?' "iOblivion/i of course. She controls all the shadows. And since you're trying to learn, it means she'll call on you soon. Like Neville, the forest, the trees, plants, shrubs, and even the soil is calling him yet he still can't hear them."

Harry, Ron, and Neville stared at her.

"L-Luna… The strange whispers I hear… Those are voices?" Neville asked which earned him a nod from the Ravenclaw.

"H-how do I h-hear them properly?"

"Well, balancing your magic and your own energy will help. You must first embrace your gift before it opens up to you. Only then will it speak to you clearly." She explained.

And just before any of them could say anything, Luna's eyes turned white yet she was still smiling.

The time of revelations will come when everything is in between the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

The betrayal will push all fourteen to stand up and become who they are destined to be.

The prophecy of clay will crumble and a new one made of stone will arise.

However, be warned…

Be wary of the one that speaks lies.

Her words have caused chaos and sorrow.

Prepare each of the special ones to be ready when the moment comes.

They're gifts will carve and shape the future and all that is to come.

Luna's eyes went back to the way they were and privacy charm shattered.

None of them spoke at first and was still too stunned to move. Luna just prophesied about the future and about fourteen people who will change the future. But who were the fourteen and what did they have to do with Harry, Ron, and Neville. And Luna spoke of betrayal. Who was going to betray them? When? Why? How? Harry's mind began to turn as well as Ron's and Neville's. Luna chuckled, breaking the tension.

"Fret not, Harry. You already know. Half of them will surprise you and the other half already have pledge their loyalty to you and to you alone." She said.

Harry turned to see Ron and Neville smiling at him. So it was his friends and himself who would be shaping the future. But what made this different from the prophecy that was about him and Voldemort killing each other? Did Luna mean that the old prophecy wasn't really real? After breakfast, Neville and Luna were joining Harry and Ron with their practice when they saw Malfoy by the dueling room with blades in his hands. The door was ajar and thy watched as the blond Slytherin danced with the blades echoing with every thrust he did.

After what seemed like forever,

"Amazing isn't he?" a female voice said from behind Harry and his company. Pansy was there with a smile on her face. Zabini, Nott, and Goyle were with her.

"Parkinson." Harry greeted with a nod.

"Please, call me Pansy. These are Blaise, Theo, and Gregory." She said as she introduced her mates.

"Very well, I'm Harry. These are Ron, Neville, and Luna." His companions nodded.

"And I'm Draco. And Draco thinks that it's rude that you all have been watching without him knowing." Said the blond who opened the door wider with a smirk on his face.

"My apologies, Draco. We were simply passing by and heard someone in here. We saw you and thought that it was better to not interrupt you. You looked amazing with those blades by the way." Harry said and complimented which his friends nodded in agreement. Draco reddened a little and coughed,

"Thank you. These blades are called katanas. They're from Japan and are made of titanium steel and coated with some kind of holding spell which would be nearly impossible to break the blade in half." The blond explained and gave one blade to Harry to examine.

Ron knew that the halls weren't the best place to speak,

"May I suggest we head to the Room of Requirement? Even the walls have ears." He said seriously and Harry nodded. The Slytherins nodded and followed them. They were in awe when they saw the material of the door, black diamond.

"I've read about these. Black diamonds are far more harder to break and shape than regular diamonds. As it is black, the compound itself is rare and hunters have searched the world for them but few have returned and fewer with the compound itself." Goyle explained with stunned everyone, even his own housemates.

"I do read when no one is looking." He said as he scratched the back of his head. They all went in and the door vanished behind them. Neville and the Slytherins were shocked to have been greeted with a shooting range inside a castle.

"I'm warning everyone to not touch the guns if you do not know how to use them. Ron and I have been practicing the whole term and Ron has mastered them already. Ask him if you want to know anything." Harry said as he ushered everyone into the room slash target range.

The room had added more armchairs for the additional people aside from Ron and Harry. The castle had been watching the two boys practice and once in a while she'd given them a moving target to shot. Harry had laughed when the castle challenged Ron to hit ten flying clay discs at the same time. At first, Ron got two or three and the rest would crash on the stone floor. But now, he could hit them all before any of them even touch the floor.

To the newcomers, it scared them when the room vibrated and expanded.

"W-what's happening?" asked Pansy who was holding on to Blaise and Theo. Harry laughed and sat down as he watched everyone trying to keep standing.

"Hogwarts is expanding the room to challenge Ron once again. She does this a few times and it seemed to amuse her when Ron doesn't get every disc she sends his way." Harry said as he gestured for the others to seat and watch Ron.

"Are you ready Ron?" Harry called out. Everyone saw Ron finish strapping himself and he had a long gun in his hands while there were two smaller ones on his sides.

"Ron's holding a Accuracy International AW50 and the ones on his sides as .45 Heckler & Koch hand guns. He has been practicing them and every other gun in this room. So today will be the day that Hogwarts will give Ron his biggest challenge since he got the ten discs at a time over last week." Harry explained and shared which made everyone's eyes widen in shock.

"Wait! Did you just say Hogwarts is challenging him?" asked Neville who was the first to break out from his shock. Harry nodded and waited for the challenge to begin.

As Ron got ready and was in position, two discs came out of nowhere and from different directions. He had only ten bullets inside the AW50 and five each inside the hand guns. Two discs before any of them fall on the floor. Harry watched with a smile as his best mate was steadily hitting his flying targets. The others who were watching were in awe and silently praised the redhead for such skills. After the first ten discs, Ron dropped the AW50 and pulled out the hand guns just in time as four discs flew out and shot them one by one until all ten were done and Ron had a huge smile on his face.

"YES!" Ron cheered as he faced Harry who smiled back at him.

Ron walked back to where everyone was sitting and sat on the empty seat next to Harry, "That was bloody brilliant Ron! Even Hogwarts knew it." Harry praised and the room shook in delight.

"Thanks Harry. She gave me quite a challenge there. And I thought she was going to win when I was switching weapons. I nearly dropped the left gun but I managed to grab it in time." He told them.

"How long did you practice those things? You looked like you've been doing it all your life!" Goyle asked with an excited voice.

Ron scratched the back of his neck as he turned red with the praise. This made Harry and the others chuckle.

"Well, I've been practicing for a good two months now. Harry's good with them as well." He shared, trying to shift the attention to his best mate who shook his head and laughed.

"I'm good if only you're excellent. You, the castle, and I know that if it came to handling these weapons, I wouldn't be able to defeat you at all Ron." Harry praised which just made Ron go redder and they all laughed again.

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