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Chapter 4- How They Came To Be Pt. 2

Time: Seven Years Ago

After Ron's explanation, Harry turned to everyone and wondered if Luna's prophecy was about them. She did say that the other half would surprise him. The Slytherins before him were already of great surprise as it is. But if he added them up, four of them plus five of the lions only make up ten. There were still five missing.

"Pansy, are there any other Slytherins that think like the five of you?" he asked her. Everyone looked at him,

"Well, Daphne and her sister Astoria have been vocal about their family not wanting to be part of the war since their father had pledge himself as a Death Eater. Daphne told me that their mother had filed for a divorce because of what their father did. Astoria was most glad since their father had spoken in passing that both of his daughters would be betrothed to sons of the other Death Eaters." She explained.

"Well, father had mentioned that he and Lord Greengrass had spoken about betrothing Astoria to me. I have grown up with her and Daphne and see her as a sister. She herself told me it would be wrong to marry me because she calls me brother back when we were younger." Draco said with a sigh. Blaise placed a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder.

"In that case, it would be wise to bring them along the next time we meet up. I think that we shouldn't fight in some war that doesn't even have anything to do with us. This was started before any of us were even born so what can children like us do? They don't expect a sixteen year old boy to end this war do they?" Harry reasoned.

Everyone looked at each other and agreed, this wasn't their war to fight.

Before leaving the safety of the RoR,

"I think we have to keep all of these a secret: the guns, the training, and even the friendship. As much as I wish not to do, we have no idea how many spies Voldemort has in here." No one even gasped when Harry said the name. They all knew that he'd never say 'Dark Lord' or 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name'.

"Fear of the name only increases the fear of itself." Hermione's words kept ringing in his head.

"I agree. Even in the house of Slytherin, we have no idea who is spying on us. If they find out about this, it won't end well for all of us." Draco said as the rest nodded in agreement.

Luna had a smile on her face that made everyone wonder what she was thinking.

"She holds the secrets of her most cherished. Just ask her to make sure no one knows and she will be so glad that you called on her, Harry." She told him. They all wondered who she was talking about, even Harry. Until he smiled and understood.

"Hogwarts, I ask that you keep us and our secrets safe. I know that you have the power and much more." Harry asked kindly and the room hummed softly. They all understood that it was a 'yes' and that their secrets are all safe.

"Tomorrow after breakfast, the rest of you will begin to search for your gifts. I have a feeling that it is with you people that Luna's prophecy will hold and come true. And it is one that I wish to be true." Harry added and they all nodded once again.

The Slytherins left the room first them Harry, Ron, Neville, and Luna. They all went to the Great Hall for dinner and discuss how they will be bringing out the gifts of everyone else. Ron sighed,

"I wish 'mione was here. She'd know what to do." Harry and Neville sighed as well. Luna smiled,

"Why don't we go to the library? We can ask Madam Pince what book can help us to know someone's dormant gifts. She'd all be too glad to help." She suggested which made the boys blink. It was so simple and straightforward that it was fool proof.

"We'll do that after dinner. You're great Luna!" Harry said with a smile.

They ate dinner with the others who stayed and chatted away happily.

Once dinner was over, they quickly went to the library and walked up to the librarian's desk.

"Good evening, Madam Pince. I hope that you could help us with something." Harry asked with a polite tone and a smile. She fixed her glasses and smiled back.

"Well, Mr. Potter, it's not every day you come here and ask for my help. What can I help you with?"

"Well, we were hoping that you know a book that could tell us if we have dormant talents and show us how to unlock them." He asked with a hopeful voice. The rest looked hopeful as well, if Madam Pince didn't know of a book like that in her library, then no one else does.

She smiled and pulled out a blue book from the left side of her shelf,

"Well, we have several books on the subject you wish. However, there is only one book that can both tell you if you have hidden gifts and teach you how to unlock them." She took a small piece of parchment and dipped her quill into the ink bottle and wrote the title of the book, the section it is, and the identification number.

"Here, though I wish to call forth the book, the one you're looking for is in the No-Summoning Section. I just hope that when you get what you are looking for, you take extra care of it. It's the only copy we have here." She told them and waved them off after giving Harry the parchment.

The four students didn't waste time and quickly left to search for the book.

"Well, there will be another copy of it when I'm done with it." Harry said with a shivering smile.

Ron and Neville wondered when Harry had acquired such a smile but they knew that Harry would tell them when he was ready. And they would patiently wait for the day to come.

They arrived at the section and divided themselves to find the book faster. It was Luna who found it but Neville had to climb up the ladder to get it. He gave it to Harry who looked around before taking out his wand. He waved his wand on the book and another copy of the book began to appear beside the original. The other three watched in awe as Harry was finishing up the process. He opened both books and scanned it to make sure that he copied everything right. He placed the copy into his bag and scanned the original's content index for the topic they wished to read.

"Found it." He said and flipped to the page.

"Harry mate, where did you learn that copy charm?" Ron asked. Harry smirked,

"Hermione of course. She didn't notice that I was behind her once when she decided to copy an ancient runes book that was said to be rare in England. Hogwarts has books that are rare all over the world and Hermione managed to learn the charm and copied books here. Her trunk is new, did you notice?" he asked Ron and Neville. Both boys nodded.

"I heard that she asked her parents the expanded library trunk during her third year." Luna said as she peaked on the book.

"Luna's right. The trunk she has is nearly all books. Her backpack has an expansion charm when she places all her clothes. The trunk has her school books and books she had copied from here." Harry said. Ron and Neville were in shock. They knew Hermione loved books but for her to go all the way to copy them so that she'd had a copy, it was mental.

"Anyway, the book says there are three ways to know how to find out if we have dormant skills or not. There is another spell here that tells us where our skills lie and another that teaches us how to unlock them." Harry said as he pointed at the page. Ron noticed that all three ways needed a drop of their blood. He shivered a little,

"Why do all three have to include blood?" he whined softly.

"Well, because our skills are written in our blood that runs through our veins." Harry said simply and with a big smile. He copied the pages he needed and had Neville return the book back to where he pulled it out.

Harry rolled the copied pages and led them back to where the librarian was.

"We found what we needed. Thank you Madam Pince." Harry said and bowed. She smiled,

"No problem dears. That's what I am here for. No off you go, it's nearly eight. You children need rest. Happy Christmas." She said and they greeted her back. They left the library and Harry gave the copied pages to Luna.

"Something for you to read tonight Luna, just in case we miss something tomorrow." She took the pages and smiled as she skipped off to her dormitory.

The three boys went to their own tower and hoped that they'd find what they need and learn before the day breaks.

When they arrived at Gryffindor Tower, they agreed to first wash up, get ready for bed, and read the book in their room since Seamus and Dean had gone home, leaving the room to themselves. Ron and Neville cast multiple locking and silencing spells on the door and Harry took out the book from his bag and went to the page they all were looking at beforehand.

"Wait Harry. I think you should tell Neville what you shared with me the other night. It would be good to have it out now than later." Ron suggested. Neville smiled,

"I know all about Harry's shadow skills. You guys forgot to throw silencing spells last night and living in the same dorm as you Ron, I learned to be a very light sleeper." Neville joked with a smile and Harry laughed, knowing exactly what Neville meant.

"Don't worry Harry. You're secret is safe with me. But I suggest you tell the others when you're ready. If we are the people Luna predicted, they should know what gift you have so that it would be fair." He said. Harry knew Neville was right,

"But Nev, I've been thinking about it since this morning. With seven Slytherins, we still three people short." Neville shook his head and smiled,

"Don't worry about that right now. The answer will come when the time is right. Let's focus first with the task we have now and worry about the rest when they are there." He said calmly. Ron nodded so Harry did so as well.

They began to read the book and Neville took notes while Ron spotted areas where they would have a little bit of problem. It was nearly three in the morning when they finished everything: finding out if they had gifts, where their gifts lie, and how to open them.

"If we missed anything, I'm sure Luna will tell us. Good night Harry. Ron." Neville said. The other two bid him back and they all got some rest.

When the first ray of sun light broke through the bed curtains, it was Harry who woke up first. He and Neville probably had a good night's sleep since they both had placed silencing charms on Ron's bed. As much as they cared for their friend, Ron's snores could probably wake up the whole room and the girl's bedroom across their own if they had not placed the charms. Harry opened his curtains and saw that Neville was about to get out of his own bed as well. They smiled at each other and looked at Ron's bed. The curtains were still closed and both knew that the redhead was still sleeping.

With an unspoken plan, Harry cast a water charm as Neville pulled the curtains open.

"Ack!" Ron screamed as the cold water hit him. Harry and Neville fell on the floor, laughing. Ron sat up and got out of bed, dripping wet. He saw his two friends laughing and took his wand out and sent birds their way. Both scrambled to get up and fight the birds off. Harry's shadow covered him while Neville's plants grew to swat the birds away. Harry and Ron were so stunned as Neville that the whole room was dead silent for a long time.

"Neville… You did it! You actually did it!" Harry spoke first and hugged Neville. Ron hugged the stunned lion as well,

"You controlled the plant! Luna was right! You can control nature!" he complimented as well.

"Well, at least we know what Neville can do. And you too Harry. And I have a feeling that I know what Luna can do as well. And I know what I can do." Ron added as he dried himself and his bed. And without warning, he sent two water charms to his friends,

"And that is for the morning wake up." He said and grabbed his toiletries and headed for the bathroom.

Both heirs of Gryffindor laughed and grabbed their things and went to the bathroom as well.

After they had their shower and got dressed, they made their way to the Great Hall and saw that Luna was waiting for them.

"Good morning, Harry, Neville, Ron. The other two of the other seven have been told and will be there later with the rest. The wrakspurts told me, if you're wondering how I knew which I know you are." She said with a smile as she opened the doors and went it. Harry had to laugh and the two others did the same as they went it and made their way to their own table.

Harry scanned the Great Hall and the five Slytherins managed to give Harry a discreet nod before the said Gryffindor made his way to his own table with Ron and Neville. All three ate a lot since they knew it was going to be a long day and lunch was hours away.

"Well, eat up guys. This will be one day we'd look back and smile on, the day we started our move for change." Harry said with a smile on his face. The other two smiled back at him.

Luna approached the three boys after her own meal and sat next to Neville.

"Congratulations, Neville. The forest nymphs have told me that you managed to use your skill this morning. They told me to tell you that they expect great things from you as you use their power." She said loud enough for the three to hear. Harry and Ron smiled at her and then at Neville, who was blushing from the praise.

After breakfast, Harry and his lot went up first to establish the room and five minutes later, the Slytherins came and the door disappeared. Everyone took a seat on the armchairs and sofas the room provided. Pansy was smiling which made everyone wonder why,

"Harry, these are Daphne Greengrass and her sister, Astoria. Ladies, this is Harry." She introduced and Harry bowed in acknowledgment.

"Hello Daphne, Astoria. These are my friends: Ron, Neville, and Luna. Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask." He said and turned to everyone.

"Last night after dinner, we had gone to the library to search for a special book and we managed to find it." He began and took out a book from his bag.

"This book is about how to find out if one has any talents or skills, where they lie, and how to unlock them if they are dormant. However, all three ways of knowing how involve a drop of your blood." The Slytherins didn't speak for a few moments. Neville took out the rolls of parchment Harry made him bring. Draco stood up first and walked over to Harry with a brave and confident smile.

"Though I know already what my skill might be, better to be sure." The blond said and held out his finger towards Ron who transfigured a pack of matches into a book of needles.

The redhead took one and prick the blond's finger and squeezed a drop into the parchment. Harry had already charmed the parchment the night prior as the book had instructed. After a few moments, the blood began to seep into the paper and draw twin swords that form an 'x' in the middle. Draco was proud of himself because his drawing was of his katanas.

"I knew it." He said as he went back to his seat. Blaise stood up next and Ron did the same thing he did with Draco with a new needle. However, what appeared was something they could tell.

It looked like a wand with a spark of magic on the tip. Everyone knew Blaise was a good duelist but what was he excellent at?

"I know! Blaise! Your Stunning spells! Everyone in Slytherin knows how powerful they are!" Daphne exclaimed with a smile on her face. Harry, Ron, and Neville stared at Blaise. They had only heard rumors and if Harry's stunners were already good, what more are Blaise's? Blaise smiled and went back to his seat and Pansy went up next. Her blood formed knives aiming at the center of the page.

"Knives? Seriously?" Ron exclaimed and Pansy had a smug look on her face as she pulled out a knife from her pocket and threw it across the room and with the picture of Dumbledore as target. The knife was dead center on the picture's forehead.

"Wow." Was all Neville and Ron could say. Harry was glad that the Slytherins were already practicing their skills. It seemed that everything was moving faster than he had hoped for. The other for didn't move from their seats which made Harry raise a brow.

"Gregory has good vision and hearing. With practice he can extend his skills." Blaise said and the said boy nodded with a blush on his face.

"Theo is… Well, he should share his skill himself." Pansy said and sighed. The lions turned to look at Theo who fidgeted in his seat. Luna simply smiled as she looked around the room, as if she already knew what the Slytherin was going to say.

"W-well… You s-see… I was bitten by a werewolf when I was younger. I don't change when there is a full moon but I have sensitive hearing and sense of smell." He explained.

"Well, your senses combined with Gregory's will indeed be useful. Being able to hearing or sniff out in coming enemies from a distance will give time for the others to get ready." Harry praise which the other Slytherins were grateful for when Theo gave them a brilliant smile.

"Astoria is a medi-witch. She can heal anyone better than those at St. Mungo's. I highly doubt any other house noticed, but no Slytherin ever went to the Hospital Wing since Astoria came here." Daphne explained. Harry and Ron nodded since they noticed, Harry especially.

"Daphne is a good cook. However, she has a blade that she keeps within her person at all times." Astoria explained as the Slytherin made room for Daphne. The lions plus Luna this time watched as Daphne pulled out a huge sword from her back. It was large and had sharp edges that point outwards, which Harry was reminded of a muggle saw.

"How in Merlin's name did you get one?!" Neville asked in such astonishment.

"When I was younger, my father's library was left open and for some reason I was drawn into it. A book from the shelf floated out and opened itself and the writings in it spiraled out and the next thing I knew, I was in my own bed with this sword beside me. Astoria has her own and we found out that it was called The Sword of Infinite Cruelty." Daphne said as Astoria stood up to pull her own out from her arm this time.

The sword was amazing and it flew out of the girl's hand and floated before Harry and it tilted to the side as if to bow. Harry bowed back without having second thoughts. The sword flew back to Astoria and the girl re-sheathed it inside her arm.

"My sword is called Zabimaru and is said to belong to a Death God. Do no ask us how—" before Daphne could finish what she was saying, the book flew out of Astoria's bag and floated above them all. The runes inside floated into the air and encircled Theo, Pansy, and Goyle.

A bright light exploded and everyone had to cover their sees. When the light disappeared, the three Slytherins were unconscious on the floor with swords beside them.

"Well, it seems that the book has a mind of its own. It comes out when it senses someone with a sword within them." Neville commented and the rest nodded. They levitated the three to the sofas and decided to wait until they woke up on their own.

It was Luna who had a strange smile on her face, "

Theodore, from the line of Nott wields the Sword of Betrayal. Pansy, child of Parkinson, wields the sword Zangetsu. And Gregory, offspring from the line of Goyle, wields the Gory Crescent sword. Each sword will be of great use when the time comes for all thirteen to pave the way with he whom the Shadows have nurtured. Seek out she who the heavens have gifted knowledge and twins who's souls are one yet each masters ice and flame. Together, all of you will set out to create your own destiny and will pave the way for a glorious future when everything falls into place."

Luna blinked and was smiling her smile again,

"Is something on my face?" she asked in her normal dreamy tone. Harry simply smiled and hugged Luna.

"Not at all Luna. There is nothing on your face aside from that dreamy smile of yours." He said and the others nodded. They instantly understood Harry's decision and didn't fight back.

The first one to move was Pansy who fell out of the sofa with a shriek.

"What happened?!" she demanded, trying to calm down.

"Well, you, Theo, and Goyle went through what I did and you have swords now as well. You're sword is called Zangetsu. I've seen it in the same book I found mine in. It also belongs to a Death God. Theo has The Sword of Betrayal, and Greg has the Gory Crescent sword." Daphne told her friend as she helped her sit up.

"Are you feeling alright?" Harry asked softly.

"I feel a bit dizzy but I'm alright. Thank you." She answered.

Theo and Greg woke up a few minutes later and were told what had happened and what their swords were. Daphne and Astoria taught them how to sheath them back into their bodies and how to take them out. The lesson took up the whole morning while Harry, Ron, Neville, Draco, Blaise, and Luna were talking about what they would be doing after lunch. Luna went off with Neville to the window where there was a plant and she asked him to show her what he had done earlier that day at the lion's tower.

The remaining for discussed what Luna had said and wondered who the other three where.

"She who the heavens have gifted with knowledge. Who could that be?" Ron asked. The other three were in deep thought, running faces in their minds to see who would fit the description. Then it was Draco who got it,

"Granger." Was all he said. The other three snapped their heads to face him.

"I'm sure of it. Despite being a mu-muggleborn, I'm sure it's Granger. She's definitely smart, and probably even smarter than myself. And it's a female we're looking for." Blaise was glad that Draco was able to admit that someone else was smarter than the blond, knowing the blond's large ego.

"Well, we'll have to wait until the term starts again. Then I'll ask Hermione." Harry said and they nodded.

"Now all that's left are twins who's souls are one yet each masters ice and flame." Blaise reminded. This time, it was Ron who spoke up. "Could it be Fred and George?" he asked as he turned to Harry.

"They both share the same soul since they are twins yet I know Fred prefers cold and George loves warmth." He added.

"Well, it could be a possibility. Only the book can confirm our theories. We'll owl them later at lunch and ask them to come over just to make sure." Harry suggested which sounded alright with the other three. Luna and Neville returned just in time for the room to remind them that it was time for lunch.

The other returned to the sitting area,

"Alright, we meet back here after lunch. And from there, we'll begin to dive deeper into our skills and train." Harry commanded softly. It was a quiet agreement that even the Slytherins agreed that Harry was the leader and Draco wasn't bothered at all for some reason.

Like yesterday, the Slytherin left first then the lions and Luna. No one was any wiser and thanks to Hogwarts, the portraits never saw them enter or leave the floor. The four entered the Great Hall and Luna sat with the boys at Gryffindor table. They talked about what they'd do on Christmas while Harry wrote a letter to the twins. Ron and Neville ate quickly and left to send the letter while Harry and Luna ate their lunch and went to the Room of Requirement ahead.

When everyone was back, they began they training with the help of Hogwarts who gave them their challenges to finish. Harry watched everyone and helped who needed helped. The whole afternoon flew by and it was time for dinner which meant that they had to leave.

"Harry, you have yet to tell them what your skill is. You know everyone's now and to be fair, they should know yours." Luna said with a smile on her face.

"Oh yeah, you haven't told us what you can do." Astoria pointed out. Harry sighed and nodded. It was unfair if he didn't tell them. Ron and Neville gave him room and the Slytherins watched in silent awe as the shadow beneath Harry moved up and wrapped around him in a tight embrace.

"I can control shadows." He said with a blush as if he was caught with someone doing who knows what.

"Amazing. No wonder my sword bowed to you. I'm sure Theo's and Greg's would have done the same if they were out the same time mine was. One acknowledgment speaks for all." Astoria said.

"What do you mean by that Astoria?" Harry just had to ask.

"You see, my sword, Theo's and Greg's are three of five swords that were created by the Shadows. Since you are the shadow's master, they bow to you and so do we." She told them.

"What are the other two?" asked Blaise. Astoria turned to him,

"The other two are the Soul Splitting sword and its twin, the Soul Trapping sword. They are to come from twins that share the same soul yet control two separate powers." She answered.

Astoria's explanation made Harry and Ron more sure that it was Fred and George they were looking for.

They all left for dinner which was nearly uneventful until Dumbledore got everyone's attention. Harry felt his shadows burning with anger and resentment. He didn't understand yet he understood that Dumbledore was no longer the same man he trusted many years ago.

"In three days, we shall be celebrating Christmas within these castle walls. And what better way to celebrate than to host a party to remind us of the occasion. For those who want to do a last minute shopping, tomorrow, Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick will be accompanying those who wish to head down to Hogsmeade for their shopping." Everyone began to whisper to their friends and started to think of what they needed to buy.

"With that, everyone head back to your Houses and have a good night's rest." The Headmaster said and the students stood up to leave. Neville used one of his plants and whispered Harry's instructions within its petals. When Draco was heading out the Great Hall, the vine caught his cloak and stopped him. Blaise, Pansy, Theo, Greg, Daphne, and Astoria looked at him and then the plant.

"Harry said that we should use the trip down to Hogsmeade to buy a few things that would help us when we train." The petal released the message and a leaf fell into the blond's hand that hand items on it that seem to have come from Harry.

The plant then released Draco and turn into ashes. Blaise took the leaf from Draco and smiled.

"It seems that Neville is getting good at using his plants." He said as he shared the leaf to the others. When they all memorized what they needed, the leaf turned to ashes in Astoria's hand. They all went to the dungeons and wrote down what they needed just to make sure they didn't forget.

The next day, all eleven headed down to Hogsmeade and bought what they needed plus their own. Harry told Ron, Neville, and Luna that he'd meet the twins alone and that they'd see each other back at the castle. Harry had given Neville a list of what he needed and his expanded money pouch. The three left Harry at the Three Broomsticks to wait for Fred and George.

Harry didn't have to wait at all as he saw the twins in a private booth when he arrived. He bought three bottles of butterbeer and slipped into the booth the twins were sitting. Wandlessly and wordlessly, Harry cast a silencing bubble charm around them which made the twins raise a brow each.

"Alright Harry. What was it you said that was so important that we had to come in person?" they asked simultaneously which made Harry smiled wider.

"Well, it's a long explanation which can't actually be spoken here. It's far better for you to both hear it were the others are so they can back me up with what I am will be telling you later." He said as he took a swig of his drink.

The twins looked at each other then back at Harry who had a suspicious smile on his face.

"Alright then, we'll head to the castle with you." Fred began.

"But you better make sure that you explain everything to us, Harry." George finished which got a nod from Harry.

"So, we still have time until everyone heads back. How's the joke shop?" Harry asked as he took another sip of his drink. The twins smiled and allowed the change of subject to happen because they were assured of an explanation later on. They told Harry about the next products they had and about the ones they were working on.

"I'm glad that my investment was put to good use. I knew you both wouldn't disappoint me and that you'd be great together." He praised them which made the twins smile at the honorary brother and benefactor.

After half an hour, a vine slithered up on Harry's seat and a flower opened by Harry's ear.

"Harry, we've gotten everything you said and the things you asked me to buy for you. Don't worry. Ron and Luna didn't see anything and the Slytherins are going back as well." The petal said with Neville's voice. The vine turned to ashes which made the twins were in wide eye shock.

"What was that?" Fred asked.

"It's a message from Neville. He said that we can go to the castle now." Harry said as he finished his drink while the twins had half full bottles each. They were now more intrigue than ever and wondered when Neville was able to do such kind of magic with his plants.

The three went up to the castle and as they passed the wards, the twins were stunned to have been placed in the Room of Requirement with Harry, Ron, Neville, Luna, and seven Slytherins.

"Before you ask why they are here, let Hogwarts show you what I wanted to tell you earlier." Harry said and the twins watched as Hogwarts showed them the events of the last few days with the Slytherins and the ones with Harry and Ron alone. After the explanation,

"Bloody hell!" Fred said with a huge smile on his face. George was speechless as well. What could they possibly say when it came to such revelation.

They were stunned to find out that their brother and honorary brother were trying to better themselves. They were glad that Neville was gaining the self-confidence he needs and that Luna found great friends to depend on. Though they were a bit skeptical of the Slytherin, they knew that Harry knew best.

"Well, the only thing we can say is…" Fred began.

"If you think that it us that Luna spoke of then, test away." George said with a smile on his face. Draco and Blaise nodded at each other and knew that the Weasley twins were the ones they were searching for.

The book came out of Astoria's bag and did a repeat of what it did to the other three the day before. And as Astoria said, the Soul Splitting and Soul Trapping swords were indeed bound together. Add Luna's prediction of the twins controlling ice and flame, Harry was excited for the second term to start in order to speak to Hermione. The twins promised to train as hard as they could with the exercises and challenges Harry was going to make for them.

The days flew by as all eleven invested their days in training and gaining control of their powers. It had not been in vain since Ron and Draco already showed signs of a great team as well as Blaise and Pansy.

The morning of Christmas day, Harry had said that they should take the day to rest and relax.

"It wouldn't do us any good if we all end up tired and magically drained." Were his words which made great sense.

Ron woke up first and woke the other two with Stinging hexes on their feet. He laughed hard as he raced out the room with Harry and Neville whipping their wands out and promising vengeance on the insolent redhead. They joined the rest of the Gryffindors who stayed and opened presents at the common room were Harry had surprised Ron with a glass wizarding chess set.

"Harry! I thought we agreed no expensive gifts!" Ron said as he stared at the gift then at his friend.

"Yes, we did. And just so you know, I only spent for the wrapping and the ribbon. That chess set has been in my family vault for who knows how long." Harry said with a smile as he opened his gift from Molly Weasley.

Harry said the same thing to Neville when Neville raised a brow at the Herbology book collection that he received. The collection consisted of: Herbs, Fungus, and Poisonous Plants of the World, Greenhouse Plant Care, Tea Herbs for every Occasion, and How to Control Your Rebellious Plants. Neville thanks Harry who was sporting his dark maroon sweater with an H in front. Ron got a blood red sweater with an R in front.

"What did you get Luna, Harry?" asked Ron who was about to eat a slice of mince pie from his mum. Harry smiled at them,

"You'll see later." Was all they got from him.

They stood up and deposited their gifts in their dorm room and headed down to the Great Hall for Christmas breakfast. As the drew closer to the double doors, a blond blur zoomed into Harry's arms with a dreamy giggle. Harry knew who it was and hugged her back. Ron and Neville were stunned to have witnessed Luna Lovegood move so fast.

"Thank you for the star chart, the star globe, and the crystal ball Harry." She said as she pulled away and smiled up at him. Harry smiled back and placed a hand on her head,

"You're very much welcome, Luna."

He led them inside and everyone greeted them a happy Christmas. They greeted back and headed to their table where a few others were already eating Christmas breakfast. Harry sat down with Luna beside her and the other two opposite them. Harry looked around and saw Pansy opening the gift Harry had Neville bought her. She was stunned to see an emerald bracelet with a snake, a miniaturized Eiffel Tower, and four knives as its charms. All charms had meaning which were written down on a small piece of parchment which Daphne was reading.

Draco and Blaise's eyes widen in shock and quickly opened their own unnamed presents. Draco's gift was long and when he had finished unwrapping the box, he found out that Harry had given him the Kyourako Shunsui Twin Swords. The blond was lost for words. Blaise found a book that he knew was so rare he wondered how Harry found one. Theo looked down and his own eyes widen in shock,

"He gave you a copy of Cægan Æðelræd Bealusearu? Where on earth did he find one?" Theo hissed. Blaise shock his head and made a mental note to ask the giver when he faces him the next day.

Daphne got a set of cook books that were composed of: Asian, Italian, Mexican, French, and Mediterranean Cuisine. She smiled and began flipping through the French Cuisine book. Astoria was given an expanded first aid kit that had about fifty vials inside with labels which she was stunned to read.

"Is that Veritaserum and Draught of the Living Death?" Gregory asked in astonishment. He was holding a book on How to Enhance Your Sight and Hearing, his gift from Harry. Theo had gotten a book as well, How to Enhance Your Hearing and Other Senses. All seven Slytherins saw Harry look at them and smiled for a second before he went back to eating.

They looked at each other and knew what they could get him as a gift and thank you for what he had given them. They didn't expect that Harry would go out of his way to get them last minute presents. And they even wondered how he did when he had not gone shopping like the rest of them.

Christmas day was spent peacefully and in a quiet manor expect for the canary bird cream puff that had managed to make its way to the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw table.

The next day, immediately after breakfast, everyone was inside the Room of Requirement and Harry was tackled to the floor by three Slytherin boys namely Draco, Blaise, and Theo. The girls laughed at the sight and Ron nodded at Neville which was understood that they were to jump on top as well. Blaise, Draco, and Theo were laughing as Harry was being protected by his shadow from being crushed under the weight. They all stood up and Harry smiled at them.

"Thank you for the gift Harry." Pansy said as she gave him a hug.

"Yes, thank you. We didn't expect you to give us anything." Daphne said as she hugged Harry as well.

"But thank you still for them." Astoria finished as she gave him her hug.

"You're all welcome. Those were all from my family vault really. Just like my gifts to Ron, Neville, and Luna. So All I spent are the wrappings and ribbons." He told them which shock them still. The Slytherins snapped out of the shock and Pansy summoned their gift for Harry. He raised a brow and wondered what they got him. With a wave of his hand, the wrapping vanished and a dark emerald bag with silver lions as its design was floating in front of him.

"It seems that you forgot to mention how good you've gotten into casting non-verbal and wandless magic, Harry." Draco said with a smirk. Harry blushed and opened the bag to see several pairs of fancy clothes and robes.

He took out some clothes and loved them instantly.

"These are absolutely wonderful. Thank you. You shouldn't have but thank you still." He said as he waved everything back into the bag.

"Well, I have been practicing for a very long while now. Don't worry. I'll teach you how to do wandless and non-verbal magic. Yet, you still have to keep your wand within your person." He said as he showed his wand strapped to his wand arm. They all were amazed and began to ready themselves for their training.

The days went by and the beginning of the second term had arrived.

Harry and the other ten looked out from the clock tower at the arriving students. It was Gregory who spotted Hermione from beyond the gate which made Harry praise him. They're training was clearly not in vain.

"Ron, Neville, and I shall speak to her when everyone else is asleep tonight. And since there is no class yet tomorrow, we'll meet at the RoR after breakfast." Harry instructed and they nodded.

They headed to the Great Hall in separate groups and mingled with the rest of the student population. Hermione, from Harry, Ron, and Neville's point of view, looked different. But it was Harry who knew why without having the smart witch explain why. This just proved Draco's theory to be correct; it was Hermione they were waiting for.

The feast began and ended and they all were sent back to their Houses.

When everyone was heading up to their rooms, Ron stopped Hermione from leaving.

"Hermione, there's something Harry wants to talk to you about." Neville said from the armchair near the fire. The witch raised a brow and wondered why they were acting a bit strange. She had noticed since she saw then enter the Great Hall but didn't say anything, knowing that they'd tell her eventually. It seems that they were going to tell her that very moment.

Harry came out from the shadows and sat on the other armchair across Neville. Ron ushered the shocked Hermione to the sofa.

"Before you say anything, I will have you know that Ron, Neville, Luna, and nine others know about me and what I can do. However, it would be hard for me to explain it to you in words. So tomorrow after breakfast, you'll come with us to the Room of Requirement for a full explanation and we'll show you everything we've been doing for the two weeks." Harry said with a commanding tone which made Hermione nod in agreement.

The tone wasn't offending but rather impressive and it made her wonder what they had to show and tell her.

"Alright, I'll go with you then. I expect a full explanation tomorrow. Good night." She said calmly and left to get sleep. When she was gone, Ron and Neville looked at Harry.

"She indeed is the last one we've been waiting for. Draco was right. And you must have felt the magic around her. Hermione Jean Granger had done powerful magic during her stay in the muggle world. And since she hasn't been arrested, it meant that whatever she did was successful." He explained as he stood up and led them to their room. He knew how much they needed the rest. Tomorrow was going to be long and full of explanations and demonstrations.

The next day, no one noticed the stoic masks of seven Slytherins. Draco kept glancing at Blaise who glanced at Theo who glanced at Pansy who eyed Daphne who turned to Astoria who sighed and tapped Gregory's shoulder once. The said boy sighed as well and turned to read Harry's lips move,

"We've told her. See you guys later." Gregory discreetly nodded and passed the message to Astoria who passed it on until Draco nodded in acknowledgment.

Hermione noticed that Luna was sitting on Neville's right wide while Ron was on his left, across Harry. It seemed like she was in for a very big surprise.

After breakfast ended, Hermione quietly followed three lions and one Claw to the Room of Requirement. She wondered why the door wasn't shut yet but turned to see Draco Malfoy and six other Slytherins enter and the door closed behind them. She turned to Harry with more questions written on her face now.

"As I told you last night, a full explanation. You will see everything we've been doing while you were away and a few things Ron and I have done even before the first term ended." Harry said and the rest sat down. The room rumbled softly and showed Hermione the same way the twins were told. Though Hermione's 'show' took longer, everyone was sitting patiently while Harry explained to Draco that his theory about Hermione was right. They all could feel it on her.

After ten minutes, Hermione was left to stare at the rest in the room. How did they managed to hide everything they had been doing? Then the room rumbled again and then she understood. The castle itself was helping them. The castle had shown her Luna's predictions and the twins being informed as well.

"Any questions Hermione?" Luna asked with a smile. Everyone was waiting for the witch to ask anything.

"Well, not much concerning what you've been doing. But Harry, did you give me that book because of this? Or was that purely coincidence?" she asked him.

"Well, I gave you that book before Luna predicted it so I'm going for the latter rather than the former. And I gave you that book because I know how much you love Ancient Runes. Do not doubt me or think for one second that I had any other thoughts when I gave you that book." He told her and she knew that Harry was being honest.

After a few more questions, Astoria's book came out for the final time and they watched as it made a repeat of what it did to Theo, Greg, Pansy, and the twins. Hermione had seen the event with the other five so she wasn't worried at all. When she woke up, she was on the sofa with everyone looking at her. She sat up and turned to look at the sword on the table in front of her.

"It's called The Berserker Fang, Hermione." Ron informed her. While the witch was unconscious, Daphne had told them what Hermione's sword was and some of them practiced a little.

"To start, Daphne will teach you how to sheath back your sword. Then we'll see what kind of skill you have hidden. Though Draco had said that we already know what it is, it's better to make sure." Harry said and Hermione nodded. Neville transfigured a strand of his hair into a needle and pricked Hermione's finger. Ron held out the last roll of parchment and the blood seeped into the paper, showing them different kinds of runes.

Draco crossed his arms and looked smug at Harry,

"I told you so." He said and Harry nodded.

"I wanted to make sure. Hermione, though you'd be surprised how I know, what did you do when you went home? Your aura is dripping with ancient magic." He said.

Hermione sighed and began explaining what had happened and how she got her aura all crazy. With a nod, everyone understood and went to their areas for their training. Harry explained a few more things to Hermione and gave her a set of books that she ought to read and learn. Blaise was reading as well as Theo and Gregory.

Since they really didn't need to eat at the Great Hall, the castle provided them with a feast for lunch. They all ate heartily knowing well that their afternoon was going to be long. They needed to plan out a training schedule once they receive their second term class timetables and plan how to move about without having to expose the true nature of their activities.

Hermione, with the help of Pansy, managed to come up with a three hour training schedule as a group and individual training sessions inside the RoR. They're second term was going to be very busy.

The second term was full of training, secrets, and lies to the public.

They're sixth year ended and their summer was spent training individually as well. The Slytherins were having a harder time hiding their training since the Dark Lord was around at Malfoy Manor often, speaking with the Inner Circle and planning their strategy and such. Luckily enough, Voldemort had not given attention to the children or it would have been troublesome for Draco and his company.

Harry's last year at Hogwarts had begun and everything seemed more heavier than the last. And as they trained, their powers grew, their skills sharper than they were six months ago, and their wandless and non-verbal magic were something to be feared.

And as the year was closing on, Harry had found out Albus Dumbledore's betrayal which led him to despise the man and leaved with his thirteen to a faraway land to train hard and remind the wizarding world the crime they had committed against their Savior. However, plans changes as people do. Harry didn't bother with the wizarding world as he thought at first and focused on the things he and his group had work hard for.

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