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Chapter 7- Let the Hunting Begin

The very next morning, everyone was already having their morning meal, except one. The Dark Lord had yet to make his appearance which made his Inner Circle wonder if he was feeling alright. Lucius turned to the assassins who were standing straight by the wall.

"Shadow, is our Lord alright?" he asked. All the Death Eaters present turned to look at the leader of the death bringers.

"He is awake if that is what you want to know. However, what he is feeling is something I do not know. He seems healthy and the shadows whisper that he is pacing inside his chambers. Simply pacing. I know not why. Though I can look into his mind, we avoid doing so to value our client's privacy." He asked coldly. The Death Eaters had gotten used to how the assassins speak and move about. They were emotionless, killing machines. Capable of killing them all when they least expect it. Even maybe if they expected it.

Shadow blended into the darkness and disappeared from the dining room and reappeared outside the bed chambers of Voldemort. He thought of sending in his warm shadow to inform the Dark Lord that he was outside but chose to knock instead. Inside, Voldemort stopped pacing and snapped his head towards the door.

"W-w-who is it?" he asked. He was trying to get rid of his nervousness but was failing miserably.

"It is I, Shadow. I have been sent to inquire if you are feeling alright this morning as you have not graced your followers during the morning meal." Shadow answered coolly which did not help Voldemort at all.

"I am well. I just have a few things to think about before I take my meal and leave for the Ministry." He said, smiling to himself as he had finally managed to calm himself a little.

"Very well. I shall relay your message and if you need anything, do not hesitate to call on me." Shadow spoke once more and left, actually walking back down.

Voldemort sighed in relief when he heard footsteps leaving the front of his door. He had to get a grip on himself less he wanted to be interrogated by Lucius AND Bella. Those two together would make him spill whatever he was hiding even if he was the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Downstairs, Shadow relayed to the Death Eaters the message which made Lucius and Bella look at each other. They knew that something was bothering their Lord and it was up to them to find out what it was and fix it.

Ten minutes had passed and Voldemort had entered the dining room. He avoided meeting anyone's eyes, especially Shadow's. He simply nodded when they greeted him a good morning and silently ate his meal. He could feel eyes looking at him and knew there was only one way to make them stop staring. His eyes glowed brighter than before and glared at everyone which worked because every Death Eater instantly looked away. Except for two: Lucius and Bellatrix. Voldemort sighed again and quickly finished his meal with grace and poise. He stood up and informed everyone that he was going to leave for the office.

"How would you like to travel this morning? By shadows? Or apparition?" Rune asked as she bowed at the Dark Lord. Voldemort swallowed and knew that either way, Shadow was going to be close to him.

"If Shadow is amiable, then I would prefer to go by the shadows to avoid reporters who are, without a doubt, spread out in the lobby, waiting for my arrival." He asked knowing that he was right about the reporters. Rune turned to her leader and gave way, Blade returned with the Dark Lord's briefcase and handed it to Shadow.

"Have a good day at work, my Lord." The Death eaters greeted in unison. Voldemort nodded in time before Shadow held him close and had the shadows take them. Voldemort hated being in the dark that very moment for some reason. He couldn't help but bury his face into Shadow's chest and the next thing he knew, he was inside his office. Shadow turned to look down at the Dark Lord who still had his face in his chest.

"We have arrived, Lord Voldemort." Shadow announced in a volume loud enough for the two of them two hear.

Shadow knew that the other seven were already in their places that moment. Voldemort quickly moved away from Shadow and grabbed his case and went to his table. He was trying hard not to feel embarrassed or nervous. Then his mind went against him and flashed a few memories of the dream he had last night. Voldemort knew his face was turning crimson and wished for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. The other occupant watched the movements of his client and wondered silently what was wrong.

"Lord Voldemort, are you feeling well? Your face is changing color. Are you coming down with something?" Shadow asked in his normal cool voice which made the Dark Lord shiver discreetly. He cleared his throat and sat down,

"Yes, I am well, Shadow. I have many things to do so if you can leave now, I shall start with my papers for the Congress." He instructed which was something he didn't normally do.

Shadow was about to leave but remembered what his group has suggested. He didn't know when Voldemort wanted to deal with the renegades so it was better if he asked now. Voldemort noticed that Shadow had stopped just by the door, which he cursed himself mentally for looking up.

"I-is something wrong? Did you f-forget something?" he asked. His nervousness was back which did not look good.

"My group and I were discussing last night about the renegades. We knew that you might have other plans for them but Blade, Gun, and Rune made a suggestion that everyone else agreed to." He said which made Voldemort raise a brow.

"And what is their suggestion?" he asked. Shadow turned to face Voldemort,

"They wanted to me to ask you if you could give them to us. For some reason, since we came back, a few of our emotions managed to return to us without us calling them back. They wanted to seek revenge on my behalf and play a hunting game." He explained which made Voldemort's lips twitch upwards.

"What kind of game do they have in mind? If you don't mind me asking that is." Voldemort asked again which made his realize that he was actually being extra polite to Shadow. And he cursed himself once again. Shadow shook his head,

"Not at all. They wanted to hunt down all those that had betrayed me. They plan to release the ten leaders to return to the others and inform them about our return and who we are now. The others will be placed inside a protective dome outside your manor which will probably be on top of the forest area. They plan to play a hunting game as practice." He said which shocked Voldemort. He had a vague idea that the assassins were cruel but not that ruthless. They wanted to play with the prisoners? He didn't really mind as long as he got to watch.

"Very well. We shall return home earlier and announce your little game. However I want to watch." He said as if he was demanding candy. Shadow wondered why the Dark Lord was interested but simply nodded and agreed. It was better than nothing.

"Thank you, Lord Voldemort." He said and left the office. Voldemort smiled and suddenly felt all giddy and excited. He could keep the smile from appearing on his face and was anxious for the day to end already. And to think it had yet to start.

Back at the Manor, Shadow had returned and was accompanied by Green, Star, Gourmet, Doc, and Knives to the dungeons. Instantly, the prisoners looked up to see Shadow descend the steps with the other five right behind him.

"Harry! Please! Let is out!" Ginny called to him with a pleading tone.

"Why should we do such a thing?" he asked her as he stopped in front of the cell where she was kept. The leaders were separated from the members whom made it easier for them to know who they were to kill and who were to be released tonight. Ginny paled a little,

"H-Harry… I know that Dumbledore did was unforgivable but he only did it for the-" she didn't finished as she watched Gourmet pull out a huge sword from her back.

"Don't even think of finishing that sentence, Ms. Weasley. The so-called Greater Good was nothing but a front for Dumbledore to make everyone believe his sincerity and caring for Shadow." Star said with a deep tone which meant that she was starting to get angry.

The leaders turned to her,

"Luna! Please! I'm sorry! If we knew that Dumbledore was doing what he did to Harry, we wouldn't have—" Seamus began yet didn't finish when Green's vines wrapped itself around his neck.

"Don't finish what you were going to say as well, Mr. Finnegan. We all know that you and the members of the Order knew about Dumbledore's plan. Do not attempt to lie to us less you want your tongue cut out." Green warned them. The leaders paled. Doc stood next to Shadow as Star was on the other side.

"We came down here to inform you that you leaders will be released and shall return to wherever you are hiding to inform the others of us." Doc said which made the Patil twins look a little relieve.

"We knew you wouldn't let us get killed, Harry." Dean said with a small smile on his face.

If they could snort, they would have.

"Do not mistake it as mercy." Gourmet said as she balanced the sword on her shoulders.

"How about the others? Will they be released as well?" Lee asked this time, hoping yet feeling a pit of dread in his stomach.

"No, they will remain here and will assist us in our training." Knives said as she took out her sword as well which made the prisoners pale further.

"Wh-what do you m-mean?" asked Parvati.

"Your members will be released in a forest outside the manor under a protective dome to prevent them from leaving. They will be hunted down by us as practice for when we have to face the rest of you when the time comes. Expect bodies in a day or two as proof to surrender and live under the Dark Lord's rule instead of being a cold corpse." Shadow told them which made the leaders step back, away from the bars.

"H-Harry…" Ginny began.

"His name is Shadow. Harry Potter has long been dead. Same as Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Ron, Fred, and George Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Gregory Goyle Jr., Pansy Parkinson, Daphne and Astoria Greengrass." Doc explained with a cold tone which made the leaders shiver.

"We shall be properly introducing ourselves later when the Dark Lord returns with the others. We highly suggest you either plan to end your rebellion and enjoy what is left of your lives away from here. Or you count the remaining days until we are given the order to exterminate you one by one." Green said which made Shadow nod. The six left the prisoners to cry and think about what they have to do next. If they surrendered, the Dark Lord might show them mercy and kill them swiftly. If they refused to surrender, then they will be facing The World's End.

When Green closed the door leading down to the dungeons, he shadow walked all of them back to their sanctuary.

"The Dark Lord had agreed to our suggestion and we shall have it tonight." He told them which they nodded back as acknowledgement.

"I shall head back and inform the others from the Dark Lord's office." He added and left them. Doc, Knives, and Gourmet turned to Star,

"We take it; your prophecy shall begin soon." Green said without having to look at Star.

"Of course. Tonight will mark the beginning of the world's final judgment. For Shadow's retribution, we are the persecutors. The Dark Lord is the judge and everyone else are the witnesses to the betrayal that had been done the day Shadow's parents have been killed." She told them gravely and they began to prepare. Even Doc was going to participate since she could never repay Shadow for freeing her of the life she was nearly bound to.

When Shadow arrived back outside Voldemort's office, he sent his shadow minions to inform the others of the Dark Lord's decision. Six years of training and waiting can finally be put to its original use before they had thrown away their emotions and their conscience.

No reporter was able to pass the lobby without freezing and being transported in the middle of Diagon Alley without knowing how they got there. Rune had strengthened the freezing wards of the Dark Lord's floor and the twins were more alert in case something happened. Blade was talking to Rune outside the office doors. He was looking forward to tonight's event which was something they had been waiting for, for the last six years: requital.

Lucius and Bellatrix arrived at the Ministry and saw how many reporters there were that wanted to know what had happened the day before and how the west area had gone back to how it back before the explosion had occurred. Specs had seen them and signaled Hound to look. He nodded and signaled the twins that Lucius and Bellatrix were probably going to see the Dark Lord. The twins nodded in acknowledgement and told Blade and Rune. Shadow waited for them with Blade and Rune and opened the door to let them in.

Inside his office, the hours seem to drag on so slow that Voldemort had taken to look at the wall clock on top of his door every ten seconds or so. He wanted to get home and watch the hunting game Shadow and his companions were going to play. He knew he was going to be very entertained. Without a doubt.

He was brought out of his musing by a knock on the door. He hissed under his breath,

"Who is it? It better be important!" he called out.

"It is Lucius and Bellatrix, My Lord. May we come in?" the smooth voice of Lucius travelled inside which made Voldemort's eyes widen in shock. What did they want? Surely they did not come to question about how he was acting this morning. But then again he felt that it was how it was. He sighed and stopped writing all together. "Come in then." He said and stared at door. He stared as calmly as he could, trying not to show that he was wondering what they both wanted from him just when he had seen them at the manor not two hours ago.

Both entered calmly and with poise into the office and closed the door behind them.

"What brings the two of you here?" he asked them as if he didn't know. Lucius and Bella bowed and sat on the chairs by the Dark Lord's table.

"I think you really know why we came, My Lord." Bella said with a smile on her face. Her hair was no longer wild and scary. It was straight and curled at the bottom. Voldemort sighed and leaned back on his seat,

"I don't know why you think that there is something wrong. And I do not know why you think you two are my psychiatrists." He told them and got smiles as answers.

"My lord, please forgive me but we have known you for a very long time. We know when something is bothering you and we know when you are not feeling so well." Lucius said with a concerned toned.

The Dark Lord was left with no other options as he knew that lying to these two would prove to be pointless.

"I am your Lord and I may have been too lenient to the both of you in particular. But I wish not to make this any bigger since it is not as important as you both think it is. Last night, I have been contemplating on what Shadow and his companions had gone through for the last six years. Surely they must have been to hell and back again if they became who they are now. It made me come to a few realization about how much damage the Light had done to Shadow alone that it spread to the other members of the group." He told them with a straight tone. He wasn't lying really. He had been thinking about it for the past few days.

Lucius and Bellatrix turned serious.

"You have a point, My Lord. When I saw my son, it made me wonder what happened to them, where they had gone to, and how far did they have to struggle in the beginning to get to where they are now. I cannot blame the others who had seen their children again after they went missing six years ago and have not heard from them since. It was a shock to us and add the fact that it was Po-Shadow who is leading them now, is a bit too much for a parent to take in." he told his Lord who nodded in understanding.

"I feel the same way as Lucius but not as much since Dragon is not my child. Yet he is like my own since he is my nephew. I wasn't able to register the idea that he had disappeared with Pot-Shadow six years ago. It took time and a large about of comforting from Rudolphus that I managed to not break down. And I had to think of Cissy who was torn in between. She wanted to go and look for Draco but knew that she was needed here beside Lucius, me, and you my Lord." Bella said with a sad expression on her face.

Voldemort would have felt guilty if he was back to his young self, many years ago. However, he did feel a little bit guilty though. Lucius and Bella were like family to him in a way. They had supported him when he started up until the present. And if that wasn't loyalty, Voldemort didn't want it was then.

A few more minutes passed and they had gotten off the heavy topic and both guests bid the Dark Lord farewell. They apologized for thinking that something different was wrong and were glad that their Lord dismissed them casually. Voldemort leaned back on his chair and sighed,

"If you both only knew the truth." He thought to himself and went back to reading the papers that he had left lying in front of him. He began reading where he had stopped, hoping that time would just fly by and the day would already end.

Lunch came by and left before the Dark Lord managed to register that he had been locked in his office the whole day and he had not been bothered by anyone (except Lucius and Bella) nor had he seen Shadow since the man requested to have the renegades as their prey. He was wondering what the assassins will be doing and if Shadow was going to participate. He was lost in his musings and didn't hear nor felt Shadow come in.

"Lord Voldemort, are you ready to leave now?" he asked which made the Dark Lord snap his head towards the door were Shadow was standing. The other raised a brow,

"Is something wrong?" he asked again. Voldemort quickly shook his head and cleared his throat, "I didn't hear you come in."

"I sent my shadow in and knocked if you want to know." Shadow said and straightened his posture.

"Are we leaving or will you be staying for another hour?" Shadow asked since he recalled perfectly that Voldemort seemed excited to see them hunt. The Dark Lord's eyes widen and he quickly stood up.

"No! I want to go home now!" he answered too quickly which made him clasp his mouth close. Shadow raised a brow once again since he didn't know what was troubling their client.

"Just give me a minute and we'll leave." Voldemort commanded in his usual cold tone that he normally used for his Death Eaters. Shadow merely nodded and left the office, leaving the Dark Lord to sigh in frustration. How could he have lost his composure that way? It was not how the Dark Lord acted. Everything has been changing. Since when?

"Since Harry Potter had returned as Shadow, when else?" his mind answered. Voldemort's eyes widen. Why would things change just because he returned?

"Oh please! Don't even go there! Don't pretend to be stupid because you're not. When Potter disappeared six years ago, you were torn between wanting to find him after learning of the old fool's betrayal. But you chose to fight and bring the wizarding world under your rule instead. And again, don't try to deny that you didn't punish the Light because of what they did to Potter. I know you did even if the Inner Circle didn't." his mind reprimanded him.

It was a bit strange that he was arguing with himself. But then again, there was no denying that what his mind told him was right. He had indeed punished the Light for what they had done, not only to him when he was younger but also what they had done to Shadow. Even to Severus. When Severus reported to him right after Shadow had disappeared, the man told him everything Dumbledore made him do, all the compulsion spells, obedience potions and the blackmail that had been dished out.

To say that Voldemort was shock was not half of how he felt back then. For Dumbledore to have gone that far to control the people around him was not something even Voldemort would have done. It was just downright risky to take away their will as well. And now that the fool has died, his own will had rooted into the minds of the renegades that even if they saw that Shadow was not going to be saving them, it seemed like they would not give up their lost cause. He shook his head and gathered his things. He tried to think of the game he was going to be watching later tonight and hoped that Shadow was going to participate. He wanted to see how strong he had become when he last faced the man.

He took his briefcase and left his office, the assassins who had gone to the Ministry were already there, waiting for him. Shadow turned to him and walked to stand next to the Dark Lord. Voldemort felt Shadow's arm wrap around his waist and he closed his eyes, burying his face into the man's chest. He didn't want to see the cold and dark passage that Shadow used to moved them from one place to another. The next thing he knew, he was at the entrance of his manor. Lucius, Bella, and the Lestrange brothers were coming out from the library to greet him. He quickly moved and discreetly straightened himself to not make his Inner Circle see that he had been clinging on to Shadow.

"Welcome home, My Lord." They greeted together. Voldemort nodded,

"Lucius, have dinner served early. Tonight, Shadow and the rest of his group will be playing a game with the renegades. And we shall be watching them." He said with a smirk on his face.

With a discreet wave of his hand, Shadow and the assassins disappeared from the entrance and were back in their sanctuary to find the other five preparing the table and their meal.

"It's nearly time for the game to begin." Green greeted and they nodded, taking their seats and having their own meal.

Downstairs, the Death Eaters were whispering to one another, wondering what their Lord meant when he said that The World's End were going to be playing a game with the renegades. What game did they have in mind? And why was their lord so excited?

Voldemort quickly ate his meal with poise and grace and turned to the clock that was at the end of the room. In half an hour, the hunting game will begin. He wondered where they will be watching. He wondered if Shadow was participating or will he remain by his side. Voldemort wondered if Shadow was having dinner like him that very moment. He wondered if—he cursed under his breath. Why was he thinking about Shadow?

"Surely- No, nevermind. I don't want to think anymore today." He thought to himself. He stood up and told his Death Eaters that he was going to his chambers to change into comfortable clothes and that they were to head outside the manor, the backyard specifically.

He managed to stop himself from not running all the way to his room but he couldn't help but flick his wrist and switch from one set of clothes to another. He finally settled into a pair of black pants, a black knitted long sleeve and a grey robe over everything. He had black boots on which made him feel just a little taller and colder than normal. He wanted to look intimidating to the renegades that Shadow had told him they would be releasing out to go back to where they were hiding. He was so giddy that he nearly danced on the spot he was standing on. He heard a knock on his door and felt a warm blanket wrap around himself.

He knew who it was.


"Come in." he said coolly as he pretended to pick up his wand from the bedside table.

"It's time for the hunt to begin, Lord Voldemort." Shadow said as he bowed.

Voldemort nodded and approached Shadow who instantly wrapped his arm around the Dark Lord's waist. It no longer made the Dark Lord embarrassed and knew it was the only way for Shadow to move him along through the shadows. The next thing he saw was they were on top of his manor! His eyes widen as he saw that they were standing on nothing. Were they floating? Voldemort turned to see that his Death Eaters were looking on the invisible floor they were stepping on.

"Rune, Green, and Star created an invisible room that allows you to see what is happening outside yet being well guarded from any attempt of attack from the outside." He explained. All twenty-six renegades had been petrified and moved out into the warded forest. They were first placed around an electric fence so that Shadow would be able to speak to them before they begin.

Shadow turned to the renegades as his group prepared themselves. Gun took out the safety pins of his Barrett M107 and Harris/ McMillan M89. Knives, Ice, Flame, Specs, Doc, Gourmet, and Hound pulled out their special swords from their persons which nearly caused half the Death Eaters to faint in shock, including the fathers.

Rune took out a book from her pocket, Stunner played with the two wands he was holding while Blade unsheathed the Kyourako Shunsui Twin Swords. The swords that Shadow had given him six years ago for Christmas. It was just right to have used them that moment since they were going to hunt for Shadow's revenge. The others understood and nodded their approval.

"Listen carefully because you shall only be warned once. Ten of you will be able to leave the forest while the remaining will be trapped inside. There is a ward that has been placed around the whole forest which you are at the entrance of and once the ten who can leave pass the wards, the remaining sixteen's magic will cease to exist and we shall hunt you down one by one." Shadow said with his Avada Kedavra eyes glowing brighter than normal. The renegades were shivering in fear.

"H-Harry please! Don't do this! You can still return to us! You can still stop Volde—him! Dum—" Ginny was silenced by Ice and Flame as they appeared on her sides and had their swords on both sides of her neck.

"Don't bother finishing what you were going to say about your dead leader. It seems that he had embedded his lost cause into your mind that you can no longer think for yourselves and try to survive and adapt. Your fate and the fate of the remaining Light has Dumbledore to thank for. It is because of him that you all will suffer until all of you who had betrayed me will die." Shadow's voice was dripping with hatred that it made the Death Eaters take a few steps back.

However, Voldemort felt differently. He wanted to hold the young man in his arms and say that the Light will have what they sowed many years ago. He knew that he didn't need to say it. Shadow already knew that he will have his revenge.

"Ice. Flame." Shadow called and both returned to where they first had been standing before warning the foolish redhead to stop talking.

"When the fence disappears—" Rune began.

"Run." The rest of the assassins said together. Instantly, the electric fence dissolved into nothing and the renegades ran into the forest. They were left with no choice since they were already told that nothing they say could make Shadow change him mind. Nothing was going to change Shadow's mind about having his revenge.

Seamus and Dean were the first two to pass the wards. The Death Eaters were laughing at the running renegades. The assassins were getting ready which was frightening since it was the first time they would be showing people how they worked. The next to pass the wards were Lee, Justin and Ginny. Marietta, Susan, Lavender, and Padma were right behind them. Before they could run further away from the manor, Parvati scream for her sister.

"Padma!" she called. Padma turned in wide eye fright and ran back to her twin. There was a wall between them now and Parvati was crying.

"Padma! Help me!" she cried.

"Parvati! No! Let her go!" Padma yelled as she turned to look at the floating crowd. The next moment, Blade was behind Parvati and the blades of his swords were touching her neck.

"Shadow did warn you that only ten of you will be getting through." He said and in front of Padma, Blade sliced Parvati's throat open and the blood splattered all over the invisible wall which made Padma scream her sister's name.

"Wait! You said ten! There is only nine of us outside!" screamed Marietta. Shadow turned to Rune who was the one he left in charge of making sure that only ten were to leave. She didn't look at her leader even when the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters turned to her. She knew they all wanted an explanation.

"I changed my mind. Only nine gets out. The tenth will be the example for you Light fighters along with the other sixteen. We do not have mercy. So expect nothing from us." she explained which made the rest of the assassins nod in agreement. They wanted revenge that bad that they would change the plan at the very last minute.

Dean, Seamus, Lee, and Justin were frozen on their spots. Lavender, Marietta, Susan, and Ginny tried to pull the screaming Padma away from the wall. Blade disappeared as the other renegades came and pounded on the wall separating them and freedom. One of the girls saw Parvati's corpse and screamed before falling on her arse. Knives, Doc, and Gourmet appeared and three of the guys were weren't paying attention were beheaded, except for Doc's victim. He began screaming and scratching his neck until it began to bleed. The other renegades moved away from the killers and watched as one of them was bleeding and hurting himself.

"His greatest fear is to die slowly by his own hands. There can't be anything more crueler than having your worse fear causing your death." Doc said and all three girls were stained with the blood of their victims before disappearing.

The girl who had screamed when she saw the dead body suddenly found herself bleeding all over. Different runes began to appear all over her body. Rune had her book out from above, writing in midair rune symbols which appeared on the girl's body.

"Six down, eleven more to go." Star said as she pulled the trigger of her gun on the back of a man's head, causing blood and brain parts to come out. She bowed and vanished. She appeared and sat by Shadow's feet. The man looked down at her and petted her gently.

The twins nodded at each other, bowed to Shadow and disappeared. They reappeared behind a girl and a guy and forcing them to face each other. Then they stabbed the two together and the blades went through the bodies and into the body of the one in front of them. Both screamed before their bodies dropped on the cold ground and their spirits splitting into two and entering both swords with a howl. Both licked their lips as if they were able to taste the souls they just acquired. Blood was all over their clothes like Star, Doc, Gourmet, Blade, and Knives.

From above, Gun knelt down and shot a guy right in the head and he fell down instantly, his blood spilling from the hole on his head.

"Nine gone, seven more to finish. Green. I think it's your turn." Star said with a clairvoyant tone.

Green nodded and before everyone's eyes, vines shot up from the ground grabbing two renegades and wrapping them with a thorny vine. The vine squeezed them until blood was dripping all over the spot they were hanging on. Hound and Specs nodded at each other and zoomed to kill two more victims. Hound's victim only received a cut but the victim turned to the guy beside him and bashed a rock on the guy's head so hard the guy felt dead instantly. Specs appeared next and stabbed the guy who was holding a stone and his sword began to take away the amount of blood the guy had in his body. They returned to where their group was and knew that there were only five left and Shadow had yet to do anything.

The ones who were outside the ward watched in horror as their comrades were killed off one by one. They saw the coldness and cruelty inside the eyes of the killers and knew that this was nothing compared to Shadow. The Death Eaters were either about to faint or puke. They had killed people, yes. It was not something that was to be questioned. But how the assassins killed their prey was beyond anything they had ever seen, let alone imagine. The Death Eaters still had their hearts, the assassins didn't. They were nothing but precise, cold-blooded killers. And it was that very reason that they feared the group far greater than before. But they felt a sense of security wrapped around them. They weren't going to be harmed just as long as they didn't piss them off or insult their leader.

Voldemort was about to ask if Shadow was going to participate when Shadow was slowly descending into the ground. The assassins stood up and watched carefully at their leader. This made the others spectators watch carefully as well. Voldemort was getting excited. He wanted to know what Shadow was going to do. Shadow descended to the area where the remaining five were pressing themselves on the barrier. The other ten watched with dread as Shadow approached closer.

"Harry! Please! Have mercy!" Lavender screamed as she pounded on the barrier.

"Mercy? Why should I show mercy to those who work for the very fool who had created me? He who broke me at a young age? He would threw me to the merciless muggles who tortured a helpless child. No. Mercy is not freely given. It is earned. And you have not earned it. You will never earn it." He said before the shadows of the remaining five grabbed their bodies and snapped them in three parts.

Ginny's screams were muffled by the hand Lavender hand placed when she felt that Shadow was going to kill their friends.

"Come on Ginny! We have to go!" she said as she pulled the girl up. She turned to the others,

"There is nothing we can do here. We have to get back and tell them what had happened." She said which made the others finally move. Seamus and Dean grabbed Ginny and dragged her away. Lee made a mistake by looking back at Shadow and saw a black portal appear behind him and the three bodies were thrown inside and it closed.

"Tell Kingsley and Moody, if they are still alive, that we are The World's End. And that we await to see you soon." He said and narrowed his eyes on Lee who apparated away.

The Death Eaters cheered gleefully as the game came to an end.

Voldemort watched Shadow as Rune returned them back down to the ground.

"Did you enjoy the game, Lord Voldemort?" Shadow asked him. Everyone went quiet, waiting for the Dark Lord to speak. A smirk came into his face,

"It was the most entertaining game I have ever seen. We shall await for the final game to begin when the remaining Light come." The Death Eaters cheered again and the assassins bowed at the Dark Lord. Yes, it was the most gruesome, most bloody game he had seen yet it did not lessen the amount of respect and, dare he say it, adoration he had for Shadow. The Dark Lord Voldemort was now looking forward to the day all the remaining fighters of the Light face him with Shadow by his side. It was a day to look forward to.

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