So it Begins

Spinach Waste, a weird name for a location until one took time to go there. Green grass that matched the hue of fresh picked spinach covered the plain for miles around or it had until a gigantic crater had been drilled within the middle. Ostriches were strewn about dead from the explosion and picked clean as a food source for the invader who sat firmly on an old log, a small bead of sweat rolling down his forehead.

Behind him a steaming truck with a man leaning against the bumper, a bullet wound prominently displayed in his chest. That mattered not though, his focus was on the approaching forces, a swallow freezing in his chest.

'Kakarot is followed by that slugman too. I thought he was bad enough,' this invader thought with a nervous grit arms crossed over his chest. A scanner along the left side of his face began to buzz to life as they drew nearer: The Earth's mightiest warriors.

"Hey help! Someone let me out of here! Waah!" the cries of an ornately dressed four year old echoed from within the door of the ship within the middle of crater. The long haired alien growled these cries were getting quite annoying.

"Shut up you, insolent child! Be glad I even decided to keep you alive!" he roared loudly the bangs stopping as fear set into the toddler's chest.' Finally, some silence. I need a few moments peace just to figure out a plan to deal with Kakarot and that green slugman,' the tailed invader sighed, angrily staring out over the horizon at the two flaming stars heading towards him.

A brief moment later they arrived their bodies shimmering with power.

The first a tall green creature with pointed ears pointing out beneath a white turban. A cape with prominent shoulders reached out to his sides, flapping in the aura that swirled around him. Beneath that cape was a purple martial arts uniform that rippled with strength as the demon-like being clutched his hands. This demon the same warrior that this invader had damaged upon first inspections of the blue planet.

The invaders eyes quickly shifted to the second warrior who had a far less intimidating disposition. Not only was he shorter than his demonic ally, but also he carried less bulk. A tangerine-red martial arts uniform covered his body, a blue top and wristbands finishing its appearance. His facial structure and palming black bared some resemblance to the invader himself. This was the father of the trapped boy.

"Raditz!" the orange donning being spoke with a voice that under normal circumstances was probably rather soothing in tone, but here it was filled to the brim with rage. He was Son Goku the planet's mightiest and most reliable warrior. His face bared the marks of a cheap hit and his chest the burns of an energy attack, Raditz had to use tactics to evade him." Give me back my son!" the words echoed across the wasteland as did a large rolling wind.

"Forget his son! I want you Saiyan!" Piccolo, the reincarnated Demon King rocketed forward angrily. The demon had taken pride as the sole rival in both power and ferocity to Son Goku and in a brief moment mere minutes ago, that had changed because of this Raditz figure.

'Thwam!' the open palmed strike connected with the alien warrior's left gauntlet. This burly alien snickered and grinned as his right handed counter punch drilled into Piccolo's gut the force blowing out the back of his dogi. A second strike with the left hand threw the Demon King into a rock formation, which quickly crumbled down around him in a powdery cloud of brown dust.

"Now that he is out of the way, I present you with the previously established offer Kakarot. Come with me and rejoin the remnants of the Saiyan race, it will be fun," Raditz cracked his neck, long mane of spiky black hair rolling down around his shoulders.

Goku grimaced and lowered into stance showing his resentment towards the vile offer." My name's not Kakarot, it's Goku! And I'm an Earthling."

"Fine then brother, if you want it to be this way I will not hold anything back and just take your son," Raditz charged right hand drawn back for impact.

'Crack!' the contact shook through the air as the palm-haired Saiyan raised a forearm to block and another to bar the arm from going anywhere. Raditz tried to pull away, but a yank from the younger Saiyan stopped it and brought the burly warrior to a halt.

"Ha!" Goku started his counter offense by releasing his brother and going for a strike.

'Brash!' a left palm jab to the face fired Raditz over with a skip. The larger fighter flipped landing on both feet, the ground being scraped up by the momentum he still carried.

When Raditz did regain his balance properly he was sent into a defensive, his brother's frame coming forward. He turned in time for a knee to blur into the middle of his forehead with a rattling noise. He was flung backwards and Goku followed right hand drawn back. Almost on cue his right hand followed in striking Raditz in the jaw. Raditz turned and rolled, his face showing the shock of their power difference.

"If you just give me Gohan back things can go a lot smoother between you and I," the orange donning warrior tried to compromise knowing that a fight of this caliber would favor him.' Take the offer don't be stupid,' Goku liked fighting, but against someone that was supposed to be his brother it just did not seem right." I'll even let you leave if that's what you want," Goku was always the bartering type and this was not different, even in the rather strange situation

"Explosive Demon Wave!" a yellow beam of ki reached out and slammed into Raditz's chest a large black cloud of debris filling the area around him. Piccolo emerged from the hole in the rubble. The Demon King's green skin bruised a light purple in places and seeping marks running along his face." I am going kill you! No one embarrasses the Demon King!" the demon roared power welling around in the form of a harsh aura.

"Piccolo? Come on!" the Saiyan turned to his ally with a shout. His bartering had been blown completely out of the water with that attack.

"Stay out of my way if you don't like it!" he growled.

Piccolo charged body shimmering in the sun's rays. Right hand drawn back he rushed into the cloud, aura burning into the dark smoke around him. A thunderous left uppercut reached through the billows, driving into the demon's stomach with the threat of penetrating his back. Piccolo's eyes went bloodshot as a heavy follow-up right hand smashed him in the side of the head, Raditz's strength has forced him away almost as if he were nothing more than a ragdoll.

'He's strong, perhaps he and Goku really are brothers,' Piccolo regained footing after a few dozen feet only to be met by two spheres of pink light.' When did he have the time of form that?' the green demon huffed, body aching from the combat.

"Double Sunday!" Raditz's voice roared out as the twin beams tore through the air and straight towards the demon. Piccolo pushed forward preparing to block the blast head on. Moments later his right arm had been severed from his body while his left seemed to hang on by a thread.

"Graah!" Piccolo's confident tone was tossed away by a loud scream of primal fear and rage.

"Have you seen my arm? You can't miss it it's green!" Raditz taunted and then he phased forward a second later, unloading a two-stage punch which shot Piccolo away.

"Stay down green bean this is between Kakarot and I," Raditz scoffed kicking a thin patch of dirt over the beaten demon. Goku shook with both rage and resentment the sight of his longtime rival being splayed out like that was uncomfortable to watch.

"Enough Raditz!" Goku blurred forward wailing into his brother's gut with a series of right and lefts. Each punch carried the force of a dozen trucks chipping away the armor like a fine artist upon a block of granite and the worst part it hurt. A snapping orange pant leg smashed into the middle of Raditz's face sending the long haired Saiyan head over heels into a rock formation.' I hit him solidly that time. That should be enough to get him to go.'

"I just wanted my son back," the Saiyan raised on Earth informed as Raditz lumbered from the rock pile smoke rising from his body." There is no need for you to throw you life away fightin' me," he said honestly, entering stance just in case.

'Blasted, he managed to not only break my armor but leave me in such pitiful condition,' Raditz growled, feeling a fresh trail of crimson run down his face. His eyes narrowed upon the palm haired Saiyan and the air boomed as he took off at the speed of sound.

'Wham!' a forearm uppercut threw Son Goku into the air. Raditz phased in and threw right and left hands forward sending indents into his younger brother's gut. Coughs echoed from Earth's defender as Raditz fired a knee into his sternum doubling him over once more. A confident smirk that carried the faint signs of sadism crossed Raditz's face. Two elbows buried between the orange donning warrior's shoulder blades tearing away parts of the younger warrior's shirt while also throwing him to the ground.

"You are wearing weighted clothing," Raditz realized as Goku pushed up. The Turtle School student smiled tearing away both shirts to reveal a boost in power Raditz did not believe.' He gained two hundred units by just removing clothes! What type of power is he really hiding!' the Saiyan invader growled stumbling backwards, as Goku continued to straighten.

"Yeah, you can thank Kami for that training tip!" Raditz did not even see his brother move, but three swift punches to the lower back proved he did. The orange donning warrior now towered over him as he fell to the ground. The alien's black eyes stared up to find Kakarot standing above him in the field of blue-white aura spinning around him." Now give me back Gohan. I don't really want to kill you, Raditz," Goku commented leaning back into a defensive stance.

"Bull I'm not some weakling that deserves your sympathy! I, unlike you, am a true Saiyan!" a right hand reached out towards Goku's chin but it was grabbed and bent back by the other Saiyan's left hand Goku's eyes narrowed upon the spot which he had grabbed. A torque dropped Raditz to his knees, tears dribbling down from the force and strain on the ligaments within.

'He's so fast. That would had caught him off guard so easily before it's like he adapts while we fight,' Raditz thought with fear since the first time arriving on Earth.

"I'll let you go if you just give me Gohan back," the palm-haired fighter sighed releasing the grip allowing Raditz to stumble face first to the ground with a heavy pant.

"Double Sunday!" the duo of purple-pink beams nearly buzzed clean through the younger Saiyan's head luckily, he had seen them coming and flipped back. Raditz rose forming two more spheres of destructive energy in the process this time even more focused than the prior two." Ha! How long can you keep dodging these!" they raced out like the rounds from a double-barrel shotgun and Goku slid between them with grace and ease.

'Thwap!' Whack!' a right hand followed by a kiai threw Raditz off balance while a left martial arts chop to the chest drove him down to the green grass. Goku spun and kicked him in the left cheek throwing him further across the grass, where a finishing left knee stopped the progression entirely. The younger Saiyan kept his leg there which applied excellent pressure to the invading warrior's lower back.

"You brought this upon yourself," Earth's defender reminded hands cupping at his side. A blue glare came from between his hands, a pulsating blue light riding up almost spiking his hair in a flame-like manner, Raditz felt almost instantly that it was a sigh of what was to come.

'Damn it, run,' Raditz scrambled away clawing at the grass as the scouter on his face began to beep.

"Ka!" the particles spun around swiftly keeping both hands close but far enough apart for a few light balls to circulate between them." Me!" a slight change in stance allowed more energy to conjure and form into the ball of light which now was the size of a baseball." Ha!" Raditz recovered slightly now up to a kneel but nowhere near well enough to evade." Me!" the ball of white-blue grew stronger, its energy reflecting off the larger more muscular Saiyan's face.

"Ha!" the attack raced over the distance and quickly struck Raditz head on. His best block was nothing compared to it and he was quickly consumed by the devastating technique of the Turtle Hermit Roshi.

'How did he get so strong! Is this planet really that special?' Raditz complained in a pained confusion as the energy burned around him baking bits of armor or outright destroying them. All he could hear were the screams of his shaggy haired brother as the blue beam intensified.

Five Years Prior...

"Eight!" a blonde haired announcer called out as the crater still smoldered before him. To his right perched in the air was a bloody and beaten Son Goku who had luckily dodged a potentially life ending attack.

"Ni-" half way through the word Ma Junior, the reincarnated Demon King Piccolo, blasted out of the hole his right fist extended. Goku was caught clean in the chin, his eyes glassing over as a spinning knee kick turned his head around sharply.

"Die!" a yellow bolt of ki scored straight through his back. Everyone gasped as the defender's eyes blanked losing all life. But just as they began to shake as if dead Goku vanished, it was an afterimage leaving Piccolo open.

'Crack!' the noise popped throughout the now barren arena. A streak of purple blood flowed through the air as Piccolo dropped like a ton of bricks. The ground beneath him shattered leaving him splayed out unconscious on the ground. Goku's left hand throbbed and swelled from the impact it was the last shot he could muster after such a winding fight but it worked.

The ten seemed to be instantaneous as the Twenty Third Budokai ended in a simple count out. Allowing Son Goku to become the champion.

"Krillin?" the Earth's new hero asked dropping to his knees, a trail of fresh blood spitting from his lips. His friend walked over with wide eyes a brown burlap sack hanging from his belt." I-I need a Senzu," his knees fell out making his head fall to the ground.

"All right here," Krillin, a former monk of the Orin Temple, dropped the magic bean into his best friend's hand. The Saiyan put the bean in his mouth, chewed it, and then swallowed it. The Senzu Bean had to truly be magical as Son Goku's wounds and broken bones suddenly healed leaving the orange donning warrior at full-power.

"Thanks, Krillin," Goku pushed up from his ground bound position, popping sounds echoing from his stressed bones. The hero of Earth looked towards his opponent who was unmoving in the crater his body torn and bruised much like the Saiyan's had been only a few seconds ago." I need another Senzu Bean Krillin," Goku demanded and his best friend obliged giving him one of the magical beans with inquiring eyes.

"Who's that for? You're the only one who needed one," the bald former monk asked his eyebrows raised. The Earth's mightiest walked off carefully trying not to make any sudden moves." Don't tell me you're going to give it to Piccolo," the human nearly gasped.

"Krillin he's not evil like his father was. Piccolo is just confused," the Saiyan slid down the crater's lip and down towards his foe." If I don't give it to him and let him die, Kami would die too. And someone as strong as Piccolo dying wouldn't leave me much of a challenge to look forward too," he lifted up the downed demon's head and forced the bean in his mouth. With some force, he made him chew causing him to heal up and regained consciousness.

"Why would you do that Goku?" the spawn of King Piccolo asked sitting up." I'm you enemy you should have finished me off when you could," he kipped up energy flowing into his hand." Now, I can kill you and rule Earth," the ball formed and Goku stood up testing him with a stare.

"You won't will you Piccolo, because you want to beat me when you get stronger," the hero smiled his grin expanding across his face." Piccolo I'm ready whenever you want to fight me, it'll sure be fun," Goku finished as Piccolo in a fit of rage shot out of the arena and into the mid-day sky.

"Well done Goku," the Guardian of Earth wheezed. He slowly walked to the crater's edge where the champion was walking up." I must say beating King Piccolo's reincarnate was very impressive especially when I could not. What shame it is when the master is surpassed by his pupil," the wrinkled elder smiled faintly having barely recognized the emotion until training with Goku.

"Thanks Kami," the orange donning fighter stepped up standing roughly eye to eye with the old Guardian." Hey do you mind if I ask you something?" the messy haired fighter rhetorically asked knowing the answer.

"Of course, not, what is it?" the less than inquisitive tone gave him the green light.

"Can I get a new weighted shirt? I mean my clothes are pretty beat up now but I think to be ready for Piccolo I need something heavier," the messy haired Saiyan asked with wide eyes. He patted his bare chest to exemplify the point.

"As you wish, however this will make that previous shirt of yours feel like a feather. I do hope you are ready," a light flashed out of Kami's hands washing over Goku and making him a new dogi with a shirt that made the warrior's knees instantly brace and bend.

"Wow you were right thanks Kami this should keep my training nice and strong," he threw practice jabs at a pace slower than the norm.

"Ehem," Chi-Chi his soon to be bride cleared her throat.

"Heh, looks like I have to get married," the hero said his goodbyes and went off with his fiancé.

Raditz was sprawled out over the wasteland floor body now weaker than ever and armor pushed beyond testing strength. Such a potent attack had come from nowhere and it instantly incapacitated him, it was no mean feat. The maned warrior was steaming as Goku walked over body covered in a thin layer of sweat.

"We're done here Raditz I won it," he sat down next to the man that had so easily kidnapped his son. Goku was something for sure a truly compassionate warrior in an age where it was anything but beneficial.' I know he can't move every nerve is fried for now at least. That Kamehameha was a lot stronger than I thought,' the keen senses of Earth's warrior pointed out as Raditz took in a heavy, dry breath.

"D-Don't you realize Goku that letting him live is a huge mistake," Piccolo stood up body burned from the previous attack he took, yet still strong enough to stand. The younger Saiyan's eyes lit up at these words but not in agreement not they had a passion opposite of that.

"He's not evil Piccolo. And he's certainly in condition to defend himself. If you want him to die you are going to have to fight me," Goku stood up knowing he had enough in the tank to fight the Demon King if the event escalated that far.

"You are going to regret that Goku!" Piccolo sneered blasting off straight into the air leaving the rest of the events to transpire between brothers.

'R-Raditz can you hear this transmission?' the busted com-link of his scouter buzzed from along the spinach colored grass.

"Yeah, I read you Vegeta," the down Saiyan grit pain present in every word.

'Do not get any plans on leaving. We will be on Earth in a one years' time. You were worth something after all, apparently that thing on the brat's hat is called a Dragon Ball,' this Vegeta character laughed.

"Vegeta huh? Seems like a tough guy," Goku seemed prepared to fight." I don't know how they know about the Dragon Balls, but if they are looking for a fight I'll be here waiting."

"Are you serious, Kakarot? His bodyguard alone makes you, I, and green bean combined look pathetic! Fighting him alone is going to get you killed," Raditz shook his head even though much other movement was too painful to even think about.

"Don't worry I can get strong in a short amount of time. Plus, you're here now, so training with you and Gohan I am sure I'll get plenty strong. With everyone's help we can win," the orange donning warrior smiled as Gohan finally opened the door of the spaceship.

"What are you talking about, Kakarot? Who said I was going to help you?" Raditz questioned with a raised brow.

"Wait you're not going to help?" Goku's brow raised." That Vegeta guy didn't seem too friendly towards you."

'He's right,' Raditz huffed shaking his head." What does that matter? He's the Saiyan Prince he doesn't have to be chummy with a low-class warrior."

"I dunno, even a low-class warrior can be an elite if he trains hard enough," the young sibling stated gazing at the sky." And with two of us we can get to that level faster."

"You believe that I would and could help you?"

"Yahuh, I think you can do a lot of good things Raditz, you're really strong," the orange donning hero replied.

'Am I really getting suckered into this obvious play to my ego?' he questioned internally looking at his brother with narrowed gaze." I can't believe I'm saying this Kakarot, but I''ll stay here and train with you."

"All right, thanks a bunch Raditz," Goku smiled as Gohan scurried over to him." I'm sure we can show this Vegeta how powerful we can get."

"You are either the bravest or stupidest person I have met," Raditz sighed staring at the blue sky roll by.

"Hehe," Goku smiled scratching the back of his head.

So, for those of you that are new, this chapter is the opening for a fantastic journey into a world of madness, I hope you stay and enjoy it to everything it is worth. Trust me the writing gets better.

For those of you that are reading Chapter One again, it tells a bit of a different tale. Don't worry I just felt it was in need of a new coat of paint.


Goku(Present) 1500 unrestrained

Raditz: 1200

Piccolo: 1000

Gohan: 10

Potential: 1350


From the future: (As of July 2018)

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