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''I'm nervous, why am I so nervous? Great, now I'm talking to myself; that's never a good sign.'' Ally said, pacing back and forth in the small dressing room in the back of the church.

''Don't worry, I was nervous when I first got married too.'' She turned to find Dean leaning against the doorframe. ''You look beautiful.''

''Thanks, and that doesn't count - it wasn't a real wedding, remember.''

''I know, I was still nervous, though.''

''Why am I nervous? James is a great guy.''

''Of course he's a great guy. He'd have to be in order to get past me and Clark. Your dad. The rest of Team 1. Quite frankly, I think it's a miracle he survived all the profiling, the background checks, the interrogation tactics...''

''Yeah, he told me, thanks a lot,'' she said sarcastically.

''Don't mention it,'' he said, his grin growing. He walked over and put his hands on her shoulders. ''Just take a few deep breaths, okay.''

She took some deep breaths and started to feel a little better. ''You're a great big brother, Dean,'' she said, pulling him closer for a hug.

''I'm always here if you need me. I call dibs on the third dance with the bride.'' They both laughed, as they pull away. ''I kept it you know - the ring.''

''So did I. The candy on it is gone, though.''

''Yeah, I think you ate it before your mom dished out the cake. Mine's gone too. I was gonna keep it, but dad said it would probably ruin. I keep the ring in a memento box.''

''Me too. I think you got me that memento box.''

''I thought it would make a great anniversary gift.''

''Ally, sweetheart, are you ready?'' Wordy asked, gently knocking on the door.

''We'll be right there,'' she told her father. Turning back to Dean, she said, ''I'm still nervous.''

''Well, in the words of a wise man: You go up there, say a few words, put a ring on his finger, give him a kiss and you're done. If that doesn't work, just think of the cake.''

''Yeah, Clark really knows how to inspire people.''

''It was a good cake,'' he said, dodging the hit Ally directed to arm. ''Come on, you're dad's waiting to walk you down the aisle - he's been crying off and on since this morning, by the way.''

''I won't tell him you said that. Thanks, Dean. I love you,'' Ally said, placing a kiss on his cheek.

''I love you, too.'' Dean kissed her forehead, and lead her out the door to her dad. Giving them both a smile, he continued through the halls until he got to the main room. He sat in a pew next to Clark as everyone waited for the wedding to start.

''She alright?'' Clark whispered.

''Yeah, she's good now, though.'' They stood as the music started, and watched Wordy walk his daughter down the aisle.