1. aberration
(n.) something that differs from the norm

Wally knew the plan was crazy and he knew Dick did too. The only one that didn't seem worried was Artemis and she was the one being sent into danger.

2. abhor
(v.) to hate, detest

Every single day that Dick lives and Wally is gone -not dead, he's not dead-a ball of anger in his stomach keeps growing and he knows that he'll have to let it out eventually. And he knows it'll most likely be at one of his weekly visits to Wally's memorial.

3. acquiesce
(v.) to agree without protesting

Whenever Batman's eyes thinned into slits, Wally knew he should just agree without protest to whatever plan Batman already had organized.

4. alacrity
(n.) eagerness, speed

As Bart ran around the cave for at least the fifth time, Wally thought of himself at that age and was surprised by the many similarities but more so by the differences. The eagerness and energy were there but there was always something more wary and haunted in Bart's eyes.

5. amiable
(adj.) friendly

Cassie always thought Jaime was really friendly but always wondered if he had a serious problem when he kept having side conversations with seemingly no one.

6. appease
(v.) to calm, satisfy

Dick's attempts to calm Wally down while he ranted about how Artemis was in danger and Dick's idea was horrible were fruitless.

7. arcane
(adj.) obscure, secret, known only by a few

"Dick, I think it might be time to let the others know your identity. They're already suspecting that I know something already but-"

"That's because you hint at it anytime anything having to do with the name Wayne or Grayson comes up!"


8. avarice
(n.) excessive greed

The robber snickered quietly to himself after he successfully stuffed the last of the money into his getaway van. He stopped and sighed in defeat right when he felt a gust of wind behind him and the click of handcuffs around his wrists. "Got greedy again, huh, buddy?"

9. brazen
(adj.) excessively bold, brash, clear and obvious

"Nightwing, everyone knows you have a great ass. Do you you have to make it all the more obvious with that costume?"

10. brusque
(adj.) short, abrupt, dismissive

And with a flip of Batman's hand in his direction, Robin was dismissed from the cave. As he headed back to the door, Robin glanced back at the cowled figure hunched over the keyboard of the computer but he only continued typing.

11. cajole
(v.) to urge, coax

"Come on, Rob, it'll be fun! A day at the beach. You, me, the babes. We'll have a great time; I haven't been able to hang out with my best friend in forever, please?"

Robin almost said no off offhandedly to Wally but then he made the terrible mistake of looking at his best friend. Specifically his bright green eyes. The puppy eyes of doom were out. They were even glistening this time. Dammit.

He sighed. "'Kay, Wally, I'll go. But only for a couple of hours! Batman gave me a ton of work to catch up on that I need finished by tonight and neither of us want the Wrath of the Bat upon us."

Wally didn't even seem to hear him after he agreed; he just hopped up and started zipping around with joy. Dick realized he really hadn't hung out with him in a while. Today would be good for them both.

12. callous
(adj.) harsh, cold, unfeeling

"Why does it always have to be mind control?"

Wally sent the off handed thought through the mind link they shared while the team split up, each to contain their respective mentors, who at the moment had blank, unfeeling faces as they ruthlessly attacked the kids that they'd trained for years.

13. candor
(n.) honesty, frankness

In Robin's mind the Flash family were the most trustworthy heroes in the business but also had the potential to be the most dangerous. With the power to tap into a speedforce they could do a multitude of damage to the world. But they don't. They have hearts of gold that are bent on protecting and helping others whether in the line of duty or not.

14. chide
(v.) to voice disapproval

The team observed the high speed conversation between the two speedsters with awe and a tinge of jealously. They knew that the Flash was chiding Kid Flash for his brash actions in the mission but it didn't look like he was criticizing him at all. Flash listened to Kid's side of the story and then explained what could have been done better and what to look for next time in a situation similar to what had happened. At least that was as much as they could assume from the speedy gestures and speaking from the two of them.

15. circumspect
(adj.) cautious

"Guys, this is just Rob's Bat paranoia kicking into overdrive. Don't worry too much." Kid Flash's reassurances were needed but they didn't lower any of their worry for their little bird.

16. clandestine
(adj.) secret

Zatanna and Artemis never really ended up telling anyone what happened on that one Halloween night years ago.

17. coerce
(v.) to make somebody do something by force or threat

M'gann never wanted her team- no her family to get hurt because of something she had kept from them for so long. So agreeing to be a mole for Queen Bee was the only logical solution to keep them all safe. Yes, that's why she was betraying- no protecting her family. (But in her heart she knew it was wrong not to ask for help).

18. coherent
(adj.) logically consistent, intelligible

"Kaldur! Kaldur, you gotta stay awake man. Come on, look me in the eyes, say something coherent, do something! Don't just lay there flopping like a fish- bad analogy I know- you're Aqualad, you gotta lead our team! A little bump to the head can't bring our leader down, right? Aqualad, Kaldur!"

Kid Flash's frantic babbling followed him into the darkness of his mind until he knew no more.

19. complacency
(n.) self-satisfied ignorance of danger

Kid Flash got cocky during some missions. He knew it was dangerous, but when you're the Fastest Boy Alive nothing can hit you, right?

20. confidant
(n.) a person entrusted with secrets

Bart cut himself off immediately after he registered the looks of surprise on his team's faces. He forgot he was a tourist in this time with too many secrets that no one could ever really know except him. He was alone.

21. connive
(v.) to plot, scheme

"They call themselves the Light."

"Oooh, how devious. I bet they plot their schemes underneath those gigantic interrogating light thingies-"

Robin interrupted with a hiss. "Dude, stop."

22. cumulative
(adj.) increasing, building upon itself

This ever increasing snowball effect of keeping secrets from one another was eventually going to either blow up in their faces or an explanation was going to happen. Today was the day for either one.

23. debase
(v.) to lower the quality or esteem of something

Despite how awesome Wally knew his life was with his powers and all, his father still put him down in the dumps with offhand comments about one thing or another that Wally was apparently always doing wrong in his life.

24. decry
(v.) to criticize openly

As much as Batman openly criticized the team, every time he gave them a compliment (or as much of a compliment as a Bat could give) the team felt ten times better about the work they were doing.

25. deferential
(adj.) showing respect for another's authority

Black Canary made sure on the very first day of teaching this rowdy group of teenagers that they knew who was in charge and mutual respect was also a thing earned, not given freely.

26. demure
(adj.) quiet, modest, reserved

Even though M'gann's bubbly personality helped her with being the only girl on the team, she was still a very reserved person until Artemis joined the team. They immediately became united and stronger as the ladies of the group.

27. deride
(v.) to laugh at mockingly, scorn

Of course the one night that Batman allows him and KF to patrol together they run into the Joker.

"Ah, Boy Blunder. Looks like you brought a playmate to join in with our fun! Who is it again? Flash Boy? Mini Flash? Speedy?" the Joker said with his familiar cackle.

Kid Flash bristled at the incorrect naming and unnatural smile stretching across the Joker's chalk white face.

28. despot
(n.) one who has total power and rules brutally

Lex Luthor twists others' words to suit his purposes in his business and in the villain world. Thus becoming one of the most powerful men in both.

29. diligent
(adj.) showing care in doing one's work

"Barry Allen, late again. Am I going to have to start calling you in the morning so that you actually get here on time for once?"

"Sorry, Betty! You know me, always late but always working my ass off for you guys anyways." Barry passed by her desk with a breeze (slower than his usual) and a wink on his way to the lab.

30. elated
(adj.) overjoyed, thrilled

The end of the school year was a time of mixed feelings for Bart Allen. He was extremely happy to be out of that slow paced thing they called school. In fact, he meant to ask Wally about how he survived it- but then here was where Bart felt horrible and remembered he couldn't ever ask Wally anything again. Not about school or Chicken Whizees or how to deal with a secretive best friend or about how weird living in the past was or a million other questions that ran though his head every day. Just after school ended, every year now, the anniversary of Wally's dea- no -his disappearance was just around the corner.

31. eloquent
(adj.) expressive, articulate, moving

After Bruce Wayne's eloquent speech appeared on the news, the camera was showing close ups of the other guests at the city meeting. It just so happened that Wally saw his best friend pop up on the television from the kitchen in Mount Justice and almost spit out his cereal onto the back of M'gann and Conner's heads. He managed to swallow the rest of his snack and almost succeeded in stifling his giggling. M'gann turned around with a confused look.

"Wally, are you choking or laughing? I can't really tell, either way your face is always red."

"No, no, I'm fine, beautiful. Just sometimes Gotham news makes me laugh, don't ask why, it just does."

32. embezzle
(v.) to steal money by falsifying records

Wally's voice floated over from the floor to the desk where Dick was working on his laptop in the hotel room that they... borrowed temporarily. Half of Wally's body was on the bed with his head resting on the floor upside down. It would have looked like an uncomfortable position to anyone who wasn't an acrobat's best friend.

"Dude, we should totally rob a bank since we're already making all these false records and identities."

Sigh. "No, Wally, we can't rob a bank. And that doesn't even make any sense anyways. You need to sleep. So lay on the bed the right way and actually sleep." Dick's voice was laced with a combination of a hinted threat and annoyed fondness that usually came with talking with Wally.

Wally shimmied himself under the covers and his mumbles about how Dick didn't even know how to sleep properly so why should he criticize him brought a smile to his laptop lit face.

33. empathy
(n.) sensitivity to another's feelings as if they were one's own

M'gann could feel the multitude of intense emotions flowing into her mind from someone on their team until that someone pulled down a wall over their thoughts as strong as any grand fortress. She was confused and wondered about the identity of the person until everyone else's thoughts brought her back to the mission at hand.

She was left wondering who it was for a long while until she felt those same emotions on another mission when it was necessary to link up. She hesitantly brushed up against the mind before the wall she knew would fall could close her off and immediately recognized the thoughts as Kaldur's. M'gann met Kaldur's eyes one spare moment in the mission and made a mental note to talk with him afterwards.

She never would want any of her team members to feel those negative emotions for such an extended amount of time when they could just talk with her.

34. enmity
(n.) ill will, hatred, hostility

Jason was a kid with a lot of problems with an ever growing ball of hatred and hostility inside himself and that worried Bruce. Enough that he wondered at what he might become without someone to set him on the right path. And definitely enough that he would take him in.

35. erudite
(adj.) learned

'FAILED' flashed in bright holographic blue letters underneath Robin for the first time in a long time. Black Canary offered a hand to her fallen opponent and gave him a few pointers on what to do better on next time but also what he did well.

36. extol
(v.) to praise, revere

The Flash ran past the people of his city with the appropriate air related sound effect and they shouted for him in thanks for protecting them, especially little old Mrs. Sunden. He had rescued her cat from a tree just that morning.

37. fabricate
(v.) to make up, invent

Wally knew if Rob had gone on the Kent Nelson mission he wouldn't have been such an ass about magic and pretended to believe just for M'gann. That little Robin kept him in line, despite his age and size.

38. feral
(adj.) wild, savage

"Mr. Savage, are we expected to do anything about this 'Young Justice' group that's been floating around everywhere, or are you going to take care of that issue?"

39. flabbergasted
(adj.) astounded

"Jason Todd's back! He's alive!"

Bart Allen sped throughout the mountain yelling at the top of his lungs until he ran straight into Nightwing's outstretched arm and a hand immediately covered his mouth, stifling his excessive yelling. He harshly whispered directly into Bart's cowled ear.

"What did you just say?"

40. forsake
(v.) to give up, renounce

"Wally and Artemis threw in their cowls, Kaldur's gone darkside, Ted, Jason, and Tula are dead, shall I go on?"

41. fractious
(adj.) troublesome or irritable

Once Bruce left the room after he chastened Tim for hacking into the corporation Dick wrapped his arm around his little brother for a noogie in congratulations for his improved skills.

42. furtive
(adj.) secretive, sly

"Wally, how did you ever stand having a Bat for a best friend?" Bart questioned the hologram in front of him from his spot sitting on the grass with a quizzical look on his face and a bag of Chicken Whizees in his hands. "I mean- yeah, Tim and the Bats are all awesome and everything with their gadgets, which are going to improve so much in the years to come by the way, and everything, but why do they always have to be so secretive? Is it a Bat characteristic? Was Dick like that much? I guess so 'cause he still is mostly..." Crunch. Crunch.

43. gluttony
(n.) overindulgence in food or drink

Artemis' face scrunched up in disgust as she watch Wally consume an entire table of food after a long mission.

44. gratuitous
(adj.) uncalled for, unwarranted

"Hey! That was uncalled for." Robin's face was a hilarious combination of a pout and an attempt at looking threatening. It didn't work on a ten year old.

45. haughty
(adj.) disdainfully proud

"Mercy, scan for those meddling kids." Lex Luthor glanced over at his glorious machine guard with the pride of a father. As Robin hid up in the rafters with the rest of the team he thought it was horribly sickening.

46. hypocrisy
(n.) pretending to believe what one does not

The whites of Nightwing's mask became slits as he glared at Batman and stated the older man's entirely not whelming hypocrisy.

47. impeccable
(adj.) exemplary, flawless



"Puh-lease, that was flawless. It was at least an eight, if not more!"

"Nope. Too airy. Three."

"Everyone's a critic."

48. impertinent
(adj.) rude, insolent

"You two are impertinent children. How I can stand to be in a room with you, I'll never know."

49. implacable
(adj.) incapable of being appeased or mitigated

"Despite everything we're doing to get this Godfry guy off our backs, he's never satisfied with any hero work we do! He highlights the very few mistakes we make and blows them out of proportion then negates the good work that we do. I really want to head to that studio of his and give him a piece of my mind."

50. impudent
(adj.) casually rude, insolent, impertinent

"The JustUs League seems to be nowhere in sight while these teenage /heroes/ are running rampant around our cities!"

51. incisive
(adj.) clear, sharp, direct

"¡Ay Dios mío, cuando hablas español, necesitas usar los acentos! It changes the entire meaning of the word if you don't sometimes." Jaime muttered under breathe about how teaching speedesters with short attention spans Spanish was a horrible idea.

"Hey, ¡puedo oírte! How was that for not listening, eh?"

52. indolent
(adj.) lazy

Kaldur walked into the living room of Mount Justice with the intention of heading to the Zeta beams but he saw something out of the corner of his eye on the couch and turned around to investigate.

"Oh, hey Kaldur! We're having a Superboy lazy day, wanna join us?" Robin asked with an enthusiastic Wally nodding in agreement next to him on the couch.

"I might. But may I ask, as to what makes this a 'Superboy' lazy day?"

Robin gestured toward the television, which was on the black and white fritz channel, and Kaldur nodded in understanding with a small smile gracing his lips. His trip outside could wait.

53. inept
(adj.) not suitable or capable, unqualified

"I will not stand for this! Sending inept children on my rescue mission; I can't believe it."

"I assure you, Senator, we are some of the most qualified heroes for this type of covert mission. We managed to retrieve you safely from the enemies' hands, did we not?"

The man sat gaping at Aqualad for a few moments before sputtering an apology and thank you in one quick mumble.

54. infamy
(n.) notoriety, extreme ill repute

"That was harsh, man. You could go easy on the new kid for once."

55. inhibit
(v.) to prevent, restrain, stop

"Let me go! Let me GO! I have to see if he's OK; let me pass!"

The crowd of people around the fallen body parted reluctantly after the police released their hold on the Boy Wonder.

56. innate
(adj.) inborn, native, inherent

Ever since Garfield's big sister saved his life, he had even more of an inherent affinity towards animals, how they work and lived, and how different from humans they were. They fascinated him.

57. insatiable
(adj.) incapable of being satisfied

Kid Flash kept talking through the mouthful of food. "I don't know why but I haven't been able to go an entire hour without eating recently! I mean, I know that's sort of normal for me, but we haven't been on any missions and I haven't been out running with Flash in a couple days. So I really don't know what's wrong with me, I shouldn't be any hungrier than a normal growing teenage boy right now, but I am..." He stuffed another chicken finger in his mouth before muttering something about stupid metabolisms and then pillowing his head in his arms on the kitchen counter.

58. insular
(adj.) separated and narrow-minded; tight-knit, closed off

"Everyone has their tight-knit little groupie things here at school, and then there's me, talking to a scarab. Attached to my spine. What is my life?"

"A combination of hero work, school work, food, and sleeping."


59. intrepid
(adj.) brave in the face of danger

At one point in the battle Cassie and Tim ended up fighting side by side until a inappropriately hilarious moment came up when both of them attempted to push the other behind them to protect each other and their arms got tangled.

60. inveterate
(adj.) stubbornly established by habit

Batgirl muttered to herself about stubborn Bats and passing that gene somehow onto other Bats while she walked back up to her room.