61. jubilant
(adj.) extremely joyful, happy

In Bart's first week of living in the past he would never stop asking questions and one day Wally was stuck looking after the teen speedster in his little dorm. He eventually shoved a bag of Chicken Whizees into Bart's hands to shut him up. That ended up being the turning point of their relationship from tolerably annoyed to acting like family, which still included being annoyed and fighting like family as well.

62. knell
(n.) the solemn sound of a bell, often indicating a death

It was never said out loud that Wally was dead- only gone, disappeared, ceased -but there was a moment when they all heard the solemn sound of complete silence for their fallen hero.

63. lithe
(adj.) graceful, flexible, supple

"Dammit, Robin! Your team is not a jungle gym for you to practice your acrobat skills on!"

64. lurid
(adj.) ghastly, sensational

"Everyone call the Winchesters! The mountain is haunted! It's haunted, I swear!"

65. maverick
(n.) an independent, nonconformist person

Red Arrow blazed his own trail and reputation in the hero world but on the news they still managed to keep tying him onto Green Arrow's stories. Robin and Kid Flash kept telling him it was the similar names but he would furiously deny that as the reason.

66. maxim
(n.) a common saying expressing a principle of conduct

"'Do or do not. There is no try.'"

"Dude, did you just quote Yoda at me?"

67. meticulous
(adj.) extremely careful with details

The first few missions with the team were the roughest for everyone because when they entered a new situation they would usually only go in with a sketchy outline of the plan. All members would then add their own pzazz but it was like everyone was working solo, not together.

68. modicum
(n.) a small amount of something

"You know what two words that you're never going to need in Spanish, Bart?"

Bart glanced over at Jaime with a confused look. "What?"

"Poca and comida."

"Haha. Very funny, Jaime." His sarcastic tone was belied by the smile on his face and the nudge to Jaime's shoulder.

69. morose
(adj.) gloomy or sullen

Conner observes. He notices things about the team. Mostly the Bats though. All of them have such bright personalities that can change to a quiet chilling rage at the flip of a switch.

70. myriad
(adj.) consisting of a very great number

"Iris, what's it like to be cooking for, what, four speedsters in the house sometimes?"

"I have enough food in the fridge and pantry for an army. Also they can't eat until they help me with some part of the cooking process. Barry can't cook to save his life so I just have him hand me things. Jay doesn't eat as much as a normal speedster and he sometimes brings Joan's cooking over. Now Wally's actually becoming an excellent cook from helping me in the kitchen since he was a kid. And then there's Bart. We're still learning with Bart. It's a challenge keeping his attention for long enough to help, but he brings in the groceries a lot."

71. nadir
(n.) the lowest point of something

Dick arrived at Wally's dorm frantically knocking with a devastated look on his face and absolutely soaked to the bone from the rain. "Wally, I need to talk to you."

"God, man, what's wrong? Get in here before you catch some kind of bat hypothermia." Wally grabbed his best friend by his t-shirt, tugged him into the dorm, and Brucely nudged the back of his leg with a towel dangling from his mouth. Wally patted his head in thanks and wrapped the towel around Dick's now broader shoulders. Dick made no move to dry himself off. "Artemis is actually at a night class right now so if you wanted to talk to her too-"

Dick cut him off with a sentence that chilled Wally to the bone.

"Jason's dead."

72. nominal
(adj.) trifling, insignificant

"Honestly guys, it's nothing, just a tiny cut that'll heal in a couple minutes."

"Kid, that's not only a 'tiny cut' Poison Ivy slashed you with one of her plants. We need to return you to the Bioship immediately to check for poison. Do not move until assistance arrives."

"Why not? I'll just speed over to where you guys are, I ran pretty far ahead. Don't want you guys getting... Tired..." Kid Flash could feel his movements become more sluggish as he walked in the general direction of the Bioship.

Aqualad's command voice echoed in his head through the link. "Kid Flash, that was not a suggestion. It was an order. Stay where you are. Don't. Move."

There was no answering agreement or disagreement from Kid Flash.

Miss Martian glanced over to Aqualad with wide, scared eyes. "I can't sense him anywhere! He must have lost consciousness!"

Just out of Miss Martian's telepathic range, Kid Flash took a few more stumbling steps before collapsing into the brush beside some trees with a slash and an unusually large thorn sticking out of his side.

73. novice
(n.) a beginner, someone without training or experience

"I'm not exactly new to this, Wally. I've had my powers since birth so technically I've had them longer than you but then of course you have to factor in me being born in the future so I might actually not have any years of experience at all-"

Wally slapped a hand over Bart's mouth. "Let's not get into time travel logistics while there are Bats in the room."

Bart's eyes widened in realization, nodded once, and attempted to pry his hand off of his mouth. "Mmuph."

74. nuance
(n.) a slight variation in meaning, tone, expression

Dick notices the slightly more forced smile that Wally has on the days when school (and the people at school) are a challenge. In turn Wally notices when that week comes around and he makes sure Dick doesn't lock himself away in his room in the mountain with only his haunting memories for the entire time and keeps him company with long hours of Black Ops and junk food.

75. oblivious
(adj.) lacking consciousness or awareness of something

Robin still doesn't know exactly why he never informed the very oblivious Wally of M'gann and Conner's relationship.

76. obsequious
(adj.) excessively compliant or submissive

In an effort not to step on anyone's toes during her first few weeks on Earth, M'gann excessively apologized to anyone and anything for any possible thing she could have done wrong.

77. obtuse
(adj.) lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect

"Honestly, La'gaan. Whenever you're angry you need to take a moment and breathe before you go storming off on a rampage."

78. panacea
(n.) a remedy for all ills or difficulties

"Master Richard, I wish I could tell you I had a remedy for heartbreak at hand as easily as any remedy for the hurts you and Master Bruce acquire, but that is the type of hurt that time has to heal."

79. parody
(n.) a satirical imitation

Wally had a horrible (he says brilliant) habit of going behind other supers while they were conversing and imitating them to the other's face behind their back.

80. penchant
(n.) a tendency, partiality, preference

Zantanna turned around to say something to Robin but he had disappeared with a distant cackle that echoed through the cave.

"Yeah, Rob has a tendency to do that at very inconvenient times." Kid Flash raised his voice so it would carry to wherever Robin was, "Like in the middle of a conversation!"

81. perusal
(n.) a careful examination, review

Kaldur stood tall to give the report of the mission to Batman and receive the scrutiny of his leadership and the team's effectiveness from him as well. Robin and the others gave him a small smile before heading off to the showers. Kaldur mentally sighed, it had been a... challenging mission and he always ended up doubting his own leadership skills.

82. plethora
(n.) an abundance, excess

"How can dis much snotd come out of such a tiny dose?"

"Danks, Supey. You do know you're still sick too?"

83. predilection
(n.) a preference or inclination for something

Unlike Dick, Tim didn't have any previous acrobatic skills before crime fighting, unless his year round karate classes counted for anything.

84. quaint
(adj.) charmingly old-fashioned

Alfred, only know as Agent A to the team, always managed to take control of the havoc the teenagers sometimes made in the mountain with his calm attitude and offers of a home cooked dinner.

85. rash
(adj.) hasty, incautious

Before Nightwing had even finished explaining the plan Impulse had sped off into the building and into danger.

"Why does he have to be so impulsive all the time? Even Wally wasn't that bad."

"Well, his name is Impulse."

Sigh. "Thanks, Robin."

86. refurbish
(v.) to restore, clean up

"Doctor Fate must once again bring Order to Chaos," Fate's voice boomed seemingly inside his skull and echoed throughout the space that Wally stood in.

His eyes widened. This wasn't real, it had to be a dream. No one had donned the golden helmet in months. Not him, not Kaldur. Wally looked around in a panic for an off switch button in his dream. It's seemed completely logical at the time because anything can when a person is in a dream. Like seeing the body Doctor Fate was possessing change before right in front of him. The eyes constantly changed from Kaldur's ice-blue, M'gann's hazel, Conner's sky blue, Artemis' somehow warm stone gray, Dick's piercing blue, his Uncle Barry's comforting blue, his parents' warm brown and green, and finally his own emerald eyes were in the helmet and Wally was getting sucked back into his own mind and he couldn't leave he couldn't /run/ there wasn't enough space to do anything-

"-ally! Wally! Wake up, man, you're scaring me!"

His eyes snapped open with a gasp and he speed-scooted back away from his attacker against the edge of the couch. He let go of a breath he didn't know he had been holding when he saw that it was only Robin. Or Dick with hastily thrown sunglasses on. He looked relieved when he realized that Wally was finally awake. "Dude, that mission messed with your head, didn't it?"

Wally nodded offhandedly while still trying to sort out the images from his dream.

87. repudiate
(v.) to reject, refuse to accept

Bart vehemently studied any and all knowledge that the Flash family had gathered about the Speedforce. He had to figure out a way to get Wally out from wherever he was stuck. He wasn't dead. Bart couldn't accept that, he couldn't give up on his cousin.

88. rife
(adj.) abundant

Every single visible patch of skin on Artemis' body was covered in a bright red rash.

"Well, Arty, that's usually what happens after you go toe to toe against Poison Ivy. The plant and the person."

Artemis muttered 'Kid Idiot' under her breathe.

89. salient
(adj.) significant, conspicuous

"Our little merry band of heroes looks a bit too conspicuous with all these sunglasses and red-heads."

"Dammit, Rob! Always poking holes in our plans!"

The only response Wally got was Robin's signature cackle.

90. serendipity
(n.) luck, finding good things without looking for them

"Honestly I'm just waiting for all this good luck to come back and bite me in the ass."

"Like that Supernatural episode?"

"Yes! Exactly what I was thinking! I mean, I even won a 100,000th costumer award at a diner I went to this morning with Uncle Barry. How often does that happen?"

"Every 100,000th customer apparently."

"Now's not the time for sarcasm, Rob. Eventually I'm gonna get really bad luck and DIE."

91. staid
(adj.) sedate, serious, self-restrained

Kid Flash heard a distant voice whisper 'wake up' and it gradually got louder and louder until he bolted awake only to find he was restrained inside a pod. Thank goodness there was glass in the front, he didn't know if could stand a small space with nowhere to see.

92. superfluous
(adj.) exceeding what is necessary

Batman's mission briefings were never superfluous and never droned on and on like some others in the League.

93. sycophant
(n.) one who flatters for self-gain

Lex Luthor repeatedly nodded with a smile to the President of some distant country, agreeing with his plans for the future with enthusiasm.

94. taciturn
(adj.) not inclined to talk

Wally sat in the corner of the couch with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. Kaldur and Robin walked into the cave's living room and stumbled upon the amusing sight. Robin began to chuckle but quickly covered his mouth. "Robin," Kaldur asked with a very confused face, "what is so funny? And what is wrong with Wally?"

Wally shot a glare towards the both of them and Robin stifled his giggles and spoke up. "Well, Wally's been told by the speedster doctor (because he can't really go to a real doctor any more) that he's not allowed to talk or eat solid food for a day." Robin looked over at Wally's still scowling face with an over exaggerated pitying look. "It's hard for him."

95. truculent
(adj.) ready to fight, cruel

The pictures of the six members of the Justice League were now plastered across the galaxy on everyone's wanted list. During those missing sixteen hours, those members were cruel beings that had attacked innocent planets with no control over their own actions.

96. umbrage
(n.) resentment, offence

"When you mess with one of us, you get all of us plus the Justice League."

He looked over to his soon to be very beat up kidnapper with a smirk on his face. "Yeah, you really shouldn't have kidnapped me."

97. venerable
(adj.) deserving of respect because of age or achievement

Anytime anyone in the very large Flash family needed advice they went to the very first Flash, Jay Garrick. With his incredible patience and knowledge, he could give them the advice they needed and everyone respected him for it.

98. vex
(v.) to confuse or annoy

Bart's constant offhand comments about 'crashing the Mode' after saying something that suggested he knew more about the future than he let on confused everyone and annoyed some.

99. vociferous
(adj.) loud, boisterous

It amazed Jaime how loud and annoying the scarab could be in his head and how no one else could hear its amazingly irritating voice.

100. wanton
(adj.) undisciplined, lewd, lustful

Zantanna grabbed Nightwing's face in the middle of the training area right in front of the new recruits and smacked one long kiss on it when she came to visit after her initiation into the Justice League.

101. zenith
(n.) the highest point, culminating point

Wally knew exactly what he was doing when he beamed down from the Watchtower to the North Pole. He knew that he would be the slower kinetic energy that the power from the device would migrate to. He knew he probably wouldn't make it. He knew his uncle and cousin would feel incredibly guilty if he pulled this stunt, probably Dick and Artemis as well. The only thing he didn't know was what would happen to him afterwards. He went anyway.