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Avatar - bender of the Thu'um

Dark side of the Soul

Thor leaned against the railing as he saw the trio of fighters move towards the lift below them, still unaware of his presence. That was good, as it gave him and Korra a few extra moments to contemplate the situation.

Of course, as he had decided earlier, it would probably become necessary for the Avatar's companions to know about him, but he would prefer that it would be on his terms that they discovered his true purpose. He had yet to fully explain the situation to the girl as well, and it would seem most reasonable to cover her before moving on to her followers.

"So... what do I tell them? I mean, that you are some godlike dragon in human form or what?" Korra asked, throwing her hands out to the side as the lift started going towards them, two of the three people on it looking at the top while the third seemed more interested in studying the hall below him.

"Tell them... for now, tell them the partial truth." Thor said, a hand cupping his chin as he made eye-contact with a green-eyed goofy-looking young man with black hair. Korra, looking at her new friends with worry, then turned to him;

"Which is?" She asked, becoming impatient as the lift neared hearing distance. Thor, sensing her impatience, scratched his chin, pondering just what to say.

"That I am your guardian as the Avatar. In truth, it is part of why I am here, so it will not be a complete lie. Tell them that I am either an old friend, or maybe family from the South. I will leave that part up to you, but I will remain until we can speak one on one." He said, then became silent as the lift reached them, and the trio of people embarked. First out was the man who had seemed uninterested in the other two, taking his helmet off and discarding it on the bench while he growled.

Next came the goofy, but revealed to be muscular young man with green eyes. He was in what would appear a good mood, despite the confused and slightly worried glance he shot Thor. Still, he seemed quite agitated and energized. Ahh, the energy of youth...

"Wuuuhuuu! Yes! One more win, and we're in the Championship Tournament!" The kid yelled, then snapped his fingers in a curious fashion that made an entertaining if not humorous sound, like the crackle of embers. "So, what do you think Korra? Bolin's got some moves huh?" He said, taking off his helmet and revealing a warm, friendly face that imposed trust and warmth. It was a face Thor could like, as opposed to the other man who had just dumped his gear and gone off with a sour energy about him. His attention was drawn back when, to his great surprise, Korra grabbed the young man at his shoulders and dragged him in. At first Thor half expected her to kiss him, as it reminded him of how Mjoll behaved when she had had a particularly good day.

"What did I think? What. did. I . think? That was amazing!" Korra yelled, then punched the man in the shoulders, sending him backwards with a friendly shove. That was when the last guy exited the lift, sending a hard stare at the door where the other man had just exited the booth.

"Useless" He stated, as if it was the most simple fact of the world, while also having a certain aura of coldness to him. Thor did not dare activate his sight, as it would make his eyes glow a pale red. Not what would be best for a first impression. Korra turned from the merry adolescent and faced the colder one instead.

"You guys were incredible! Especially you Mako." She exclaimed. Thor, despite still not being in the conversation apart from the worried glances sent by the more stocky and warm young man, could not help but smile at her energy. He still had his hood down, seeing how the people now with them were obviously locals, and as such might react to his hooded appearance in much the same way as most other he had met. Still, he supposed his fair hair and beard earned him looks too.

"Oh, you're still here?" This was also why he was so surprised at the reaction from the cooler man, that he failed to inhale properly and started having a coughing fit, resulting in the warmer youth trying to clap him hard on the back. Thor just waved him off with a smile. Korra didn't seem to have noticed it, instead being caught up in the answer she had just received.

"Oh, you're still a jerk?" It was, in a way, surprising to see that the guardian of this realm was capable of being, as Mjoll had put it, 'pissed off', when she received bad response. Thor had somewhat hoped for a pure, if naive guardian when he saw her youth, but it was clear she was just as human in behavior as he was, for better or worse.

"Ouch..." The other youth said. Thor, seeing as the colder youth was named Mako, assumed that the warm and friendly young man would have to be Bolin. It made sense, seeing how he had been the one to invite Korra to what appeared to be their competition in mastery of the elements. Korra however, seemed to shrug it off, and turned back to Bolin.

"Anyway... I've been immersed in bending my entire life, but I've never seen anything like this. It's like there's a whole new style here. Think you can teach me a few tricks?" She asked, causing Thor to raise a brow in wonder. It did though, seem natural that she would want to learn what she could. Still, it appeared that his earlier assessment of the young people being her friends was wrong. One was apparently not even willing to stay in the room, one was cold and indifferent towards her, and only Bolin seemed to actually care about her.

"Sure, but... who's this new guy? I mean, no offense, but I didn't really mean for any new people to come in here. " Bolin said, turning to look at Thor. Luckily, especially because Thor didn't know how to respond to that, Korra came to his rescue.

"Oh he's a friend and mentor from the South Pole. He's kinda here to, like oversee my training and all." She said, nodding towards him with a smile. Thor returned it, then looked at the two other people, still smiling as he nodded to them as well;

"Name's Thor. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, both of you. But please, do not let me interrupt. On a side-note, I too, greatly enjoyed the fight. Seeing the elements tossed around like this was... breathtaking." He admitted. Bolin seemed to cheer up even further with that.

"Ah, it was nothing. Who am I kidding, we kicked ass! But yeah, I think I can teach you a few tricks, or at least show you the basics." Bolin said while Mako, who Thor was starting to suspect was not a friend of Bolin's, but a brother. It would certainly make a more serious amount of sense. Thor followed the conversation with his eyes, but decided not to intrude too much. Instead he turned to Mako.

"Say... how come you are so cold towards her? From what I heard, she praised your efforts. Where I come from, that is not rewarded with the cold shoulder." He said. Mako turned around and gave Thor a tired, if annoyed stare.

"Because Bolin keeps dragging in fan girls and that sort of things. Don't get me wrong, I am sure Korra is a fine person and all, but I have just had it with crowds of fan-girls trying to get in here." Mako said. So, Thor thought, they had fans? On cheerers and supporters? Still, while this could explain his attitude towards random new people, Thor wanted to point out the fact that Korra was the guardian of the realm, the Avatar. With eyes closed in a sigh, he turned back to the conversation.

"- waterbender and a firebender." He only caught the last part of what Korra said, but the expression of confusion on Bolin's face was close to laughable. The green-eyed boy took a hand to his chin and had a rather somber expression at that.

"Hmm... hmmm, okay... hmmm... I'm very confused right now." He said, making Thor crack a smile. Sure, the kid had warmth and an easy-going nature that already had Thor liking him, but it would seem he wasn't the brightest lad in the city. Next to him Mako sighed.

"You're the Avatar, and I'm an idiot." He said, his voice more like an admittance than stating a fact. Still, it made Thor smile, albeit he hid it below the hand curled over his mouth in a thoughtful gesture.

"Both are, true." Korra smirked, a rather happy expression on her face. She did indeed seem like she had just won a battle of wits, although Thor felt he would have needed to be at the start of the conversation to understand the victory. However, his thoughts were washed away by the hilariousness of how Bolin reacted to the knowledge that his friend was the guardian of the realm.

"No. Way... The Avatar!" He yelled, but at the same time whispered to Mako. Thor, still leaning against the wall chuckled at this, trying to remain as stoic as he could. It was only difficult around Bolin, as the kid seemed to have a gift for entertaining and making people laugh.

"Well Korra, I thought you wanted to keep that part a secret?" Thor mused, catching the eyes of the three youngsters.

"So... even if Korra is the Avatar, which is just plain awesome by the way, I'm guessing that you are a waterbender, right? You know, being from the South Pole and all." Bolin said. Thor, exchanging quick look with Korra, just shook his head with a small smile.

"Not... exactly. Well, yes I have been there, but I do not hail from that cold place." As much of a lie this was, that he had been to the Pole, he figured it would not hurt to have a story until Korra herself told her friends. It was most fair after all, that she as the guardian of the realm had the final word here.

"You know, you have really odd hair. And don't take it the wrong way, I think it looks... nice, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone with that hair color before." He should see Mjoll then, Thor mused to himself, thinking of the locals' reactions to her hair. He knew it, as he thought it every so often himself. She was a radiating beauty, when the sun played with her cobber hair.

"I reckon you are the first to tell me that my hair looks nice, Bolin, so thank you. And no, it seems few in this city have. They have all given the same reaction towards me and my companions. That of wonder and interest until they find it is simply normal to where we come from. But come now, as the night grows older, and I need to talk with my charge before I leave." Thor said, pushing himself off the wall. As he did, the long blade that was the Dragonbane slid out from his clothing and fell to the floor with a metallic clatter. All eyes went to the Blade-smitten weapon as Thor silently cursed, then picked it up again.

"Wow... what is thát?" Korra said.

"My sword? You have seen swords before, I hope" Thor said, checking the blade for any scrapes the fall might have caused. He also noted that the floor now had a long scratch in it, despite being of metal. Indeed, the blade made from the best of the Imperial smiths when the Blades had been in power, was something of a marvel, even when magic was abundant.

"Yeah but... why are you armed?" Mako asked, eying Thor with growingly suspicious eyes. Thor just slid the sword back in place, then tapped his side to make sure the weapons wouldn't fall again.

"I am always armed. I may be an adept user of fire, but that does not mean I would not carry my weapons. My people are long and proud warriors of both the elements and the art of weapons. I will tell you more at some other time, but time indeed, grows shorter. I suggest again that you continue the exercise Bolin seems to have planned with Korra, then I need to walk her home. The Avatar is often, as the important individual she is, targeted by enemies, wielding not only weapons but contraptions of far greater evil." Thor said. In his mind, he could see the Hagravens, abominable creatures. He remembered how necromancers had raised those sworn to fight alongside him, to fight against Thor. Weapons, as lethal as they might be, were often not the most horrifying one could face.

"You mean the press?" Mako said. Thor, not knowing that particular word, scratched his chin.


"The paparazzi? You know, cameras, annoying people, journalists?" Mako continued. Thor gestured at the door before he continued, signaling that it was time to move. He wanted to get back to Mjoll and Odahviing before the Dovah became impatient and came looking for him. Thor did not like the possible prospect of the huge creature suddenly landing on the roof of the building or flying around while shouting his name.

"Right... them. Yes, I was talking about the parazi... pappasi? papparazi? what did you say they were called again?" Thor asked as the small group moved down the corridor the same way Thor had come. Bolin and Korra were at the front, apparently knowing where they were headed. Thor walked at the back along with Mako. The boy, as he seemed no older than starting to grow chin-hairs, was unnaturally calm and collected, a direct opposite to Bolin who was energetic and warm, not to mention outgoing.

"So you protect her from the paparazzi, but have no real clue as to what they actually are?" Mako said, starting to become rather annoying as it was clear he was suspicious of the Imperial.

"Only arrived here yesterday. I have yet to fully get used to what goes on in this grand city." Thor answered casually as they followed Korra and Bolin through a doorway that led them inside a room stacked with equipment and nets. Most of it was foreign to him, but Thor could recognize one or two weights meant for exercising and improving strength. This seemed to be where they trained and worked out.

Upon reaching stacks of plate-sized slabs of clay, Bolin pulled his uniform off, revealing a pair of black trousers and a thin, oddly woven and designed white shirt that seemed to serve no function of warmth on its own.

"Alright Korra, get over here, and I'll see if I can't show you a thing or two." Bolin said, drawing the Avatar to where he stood between two small stacks of clay-plates, each oddly a copy of the coin Thor had in his purse, the same square hole in the middle. While Mako took his own shirt off too, Thor just sat down on the floor, content with merely watching as the Avatar would demonstrate her prowess with stone and clay.

The youngster pulled a pair of the disks into the air with gestures of his hands and arms, fists curled as if ready to punch someone. Bolin then punched the air, sending the disks flying at an impressive speed until they were caught by the net at the other side of the room.

"Now you try" Bolin said. Korra nodded, then took his place with a stance that indicated strength and stubbornness. She then repeated his movements, albeit a bit slower and with a more powerful set of movements than Bolin had used. Thor, observing it all with a calm gaze, noted that while she almost tore the net in two, it would have been simple to freeze or burn her while she stood ready.

"Nice, you've definitely got the basics down, but you're too planted. Try loosening it up a bit more." Bolin then said, standing next to her as he repeated his former actions. Thor noted that he seemed substantially lighter on his feet than Korra had been. His attacks were faster, but didn't pack as much punch as Korra's had done. He then allowed Korra to try again, and she instantly got it right, beginning to send the disks of clay down-range at a speed faster than his.

"Amazing, you're a natural at this." Thor mused quietly at Bolin's words. It was clear that Korra was indeed not bad with the disks, but he had a feeling Bolin was exaggerating to give Korra a boost of confidence. Could it be more than just friendly help? Thor shook his head slowly at the thought, seeing as they had not known each other for much longer than he had known the Avatar. At least, he had figured out that Mako was a firebender, as he had been the one to slug around flames, while Bolin was evidently the earthbender. That must mean that the one who had left in a sour mood had been the waterbender.

It was also evident that Korra needed some training as she was now.

A plan was starting to take shape in Thor's head, but it would take some planning, as well as what could be called dirty methods. Watching Korra and Bolin keep up the slugging for a few more rounds, Thor kept an eye on Mako for a few moments, then decided to brace the question he had in mind.

"Say Mako... there were three of you, am I correct? Where is the third member of your team? Should he not have been here and meet the Avatar?" Mako shot him a glance at that. Maybe he was seeing through the reason for Thor's question.

"Don't know, he pretty much just leaves when the match is over. Hasook never was the most social guy... wouldn't be too surprised if he stayed in the showers after today though..." Mako said, sounding like he hardly cared for why Thor asked. Thor allowed himself a small grin at that, but kept it hidden beneath his hands. He then stood up, briefly dusting off his clothes.

"Korra, meet me outside the main entrance when you are done here. I need to go talk to some people." He said, then nodded to the two other youngsters and took his leave.

Around five minutes later, Thor found the showers, going after the singular spark of red aura pulsating in one of the rooms near the large hall. As he entered, he found the water to be running, and a naked boy to be standing under the streaming water, currently unaware of Thor's presence.

That changed though, when after having locked the door, Thor snap-froze the head of the shower, causing the water to stop instantly. He then waited until the boy had noticed him before making a proper approach, his hood covering his face completely.

"The fuck man? Why'd you do that?" The youngster said, obviously annoyed. Thor had put his friendly factor away though, putting his mission before the comfort of random people. He then stepped up to the boy, not even a meter away.

"You Hasook?" He asked with a calm, low voice.


"Member of the same team that has Mako and Bolin on it?" He said, keeping the calm voice, as well as his face hidden.

"What's your problem weirdo?"

"I am going to give you a choice, and how you leave this building is up to you. I want you to leave the team, permanently" Thor said, now allowing his voice to take on a more menacing tone.

"What? Fuck you, I'm getting good money and girls from this, I'm not leaving, so buzz off before I waterbend your ass" He sneered, grabbing for the handle of one of the adjacent showers. Thor stood where he was, observing the youngster trying to threaten him.

"By all means, go for it. Just... I am giving you a chance to hand in a letter where you say you leave the team, as well as giving you a thousand of those coins you use. Then you disappear, and if I ever find out you have been telling the others why you left... they'll never find the body." Thor said, smiling calmly as he did. He knew he could simply kill the whelp, but a small voice told him to give him a chance to simply leave, as well as get paid for it. In the end, the method would not matter. What he needed was for Korra to be initiated by the two brothers on their team, seeing as she belonged to the benders of water. That would mean she, had he understood it correctly, could join the sport they played, and be trained that way. He had seen how Bolin for one had a style that was, if not as hard-hitting as hers, at least faster. Mako would be less of an issue, as Thor himself could help Korra with the fire, considering she wasn't actually more adept than him.

It was all moot at this point though, as Hasook still needed convincing.

"As if." The youngster sneered, then launched his attack. It was a long tendril of bent water that shot out from the entire row of showers, forming a thick, long arm of water. As the fluid shot at Thor, he rolled to the side, then called up the frostbite from the energies in his body. With the flick of an open palm, Thor snap-froze the tendril's tip, then continued the icing until the water had frozen in a bizarre curling form, looking like a deformed branch covered in ice.

As the frost continued to creep up the still flowing water, Thor stepped closer to the man with only one hand spewing out the cold of Skyrim's tundra. He then ignited his free hand in crackling energy, meeting the suddenly horrified eyes of the waterbender before he placed the palm on the man's chest. The currents of electricity coursed over and through the man, the water already covering him acting as a perfect amplifier to shock his entire body in a few short moments. Hasook went limp with a choked scream, the water stopping its flow the very second the waterbender lost consciousness. To finish up, Thor threw his magica at the still flowing showers, causing them to snap-freeze in long taps of ice that would melt eventually, but causing the water to stop flowing. He then looked down at the still form of the arrogant and prideful waterbender, contemplating his next course of action.

To be honest with himself, Thor had hoped the whelp would have simply taken the money and left. Now, he stood with having assaulted a member of the fellowship he wanted to train Korra. Nothing had ever been this complicated in Tamriel. Back then it was just 'don't like him? then kill him' and no one would ask questions or look into it. He doubted that the guards here, if they could even recognize him in moments, would be dumb enough to take a page from the guards of Skyrim's book.

He needed to get rid of the still alive bender, and currently that seemed quite impossible to do in a humane fashion. Taking out his axe, Thor briefly contemplated simply chopping the whelp up and having Odahviing eat him. But then there would be the blood and all the mess he would have to clean up, as well as the noise it would make. Looking out the door to the room, Thor noticed that it was just across from windows overlooking the ocean. He reached the level where he saw a possibility in that, cruel as it might be.

"Now, you refused the coin, and since I can't have you tell people..." He said in a genuinely sad tone, picking up the light body of the frozen and shocked bender, the ice making his weight far heavier than he should have been. It would have been bliss if he could have just bent the mind of the waterbender, but such an action was not permanent, which was also why he wanted to leave the place before the guard recovered his memory of the meeting.

Taking a final look outside the hallway, Thor heaved the frozen form over his shoulder and crossed the painstakingly wide corridor before he reached the window. Giving the closed eyes of the whelp one final glance, Thor sighed.

"Talos guide you, and Tsun allow you into Sovngarde or whatever place you will to travel."

And with that final prayer, he levered the boy over the edge, then threw the body as far into the ocean as he could. It was agonizing to watch the body sail through the air, and even more so knowing that when he awoke, the boy would be too cold to do anything but bend a droplet of water as the sea took him in the final embrace.

Thor stood at the window, muttering what prayers he could offer for the departure of the youngsters soul, events having forced his hand in the unjust murder of someone who's live had yet to fully begin. He then inhaled deeply, then closed his eyes one final time, asking Arkay to forgive the untimely death of someone so young. Mara he dared not seek out, nor Stendarr as both gods would see on his action with disgrace and disgust. The murder of a child was enough to get even the High King himself executed if proven, and he had just done so. Next after desecrating the shrines of the Divines, killing children was the worst crime man could carry out.

He then closed the shutters of the window before turning to head down the closest stairs. All the way, he contemplated, pondered and tore his own soul to seek the answer to if there really had been no other way. He had killed before, and killed so many times he had lost count, but with children it was different. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Thor headed for the exit, his mind set on at least making the sacrifice of the youngster worth something.

There were surprisingly few people outside the building, only a few lingering about, chatting or simply enjoying the calm night air as the occasional breeze swept over the place, bringing in the smell of the sea with it. Not able to make himself slip away in the shadows to wait, Thor simply stood against one of the pillars at the entrance, deciding that if he was caught now, he would at least be caught for a real crime.

Yet no guards came along, and before much time had passed, Korra came out from the building, wearing a tired but content smile on her face. Their eyes met at the same moment, and Korra hurried to where Thor stood, Thor hoping that his state of mind was not evident on his face.

"Avatar. You seem happy." He said, nodding to her as they started walking along the wall next to the ocean. Thankfully, the side he had dumped the boy from was the opposite of where they were now, with no risk of him suddenly washing up on the surface of the water.

"Yeah, I learned a few really cool tricks from Bolin, even if his brother is a jerk, and guess what? They actually live in that place! Can you believe it?" She exclaimed, a broad grin on her face. It was clear that despite the method he had used was appalling and wrong, Thor had done right in making sure that Korra would have the opportunity to be at the place, and hence learn whatever styles of fighting she would need for the up-coming tests of valor and strength, when Alduin would arrive.

"No, I don't believe that I have... now Korra, there was a reason I needed to speak with you alone." He said, the initial musing being replaced with a more serious tone. The young woman seemed to pick up on that instantly, her face changing to a more plain mask as well.

"You are going to talk about Alduin, aren't you?" She asked with a quiet voice. Thor nodded, thankful that Odahviing had told her that much.

"Yes... but there is something you must understand about him, about me and Odahviing as well as my final companion Mjoll." He said, not fully certain as to how he should tell her the truth. He himself had been around magic for as long as he could remember, and the idea of different planes had shaken him to the core. It was naive to think Korra would handle it as well as he had.

"You're not Equalists, are you? Because that hood can fool people into suspecting you, you know." She said, raising an eyebrow at him.

"No... no that would be easier to explain I'm sure. Let me show you something first, then it will be easier for me to explain." Thor said, then walked a few yards away from her. As the Avatar looked on in mild confusion, Thor gathered his magica in the palms of his hands, then started out with spanning the gap between his hands in a bridge of fire, the flames appearing in one palm, the vanishing into the other.

"You're a firebender? So...what, am I supposed to be dumbstruck by that?" Korra said, sounding a little confused, as well as mildly annoyed. Thor just shook his head, then changing the fire into, at first, electricity and then, making Korra's eyes widen, ice and frost. To end the display, he willed the final stores of magica into healing powers, letting the warm, soothing light dance over his hands, and then bathe his entire body in golden rays as they behaved like flowing water around him. Dispelling the magic, he put the area back into relative darkness as the golden light had provided illumination far better than the lamps hovering in the streets.

"How... how... but only the Avatar can control more than one element." Korra stuttered in utter disbelief. Thor could see it in her eyes, the lack of acceptance in the fact that she had just seen what should only be possible to her alone. Deciding to take things a little slower, he set about explaining.

"Korra, this is not bending. Yes, you will see and interpreted it as bending, but in truth it is different in some ways that are difficult to explain, nor do you need to fully understand it. But to get to the point, from what I know, you use what you call 'chi' to fuel your powers. My people use magica, an ancient source of power so vast, that it allows us to do things not even possible in dreams. There are some amongst my people who can summon the very demons and Daedras of the Oblivion itself to serve them, others can call the fury of the skies down upon their foes with the flicker of a wrist or the snap of two fingers, like what Bolin did in the booth."

"But... even if that's... why have no one told me about this? It's like a pretty big deal!" Korra exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air for effect. In the back of his mind, this reminded Thor of a song from the college in Solitude, though he could not recall its name.

"Korra... magica allows for things you can hardly imagine. One is the ability to travel between worlds, to 'bridge the gap' that is between the planes."

"Yeah, the Avatar is the bridge between our world and that of the spirits, but... are you saying?" She stopped there, seemingly unable to find the right words. To help her, Thor continued.

"This is also why you have never heard of neither me nor Odahviing. We have travelled here from a different plane, a world called Nirn, by the men and women living there. Alduin himself is from this place as well, and my sole reason for being here is to await his return and slay him once more."

"Once... more? What... I can't believe this, it's just too surreal, too impossible."

"So is meeting talking dragons and having someone else bend more than one element... Korra, exactly as the bridge between the world here and that of the spirits, you of all people should be aware of the possibilities that lie in creation itself. There might be hundreds, there might be infinite more planes out there, but what matters is that we focus on this one. I know, that this is too much to take in on one day... or night, in our case, but I need you to contemplate what I have told you, and weigh up all your actions against the knowledge that Alduin himself will set upon your world in months."

"Holy crap... oh, why did I ever beat down those thugs? None of this would have happened if I hadn't given a damn about it. I really hate my life at times, and this just adds to the pile Tenzin already puts on me." She muttered as they walked on, the lights from the island bathing the temple in a serene and pure golden glow.

"I know... Believe me, I know what it is like to be in disbelief over something truly impossibly. When I was born, dragons were of the legends, only found in books. Yet, it is hardly two years since I started killing them in scores, desperate to save my own land. On top of that, I had been granted powers by Akatosh, our god of time and supreme ruler of the Pantheon of Divines. I was once normal, if you will believe it, but when the first dragon slain by me dissolved, I was revealed to be the Dragonborn. My point is, nothing is too incredible for you to let it bog you down." He said, stopping as they had reached the area where Mjoll and Odahviing were waiting.

"I'm not sure what to say, I mean... it's..."

"Too surreal?" Thor offered. Korra snapped from her timid behavior at his words, turning to face him.

"Yeah..." She admitted, as Thor picked up the sound of feet walking and a heavy weight shifting on a creaking metallic surface. He could then make out the glowing nostrils of Odahviing as the great dragon had yet to move from his spot on the vehicle. From the cover of shadows, Mjoll stepped out, an apprehensive look to her eyes that quickly turned to mild bemusement.

"Odahviing, you were right, she really is a young one." Thor's wife said in a mild chuckle.

Legends say that it was the meeting between the two most head-strong women to ever live that sparked the invention of the atomic bomb. Others, that it was the meeting itself that invented the bomb.

I wonder how the murder of a child for the greater good will affect Thor's self-respect.