The four seasons and Flynn landed just outside the hole that was once Pitch's lair. The five teens looked at each other before nodding in agreement. Flynn picked Rapunzel up bridal style and they jumped in first and were soon followed by Merida, then Toothless, then Hiccup, and Jack was last floating just a few feet off the ground. Flynn set Rapunzel on the ground and grabbed his absorbing sword ready to fight. Hiccup got on Toothless, "Pitch, is that you?" Gothal called, "Did you fail? Of course you did you worthless-" Gothal was cut off when she saw all four of the Protectors and Flynn, "You…but, how-what?" Gothal took a step back in shock.

"Pitch is no longer on your side Gothal," Rapunzel hissed, "I've healed him of his darkness."

Gothal was shocked, but then looked absolutely horrified; she was alone now. Flynn's sword was surrounded with lightning and fire while Jack surrounded himself in an ice tornado, Merida let her flames consume her, Hiccup had the ground shaking slightly, and Rapunzel had water whips in her hands, "You're time of darkness…has finally come to an end," Hiccup said glaring, "And it's long overdue…"

Gothal quickly ran, but the Protectors were quickly on her heels. Gothal ran throughout the many tunnels of Pitch's lair trying to get away from the five teens. Merida readied an arrow, "Try this on for size," Merida yelled and released the arrow.

Flynn combined his lightning and fire attack with Merida's already flaming arrow and the arrow created a huge explosion just mere inches from Gothal causing her to be blown into a wall. Suddenly, the wall wrapped around Gothal; trapping her there. Gothal struggled and looked at the five teens panicked, "Now, now," Gothal tried, "Can't we talk this over?"

"About what?" Jack asked, "You kidnapping Rapunzel, using her to keep you and your dark powers young forever, trying to kill Merida, Hiccup, Flynn, Kelly, and the other Guardians, kidnapping Nicole, the daughter of The Man in the Moon, or trying to plunge the Earth into a new Dark Age? Your pick Witch…"

Gothal gulped, "So…I've done a few bad things…" she said nervously, "But can't we just let bygones be bygones? I mean you forgave Pitch, huh?"

"Pitch had goodness inside him," Merida stated, "There's nothing, but blackness in your heart…"

"I can change!" Gothal yelled, "I mean I raised her," she gestured to Rapunzel, "And look how she turned out?"

"That's not because of you," Flynn stated, "Rapunzel's kindness is because of genetics, not you. You were hardly there for her."

"I was raised by my friends," Rapunzel stated.

Gothal went wide eyed in fright, "Say hi to Kelly for us," Jack stated glaring.

A bright white light exploded from out of the hole, but not a single sound could be heard. Not even a scream…

Kelly grabbed a Ball of Life in her hand, "The deed is done," she stated, "Mother Gothal is no more…"

Tooth put a hand over her heart and relaxed visibly. North laughed joyously and Bunny smirked happily. Nicole leaned back on the couch in the office of North's and released a breath she didn't know she was holding. Sandy made small dream sand fireworks, "You are right Sandy," North laughed, "Ve have big celebration vhen kids return."

"Uh, aren't you forgetting something?" Nicole asked annoyed.

"Uh…" North said dumbly.

Nicole and Kelly rolled their eyes, "The police are still looking for her/me," they said in unison then looked at each other shocked then smirked.

"Oh!" North then said something in Russian, "I big idiot!"

"We know that already," Bunny sorted.

"Seriously," Nicole said, "A couple of scars and I'm good to go. I've had the story set straight since this morning."

"Alrighty!" North said then froze, "Now vho vants to be ze one to harm her?"

Nicole rolled her eyes, "Honestly," she grabbed Kelly scythe and made marks on herself, "Is it really that hard? Now give me a snow globe Fat Man."

The sudden sound of laughing caused the Guardians to turn to the door and saw Jack literally on the floor and holding his sides in laughter, "Oh man!" Jack yelled between laughs, "I'm sorry…North…but that was hilarious!"

Hiccup rolled his eyes, "Really Jack?" he asked.

Jack just continued to laugh, "This will be a few minutes," Merida stated.

"Seriously," Nicole said to North, "Snow globe…now…"

North handed the teenage daughter of his best friend a snow globe. Nicole gave a back handed wave to the Guardians, "I'm not much of a partier…so, count me out of that little celebration you were talking about."

Jack stopped laughing instantly, "We're having a party?" he asked.

Merida snorted, "That got his attention," she said and she, Hiccup, and Rapunzel laughed.

Nicole smirked slightly before telling the snow globe to take her to Burgess and smashing it, "Whatever, later," Nicole stated and entered the portal.

Jack smirked, "If she thinks she's getting off the hook then she's dead wrong," he stated.

Kelly rolled her eyes knowing from experience what Jack will do to get someone somewhere they don't want to be, "Well, here's something good to come out of all of this," Flynn stated.

"Uh, Pitch is good?" Jack asked.

"Gothal's dead?" Kelly asked as she sent said woman to the place she belonged.

"Jack found decedents of his sister?" Hiccup asked.

"Nope," Flynn smirked, "No one can see us unless they believe in us, which means…NO MORE SCHOOL!"

Flynn got pelted with a snowball and fell to the ground. Jack was smirking and everyone else burst into fits of laughter. Even Kelly was dying of laughter. Flynn wiped the snow off his face, "Very funny," he stated, but then started laughing with everyone else.

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