I am only on the 3 season of TVD so if things don't add up, sorry. I made up this story idea, I am not using some else ideas. Enjoy. Sorry for grammar errors I am not the best at grammar or spelling.

My name is Adeline Grace Salvatore. I have lived on this planet since December 18 1849. I grew up in mystic falls, Virginia . I played with my best friend Annabelle every day, until one day. Her mother Peril changed me into a vampire and told me to leave town. I have two brothers Stefan and Damon. I haven't seen them since I left town. I think about them every day. I make myself see them. I walk around London smiling knowing they are watching out for me. One day, I tell myself I will see them.

I run through the airport like a madman, Pushing people out of the way. I get to my gate, as everyone is boarding. I hand the flight attendant my boarding pass a walk o my seat. As I walk I realize there is no way I can make it through the flight without killing someone. I sit down in my seat I look out the window and try not to think about emptying someone of blood. As I look out the window I feel something touch my arm. Human fat. I almost throw up, but instead I just move my arm. After watching breaking dawn, the carvings become worst. How smart was it for me to watch a vampire movie and they can drink blood. I stand up and trip over the person next to me. Smooth, huh? I look up and see a pretty hot guy staring at me. I was going to say something like, What you staring at? But then I realize that l look hungry my eyes started to turn red. I fast walk to the bathroom hoping no one notices. I shut the bath room door, And enjoy a blood bag. I get back to my seat and sit down. I turn on a movie hoping that he will forget. 6 hours later I am in New York City. I grab my bags and head to the train station; but not without stopping for a meal. I when I get to the train station I easily compel the tickets dude to give me a free ride to Mystic Falls. That is where I am now, Home.